(2008) Brides of year 2008


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i cant do w/o my eyeliner...if not i'll only have eyes like 1 line....i got small eyes, i managed to do after many yrs of practice, now it only takes me less than 2 min to draw my eyes :p


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xinglin (shi40lin) ,
NOpe i didnt let Belinda know about the stopper. Anyway she couldnt do much .. Still have to go to a clobber.. So much posts dont even know where to start reading. LOL

Have you gers work out when to take PS.. weather nowadays make me so sleepy...
Btw, what beauty regime are you gers starting ?
What happen to your finger? I hope you are alirght. You are an Oct bride right? Wow your beauty regime seem to require a lot of hardwork!!.. No wonder there a saying.." NO ugly woman just lazy woman" I bet you must be a babe!!! btw, forget about trying to tell meiling she arent fat but am in person a chio lady... she always mean to herslf .. i swore on her coach bag.. that she pretty LOL.. but i gave up... Meiling for the records last time .. YOU ARE NOT FAT !!

Sigh slimming. somehow it failed on me.. I was so happy last wk i was seriously sick for 4 days and thought i lost 2 kg now it back n w a double fold lol...

let me tell u a secret. SK2 miracle water made me have serious itch n rash outbreak however (exp ma) i kept using after 1 mth it does improve my face.. longer time b4 it get oily however i stopped using it after 1 yr.. too costly is my reason... i believe it rather a strong chemical so use it accordingly.. i rem those day i can barely sleep w the itch.. guess i am a vain pot lol..

Anyway like meiling i have big open pores i went for new york , haccah treatment cos me a lot of K but didnt help.. sigh i give up resign to fate!!!


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happiness&bliss -> ya.. just found out that i am exactly one wk earlier than you.. hee.. urs also sat right? i choose their phenoix ballroom coz i may have abt 40 tables.. i like their bridal suite.. very nice with jacuzzi and it is facing the s'pore river.. btw do you know when are we suppose to go for food tasting? any idea are they coming up with any new theme this yr.. hee..

rach -> thanks.. i have also been to my friend wedding at novotel end of last yr and i found the food very nice especially the yam paste so i will definately choose it for my desert also.. hee.. ur venue occ food also not bad.. i went there for my cousin wedding last time.. the ballroom very spacious.. occ is near my house..hee.. u stay near there also?


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Hi lex, sue, koyoyo and Meiling...

thanks a lot

Just moved from Jkt. My wed will be on 25 @ Novotel CQ. It will be ROM/solemnisation/tea ceremony/dinner on the same day.

We will decide the BS this week, might use Bridal Zone. Start collecting the music. We also start doing guest list. Got FH's friends that doing videographer, MC, photographer, singer. Haven't look for any shoes. My sis will help with wrist corsage, money box, pillow ring and all those small stuff. Do I miss something?

Anyway, if you guys do not use wedding planner, on the AD, who will be the organizer? I think I can do all the preparation, but don't think will be able to supervise everything on the day...a bit worry it won't run smoothly.

Anyone rent sound system? coz the hotel told me, I can't use keyboard with their sound system - bad quality.

Also, what usual program on the day? anyone can share?



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Hi Gals.. Just share with you~

Teochew / Hokkien Customs

Groom's side gives Bride:

a. 'Si Dian Jin' – (For bride to keep)
b. Pin Jin - (bride's mom take some return the rest)
c. "Nappy Money" – (For the bride’s mum's effort to raise the bride, bride's mom keep everything)
d. 1 Ang Bao - to symbolise whatever that was left out by oversight (bride's mom take some return the rest)
e. Oranges (bride's mom take some return the rest)
f. Cakes (enough for bride's relatives & a few extra boxes to be returned to groom)
g. Long Feng Candles (Bride side take dragon, groom’s side take phoenix)
h. Dinner tables (ang bao from dinner tables of bride's side goes to bride's mom)
i. Peanut candy – (bride's mom take some, return the rest)
j. Cans of pig trotters or Roast Pig – (bride's mom take some, return the rest)
k. Pig trotters - (Front Leg, bride's mom keep all)
l. 2 bottle of hard liquor (bride's mom take and exchange with 2 orange squash)
m. 1 ang bao for matchmaker
n. Rock sugar
o. Melon sugar
p. Fa gao
q. Big Basket

Bride's side gives Groom:

a. Ang Baos (groom keep)
- 1 for education of grandchildren
- 1 for birthdays (i.e. symbolise that groom must celebrate bride's parents birthdays forever)
- 1 for property/land
b. 1 pair of bed side lamps (for bride's new home)
c. 1 wash basin and towel (for the really traditional)
d. 1 set of bed sheets (for bride's new home)
e. 1 Pajamas set for groom (if he wants)
f. 1 ang bao for in-laws to buy shoes
g. 1 an ang bao for your hubby to buy pants
h. 2 bottles of orange syrup drink
i. 2 Tea set for tea ceremony (Give 1 set to groom’s side)
j. 1 Sewing set
k. Jewellery (Jia Zhuang – for bride to keep)
l. Xi Stickers
m. Towel for groom’s parents, grandparents and aunties
n. Pig trotters, ang bao, cake for matchmaker
o. Ang Baos for SIL to buy clothes
p. 2 slippers to replace the clogs.


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Hi lara, u really look gorgeous!!!

moments, hope the weather will be gd on your PS. I think i may oso reschedule my outdoor to end Mar.


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koyoyo dear,
i've super open pores lor...
like free entry to my face like that..
i'm using vichy normaderm and clarins pore minimizing serum...
SEEMS to help...

also after a hydrating mask, my pores do look smaller (marginally)...
maybe you wanna check these out?
clarins pore minimizing serum is $48 at DFS and $68 at their counters. :p

ok, you gals are way too active for me to read everything.... when i opened the thread today, gonna faint liao...literally PAGES!! :p

coincidently, today attended a make up talk...
the lady said to apply in this order:
1) foundation
2) concealer and/or sun screen
3) powder

super mah fan. :p
and i don't understand why the sunscreen is over the foundation...??


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Lost, alot of things hor. Sometimes it is better to feign ignorance.

provi, my eyelashes are practically hidden under my single eyelids! So I don't use mascara which is alot of trial & error for alot of people.
To line eyes, I use black/dark grey/dark blue/dark purple eyeshadow with a flat & slant angle brush. The brush is good for creating the upwards sweep at the end of the eyes.
One thing about using eyeshadow to line is, they are not lasting and if I blink too slowly, some of the powder will fall under the eye areas.


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Hi Sue, thanks thanks... for ur compliment... if only i can loose afew extra kg, then i would be a more confident bride. thanks for recommending ur hair-dresser to me yesterday, is it a pity i din call him due to the heavy rain, nonetheless, i have stored his no. and will call him again for such functions..

woo83fy, welcome to the thread.

uksportgal, another item settled... should be happy now...

Mrs. Kel, museum is nice, another place u might wanna consider is the colourful bride at Clark Quay. i am looking at ur final fitting pics now, u look great and ur gowns are so beautiful... u muz be getting excited abt ur PS, how's preparation>??

Koyoyo, it was really nice chatting and sharing thoughts with u over msn last afternoon. and muz agree, we get each other excited over our AD prepartion and getting all the things ready... shall mit up soon for some gd chat soon n also to go J8.

Lex, nice chattig with u too and thanks for the hardwork in making magical effect on my "cant take" EG.

Meiling, good facial last evening??? muz drink enough water and go with lots of moisturiser yeah... we muz look the best...

Sue/Koyoyo/Meiling/Lex, u girls make me wanna msn all the time... dying nw cos back to office n not really use the quiet afternoon...


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Meiling, saw that u wanna the Wedding&Travel magazine, dun need buy lah, i pass to u soon...

chantique, welcome to Sg n to the Oct Brides thread...

somebodi mentioned abt catering on AD??? who catering huh??


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MeiLing, so powerful, less than 2 mins.
Ya nelle, mascara very troublesome, i somehow always end up looking like a racoon, got oily eyelids. So fed up that i never use eyeliner or mascara unless got special occasion. Only apply normal eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick.
Nec, i do sunscreen first, then foundation, the other way ard seems very illogical to me.


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u can get manuka at GNC, Nature Farm, or taka department store downstairs...

And don't try to delay ur menses for so long, if ur body not used to it, u may still bleed throughout the 3 weeks, thts even worse.

Maybe u can try to see if u can bring forward ur menses, tht makes more sense. but dunno if there's such medication


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koyoyo, my fingers/hands ok. I think they know that nothing is gg to stop me from looking good in Oct! hahahaha.....P


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Hi nec, I also don't see why sunscreen is after foundation. Sunscreen will make face too oily. I also do sunscreen/makeup base (of course from Lancome), then 2-way cake.

I only do eye make up when I attend functions. Cos whenever the eyeshadow gets into my eyes, my eyes will turn red... Anyway I got natural eye shadow since I am a bit tanned. :p


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agree with ur colleagues and xlb that u shldnt eat for too long....i eat the medication for 4 days...then menses came 1 week later even after i stop.

went for ps photo selection yest...duno its gd or bad....pics turn out nice...if top up have to top up ard 2k....think i better go down again to eliminate more pics....


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sotonglet,maybe the package no longer available?? bt i had her forwarded email as I was thinking to change venue or nt.


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hi chantique,
Wow you are from Jkt. actually i see that you pretty much got everything covered. Since that the case why bother to get a wedding planner and let them earn for not doing much.. Have you attend a local wedding b4? There so much to talk about however dont really know how much u know about a wedding held here. Is your hubby a local? Are you guys holding a local wedding or Indonesia style...
haha tinkybell,
U are right on the msn chat.. Chatting w u. LEX/ Sue / Meiling always brighten my days.. Gers will be gers there is always something to yak about...hmm nowadays i am feeling super lazy must be the weather.. tmr i am off so i can sleep late.. haha very looking forward to that. Lex how are you doing? Didnt hear from you for a while...


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hello zhouen,
pls pm me the florist contact too...
like pin&jie,
my BS is fr JB...

my msn is [email protected]
do add me too..

do consider JB BS...for 3.5k, you can get really good bargain...and much more poses/pages than in singapore...
do remember to budget for topping up to get more poses etc.


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ask ya experts ah...
how do you finish the eye liner?
as in the tip of the eye nearer the ear/hairline ...
some pple i see, make it 'qiao' up...
but i never know how to end... :p
if follow the eye, then it sorta goes down a little...
wouldnt that make the eye look droopy..


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wah koyoyo.... envy envy.. tm you off.. sleep my share for me hahaha. yaagree that the weather is making me feel lazy and also abit xian.. i wish i am at home watching my dvd.. haha.. lying on my bed.. wah shiok. :p

yes, chatting with you gals over msn is great esp on days you feel you simply dun have the mood to work hehe.
a pity tinky cant msn all the time.

Hey tinky, no worries, you can call him when there is a need to in future.
just thought of sharing that info since he is good hehe. he was formely from peter and guys in MS last time.. but it closed for reno so he didnt want to work there anymore and he moved on. he used to stay in the US as well.. working as a stylist also .. so well.. i was lucky i found one who mgt to get the cut i like and since then i have been going back to him. I went to him during my poly days till now.. so it has really been many many years... hahaha.

hi chantique,.. ya.. you seem to have everything planned already you dun really need a wedding planner. you can save that portion of money up and do something else with it.


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dear Lost
Thanks for the wonderful info on GDL.. really helps haha.
Dear Nec,
Yup i have heard of frens using normaderm for acne n tt it help but WHERE to get them? minimizing serumwhere ? i almost give up i think my pores so big n open no amt of treatments help .. seriously i donate so much to new york n my face only got worse. dun worry i am not sayin they are no good just i think my face is beyond hope.. Also i share your sentiments. gers ehre post really fast n alot .. i am lost already so i just reply on whatever i can see. sorry gers if it reply to super old posts bear w me or kindly remind me.. thanks
imagine i came here only once or twice every week.. the shock on the massive post... haha
btw, as far as i know my beautician told me sunscreen beneath the foundation .. so how come the talk say otherwise??

mascara very troublesome .. well i agree only when u missed n the so call waterproof part.. haha made me create a little botch mess on my face.. normally when i miss .. that is it whole face makeup have to be remove n re apply.. but what worst is eyeliner..can never getr it right... envy u gers who can get both thing up correct n make ur eyes look bigger n prettier!!


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Hi love xlb,
Actually my family don really need another MUA; they qite good @ making up on their own! Aniwae, my mom prefers 2 hav it naturally...less powder lah...wait she looks like wayang wayang eh...

E delayed menses pills...probably is there anything when consumed, can quicken 2 menses 2 arrive earlier? As i hav a history of anaemia, find eating a little bit of red meat/ liver useful to me...e delay usually due 2 not enuf blood on my part...
Ya...itz really dampening if ur menses start/occur during AD...esp e white WG...

Btw, thanks 4 e honey u recommend...indeed all these bustling and hassling will weaken our immune system...muz take care all may btbs out here.

Hi wiwi, u oso need 2 top up till ard $2k?
Which BS r u w?
No. of fotoz n poses?
Moi is 30+ fotoz w 50+ poses + receiving all hard/soft copies of e pre wedding shots/ PS.


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do provide me wif all ur info when everything's finalised ok? wah...guz u've got eveyrthing more or less prepared, juz get ready to b a beautiful bride, i've not done up my AD prog yet cos i havent got d timing frm my shifu :p

thanks for offering me ur copy but i cant wait now...gona grab a copy later :p i had a wonderful time at facial but still rcved many calls n msges frm sch...cant do my facial in peace
i went to do my mani n pedi too, mayb nxt time shd show u wat bridal nail designs i like...
yah lor, u r not on msn all d time, i only can take d morning n afetrnn shift cos im seldom online at nite :p im doing AD catering for both sides for myself n my fh...shd b taking neo garden catering :p

hehehe....yah i agree chatting wif u gals really makes my day n look forward to chatting to u gals rather than coming to work as we can easily tok abt anything under d sun


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Gina<ya mine is also on Sat. I took the cinnamon room cos we do not want to exceed 20 tables. Initially we do not intend to have a wedding banquet, cos we alr have our ROM dinner at Grand Plaza Park Royal Hotel. But then hor, my relatives grumble and make noise, so in the end we decide to have a small dinner to "shut them up"... haiz....and the best of all , my hubby and myself are very scared of all these hassles...but what to do... But i do have some hiccups with Huiling.
I think we should go for food tasting somewhr in June/Jul...They say they will call us for the food tasting...hmmm...But i think i will do the calling instead, can't trust Huiling on this as she has screw up a few of our request already...


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my ps dates fixed liao...11 n 14 jun, juz hope everything will b in time n i can get my softcopies for my montages

thanks my gal, u r a beauty urself too...cantw ait to meet up wif u again...looking forward to our shopping

thanks for sharing d GDL stuff wif us! hope dat i need not buy all these as i intend to replace wif a AP :p

thanks for sharing d pore minimising stuff, seriously need dat as my pores r so terrible so u can see visibly as well as my chicken pox scars...horrible sia...d oil can b used to fry an egg :p
is clarins gd? is it oily? if it's not, den i can try :p

u r d makeup expert
so we shall have a beauty segment hosted by u in tis thread :p

hehehe...it comes wif many yrs of practice, still thinking of ways to improve it but too lazy liao...juz stick wif it :p


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PSH, i hope not leh...cos i going down another round hoping to eliminate more pics.me with santiago.yes 2k for ard 60 pics with all hard/soft copies returned.haizzz...


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nec, abit difficult to explain. Definitely must follow the upper eye rim, depend on the shape of your eyes. If you like the cat eyes/phoenix eyes look, you draw thicker starting from half of the eye towards the end.

But try it during the weekends cos you will end up with 1 or 2 mistakes b4 you get it right.


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PSH, you also top up ard 2k right?how hard is the decision....come to think of it seems like its a once in a lifetime thing...but next time also keep in the cupboard collect dust....


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hope we haven't scared you off with all our incessant yakking already LoL..
Just to add on to your list:
1. wine supplier(? or hotel, I'm not sure about this)
2. Shoes - you can join us when we go shopping for shoes!
But you'll want to confirm the BS and the gowns first before looking for matching shoes
3. Have you any bridesmaids? You can ask them to help out on the actual wedding day if so.
4. Confirm your JP/pastor/religious leader

Mr AD program for that day is roughly as follows:
Morning: gatecrashing then go to groom's place for tea ceremony. buffet breakfast for FH's side in the morning. change and return to my home.
Noon: reach my home, do tea ceremony, have buffet lunch at my place.
After that, afternoon go to hotel and prepare reception stuff etc.
Evening: March in do solemnization then dinner.
I'm not sure what your order is like.

Sound system-wise I'm not sure because my hotel is ok with theirs.. no issue there.

hahah sorry.. never chit chat these few days - got a super thick contract to look through.. see until I also blur sometimes... heheh...

wah you tomorrow off?
You deserve it for working so hard! So what's your plans for tomorrow? Gai-gai? Or slack at home all day?


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green (green_tranquility)
hey gal,I will definitely try my best for the meet up tis time round..ha,cos this thread is moving too fast..then I tink it’s better to meet up then we can all tok the whole nite!!haha.. no need to type and type.. quite brain draining to read all ah!! Bt it’s fun..haha

kireineko (fumiko_neko)
I hv a similar prob with ya.. got flabby arms also..and I agree totally tat getting the designer to consult us is better than the others..cos they will make stupid comments and make u demoralized onli.. Just heck care them,cos eventually u r the bride n u will definitely look gorgeous on tat day..I had prob wif my gown also cos I found a AD gown tat I like however it’s too low cut.then it caused a lot of headache for me as I felt tat it was too revealing bt the designer thot of a way to cover tat up and I will go try tat out nxt wk to see if it works.. btw,i using forest prodxn also=p reali like their style..


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woah, u gals are going really fast. I'm lost. :p

rach>spoke to my FH and he's onz about tagging along with you to JB to find the printer. Can confirm with me nearer the date in Apr?


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Hi ladies!

Wonder when the rainy days will end. Getting worried for my re-shoot next week. Sigh. moments &amp; Kittyng, hope the weather will get better.

Lara, the photos are really beautiful! You and your hubby look really good!


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nec: i thought so too. Sunscreen first then foundation wor. I always do this way.

lost: Thanks for sharing the GDL list. Seems alot of things wor.

Currently i'm using Laneige brand (Pore Trouble Range and the Basic range). Hmm..still monitoring if it helps to stablise my problem skin. Thanks gals to give me alot advices ya.

I'm leaving SG tonite to neighbouring country - Genting. I think by the time when i come back to read this thread, it's alot more pages ya

But i like to read this thread

See ya gals....


hi gals.. i jus return from my first fitting.. woah.. settled everything my WG, EG, Outdoor G, Tea dress.. FH also settled his suits.. Now i jus need to confirm my PS date with my PG n notify my BS.. its tiring, but very fun.. i m a happy btb..

i have flabby arms too.. i just happen to read URBAN, they have solutions to help "butterfly" arms to arm scallops.. gotta cut the article n paste on my wall... who needs a copy of the article let me know.. i'll scan n share..


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Seems like we are 4 27 dec brides already wor.
luvz, you thinking to change venue? Why?

sotong, how about Golden Horse and Thomson wedding? Seems they have good packages. So you can't get a hotel for 27 dec currently ah?

pinjie: Wah you've got the best deal for silk CS less than $70! Mind sharing with us the pix?

msclaire: This thread has got a list of Dec08 brides excel spreadsheet wor. Seems somewhere in the archive pages wor.


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wow, you gals really talk very fast leh... i read the threads until i siao liao....hard to catch up these days. haha

eh, my colleague also from diGio, but her MTM EG not nice at all de lor... even she grumbles and complains about it... im glad i din choose digio...

so everyone going to JB to print wedding cards ar?

ask u all something, do you all wear the AD WG for AD and PS ? or you have 2 WG, one for AD and one for PS?

y is everyone going to Europe and US for honeymoon?

eh, i forgot who asked me abt Robin photography in the previous thread.... robin din update his website for a long time liao... so i guess it's best you make an apptmt with him to go down to his studio and view his works instead of viewing on the website...

huh? you mean can book the JP liao meh? waxie, you doing the holy matrimony ar? who's the priest solemnising for you? at church? which church?


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hi all dec-bride to be,

i am so excited, cos i will be joining all of you. will be settling my wedding banquet to be held on 12th Dec.

as my HTB proposed to me in Feb this year, we were kinda concerned that good hotels will all be taken up since most people book like 1 year in advance. Thank God. We managed to get ours.

Have also booked my BS one month ago (yes, 1 week after he proposed).

Now, i need advice on my solemnisation/church wedding.

Really excited!


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meiling, you are an expert in using eyeliner? Must teach me. I'm absolutely hopeless with that tiny little stick. Be it pencil or ink, I will only make a mess out of it. I'm not very skillful with mascara either. I only know how to apply light eyeshadow. So usually I would hide my eyes behind my spectacles.

koyoyo, luckily i only bought the SKII trial set to try. If not I lugi a lot since their product are real expensive. I only use for 3 days, I scared liao.

Mary, the vichy sunblock tat I'm using is not that oily leh, even though its 50spf. For me, I will apply sunblock last. I nvr question why, people say, I follow loh.


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Erm....I cant tell you for sure whether it would work for you....but coz usually I dont super huge pimples...normally just random small ones....But during the past few weeks...I had two really huge ones.....that took a long time to heal....partially due to stress and I guess bad diet....So I really freak out and decided to take the Fancl supplements.....In the end it really helped... The other thing to try is 3M Nexcare acne dressing.....I use it when I have pimples...It helps to suck up the sebum...and the pimple discharge....

Ladies, I strongly recommend Dermalogical gentle soothing booster....I also have very sensitive skin and since using it....my skin calm down quite a fair bit....

The following is what I use for skin care.....

Facial wash: Avene Soapless foaming gel.... (Flora..I agree with you that this brand is good for sensitive skin)

Serum: Dermalogical Gentle soothing booster

Pimple gel: Dermalogical overnight clearing gel

Moisturizer: Dermalogical Active moist....

Fancl Tzone clear essence followed by Sunblock: Vichy SPF 50

Masks: Fancl Yogurt Mask, H2O waterwhite brightening mask, Dermalogical multivitamin power recovery masque, White Lucent Masque, Fancl Inner Active pack....

So far the above helped in calming my skin...So maybe you gals can try some of the products if you have sensitive skin or enlarge pores...


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The posts are sure fast and furious....
on the topic of makeup, think I'm very inexperienced in this area...I hardly put on makeup except for blusher and sunblock...okay, I admit that I'm hopeless with makeup.. I don't know what to start with and how to apply them properly. I would love to try the black liquid eyeliner but I don't have it in the first place.

I gotta learn from you all the tricks in make-up. I think I also don't know how to apply eyeshadow, so when I need, I just apply the eye highlights round the eye area. Think I will just observe the MUA when she's doing my makeup then I learn from there.

But then, i find makeup expensive leh. Maybe cos i hardly use then just leave them there, so i'm wasting them... Also find it very troublesome to take so much time to apply....