(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Valerie> ya the picture with pink cushion is for show only....

i heard that sometimes no stock so best to buy it while u can... in case when u want to buy then no more stock...


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yes!!! there is a conspiracy i tell you!
all of them just wanna chop our carrots or whatever the appropriate term is.. lol...

show us a nice album with 60-70 poses, then package only 20-30 poses!!! piang!! if this was the states, we'd be able to sue them for misrepresentation!


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hi ladies! happy 2008!

let me share my proposal =)
i was really surprised! coz fh said he needed a few months to prepare, so didn't expect him to propose so soon.
i was out with my girlfriends that night. he waited for me at my place and picked me up when i was done. everything seemed normal. nothing unusual. we reached home. as i was locking the gate, he went into my room.
when i went into my room, it was all dark and i saw some glow-in-the-dark stuff on my wall. he was on his knee, held my hands and popped the qns!
was very touched!

if you're wondering what the glow-in-the-dark stuff is... he wrote 200+ little 'marry me's using glow paint. pasted them on the wall so that they spell the words 'i love u'.

that's it. =)

and meiling, i'm still in nie. so starting class only next week. but fh VERY busy n stressed in school. lots of new duties assigned to him..


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Hi Crispy n Emily,
Welcome welcome!
Eh no panic button lah...if u read e previous threads, u will see excel spreadsheets on Checklist and Budget... try archive frm Dec 18 2007
Learn 2 eliminate those tat u hav done...then u hav lesser things 2 handle...

Crispy, based on wat u say, mebe e things 2 start r:
1. Gathering/ Preparing guests list
2. Layout of ur invitation card/ approach printer
3. Get AD PG/VG
4. Get Florist (if u hav a church wedding /
5. Lunch caterer
6. AD itinery / schedule
7. Helpers
8. Banquet arrangements (if u hav dinner)
9. GDL items
10. Ping Jin/ Li (depending on ur dialect gp
11. Honeymoon package
12. Other nitty gritty stuff like... an chuang,
bridal shower, gifts for parents, wedding
bands, gate-crashing procedures n so many
Well happy 4 u tat ur PS is done... mine will b end Jan 2008.

As 4 emily, how far r u away frm Spore? Perhaps u may wan 2 check e websites for Co.s/ shops which sell GDL items online. If not convenient, u may list down e items n ask ur family members or friends to buy for u...
4 e catering svc, i believe e forum does hav threads 4 vegetarian lunch buffet catering services (tink i saw 1 under e thread Wedding Banquets) If not enuf, again do a Google search on e list of caterers in Spore. I believe they do offer couples such packages too.

Hope this info helps, Crispy n Emily.


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Alamak...i have not even go for my first fitting yet and i have not took my PS...hahahha...think i will be in a big rush!!!!


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One is Daniel Beh and the other is William Lam (from Simply Moments)

I like Daniel's style of photography and am quite satisfied with his package. For William, I can tell he has a passion for photography and like his type of coffee-table album (which is like the bridal album). Daniel's coffee-table album is the classy type of magazine kind, like those books we see in Borders/ Kino... Price differ by $200...Actually William's package is more worth it cos he provides more photos and he will try to give special effects (photoshop) the photos which he develop for slot-in album which was quite impressive as this shows his efforts. So HTB likes William better but I like Daniel better...How ah??

How's your search?? Did you try your *evil* plan on your HTB?

And yes, I believe there is a big conspiracy with all the bridal studios, wanting us to top up. Thankfully my PG studio will give back all photos after topping up $1k, so intend to extra albums ourselves....
Hi everyone,

I'm new. I'm also a November BTB. My AD is Nov 11 and the venue is at Pan Pacific.

I'm thinking of renting my WG. I'm in search of everything else.


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Hi lois,
Does you friends have any online site whereby I can view her pics? Is she a member here?

Thanks for your input....

Anyone who had experience with William Lam?


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A lot of my frens advise to have more photos coz as years go by, we need more of them to refresh our failing memories of the fun moments of the wedding day. And isn't it better to have a professional to do the special effects? I'm sure he can do a better job than amateurs like us.

And you mention he has passion for photography. I would think that really makes a difference in PG's work. You'll able to see "life" in those pics taken by PGs who are passionate about their job. Unfortunately these PGs charges a very high rates (like $4k and above). If you see that in William, I guess he'll know how to capture those precious moments on your big day.


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how about the following:

1) music for march in?
2) videographer?
3) itinery for actual day activities?

i am worse off than you 10x man...mine is on the 4/3, and i only done the following:

1) settled on layout of photo album
2) wedding car rental settled
3) AD photographer settled

1) GDL?
2) Food tasting?
3) Photo montage
4) Videographer
5) Wedding Invites yet confirmed
6) Reno not started
7) Catering? What catering!
8) Music yet selected


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Flora Bliss,
I have the same thinking as your friends....want to get more photos to refresh memories...its strange though, there are ppl who say the albums will eventually go to storerooms. guess we're the more sentimental type. Cos HTB is quite creative and can do photoshop, I thought after getting the pre-wedding album done by the studio, we can create another album as a side project...But ya i agree that the professionals sure do better jobs...

Flora Bliss, you have settled your PG? Bobman?

Hi all,
if you are looking for PG,
try www.simplymoments.com and www.danielbeh.com

Shucks, I'm so fickle minded...One moment decide on one PG, then will change my mind after a few mins....


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Jac, I kinda think that coffeetable album may not be able to show as much about the wedding event. It's just more stylish. If got more photos, then next time can go thru those photos with your kids (even grand kids, hehehe...) and reliving those moments better.

There has been some slight changes to my PG. Now my HTB's long time fren will take for us FOC.


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the great PG hunt is on...

i havent had time to execute my evil plan....
this sunday (sunday is the only day of the week i'm allowed to make my FH do wedding related things) need to settle church and venue and go down to BOWS see caterers for church and any PGs /VGs that are lurking there... :p

never fear, i've bookmarked/tabulated all the PG websites i've found...price ranges (lowest package of each) from $800 to $5888 (G@brie1 M3nd3s---nice work, go see his gallery!)
and in between, of course my fave wansheng @ $4k...
now all we need to do is look at the online portfolio (evil plan part 1)

from some of the quotes sent to me, they have a valid till date...did you guys get that too?
dunno which studio gave me 1 month quote/price validity...

(i've been looking at like 20-30 studios/PG, very confused now...LOL...in the end, all look almost the same, unless very bad or very good)

oh jac, which BS so nice, allow you to buy back all for $1k? hi-res?

flora, FOC is good!!

is your HTB's friend a pro or free lancer?

personally, i'd rather my friends be in the photo than take the photos...i know some who don't mind taking for me, but i think they'll be a bit stressed to 'perform' up to my expectations and then i shouldn't have any expectations since it's a voluntary thing...so compliated, i'd rather they sit down and eat/dance.


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Can I ask if any of you gals will be preparing a wedding montage for the banquet? Will you be doing it yourself or getting professionals to do it?


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Hi unicorn, think i'm either doing it myself or my friend is helping me cox i opt for the video express highlight instead of the montage fr my PG & VG pkg. Hee...after all, i'm oso not very IT savvy.


hi praisey....
am not sure if i am oredi in yr multiply... but if not, could u pls add me ? e ID is : imstefie

btw gals.. i'll be gg for my PS this Jan... will update u gals again...
when we do get soft copies.. i'll likely post on the multiply as well. =)

have a great wkend and happy preparation.. its all gg so fast.. haha


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Thanks PSH ...

Wow...big list of things to do!I'm getting lazy...argh....
Got 4 months ... 1 month do abit, should be in time to finish by May ... keke ;p

So ur PS coming soon, have u decided where to go?
It can be quite fun but tiring ...
Smile & Enjoy your PS


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Ya, FOC is definitely good since we have to save up for house should we need to buy resale. He is a freelancer. But has been taking photos for weddings. I guess with a friend being the PG, we'll be more relaxed and will behave more naturally in front of the camera. Not sure if he is interested in becoming a pro since he is earning quite a fair bit in his day job as an engineer.


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Hello Babe! Thanks for the wishes! I am very very niao BTB, so I think better to pay a little bit more to prevent high blood pressure. :p


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Hi JJ,

i just let jeslin design the gown.. a halter neck red gown. She just sketch it out in papers and i try to imagine. actually i couldn't fit into most of the EG, couldn't parade out to show HB. oh well, always been a L size. For the PG, i think we choose Ben.


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Did you all watch this evening's Jia You Xi Shi at Channel 8? pretty "amazing" to see the full traditional wedding customs of Hokkien.

I wonder if they will show the other dialect groups.


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Hi JJ - So which AD photographer did you settle on?

Hi berry egg - I was at the kopitiam watching the show. Next week's about interracial marriage. I'm waiting for the Cantonese one.

Hi Praisey - I added you on Multiply


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hi stef, i have added you..

tonight was hokkien version, applies to bride or groom? if different dialect follows whose?


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Hi Mich

My AD was supposed to be 28/12. But no more slots..have brought it fwd to 30/11

Who is your co-ordinator? Mine is Sen.

Anyway does anyone know if we can use the piano that is placed at a corner of the foyer of the marina mandarin ballroom?

My HTB's niece only 7 yrs old offered to play some wedding songs for us haa..cant decline her offer


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thanks gers.....we had great fun on our wedding & are realli grateful to our frens who went all out to chip in & contribute their part of fun to make it an enjoyable day....=)

however we had an issue with our banquet which gave us embarassing moments in form of our guests but unfortunately my coordinator will not see the seriousness of the whole matter when highlighted and we met wif a veri rude F&B manager who is not veri professional.....=( we intend to lodge a complain to the hotel's GM on their service level and rudeness of their staff.....


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anyway to share too....we did not gave a big amount for our APs as we have realli many to give....

14 for our wedding convoy (14 cars including almost 20 frens)
3 x helpers @ reception
Big AP for gatecrashing (3 jiemeis)
2 x VG & PG
1 x MUA
1 x my bro to open bridal car door
1 x fren who helps to drive
1 x fren who did mani & pedi
2 x Emcee
1 x for HB staying over @ fren's place


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wah mentos, ur neighbour really creative leh.. =P i think, it's just informing ppl about ur wedding coming up, so nowadays ppl dun really stick to the marble cake or so like hor.. hmm... now i wonder what kind of cake i should have =D hee~


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Hi Stnov, good to know you had a great wedding! Hopefully, my banquet in FRF will be ok...keeping my fingers crossed!


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moomooland, u can try hilo production? see if they available? i am engaging them for my AD.

i have yet to settle the following.. v stress!
1) GDL,
2) Food tasting- tentatively on Mid Jan
3) photo montage( thinking of letting my jiemei to do)
4) wedding card - not printed
5) music
6) AD programme - in progress


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Belated Congrats to Qiqi81!

Congratulations to GND and jOjo! Have lots of fun today ok!

Hi Stnov,

Glad to hear that you had fun. Post some pictures for us to see ok!


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hi mrs kel... that is soooo romantic...
i bet you mus have been really really touched... hehe so swwwweeeettt..

Hi koyoyo/ mei, how's things getting on?
ya mei, i was still in the dreadful place when you called me then hehehe..

so fast its 2008. so gals.. we are getting married THIS YEAR!! how time flies.. i m starting to get panicky liao coz i really have not touched anything for the past few months already. oh oh....


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Hi all

I can really feel the excitement going around this thread !!!
Let's happily count down to Nov 2008, enjoy our wedding preparation and look gorgeous together


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It varies for each side I reckon. When my cousin got married, the girl followed the Hainanese tradition in giving gifts to the male side, and the male side followed the Cantonese tradition in giving gifts to the female side.

I'm marrying a Perankan from Portugese descent... And it seems nobody on my fiance's end has any idea on what wedding traditions they have... :p


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hi transformer prime,
i'll update ur details when im back in office tm

hi mrs kel,
wah....ur proposal's so romantic, ur fh must have spent lotsa time n effort....guz each n every one of us have a romantic proposal to share....u must b so touched by his gesture

hmm...so u r a trainee? jiayou...my fh oso got lotsa stuff assigned to him though he juz joined d sch tis yr, wonder if he can handle...ncc, form teachership, level coordinator, committees, 19 hrs of lesson etc

poor thing, we shall go n fun have fun when u r more free...i fell in luv wif coffee prince, wat a romantic show :p
dun worry, u r not alone, im cant start anything cos everyday so tired frm sch until i've got no mood to do anything at home after wk n during d wkends..