(2008) Brides of year 2008


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So many posts ya. Not much time to read neither.

Meiling: U really bot quite a lot shoes ya. Must be shoe-lover! But u really got to control yourself ya.
And Meiling, i'm like you. Saved all my wedding/home stuffs in my thumbie. Think i need to back up them.
Hope u can at least retrieve some of your icons ya.

I've my gowns selection before the meetup session and hope i can join the lingerie shopping. Eh... is there any good lobang on la senza? I missed out some of the info over here.
But i scare i can't make it by 6.30pm. Hmm.. I'll update you gals if i'm joining ya.
I'm newbie to meet up if i can make it. Duo Duo Zhi Jiao! keke...

prov, i think i've left note on luvz's multiply. Keke.. can you send me your reno quote? Thanks ya!


spoiltbabe> rach getting ROM in May and AD in sept..

princessxiaomei> i didnt know 3th mth cannot leh.. i'll be giving out my invites to friends before the 7th mth, and invites for relatives spread verbally first, during/after GDL, then distribute to relatives together with the wedding cakes...


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oh i c, don worry crispy. Understand ur reservation. U still ask ur dear ah...i set up n post it without asking my htb. heehee! now oso limiting my closer contacts 2 view so i perefectly respect ur need 4 privacy.

4 e gdl, mayb taz e compensation they r giving u...not pressing for e balance. Hope u not so upset now.

hi lovexlb, care 2 share e difficulty in rsvp? Do u mean e replies they give? or e trouble u take 2 collate e replies? Ya planning e AD prog can kill a lot of our brain cells but hang on k? E end result is worth it.


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shybride <<< yup... mine is @ OCC... keke... only PS night time went to fullerton...

rach <<< yeah... thanks... apple gal also mention bugis got sell ribbon... i suppose it's the same shop... =)


hi gals, just took my PS last thur. Was a real tiring day.. started at 9 and ended at 7+, but some waiting in between.. Didn't really enjoy it as the photographer seemed to be in hurry for every scence and just briefly took some photos. It also rained in the afternoon, so wasn't able to go Botanic Garden, only went Sentosa and Singapore River.

It's also good as I would not be headache over topping too many photos :p


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hi crispy,
which bakery did u get ur GDL cakes from,maybe can let the other brides take note of it if they r getting from them too.saw afew of ur pS pics...very pretty wor.

getting all the guest list done is quite tedious...so i got my parents &amp; hubby to write down a list so that i can consolidate.The most headache one is to place them for the table arrangement....super troublesome.

Now i'm getting more worried abt my health cos onli left 1.5mths towards my wedding.Recently kena sore eyes...sianz.Muz drink more water liao.

Will be meeting up my sisters 2wks later to discuss abt the AD programs &amp; sabotage.

I have almost everything done except the followings:
1) March in songs &amp; songs for banquet
2) Ang Bao Box
3) My table arrangement


strawclare> request to put up a sign at the entrance of the pool.. my co-ordinator suggest this and comment tat most of the hotel guest will leave the pool when the ceremony is commencing. and the hotel guest will be uncomfy with 50 over pairs of eyes looking at them swim/tan


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wow wow wow!!!

me jus came back KL... and the thread next page liao. me at office now... no time to read....

jus come here to say HI to everyone only!!!



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hi all,

any recommendation for a good, reliable steamstress for making mother's dress/CS?

my mum didn't like any of CS design at OG nor those elaborate glittering gowns at Robinson.


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Hi sleepydopeey, actually i intend to get 2 pairs of shoes but FH say dun waste $$ ... so now dun know whether to get 2 pairs or not ... sianx...


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morning all,

*yawnz* It's fatty week for me - had high tea anniversary yesterday at Shangri-la - stuffed myself silly with loads of scones and now feeling like a stuffed pig. Tonight will be mom's birthday celebration - this time going for an excellent Japanese buffet which I adore cuz very very fresh and all the dishes are fantastic - I'm just going to toss my weighing scale into the bin.. *give up*

some of the new gowns are quite stunning - if you want to change your gowns, I don't see why your BS should make noise. After all, that's the point of the fashion show what - to display their latest collection; what's the point of showcasing new stuff and not expect people to want to try... unless their design is so ugly lor.. so yah, don't worry, go try it on.

sue lol stop worrying about the tummy - you haven't seen mine right? That's the part of my body I cannot stand. I can tone arms and everything else - and I can live with the fact I'm no skinny/slim wisp - I have a tummy that's like "3 tier pork" - like bunch up and roll over; thank god for clothes that can cover it sometimes if not I'll faint.

the AP box is very nice - and very cheap
It's quite unusual - I like the fact that the shape is completely different, great choice dear.

aj wech,
Yah I think you should get a pair of backup shoes too - incase heels break, get dirty etc etc. Don't have to get like a million pairs, maybe just another pair of blings or white shoes. OG has some very nice ones that aren't too expensive.

and you'll want to get your VG soon too, many popular ones are fully booked on certain "hot" days already. I had difficulty getting mine earlier this year too.

I saw your AP box, CS and shoes - the AP lox looks rather good to me le, I don't think you'll wanna add anything more to it or else later no space to put your AP into it!

The CS is really cheap yah? For a full lace that is, I think it's quite a value for money buy. Show pics of the other two that you bought though, then got something for us to see.

The LL shoes you bought are the ones featured in the magazine ad is it? Very stunning yah? BTW your fitting for shoes is when? Mine's 16th, maybe if the dates are close, we should just go down together. Then can ooh and ahh for a while.


There is this small shop at cityhall area, stamford court (old MPH building) near to Cheers that sells simple dresses n gowns. It has some cheong sam designs suitable for mums, long with lace n different colors to choose from. Price about $200-$300plus. think should be able to custom make little bit according to their available design. hope this helps.
so berry, have u gone for final fit and photoshoot? i m going today to choose my gowns for PS at DG, photoshoot on 18Apr. Hope can find some nice gowns to fit me. Got any photos to share?


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yo PSH...
1) The key thing is, ask for address right from the start.
2) Some pple like to put "tentative", tht one cannot help it later have to chase.
3) And i suggest have a standard template for u, for ur hubby,in laws and parents, ask them to fill in the template. If not very mafan later on when u want to merge the documents.
4) Make sure the documents are easily sortable on excel cos u need one tht is in alphabetical order, and one by table number.

And key thing is, don't try to divide ur guests into tables right from the start, because u'll end up with 50 guests spread over 9 tables like what my dear husband did!

Queenie: 照顾身体。 ä¸è¦å¤ªæ‹…心。


Hi jules,

sometimes I wish my feet were a little larger.. cos very very hard to find shoes.. lots of brands dun have size 4.. even size 4 is sometimes too big..

Anyone have any recommendations on where to find shoes?


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Hi thanks for all the advice.. I'm not planning to have baby now.. but definately want to be ready for one... but if it comes.. i will gladly receive it!

I think i will be a super kiasu mom.. coz i'm already planniing to give the best to this kid.. thus working super hard now...

btw.. just a thought.. what really means when you are ready for a kid.. how do you know whether you are ready or not...


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ah net > u coming my hse on 12th apr (sat) 6pm? add on to e list

Sep Brides Gathering
Date: 12th April 2008 - Saturday
Venue: Meeting 6pm at Yishun MRT

3) msbean ( TBA next week , 90% No problem )
4) green


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if the swimmers are angmo, they dun bother got 50 pairs of eyes staring at them...
if not, angmo countries will not have nude beach..

oh green, i oso like body combat..
u arrange e day &amp; time...we go together


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Jac, she quoted me $60-$70 for simple, short tube dress. price differs if the design is more complex. just workmanship. cloth own buy. I will find out more frm her.. anything else i need to check with her? let me know, i can ask on ur behalf...

ok providencia, will update here..flower deco will need quite a sum, i think...that's y i m considering to add balloon..not sure if it will be childish

meiling, u r right ..we still have time. i always think that we are running out of time le.. so scared cant settle many things...must check the minimum order. coz if cater to my relatives, dun think need that much. bt my relatives cnt cfm their attendance too...some got no passport yet so cnt fly here..

flora..maybe u can start practising with immediate effect..hahah... my hubby always said he cnt drink. his XD ask him to start training...coz on the day sure ask him drink alot..hhaha...


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hi luvz

where is this seamstress located? If possible, can you help check on 2 pc skirt suit? Will she advise what sort of cloths to get for the design etc?

Will she charge differently for evening wear?


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thanks ladies, u all really reminded me that the good ones will be taken, so i better go scout for video &amp; photography for AD.

ok, i just put down my calendar as a must do for apr - get shoes.

seems like most of us here dont really give a damm about our weight or size and happily enjoying our food and life, n definitely looking forward to the big day. What a great contrast to the girls in my office ! they r singles or dating, but always dieting, always tellg me they r fat somewhere.

cyc, yes, the package is for 1 WG n 1 EG. my EG is a kebaya. the WG i get to keep, the EG i dont get to keep. cyc, dont worry too much abt the gown, it will turn out well one. hb always say have to enjoy the process, dont let the stress get into u. hb insist that i get a CS, jus in case, i change my mind. ha. at one point or another, we hv all encounter unhappiness in the job, but the question is what is it that is making unhappy. Is that smthg u can change or not ? smtimes quitting is not a solution.

thanks sue for offering. i wl go scout in forum first.

hb n i wl go diving, was thinkg of goin b4 the AD, relax mah less stress. then my gf said, the makeup wl b difficult on a burnt/over tanned face. ha. so now, think we wl go after AD. hv a few dive locations in mind, but not yet decide which one.

meiling, if u go japan, u sld go to the hot spring, should b romantic n fun for newly weds.

ok, lunchtime, got to go. later


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waxie24> oh~~thank u for the suggestion!I wouldn't have tot of that.

kireineko>haha..dats true! nice nice sexy ang mohs in bikini I dun mind...but if flabby flabby kinds...hmmm~~It will real stand out in my photos liao..haha!

spolitbabe > hihi!The earlist date we can file is 14th june.I have aldy made day off for that day just in case I m not in singapore. It is stated in the ROM webby saying only find solemniser 4months before.But I realised that alot of girls have started to book liao.So I also wen to find.I found Mr. Chia Ti Yu as my solemniser.maybe u wan to look around?cheers~


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wendily...start ur folic acid even if u are not planning for a baby now...guess the environment we are in render the parents to provide the best for their kid which is usualli 1 if not 2....quality surpass quantity in tis aspect...=)

personally i think im ready for one cos the maternal instinct is overwhelming in mi....constantly thinking of having a baby...=)


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Can you help ask approx how long does she take to complete a dress? Like a short tube dress. Thanks! So will you be getting this seamstress? Where are you going to get your cloth from?


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My baby's exact stage is not confirmed yet. Cos the last scan I took, the baby was quite small. The doc said wait for a few weeks do another scan then use that estimate more accurate. Shld be abt 6-7 weeks now.

Yes, one of my friends told me to take folic acid for 1 full mth before trying for BB. But I conceived before I started folic acid. Those of you who are trying shld take the folic acid. Stay away from pineapples too if you are TTC.

For those who want BB, take good care of your health. The first 3 mths will be very very tough. I am suffering a lot of sick feeling, discomfort and inability to sleep well now. These are common for pregnant woment but I feel the stronger your health, the better it will be for you and your BB.

Keep your leave too, you will need it somehow for those days where you wake up feeling really terrible.


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Good Afternoon Brides, vhow's everyubodi doing?? i am really busi at work, rushing around islandwide... so hardly post this week... pls all the irritating things happening at work, feel like taking a long break.. kekekek...

AJ, talking abt PGnVG, i am gg with my fren to look at some work of her fren's recommended VG, hope the rates is gd enough...

Meiling, we definitely should arrange a hubby gathering some days...

Koyoyo, called ur BS le mah??


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spoiltbabe> You can call the solemniser and book him first... then when its 3 months before ur AD then u efile... u can call JP 6 months in advance.. esp those popular ones.. they'll ask u to call back but at least u can call and they can tentatively book the date for u first.. i called mine last year Dec..
any particular in mind???
I met up with mine last nite to sign consent form!! he's very nice! hehe... talked to us for like 5min.. and find out what we are doing, what's our chinese name etc to find out what our parents want us to be... heheh..
Mr Chan Kai Yau - most popular JP in SB forum.. haha...

princess> I'm giving out invites end July.. my GDL is 26th July.. so i'm giving out at least a month in advance and confirm with them again later nearer the date loh..



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hehe hi lex, i think all gals hate their tummies haha unless those who have washing board kind. haha.. i wish i had that lor...

hi mei i saw your CS le.. the colour is sweet. but i wan to see you in it.. hehehe

hi aj,

no worries... just let me know if you need help.


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thanks for ur concern. Yup I'm feeling better now, not that upset already, coz got more other things to worry for, better put the effort in to make the AD perfect

what's ur email address? I'll invite u all to my multiply account

I'm getting the cakes from Gin Thye Cake Maker. But my friends who got theirs from them had got no problem, maybe I'm just unlucky. Probably if anyone is getting from them, make sure u all call a day before to confirm ur order is being process, then i guess everything should be fine.

Yes girls, drink more water, sleep more and get ready for our "Big Day"


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luvz, practise can make perfect? Juz 2 sundays ago, I drink 1/4 cup of bailey and 15min later puke like mad. I tink I better resign to fate lah, I'm a born lousy drinker. Btw, my colleague say taking lots and lots of butter before drinking will help, have you ever heard of that theory? I wonder if it's true?

Oh ya... I'm gonna go M&amp;M this evening coz the Misse is back. I prefer her service than that of Mama's.


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hi tinky,
Yup mention to my bs but waiting for her to reply. She seem kinda of busy. meanwhile meiling ur ap is nice n it 2 tier.. dun add anymore thing.. hehe 2 tier.. are u expecting a lot of AP..
how are u recently? sue as usual I am busy doging arrows in office... seem my shield not good going to search for a better one.. How are u ?


Hi Erlina

I know of a shop in International Plaza that you can custom made your wedding shoes. Let me know if you are keen, I will email you the details.

Hi Pin &amp; Jie,
Can you email me your PG &amp; VG details, thanks! Keen to check out their works.


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I wanna go holiday :S you wanna treat me? LoL..

the saddest thing is my trainer says I have abs... cuz I can do so many sit ups, crunches etc.. but it's hidden by a huge layer of blubber. Sianz. Anyway IMO washboard best for men.. girls look funny with washboard.. and so far I've only seen -ONE- girl with real abs before and she has completely no butt.. cuz she do cardio until really no fat so really all the muscles can see clearly.

*cast shield rank 10* Next time you just use office phone book and block.... so thick... the arrow might bounce off... or they can face my tummy.. absorb more :p

don't worry about stuff -we've done so much reserach among all of us here - all you have to do is ask and you'll probably get all kinds of helpful answers here..


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Hi flora

I think it's the type of drink you take. You should try vodka maybe? You can mix with vodka orange. I personally don't like baileys and i feel baileys &amp; kahlua are acquired taste.


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Koyoyo, guess ur BS is making the arrangement for the gowns to be send to them for your trying... hope to hear gd news from u soon...

Lex, holiday to ubin? kekekeke... frankly, all i wan is to "nua" n let the other settle the work themselves... cant understand why there are some ppl who take salary but refuse to work...


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flora, a little true only.
Too late to train/practise liao. I am a relatively good drinker cos of my previous jobs in sales. To start of, cultivate the habit of a glass of wine every week. Then move up to two glasses after 2 months (not consecutively!!! wait your liver cannot tahan).

But have to pretend I can't drink cos my partner is a darn lousy drinker. If not, when he is drunk, I will die liao. I told him to pretend to be very very drunk, sleep &amp; hug the toilet bowl if necessary. Then no one will ka chiao him.


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oh xinglin, sorry sorry, i must have missed that - sent it to luvz instead. Luvz, hope i didn't force the quotes on you. Sorry for the mistake. I also need to know how long the seamstress take to complete a dress - mine will be all short dresses. Xinglin, i pm you now.

flora, ur catty can be our mascot, maybe u can put in on the starbucks table and we all just gather ard the table. hee
U want to learn how to drink? Can slowly practise, really, practise can make perfect. When u drink on a full stomach, less likely to be drunk. The butter theory is quite crap i think, suppose to coat the stomach - i think it's the bread, cos u eat bread with butter, and then u get full on bread. HTB can't drink at all, I'm in trouble for AD.


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Really ah, then I bring my cat along. He'll be fascinated with all the gorgeous ladies.

Ladies, I tink I'm a goner. I can even go drunk for 1 tiny cup of Yomeishu/ Dome. Luckily my guests are not those drinkers, so I reckon we will not be forced to drink. Heng ah...


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what's the discussion now?
i can drink a little.
but i've gotten piss drunk twice. and damn if i do it again.

never mix drinks or drink on an empty stomach..
(learn fr my bad exp )

erm? cat? what cat? flora, a real live cat?