(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Yaya.. Think going to get more n more busy this year n hope time passes quickly!! Haha.. Going to confirm PG and VG most prob this coming week. I hope those that are still on my considering lists are not taken up yet...

Then after that will be shopping for wedding shoes! So excited!!


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Hi All,

Ya can feel the stress too now.....
Seems many things undone too!! Pimples all coming all....

1) Photos completed but i have yet to go down and see the layout
2) Photo montage will be done by my AD photographer as we intend to show only the morning session happening. Wont be showing our childhood pics

Things undo:
1) Printing of invitation cards
2) Ordering cakes for GDL
3) Ordering of caterings
4) Selection of music for march in
5) Selection of fathers jacket
6) Bringing mothers to MTM their dress
7) Buying GDL thingy

Urgh........ how to finish, plus the heavy work load i have really makes me old lor.....


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thanks ashley....a lesson to learn will be neber totally trust dat u are in good hands despite repeated assurance....always remember to double check.....=)


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June> Yup... bought it together with my Proposal ring.. it matches perfectly so can wear together after AD..

I got mine from D'Meyson. They have nice designs and most of their diamonds are certified from as small as 0.14 onwards.. most need to be at least 0.30 to be certified...
Gave me free engraving as well.. hehe..
Go to Bugis's outlet.. PM me if u are interested and I'll let u know who to look for, for good service!


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hi yaya,

hilo productions do what one? you're engaging them for video or photo? i am still in the midst of sourcing...what's your package like?


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Sorry for my late reply...I signed on the last day of November 2007....Hahaha...So that I am entitled to the previous wedding show perks...It was the one and only hotel that we viewed and signed on the spot....


I see...My coordinator is Kaylynn....Erm to what I know...My coordinator mentioned that there is a piano in Vanda ballroom which can be used....I am not too sure abt the one that you mentioned...Maybe you can check with Sen.... =)


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Hi Jacelyn

U still looking for curtain shop? There was this chinese variety show on TV on cheap finds in S'pore sometime back. They visited a curtain shop at Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 1. I don't have the shop name but can PM u the address if u r interested.


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Speaking of PS...Eh...
My BS *Sattine does not do evening shots, so all fotos will b crystal clear...
Probably shophouses/waterfall/arty backdrop scenes...not into nature as beri scared of lallang/little creepy crawlies. Furthermore not so adventurous...jus wanna chop chop finish n rest...i hope e indoor shots turn out well...
Wat abt u? Where did u go...do share so tat we hav some ideas...4 those who hav yet 2 go 4 PS...thanz!
Hey May BTB mebe u all can share wat r some items tat r diy-ed by u... n how u give a personal touch so as to make ur wedding memorable.
Anithing frm march in, wedding favours, deco, theme etc...lez spur each other on cos' it's true tat some of us may feel a bit inert...

May we all hav lovely weddings 2 remember by!

I share... if u heard of SCRAPBOOKING, there is an art store in Plaza Sing...called Madewithlove tat sells items 4 scrapbooking. For instance, if u find putting e fotos all in 1 album too boring, u may use specially designed papers + accessories n do a 'photo frame' of ur foto... with use of unique fonts/flowers/beads/ribbons/stickers etc. E mix n match gives it a very eccletic feel...definitely 4 e unconventional brides.
If hung on e wall, really makes e guests feel tat they hav entered into an art gallery.
Waz more, u can use pens 2 describe ur courtship...all waiting 2 b unfold.
(Very popular in e West...a sample of them can b found in 2008 edition of Her World Brides)

Tink its either 4th or 5th storey, near escalator. Popular @ Bras Basah oso offers such materials...


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hihi, i just confirmed my photog - Celestine from Fotowerke
will be ROM just before my banquet at HIPV too. I also just bought my house in simei - yes, have been bz bz bz

mrs kel, tat's super sweet

9 months to the big day girls!


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Hi Girls.... hope things are going well for everybody...

Mal, hope you get your ideal pairs of shoes soon....

Sue, so kelian... sayang u okay...

Koyoyo, how's ur ROM preparation gg?

Polarwhite, tot u MIA too... hope everything is well for u...

Mrs. Kel, your proposal is very original... very sweet of your hubby.... Congrats once again on your receipt of your proposal...

MEiling, same like u... i am also very tired after each day at work, so gonna start things slowly and pushing myself harder each day...

Alrite... tml is the start of a new week again, have a great week Brides...


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Hi Girls,

I am also having my AD on Nov 30
at marina mandarin. Now sourcing for PG and VG too..Hopefully wont exceed $3k...

After that i will be sourcing for wedding singers hee


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hi gals...me confirmed a MM BTB today!!!

oh yeah, i've permission to use the piano in vanda, in my contract also...:p
but tuning of the piano not included...dunno if it's ok or not...me no ear for music ones...

saw a couple at MM today (Sunday 6th Jan), they also met up with wendy...wonder if it's anyone here??


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icyxiaozhu> Yeah... but i didnt buy mine from Bugis actually. I bought from Tampines Century Square.. but the staff there cannot make it loh.. Soo blur and not pro.. we brought ours to Bugis for engraving... and the service is so much more better!

Thumbs up to the sales supervisor who served us..


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hi praisey,
Are u refering to the one with a high collar, deep v neck and ruffled bottom evening gown featured in the magazine? its a contemporary design and pretty too. I can't even shortlist one design that i like for the evening gown, guess the design for bigger size evening gowns are quite limited, some a bit outdated or really plain design....haiz
Hopefully i can lost some weight b4 the gown selection to get my desired gown:<


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I just had my guo da li today! HAha.. very simple.. and done it like 5 mins. The mom didn't come, only hubby and the aunty.

BUt glad another thing is over.

Just to check with u gals, the si dian jing, do i have to wear it during the tea cecremony?


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waverine> where u get the ang bao from its nice....

every thur aussino will have stock cuming in. the towel set is available at PS outlet u gers can try there. they also sell the mugs.

sweethaven> u can try bliss collection. they sell nice bedsheet set too.


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My Bs is Silhouette. They have a tie-up with O studio, so all negotiations I wanna do, have to do it with O studio and not the BS. So anyways, Jaki from O studio says that top up by $1000 then get back all the pics. the best part is, all will be in high res!!
So was really really happy to hear that. I read that some BS die die also don't want to return the soft copy of the unselected pics, which I thought shouldn't be the case. They keep saying want to make your wedding day special but they don't practise what they say. Although I understand that it is becos they are worried that ppl dun top up so much if they get back the pics, but really, topping up by 1k is quite a lot already.


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Hi! I just signed up with Thomson wedding d'sign today during the BOWS bridal show. Anyone signed up for it too? Or had experience with them? N'way, i'm so silly, it's the first BS I been too and i've signed up with them ald. Any comments?


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Hi MT, i have just added u.

Yes i have tried that, fits quite well, better than the EG that my mum picked. I think i look like a peacock. I didn't fancy it. So on 17th jan, i have to finalize by then. Most probably, i will have 1 WG and 2 EG for AD. 1 EG from my own collection.
Whose your co-ordinator from Marriott? Mine is annabel, i shd be in good hands.
Today i met the 5th AD photographer, shd be finalizing by next week.


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hi tissuepaperz, no worries u are in good hand. i signed with them 2 weeks ago after 20 + BS shopping for 3 mths. photoshoot in april. good luck to u!


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Thanks PSH. It's does help. However, do you have any idea if it is necessary for my hubby to personally send the GSL items to my parent's place. As mentioned earlier, I think it is impossible for us to fly back just for that. We are residing in Australia.
Any one has suggestion on how we can do it the 'express' way?? HAHAH!

BTW, may I know what is the meaning of PS? I managed to figure out most of the shorter form... but not this



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thanks netfinity!! i just bought mine from bliss collection at BOWS '08 after checking around the forums and knowing that they'll be at BOWS! :D

and yea, aussino at great world city still have the nuptial sets available in queen size!~

waverine i bought the same angbaos as u!! that particular one where the bride's hair is pink one... i think it's really cute!! keke~ :D

oh, netfinity i bought my angbaos around chinatown from some shop very near bliss collection. =)


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Hi Praisey,
MT and I have the same co-ordinator.. Ivah Ee.. =)

Hi berry egg,
My friends recommended me Hitachi loan.. sounds weird rite? but heard that their rates are one of the lowest..Haven't realli go check it out.. Will do soon.. when my hse comes in Mar.. =)

Hi vividz,
This for your info. May I know what is the price for your M-Hotel high tea buffet? My ROM will be at 7pm.. So have to be dinner.. :S Coz the best timing for us was morning &amp; evening.. Haiz..

Hi ladies &amp; gentlemen,
Juz fyi.. Qingming is on 4th Apr. =)
When are we meetin?? =p


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morning bridies..

hi mei, ya... so tired after the whole day.. just dun feel like doing anything at all.. the mind wants to do but the body is weak... hahahah

ya i thought the coffee prince is nice.. but i m not watching it on tv.. was thinking of buying the DVD when it gets discounted.. hahah then i can watch all at one go..anyway.. now also no time to watch.

ya lets go out sometime soon.. i am going for my pedi soon again.. but i cant seem to even find a day i can go .

hi tinky,

went to multiply then realise that i dun have your contact in my multiply ... coz i am totally inactive there .. only in friendster and facebook.. hehehe... can upload pics in this 2 hahaha.. then i can have a look at the photos you mentioned., :p


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Hi bbiguana,
Wat a concidence that u r considering hitachi loan, the housing loan was also extended to me as i'm a staff in hitachi global storage technologies. But haven't really check it out yet though as my BTO house will only be ready in 2011:>


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Hi to all,
I'm new here, received an email from Vinny Huang.
Many Thanks for the invitation.
Unfortunately, I'm not very into internet, havent got no friendster account.
My AD &amp; ROM are both on the same day on 07July08.
Dinner at Marina Mandrain, thought the perks are okay.
Dont intend to do any prewedding PS.
Dont have BS, all DIY.
Bought my WG through a thread here.
Havent signed AD photographer, but got someone in mind.
Havent got EG, dont know how? To tailor or not, no plans.
Looking around for MUA. Any recommendations?
Thats about all I've got so far.


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i bght mine too. from goldheart. I cant engrave mine because i bought the one with diamonds around it. Itchy backside me


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Happy New yr, ladies!
Sorry, MIA for awhile....

Thanks for the wine info.. Die lah..coz hubby n I are not wine drinker, so we know nothing of this..Lucky still got long time to learn.

I am looking for Photographer n Videogrpher, anyone can recommend?

Gan cheong..gan cheong.... Not sure what to prepare now. Seems early for anything else, but then afraid of last minute thingy.. will go for gown selection sometime in Apr/ May? Will i be too late?

Anyone went to BOWS exhibition? I forgot to go there, the fact that I was at Bugis on Fri and Sat..aiyah...

Nec, congrats! You ave finally confirmed ur weeding venue. One list down.


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hi lynn,
i've updated ur PG alrdy, i assumed dat u r no longer using ur fh's neighbour? will post it up again once there r more update, dun wana flood d thread wif so many tables

so have u gotten ur bling bling yet? dun envy us cos u'll get ur bling bling soon...
yah lor, i've not done anything during d wkends except for watching coffee prince so dat i can pass them over to my fh...cos his mum n bro wana watch d serial :p

i've not done anything during d wkends except for watching coffee prince...was so tired d whole wkend...gone shopping wif my mum on sat at bugis n den lazed at home to watch vcds on sat nite n sun...tis sat i'll accompany u liao...wking on tis sat


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19 days to go!!! This weekend is my GDL!!! Just finised my wedding church service booklet yesterday!

Seems like so many things to do!!! AH!!! hehe!


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Good morning!!

apple_gal>>> Yes.. i went to the fitting yesterday... from 1pm till 6plus... it's fun but tiring... to keep changing from outfit to outfit.. all my gowns are OTR wor... how bout urs? I chosen my WG,EG,and outdoor gown while my FH choosen 2 suits... but guys suit are limited... =( but.. their services is *thumb up* =P no complains and they really serve well..

Did you went to Fame bridal yesterday? i saw 1 lady having her PhotoShoot, and another came to choose their photos... hmm... So what's ur progress? choosen ur gowns? going for photoshoot?

So anyone have new progress ?? =)


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Hi, moments

When i went yesterday at 2plus, all fitting room is full... Where did u go for gown fittings, 2nd floor changing room? Your gown fittings is long.. Haha.. Me only takes 2-3 hrs for my 1st gown fittings.
Guy suit is limited, my hubby takes less than 15 mins to chose. Haha..
Dily Makeup was nice! I've tried my final fittings before the PS on 15th Jan. Xiaoshi had altered my size when i tried two gowns were a bit loose.


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Hi ladies,

My AD is on 23-Nov. Had just made the arrangements for the banquet. Had a hard time before finalizing on the venue. Most of the hotels are either booked or tentatively reserved for some couples.

Anyone with Sophia? Any idea of their services and designs etc? Can share? Thanks.


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Been to Avana. The gowns are really nice. The prices are from $500 to $1,000. I love the beaded ones. However, they are too big for me so the ladies there do not recommend alteration for me as it is too much alteration for beaded materials, for fear of destroying the fabic.
Go check it out. I was also brought to their private showroom at 23rd floor.

If you like sequin stuff, Kakoo at Centrepoint carries dresses in the range of $400 to $700.


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i went for BOWS.
ok lor...
went to see VG and PG and florist/favors and caterers...
not too many of these around...mostly bridal studios.

PG i did meet up with joho at BOWS, nice guy. but very very out of budget. sigh. i wish!!!
and then met a few other PGs ...ok lor...

me also searching for PG/VG.
think all very ex ones. lol.
the affordable ones, i don't really fancy their styles. so mah fan being a picky female. :p


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Hello everyone..

Welcome Lydia, Amanda and Sleepygal. Sleepygal: I faced the same problem when looking for banquet venues. Nov is hot!!!!

Thanks Jo_vin and Karen for replying.. Over last weekend, we went a couple of BS and we decided to take Bridal Zone's pkg. Also intending to take up some of their contacts for AD PG and VG.

Next up will be shoes, gown selection and wedding bands... intending to get our rings to take photoshoot =)