(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Thank you ladies for smsing me. I am alright and not affected by these remarks at all. I can assured you that my works would be better and better when your AD comes.

I think we should let this stop and start discussing about your AD, right? What about Swaroski tiara set for wedding as recommended by Meiling?????

Thanks again.


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Hi Jo_vin,

Thanks Thanks. You are the best!

Because there is no more wedding dinner available on our AD le. We have asked a lot of hotels and is all fully booked le...


He posted my pics and my family pics without my consent.

And showed everyone and make it sound as if I chased him for the photos but all i did was ask him politely when the photos are out.

He edited the photos and they are different from what he gave me.

Cheap doesnt mean good. I will considering paying more for a more professional photograher who doesnt anyhow post wedding family photos without consent.

Dont regret who you engaged. I did. Its once in a lifetime.


Hi apple gal,

Yes, he is indeed impatient but doesnt admit it. He posted up my family photos and alot of my wedding photos without my consent just because we want to terminate his service.

In fact to be very honest. I didnt even chase him for the photos. All I did is ask him politely when will the photos be ok to see and he say im chasing him. Now its becoming like im impatient.

We also paid him $500 upfront on the ROM day.

Im traumatised by this whole incident and hope that I will not meet such photographer again. Just my luck this time.


Just want to add that if you dont have so many hands to carry the eggs, then dont take it so many. Then complain that he is busy and no time la and tone is unhappy.


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Hehehe, dont mention la... All fully booked? Wow, seems like 2008 is really very popular with weddings. We also encountered quite a number of hotels being taken up liao for our dates, luckily we like Sheraton very much and its not taken yet. Enjoy your site visit tomorrow and keep us update ba. Is it Irene also?? If yes, she's really very nice la, everything also can cham siong one....Hehe...


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hi June,

haiya, i got lotsa works to do in office and i gonna be real busy next year. aargh..

my actual day is very close to u. 1 day before u. ha..

i have recently done my photoshooting too. i can only view the first layout next year in the mid Jan. a bit slow hor? anyway, i m currently designing my own card. thinking to print it by next month, oops, which is next year end of jan. hopefully in time to give out during CNY.

what else is not done? i really don't know what i m suppose to do. haha

o, haven't done my food tasting too. it seems that i got no time to have the food tasting. so hard to accommodate everyone's timing.

keep telling myself that i must enjoy the process.
my hubby is also going to be out stationed in feb. make me even stress...

i'll be choosing my actual day gown somewhere in mid Jan. hee


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dont give up luvz17,
me also very xian of looking.. :p

but something will come up that's better than expected and will have suitable dates too..
have faith

if it's yours, it's yours.


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WAH!!! okie.. with so many MTM,.., no wonder its $5K++... Mmm.. quite worth it though.. TED?? u tried them? WG EG & TD $2700 i heard..


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today i went ring shopping myself...
after hearing about rings, i also 'finger itchy' ...lol...

say a nice trilogy shape ring with 1 big center (0.7) and 6 small at the side...3 left, 3 right, together making like an almond shape.
like it quite a lot.
costs $2999. :p
dunno if too ex for a proposal ring...?

some how other trilogies (3 diamond) dont have the almond shape i like, it's usually 3 stones, same size, in a row...

any thoughts?


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i like vintage kind of rings too..

but maybe older than 70s...
i love those edwardian or earlier pieces....with lots of filligree....huge stones..hehe...


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Hi, dkny6826

Yes, he should not post any of your photos taken without your consent, this is what i think too. After all this is privancy!
OMG! You paid S$500 without receiving the photos... Feel very sorry for you...
My colleague know your plight too, we would suggest to terminate his service, & look for another PG.


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Hi Valerie,

Thanks for your advice. Tmr morning me going to see a person for auspicious date and head down to Marina Mandarin to view the ballroom. Hopefully got dates available for us.

have a good weekend ahead


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nec, maybe you can check with your HTB on his budget. With that, you can look around for something which is nice and suitable for you?

That is what i did. Matt even allow me to pick the design. And I never thought I would settle for a Trilogy for my proposal ring coz all along I adore a Solitaire.


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Hi dkny6826,
I've signed up with bobman few months ago, saw his work featured in the latest HER WORLD Brides (Dec07 to Feb 08) under the "wedding album_Adeline &amp; Ken", his pictures looks quite nice to me. I'm getting a little worried based on ur description of his professionalism. My AD package sign with him is also quite different as of what he offers on his website now, i will call him to check it out, hopefully it will work out ok for us... :<


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Hi to btbs considering him,
Worried as i am, i called bobman regarding this issue, he did mention that there's some conflict between him and dkny6826, i did not probe further in exactly what had happened cos i think there's alway 2 side to a story. But bobman's attitude and response seems quite ok to me, assured that his quality of work will remain as seen. Will continue with his package as I think his package is worth for money, photography skill is not bad too which i saw his work for a fellow btb that i knew from the forum. :>


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ahlo pp,
oredi sent 2 u e list of PG/VG.
Happy searching!

Hi ladies, jus asking if ani1 here is making ur own ang pao boxes?
2 save money...one way is 2 get hold of printing boxes, then wrap them up w exquisite wrapping paper...topped up w flowers/ satin ribbons/ cutie bears or other fluffy stuff/ figurine...
Some creativity can n do cut down e wedding prep cost...
If no time, can entrust this task 2 ur frienz...im sure they wld love 2 play their part 4 u...
Jus curious ani body here having e cantonese customs on ur weddind day?


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Hi ladies,
Saw this budget + checklist spreadsheets further down e threads...
Tink beri useful 2 keep us on track n b less stressed...
As long as we stay focused... we will finish e prep ion good time!
U may wan 2 consider wat tasks 2 delegate 2 ur frienz after reading e list.
<center><table border=1><tr><td>
wedding budget planner
Wedding_Budget_empty-460207.xls (29.7 k)</td></tr></table></center>

<center><table border=1><tr><td>
wedding checklist
checklist-460208.xls (21.5 k)</td></tr></table></center>


Hi Berry, could you send me the other shortlisted PG and VG that u have? have u settled on any yet, think most will go up in prices by Jan 08. Thanks. email me at [email protected]
wah i have read other threads n such MIA problems, now thinking of whether to engage PG that has registered company as compared to freelancers, though price wise, freelancers are cheaper, but by about 100-200 only. registered company seems to give more assurance.
Any one heard of Glorystudio? Dun have thread on forum, though i calledthe PG who seem rather friendly, price also reasonable.


Photographers I strongly recommend are
1)daniel beh
2)Andrew Choi

These were two very professional photographers I went to see their works before I signed up with bob.

They are very professional and very patient and understanding. All the best! =)


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hi koyoyo,
yah me too, in a festive mood...yeah,im on holidays until 27th...cos i took leave :p fially my fh is back n tm w r meeting my sec sch frens for a xmas lunch...hopefully wont put on lotsa weight :p sure look forward to d nxt pedi session...yest i bought 2 more sets of DVDs...hehe, heard dat dou niu yao bu yao n they kiss again DVDs will b out soon

hehehe....guz im one of those u r envious of but still have to go back on monday for a while to settle some stuff 4 i can enjoy m xmas break
well, i got no choice but to restart my engine as i anticipate dat it's gona b a busy yr ahead in 2008 :p
hey, there r lotsa websites wif wedding vows but i didnt really go n c, perhaps u can start searching for them now

mrs kel,
oh, i intend to let my JP know when i 1st meet up wif him dat im writing my own vows, u can choose to read d standard vow but i guz it wld b more meaningful if u can say ur own vows on ur solemnisation day as u r doing it outside of ROM


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my engagement ring is frm lee hwa as well, guz im q picky n oso got fat fingers so it costs my fh his 3-mth takehome salary :p actually had wanted a destinee too but based on d specs, it wld easily costs $16K if i take destinee so im q content wif d normal 6-prong solitaire :p
n i got my wedding bands frm lee hwa's jorn rainer series
heard love &amp; co. has a wide variety, bet u'll b spolit for choices

wah, as for d processing time for photos, it depends how urgent u need d photos n on d PG's schedule but it's q normal to wait for 2-3 mths if d PG's really popular, actually i think 2-3 mths is reasonable esp during peak period

i agree wif u on d part on having consensus wif ur PG b4 everything turns ugly, guz everything must b communicated properly to avoid tis kinda of situation...it's oso impt dat it's not those rush wk, else everything will lose its meaning

congrats! i wana see ur ring...sounds really nice
yah, bob was actually q upset wif d post n to think da it was posted in more than 10 threads, guz he wld b worried esp most of his clients r here buthe's taking it fine

ur wedding day is juz 1 week later than me, mine is 17 oct 2008, we both r holding it on fri

yah when we engaged smone, it's impt dat we trust d person so let's give bob some encouragement n support dat he needs, guz he's rather hurting to see such personal comments posted on d thread...
dun worry, u still got lotsa time, so wat have u been wking on during tis period?

bob, dun forget our swaroski jewellery n tiara har? hehe....our xmas gift for all d btbs here :p

wah....it sounds really gd n it's really cheap, it's a steal leh, buy it! :p i like those classic design as described by u...no, it's not ex at all if u said d centre is 0.7...i got my solitaire 0.73, d colour n vvs2 at $7K

i think it'll look unique frm d normal designs, most imptly u must love it
did u try it on? if d ring really "calls" to u den it must b d one


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Hi Meiling, hope the DVD will be out soon for u to enjoy.... i have completed 90% of Romantic Princess, waiting for the TV to be free then i can finish off Chapter 12 n 13.

talking abt AP box, i went around looking for 1 too when i was in BKK in Oct but the design is so limited... quite disappointed... nonetheless, hope ur frenz can get u something nice...

Sue, rem u mention, u got some contact for AD box, can send me the link??

Mrs. Kel, from my understanding, for couples who have their own marriage vows, it will automatically subsitute the standard vows... so many frenz whom i know who wanna improvise their own vows usualli add more details into the standard one... Meiling, happy drafting..

As for holiday mood... i guess onli i dun have the mood... Xmas Eve is an official off day for my firm, so will be a super long weekend for me... but the problem is my hubby will be on deployment n i will be all alone without him,... hiaz......... anyway.... shall not complain too muzh...

Hereby Wishing All Oct2008 Brides... MERRY XMAS &amp; HAPPY NEW YEAR


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hi ladies.. I selected photos for my album this afternoon.. At first i was overwhelmed to see so many photos available for us to choose. After a closer look, we realised that there was only about 20% of it that we really liked.. From there, we shortlisted 40 photos. Quite an easy job. We selected a few more outdoor photos than studio photos.

Will be viewing the layout about 2 months later. Phew.. one task completed.. moving on to photo montage and wedding songs selection next.


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hi lara, i quite like the photos taken at the Art Museum..
Surprising the effect was good.. A blessing in disguise that it rained.


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hi tinkybell,
yah, i saw ur Romantic Princess progress when i saw ur msg in ur msn :p im sure u'll love d ending

hmm...i think d AP box i had in mind costs less than $10 in BKK so i'll find ask my frens to find d same one for me...
yah, i added more stuff in d vows so it's kinda long-winded, but confirmed not those mushy type cos i cant take it :p


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Hi sept08 btb! I have went for my fitting and decided to MTM my gowns.. Hmm other than gown fitting and banquet, what else have you all prepared? :D


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add mine...

axeljes - 1/3/2008 - Dragon Gate - Bliss Bridal
feilinc - 1/3/2008 - Traders Hotel - Di Gio
Missyheng - 1/3/2008 - Hotel Rendezvous - Venus Bridal
piggytinky - 1/3/2008 - Dragon Phoenix - J &amp; M Design
dreamymi - 1/3/2008 - The Cathay Resturant - Thomson wedding
moomooland - 4/3/2008 - Orchard Hotel - French Bridal
caramel980 - 8/3/2008 - Wesley Methodist Church &amp; One Rochester - Dang Bridal
Mary - 8/3/2008 - Yan Qing Shanghai Restaurant @ Chijmes - Bridal ZOne
muffin - 8/3/2008 - Hotel Rendezvous - French Bridal
poopy - 8/3/2008 - Oriental - Sattine Bridal
purpleclouds - 8/3/2008 - Swissotel The Stamford - Bliss Bridal
tummykitten - 8/3/2008 - Raffles Town Club -SeletarBraodway
vysweetapple - 8/3/2008 - RELC International Hotel- Graceful Image
dopeydodo - 8/3/2008 - Traders Hotel - TED WU
durianpuff - 8/3/2008 - Swissotel The Stamford - D'sire
090308bride - 9/3/2008 AD - 10/3/2008 - Intercon - Ala carte
bedime_bear - 9/3/2008 - Swissotel The Stamford - Santiago Bridal
Jesteress - 9/03/2008 - Traders Hotel - Golden Horse Awards
laura_yaya- 9/03/2008 - Carlton Hotel - French Bridal
sylvia - 9/03/2008 - The Laguna
Violet - 9/3/2008 - Club Chinos - Digio
dolphin25 - 15/3/08 - Carlton Hotel (lunch) - Ala carte
elmo - 15/3/2008 - Hilton - Sophia Weddings
Snow - 16/3/2008 - Orential - My Bridal Room
Meepley - 22/3/2008 - Club Chinois - ala carte for gowns
sealy me - 22/03/08 - S'pore Expo - Bridal concept
yu83 - 22/3/08 - peony jade restaurant - z-weddings
spacebar - 22/3/2008 - shangri la rasa sentosa - The Weding Present
Fsling - 23/03/2008 - Holiday Inn Park View - Zz wedding
Yoko - 23/03/2008 - Oriental - Bridal Veil
JV_moments - 23/03/2008 - Hilltop @ CSC - Bridal Concept
KLCC - 23/03/2008 - Grand Copthorne - Bridal Concept
jo82 - 26/03/2008 -Orchard Hotel - Bridal Concept
Junjun - 29/3/2008 - Carlton - White Link
Minolta01 - 29/03/2008 Church Wedding, Lunch Reception
Anabelle - 30/3/2008 - Hotel Rendezvous - Whitelink
Jen - 30/3/2008 - The Regent - J&amp; M Design
minolta01 - 30/3/2008 - Holiday Inn Atrium - Di Gio
serlz - 30/3/2008 - Intercontinental - Silverlining
Strawberryangels - 30/3/2008 - RELC International Hotel - Seletar Bway


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Hi sweet_lady,

I have done almost the same thing as you. PS taken, will be choosing the photos next Fri only. Actual day gown chosen, invition card we will be taking the hotel one, as hubby say too troublesome.
Next wk house reno will start only, so hv to start looking for furniture &amp; household products. So worried that it will nt be completed on time, but the ID say no problem. Also planning to start sourcing for guo da li things &amp; settle which buffet cater to engage. I hope I am on the right track.

Can anyone share how many jie mei are they intent to have. I have 4 nw, but mum keep saying too many need lots of ang pow $$, but bf say more better, so that more crowd &amp; will be fun....


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Hi gals,

Ya.. 2008 is very popular for weddings... =)
We have seen Sheraton, met Joanne cos Irene is on leave. The ballroom is very nice... and the waterfall area is so picture-perfect for solemnisation... however, we can only have the afternoon slot.

Still cannot make up our mind.. ahhhhhh


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I'm confused now. As I look through the different threads, I realise there are so many things to do and consider! I want an overseas PS. Just this alone has so many factors for consideration! And I realise there's also trial makeup, hairdo, blah blah! I'm going crazy!!!!


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Yes Meiling, I won't forget that tiara and I heard from Cordie that I should treat you BTBs ?????? Hmmmm.....California handrolls and strawberry milkshake can???


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Hi nec,

You going for MM? Ya..The MM co-ordinator that is helping me is Sen. She seems pretty nice too. Think i will sign up during their 12th jan wedding show..hopefully can get extra perks.

Will you be going for their wedding show?


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me mow sourcing for printing of inserts....any recommendation

wine< i have a contact but not on consignment cos the wine is abt 11 buck exclude gst

music< also sourcing...headache..

me have yet to register for the solemnzation. hee hee


Hi Apple Gal,

Its been a tough time and definitely bad luck to meet such a photograher who twist and turn words around in other threads.

Can you imagine him saying posting up saying my husband apologising to him when my hubby didnt even say that? My hubby was so pissed off and totally mad about it.

Bob said the photos are removed, but we can still see the rest of the photos towards the end. Its really huanting us and bob still tell us that we can go remove it on our own by contacting a lady when he was the one who posted up the photos. And he has no time to deal with it. Now we have to clear the mess on our own.

He even said he dont care how we dealt with him, kill him,beat him or anything. *roll eyes*

We are really tired and sad. I hope this dramatic nightmare will really put to an end.

I have recently found a photographer that my mum know of and is the same photographer that my sister had for her wedding 4 years ago. She said he has eight years of photography experience and is a very understanding and nice chap who is a man of his words. He just came back from korea. We are so looking forward to meeting up with him =)

Will let you know how it goes after I met up with him


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val...join the crowd of stress/anxious BTBS...lol..
i also want overseas PS...now wondering if i can just do my own make up!!!
imagine flying pple here and there man...air tic, hotel, food...PLUS charges...really no budget for this luxury....

me also very keen on MM

their service is really better than other hotels leh...the few i saw lah...
even NCQ! famous for good service...cannot compare to MM...at least the ppel i met lah...maybe diff coordinators, diff chemistry...

i also wanna attend the MM wedding sow, but it's smack in the middle of my EE weekend... :p
that one cannot zhao class one...hee...so no choice, may have to negotiate like crazy to try to get show perks lor..
any idea what they are?