(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Sue, i am not hardworking... jus that hubby n i could not conclude on the ps location so need to hunt around...

frankly, i have alot more to do, including guest list, montage pics, GDL items... n most importantly of all, i have yet to go find master for AD timing... oh... i am so stress...


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hi keer,
my friend took a package from moomedia. quite creative (they did some mtv, which was very very funny!)and her review was that they are very professional. don't know how much she paid. don't think its a lot though.


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gosh, din come in for a day, went next page liao...


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btw, anyone know if can buy LV bags online?

i think i asked this before, but no one reply me.

i saw a LV bag in the boutiques last week, super nice, but no stock.. and waiting list very long...

wanted to see if i can buy online leh and freight it back.

anyone know which website to go to, pls tell me.



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Hey Erlina, my email addy is [email protected] Thank you! 180 sounds a bit pricey though. Anyway I will call the seamstress direct and check with her.

Nylek, I don't know much rental can cost but at
Allure Charix the gowns are really cheap, like 499 and up. So it might be the same price as renting it from a bridal studio. Furthermore its also brand new. OTR rental gowns at bridal studios might be 2nd or 3rd hand even. Anyway, just to let u know la...

Hey Fern, actually regent was one of my last few choices. All the other hotels I wanted were full.

And my wedding is really over 3days. 1st day, ROM, 2nd day, customary plus dinner, 3rd day, second dinner. Crazy huh? A lot of bridal studios thought I was marrying an Indian when I told them over 3days. hee...


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Ah Net,

maybe you can check the LV website. I think they do take orders now. Don't know if they ship here though. Wat's the bag u talking abt. so nice meh? sold out??


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pwah, new page again?

Rach> Don't remember which menu we chose. Must check but off-hand, I don't recall seeing mocha ribs on the menu.

FH and I are onz for JB on 1 May. I can print my ROM invites that day! :D

ahnet>not really into branded bags so no idea. sorry.


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Lost, ya loh, was hoping tat the very least she can just turn up and view the bracelet (after tat then make payment). But she rather go for singing session than to come with us. Wat to do... I'll have to accept her as wat she is.

I can't quite remember the charges, I think it's around $650-$750?.

Jac, mine comes with a vocalist. Their website is stated on my wedding website. I've went to view their performance 2x before deciding on them. All the guys are very nice and friendly.


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ah net> dunno if can buy online or not. U eyeing which bag? I oso waitlist palmero but till now never call me at all.... Bridal closet is wat rach is using. Renting of JM's dress @ 3 for $100

kirei> u oso like Hello kitty? I bght my ring pillow from japan. Oso Hello kitty.


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i am back from my long long trip, here up the updates:
1. PS - view this monday
2. Food Taste - 4 may
3. Guest List 50%
4. AD Schedule - 90%
5. GDL - none (lucky me)
6. JP, ROM efile - 100% done by bf
7. Music - 0%
8. Invite: 0%
9. Honeymoon - 0%
10. Wedding Bands - 0% (tml shopping)
11. Wine - 0%
12. Montage - 0%

I think i am the most behind schedule one. The only thing we manage to get is to get star wars to attend our cocktail.

BB: U can check out june-dec thread, they are meeting on 25th April


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rach, 1st may ..PH le...definetely a lot of ppl...

memtos, ya i oso like hello kitty..
waxie, i try searchin online then..if not i m goin chinatown pt..

today went ECP cycling..
my hand got BURNT!!
so tired today..and eat so much today..sinful..
i jus opened e hock hua birdnest..i dun really like le..
tink i prefer not so concentrated one..
mayb i shld try uncle advise to mix the concentrated with water to dilute it..


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Hi ladies!
I'm not getting any dress for my JMs too; just told them to coordinate the colour for the attire. As for ang pows, still having a headache deciding how much to give them. Sigh.

Hi Kittyng, good that your food tasting went well.


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Kittyng, no worries, maybe get them some cheaper range of earrings or pendants, like shybride has suggested.

I just collected my albums and photo stuffs from my BS. hehe


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kitty> its up to u.. if u just need a standard color, then its fine loh.. heheh... we more perfectionist.. hehe.

Will look nicer la.. coz they'll be marching in before me.. so a standard color will be better.

xinyi> wah.. okie... will try to see if there's anything my jiemeis will like...
Wah... cool site!! heheh.. will get them to check it out! thanks!


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Ah Net> aiyoh... u all got read or not???
this is the 3rd time i'm writing it.. 3 for $100!!!!
I got it for $30 each coz i'm renting 12... but found another website from another bride in another thread...


I think not bad also. buy overseas.. quite cheap leh....

Yah.. can.. if u trust its authenticity.. u can buy loh..
My fren got it from ebay..

YL> haha.. check it out! its very nice!! the 2nd menu has it... 1st & 3rd dun have i think.. hehehe..

Okay.. will work it out with FH.. once confirmed... i'll write down the listing. hehe..

kire> hahahaa.. i JUST checked with my FH.. he also say the same.. but we go earlier.. then we go eat seafood then come back la?? how how??
More people eat more wu hua leh. hehhe...
Oh.. u mean the bird nest u bought for us??
But he has other brand and kind rite??


ah net> i know coach can buy online and send back via VpostUSA..dunno LV can or not.. if u have friends going italy or france, lombang them to buy.. i asked my coll to get for me when he went paris..i got my first Gucci bag at $100 cheaper than wat local stores are selling..

kireoi> the hello kitty shop in chinatown pt.. i went in once. too much things.. i dunno which to buy.. my sis going taiwan in may.. maybe i can ask her to help lookout for hello kitty stuff..


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tris...it is advisable not to travel as usually 1st tri is unstable and has a higher risk of miscarrying...having said that, there are cases whereby mums need to travel & all went on well too....it's subjective to individual pregnancy....best would be to ask for advice from gynae....=)

any news from u....


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rach, hock hua only brand le..but YL and soyabean and most ppl say is nice..
mayb i not used to it..

waxie, thx...my c/o giving us HK trip in june..so i will oso go HK take a look too


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i still have one bottle wif cat... no time to get from u leh, cat.

haha rach, i merely glanced through the page only, read liao den forget, den lazy to go prev pg and read

waxie, is your wedding in nov?


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Haha talk abuot facial .. think i got my big pores to blame. I can nvr slp.. The "extraction" too much for me.. unlike my hb snore like a pig.. haha but still gald to get face clean... hahaAt first i tok i am done to have ps in mid july now i read wendy n lex also around tt time now i am more than convince BS can do anything they want.. it all boil down to whether they wanna help or not.. Tok about massage.. Gosh i know nothing abt it. ONly time i did one is thai massage in thailand.. it was gOODDD but never did one locally.. dunno why...

Do add some photo and show us!!!!!! Nah lex.. i am looking for cali kahki so far only found one polarwhite .. u say everyone around u is cali.. hehe my fren are in true yoga lol... is it good? I hear their yoga super powerful can slim u down if u are consistent say for 4 mth...


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Dor, i sometimes also buy from forever21 online.. it is much cheaper than s'pore.. usually i will buy the t-shirt and dress.. just bought a dress 3days ago.. usually takes abt 3 wks to arrived..


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Thanks shybride for the ideas...maybe will get some accessories...that's ladies all time favourite haha

Ade, thanks! I'm oso cracking my brain for the AP $. Din hav a chance to discuss with my HB yet..haiz

Xinyi, you muz be overjoyed by yr collection! So gd...you have your photos all settled

rach, you mean your jiemeis marching in with you during your dinner too?


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Flora mind sharing the song list of jazz songs with me? I will be having a live band too for my luncheon and Im thinking hard of the songs list. Thanks!


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hey all...

i was told banks dun issue new notes le..
so i'm waiting for my mum to confirm how much she has left frm cny then next sat can start bao-ing AP..

my GDL is nex mth..coming fri gg to chinatown to get the big tray for MIL..she's not using the traditional 3 tier basket cos my mum told her now modern can buy the big xi tray n put everytin in..haha so save her e trouble of renting it..


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<font face="Times New Roman"><table border=1><tr><td>Name</TD><TD>AD</TD><TD>Venue</TD><TD>BS</TD><TD>PG</TD><TD>VG </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lydia</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Anne</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>TO</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD>WS.FeldBeryl</TD><TD>Bigdaypictures </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ciremis</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>FSH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sassy_girl</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>SH</TD><TD>Divine Couture</TD><TD>Xiao Yi Xiao (DL)</TD><TD>Xiao Yi Xiao (DL) </TD></TR><TR><TD>Jacqueline</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>SLH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Tri-angles</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Winnie</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>FCC</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Katherine</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Raspberriez</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>CSA/KC</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD>Nozza.net </TD><TD>Nozza.net </TD></TR><TR><TD>Linda</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>joeve</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>sleepyapple</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>CH</TD><TD>La Vie Bridal</TD><TD>One Eye Click</TD><TD>Visio Workz </TD></TR><TR><TD>qinying</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>TO</TD><TD>Divine Couture</TD><TD>William Chua</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Angeline</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>GPPH</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Fruittea</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>HI</TD><TD>Milan Weddings</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sharine</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>HG</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Sam Wong</TD><TD>ForestProduction </TD></TR><TR><TD>sockie</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Jane</TD><TD>7/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Santiago </TD><TD>One Eye Click</TD><TD>Wow Media </TD></TR><TR><TD>Shermie</TD><TD>7/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lost</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Signoria Nuziale</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>chemie</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>FSH</TD><TD>Volan</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>ylbbubippah</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>mi_kel</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>abc</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>CH</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD>Essential Photography</TD><TD>Essential Photography </TD></TR><TR><TD>Kat</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jie</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>GWP</TD><TD>D'sire</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Rachel</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>DG</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD>C F Tien</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>ballerina</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>RH</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>chimes</TD><TD>9/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>1950photography</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Josephine</TD><TD>9/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Starry</TD><TD>10/11/2008</TD><TD>CCH</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>1950photography</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>yaksweetmail</TD><TD>10/11/2008</TD><TD>PP</TD><TD>D'sire</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>funfun</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>NCQ</TD><TD>Mon'liza Wedding Castle, KL</TD><TD>1950photography</TD><TD>aterlier X </TD></TR><TR><TD>Maple</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>GPPH</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD>Sundayz Photography </TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Eve</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>BG</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>HappyMrsKoh</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>Margaret Brides</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>pang</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>GH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>bianchibi</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>PP</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Xiaozhu</TD><TD>12/11/2008</TD><TD>NCQ</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding Design</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>keer13</TD><TD>13/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Rommie</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>FCC</TD><TD>Bridal Elegance</TD><TD>Signature Photography</TD><TD>Signature Photography </TD></TR><TR><TD>anomaly</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>HH</TD><TD>Golden Horse</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>denril</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>Jazz B</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>blanqq</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>YLG</TD><TD>Santiago JB</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Angel </TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Kelly</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>AH</TD><TD>Bridal Zone</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Claudia</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>SMC</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>angsinnee</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>GH</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding Design</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>deedee</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>AH</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD>3some</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>mei</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Silhouette</TD><TD>Tri-angles</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jiniwin</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>STS</TD><TD>Golden Horse</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Yvonne</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>HR</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>YukiMegumi</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>SH</TD><TD>The Wedding Present</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>new_here</TD><TD>17/11/2008</TD><TD>RP</TD><TD>Inspiration</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jane</TD><TD>19/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>Santiago</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lynn Kwek</TD><TD>20/11/2008</TD><TD>TH </TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Dreamcatcher photography</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Tweenty</TD><TD>20/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Karen</TD><TD>21/11/2008</TD><TD>RH</TD><TD>Ritz Couture</TD><TD>Nelson-Film.com (Nelson)</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Xin</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Fotowerke</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>tingie</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>FRF</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Blessings</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>HH</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Visio Workz</TD><TD>Visio Workz </TD></TR><TR><TD>Brenda</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>RTC</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Sundayz Photography </TD><TD>Big Days Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>Michelle</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>TL</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>charma97</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>YLG</TD><TD>Fame Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Zhixin</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>AH</TD><TD>Julia Wedding News</TD><TD>Bernard</TD><TD>Johnny </TD></TR><TR><TD>providencia</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>FSH</TD><TD>Tan Yoong</TD><TD>36frames/Tinydot</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Mycelestial</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>SLH</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ivy</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>SR</TD><TD>Ritz Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Marcy</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>TH</TD><TD>Ritz Couture</TD><TD>Secret Heaven</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>olivia</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>PSR</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>yutaka</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>CRC</TD><TD>Bridal De Couture</TD><TD>Eirik Tan </TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>bubu</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>HyH</TD><TD>La Vie Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>MoMo</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sleepydopeey</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>MM </TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Christina</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Clarissa</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HRV</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>sleepygal</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>GMR</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>ctgal</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HIA</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Wendelyn</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HH</TD><TD>Ted Collection</TD><TD>Yew Kwang</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>Mary Poppins</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD>Thomas Tan &amp; SVPS</TD><TD>Simon Video &amp; Photo Service (S) </TD></TR><TR><TD>dollypolly</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Karen Ho</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>SLH</TD><TD>Bridal Zone</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>pehling</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>klkz</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>STS</TD><TD>Amanda Lee Weddings</TD><TD>Daniel Beh </TD><TD>Atelier X </TD></TR><TR><TD>Doreen Lim</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>ODF</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nico_2k</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>PHO</TD><TD>Bridal De Couture</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Pinky81</TD><TD>26/11/2008</TD><TD>RS</TD><TD>Emanuel B</TD><TD>Derrick Ong</TD><TD>Substance Films </TD></TR><TR><TD>Celinn</TD><TD>27/11/2008</TD><TD>OH</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jo_vin</TD><TD>27/11/2008</TD><TD>SH</TD><TD>New York Classic, JB</TD><TD>Derrick Ong</TD><TD>ForestProduction </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nicole</TD><TD>28/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lin </TD><TD>28/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Yvling</TD><TD>28/11/2008</TD><TD>MH</TD><TD>Venus</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>I Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>buttercupz</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>TH</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Stay</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>SLH</TD><TD>Ted Wu</TD><TD>Tri-angles</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Layling</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>HH</TD><TD>Rianne Bridal Workz</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>monkeymuffin</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Silhouette</TD><TD>One Eye Click</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Liz Tan</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Eileen</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Cyn</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>RaH</TD><TD>Emanuel B</TD><TD>John Lim</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Tng</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jfaith</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD>Tri-angles</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Diana</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>TH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>wnsbuim</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Amanda</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Reflections (Amos)</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>qingqing</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Evelyn</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>PHO</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>deez</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>RaH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Su hui Jun</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Bean</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>necrosis</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Venus</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Michellegerald</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD></td></tr></table></font>
AH - Amara Hotel
BG - Bliss Garden
CCH - Conrad Centennial Hotel
CSA - Church St Anthony
CRC - Church of the Risen Christ
CSH - Church of the Sacred Heart
CH - Carlton Hotel
DG - Dragon Gate
FR - Furama Riverfront
FSH - Four Season Hotel
FCC - Furama City Centre
GCW - Grand Copthorne Waterfront
GH - Grand Hyatt
GMR - Grand Mercure Roxy
GPPH - Grand Plaza Park Hotel
GWP - Goodwood Park
HG - Hilltop Garden
HH - Hilton Hotel
HI - Hotel Intercontinental
HPIV - Holiday Inn Parkview
HR - Hotel Royal
HRV - Hotel Rendezvous
HyH - Hyatt Hotel
KC - Khalsa Club
MH - Marriot Hotel
MM - Marina Mandarin
NCQ - Novotel Clarke Quay
ODF - 1 Degree 15
OH - Orchard Hotel
OPH - Orchard Parade Hotel
PP - Pan Pacific Hotel
PHO - Park Hotel Orchard
PSR - Pioneer Spring Restaurant
RH - Regent Hotel
RaH - Raffles Hotel
RP - Raffles The Plaza
RS - Rasa Sentosa
RTC - Raffles Town Club
SH - Sheraton Hotel
SLH - Shangri-La Hotel
SMC - Swissotel Merchant Court
STS - Swissotel The Stamford
SR- Sentosa Resort &amp; Spa
TH - Traders Hotel
TL - The Legends
TO - The Oriental
YLG - Yishun Lake Garden (OCC)


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rach, no problem.

Kittyng, yaya.. another major thing done. hehe..

I just went to the chinese wedding shop @ bukit timah and bought things for an chuan and groom's stuffs. The uncle said a lot of stuffs, but i dont think i will follow every single thing. Spend abt $53 there.


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Hi rach, wow thanks for sharing info with me on Stefin! i will try to get discount from him...but honestly, i am not so good in negoitating....err... somemore my AD is divided into two days...need to add more money.

So u manage to get 30'x36' photo frame from him! thanks for telling me!! tmr is monday, i am meeting him!! but most likely, i am taking Video + animation, but we never take his photography service, still okie to ask for 30'x36' photo frame? hee.. nvm, i will try. i will tell him that Rachel n Ray recommend me too. :p

yes, for juz animation quotas alone, it is cater for only 2 or 3 per mth. for combo packages...e.g. Video + Cartoon animation quotas, it is not packed yet.
this is their buz model...


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hi ladies.. I have been feeling tired easily these days.. and worst is the morning sickness comes in the morning &amp; evening period!! and i can only eat dinner ard 8plus cos by then, i will only feel better.. =(, and i am getting pimples outbreak and dry skin!! super depressed!! sometimes there are some cramps on my stomach.... =/

hey fifi, how's things on your side... how yours will be better!! =D


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yun...all are normal symptoms of preggy so no worries.....however there might be a cause for concern if u do have cramps...pls consult ur gynae if u feel so...having small &amp; more meals does help on the morning sickness part....tis is the norm for 1st tri....u will be honeymooning during the 2nd tri...jiayou &amp; it will be over soon ya...=)


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Hi gals

Haven't visited this thread for a long time.
I am a 6th Jul bride!!! Looks like you gals are progressing well... I am barely starting my preps only

1) PS - Finally done ytd! viewing on 3rd May
2) Food tasting &amp; wedding favours - Mid to End May
3) Florist - 0% (meeting in early Jun)
4) Guestlist and table arrangement - 50% (Table arrangement later)
5) Guo Da Li - 0%
6) AD schedule - 0%
7) Ang Pao Box - 0% (Plan to DIY)
8) Wrist Corsages - 20% (Plan to DIY, bought all materials and did 1 to test already)
9) Wedding music - 25%
10) Invitation cards - 70%, printed and collected, names to be written in early Jun
11) Honeymoon - 90%, Hokkaido ( F&amp;E 11D9N, booking and planning all done in early Apr, all settled in 2 weeks)
12) Photomontage - 0%, Not sure if we would DIY 13) Wine Selection - 0% (Have to source for liquor)
14) Room at PIL's place - 0% (the most headache one for me)


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kire> ooh. okie.. i miss my bird nest! ahhh... must really rem to go take from you! Hahaha.. dun wait for me okay. when i pass by early then i go take..
hehee.. paiseh.. to take up space at ur place.. and i live soo near u somemore.. hehe...
you no need to email her leh.. just comment at her multiply.. she replies immediately leh....
you just comment on her photos...

She has new stocks that came in..spaghetti..

Ah Net> if her wedding in Nov, why she here??

fortunemew> I didnt take his PG also.. i have my own PG... i only take VG+highlights+Animation.

Hahha.. try la.. my fren initially told me fren refer fren got 10%.. but Alvyn say dun have..
So didnt try to bargain for it also la.. hehe.. :p
Yah Taiwan has very cheap &amp; nice Hello Kitty items. I bought a purse and watch for my colleague last year when I went.

See if any of your friends going Taiwan?
Any good tailor to do alteration for evening gown? I just want to alter the size, not adding any design to it. Someone bought me evening gown last year. My bridal studio quoted me $80 for alteration.


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u see lah...u r rite, i shd keep my wallet frm myself...i spent on another CS again....i've to stop going to M&amp;M cos like kena cast a spell when i put on their CS, hehehe....have to at least buy 1 pc :p

mrs chiew,
hi welcome back....

my PS in mid jun, 11 n 14....my BS tried to persuade me to go australia in sep to take PS, it's abt $6K more...im definitely not going to take it though they promised dat they'll get my pics n albums in time cos it's too ex :p


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hehehe....it's ok to grumble, all of us have a fair share of prob wif our in-laws in some way or other...guz it's a gd idea to buy in gold, got more value like tis
think u can buy ur own tennis bracelet in d brand u like so u wont have so much headache too

i duno if my SDJ will b coming, wait scarly i got nothing
toking abt involvement in our wedding, they bo chup but whenever my fh updates them when we settled everything den sure got lotsa comments one, so we turn a deaf ear cos nothing can b done so we dun care :p

no prob....at least we got to know another jewellery store, hope dat i wont b so heng to get heng heng stuff :p

dun worry, i got my proposal only mths into our wedding preparation...my proposal was on 1st oct last yr on our 1st anniversary while we started preparing since mid of last yr, for him, he wanted to find a meaningful date as well as get enuff budget to buy a decent proposal ring...i was as frustrated as u but ultimately i got my proposal so dun worry ok? u'll get urs soon

she's on my multiply...but i'll paste her link here: http://flowerfan.multiply.com/
heheheh....glad dat u found her contact, cos her stuff r really cheap n nice


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morning bridies,
mei, i must confiscate your wallet..... but cs is nice hehehe

its monday again... wah.. back to work again. this sat gonna be a long long day for me.. coz its my month end.