(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year ladies!!


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hallo brides,

so long nvr log in.. yesterday i had a bad dream manzz. dreamt my photogrpher didnt turn up, the tables of the hotel not arranged and the march in song was WRONG. whahhah..

guess quite stress cos some of my stuff not done yet.. but

merry xmas dearies!!


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I confirmed my hotel already, regent hotel.
the date is available and I have booked it. Will be down to pay deposit on Wed. Good Luck, hope you can settle yours soon!! Huge relief before Xmas =)

Thanks for the input to all...


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Hi JJ,

will forward you the quotations i gathered to your email. however i think you might have to check out their works and their rates again, cos their rates may be dated.

to all BTBs..


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Hohoho! Merry christmas to all!!

Hi, selina
Do share us the photos once ready hor! How many photos have you top up? Your album is magazine style?


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Hi JJ,

Are you talking abt Glory Studio ard the South Bridge Road area? I did my family graduation pic there. Process of getting the pics a bit slow but technique-wise the uncle is very good.

For all my fellow BTBs... Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!!


HI S'rene,
Dun think it's the same studio, the link is below
Their package is rather interesting, will try to meet up with the photographer soon. I also called Andrew, will try meet up with him if he can give some discount on the AD PG.

To All BTB, Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year 2008!


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hmmm i am done with princess xiamei me waiting for ISWAK2 to start soon.. think it better that princess Xm.. sigh no show to watch Xmass is kinda of boring in SG...what to prepare for ROM ? any ideas


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Hello everyone! Merry Xmas!!

apple_gal, i didnt top up any photos.
Yeah my album is magazine type. Layout will only be ready 2 months later.. Will only get softcopy upon viewing layout.

AD is less than 6 months away liao.. soon to be 5 months!!


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i got no choice if i dun strat now, n have to rely on my slow coach fh den everything cannot complete in time :p

hi all,
merry xmas and a happy new year!

i started they kiss again aka iswak2, now at ep 2....y they dun released d whoe serial n books???? im now a kino memeber due to d mass purchase of books, yest d discount i got is more than my membership fee :p


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hehehe...ok u make sure u buy hor....all of them r witnesses here :p i tot ur fav oso includes strawberry sundae? hehehe

yah i tot is a gd buy too...actually tot of changing d setting as well to 4 prongs which my fh likes but after much consideration, they decided to stick to 6 prongs :p


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Hi Lois, my designer told me to get the OTR package months ago and see if I decide to top up to MTM package. Top ups is 1000 to MTM 2 gowns, WG and EG :D


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hey Meiling I saw your post on Love & Co so will try to go have a look at their wedding rings :p hopefully can find something we like..

Guess I still have some time so will see if i can think of designs for my WG, EG & Teadress


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hello!!! everyone... Merry Christmas!!!! keke...
It's dec and going to start a new year, whch means all of us here is counting down the days to our big day... lets enjoy this progress...

Happy christmas seaons to all!
& A happy new year~


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axeljes - 1/3/2008 - Dragon Gate - Bliss Bridal
feilinc - 1/3/2008 - Traders Hotel - Di Gio
Missyheng - 1/3/2008 - Hotel Rendezvous - Venus Bridal
piggytinky - 1/3/2008 - Dragon Phoenix - J & M Design
dreamymi - 1/3/2008 - The Cathay Resturant - Thomson wedding
moomooland - 4/3/2008 - Orchard Hotel - French Bridal
caramel980 - 8/3/2008 - Wesley Methodist Church & One Rochester - Dang Bridal
Mary - 8/3/2008 - Yan Qing Shanghai Restaurant @ Chijmes - Bridal ZOne
muffin - 8/3/2008 - Hotel Rendezvous - French Bridal
poopy - 8/3/2008 - Oriental - Sattine Bridal
purpleclouds - 8/3/2008 - Swissotel The Stamford - Bliss Bridal
tummykitten - 8/3/2008 - Raffles Town Club -SeletarBraodway
vysweetapple - 8/3/2008 - RELC International Hotel- Graceful Image
dopeydodo - 8/3/2008 - Traders Hotel - TED WU
durianpuff - 8/3/2008 - Swissotel The Stamford - D'sire
small_bun - 8/3/2008 - S'pore Expo - [email protected] Belle Couture
090308bride - 9/3/2008 AD - 10/3/2008 - Intercon - Ala carte
bedime_bear - 9/3/2008 - Swissotel The Stamford - Santiago Bridal
Jesteress - 9/03/2008 - Traders Hotel - Golden Horse Awards
laura_yaya- 9/03/2008 - Carlton Hotel - French Bridal
sylvia - 9/03/2008 - The Laguna
Violet - 9/3/2008 - Club Chinos - Digio
dolphin25 - 15/3/08 - Carlton Hotel (lunch) - Ala carte
elmo - 15/3/2008 - Hilton - Sophia Weddings
Snow - 16/3/2008 - Orential - My Bridal Room
Meepley - 22/3/2008 - Club Chinois - ala carte for gowns
sealy me - 22/03/08 - S'pore Expo - Bridal concept
yu83 - 22/3/08 - peony jade restaurant - z-weddings
spacebar - 22/3/2008 - shangri la rasa sentosa - The Weding Present
Fsling - 23/03/2008 - Holiday Inn Park View - Zz wedding
Yoko - 23/03/2008 - Oriental - Bridal Veil
JV_moments - 23/03/2008 - Hilltop @ CSC - Bridal Concept
KLCC - 23/03/2008 - Grand Copthorne - Bridal Concept
jo82 - 26/03/2008 -Orchard Hotel - Bridal Concept
Junjun - 29/3/2008 - Carlton - White Link
Minolta01 - 29/03/2008 Church Wedding, Lunch Reception
Anabelle - 30/3/2008 - Hotel Rendezvous - Whitelink
Jen - 30/3/2008 - The Regent - J& M Design
minolta01 - 30/3/2008 - Holiday Inn Atrium - Di Gio
serlz - 30/3/2008 - Intercontinental - Silverlining
Strawberryangels - 30/3/2008 - RELC International Hotel - Seletar Bway


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Hi Meiling, the ending for Romantic Princess is at the airport rite??? i was expecting something more... but kinda disappointed frankly... no doubt happy that the two are together...

btw, if u have good lobang for AP box, do share w us okay...

Sue, thanks for the link, i will check it out... but i do have certain requirement for the AP box, so quite troublesome


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Oh wow... so many Sep08 BTBs... Disappeared for a long while... Congrats to all of us...

Mentos: Appreciate if you cld update the BS to di Gio. Thanks

Lois: Whats your budget? I jus signed my MTM package with Di Gio and thot it was quite reasonable...


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hey bob, wat's the swarovski tiara and treats about? Am I eligible for it? Btw, I still haven't scold you for putting my foto in Multiply. You naughty hor.


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this ending for the show is kinda of simple n boring and angela dont have tt nice chemistry with WZ as he has with Ariel Lin or Ella..


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hi ladies
everyone know that it good to start facial before your wedding say about 2 to 3 months.. I come across this post at multiply and this lady introd ampoule tat bride uses on AD .I am sure i wan to let MUA earn tt amt. But i wonder if anyone here is keen to try put the ampoule on say weekly 2 month b4 the AD to let the skin stay in best condition..here the link not sure if i can post it up let me know what u gers think...


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Merry Xmas!!

Tmr is my GDL..wat a day to have it..

Whiteswan, I bought some of my GDL stuff at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (Opp the stretch of eateries & restuarants), it's on the 2nd lvl (sell other stuff like bags,clothes, etc beside the wedding stuff). As for jia zhuang, maybe can try those gold shop like Poh Heng or Tian Poh?


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Hi Irene
Did you ask for more perks? Think the things they give is really very attractive,tats why we sign up with them. We also got the waterfall for solemnisation as well. Really consider ba, hopefully we can be sheraton bride together...hehe

To all singaporebride Nov BTB and all...Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!! Its 2008!!! Time to get busy!!!hehe.......


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hi koyoyo... i've tried ampoule before and the skin will be smoother for a while. but most importantly, it has to be applied routinely for skin to look different. my beautician is charging me $25 per bottle! your lobang is so much cheaper! count me in if u gals are keen to try it out.


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Hi all,

I am also Dec 08 BTB. Have shortlisted a few hotels for my dinner. Conrad and The Sentosa Resort & Spa. Any advise on these 2? My AD is on 19 Dec.


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DKNY2826, you are really very childish. Please grow up. You have bad mouth him enough. Get a life and get out here. You are simply reaping what you sow, thats it.


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Merry Christmas to all Dec 08 Brides!

Sixeggs, Conrad's pretty famous for good service. It's like their branding. Sentosa Resort & Spa is the old Beaufort? Nice hotel- but inaccessible for ppl who don't drive.


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Dearest Brides,

Merry Merry Christmas!! All of us hv to hardworking to do our preparation and even mei mei for ourself liao.. coz 2008 is drawing near... OMG!! Next year will be a super duper busy year for us... keke..

As for the dates things hor.. usually they will give u a few dates within a year.. For myself, i got 3 dates for next year la.. but we ownself see from the book only...

For the lunch or dinner thing, depend on individual.. if u were thinking a small one den can go for lunch as everybody is working mah.. dinner will be slightly more people but they will be late.. so there are pro and cons for either one.. you hv to think twice liao loh..

Best of luck for all of us!! Hope the coming year will be less stress for us!! keke...