(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Hey Mindy,
Seems like we'll be staying in the same estate - Woodlands! Getting a flat in Woodlands should be relatively easier right?

Hmmm, seems like I'm a young BTB too...25 this year..but next year turning 26 already...so idon't feel quite that young already....

I'm hearing so much stories about raising kids in S'pore. A visit to a pediatrician (private clinic) will cost like $80 for consultation. Then childcare is another heavy burden on the finances.

For me though, won't be thinking of having kids until more financially settled, say around 29?
I like the idea of getting married at my age cos can enjoy a long honeymoon period then can decide abt kids after a few years into the marriage.


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Jac, u have the same age and same estate as me... haha.. hehe....

For me, it was more of a surprise cos my SO propose earlier than I expected... my sister did say that it is as though as he cant wait to make me his wife... haha....


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lara, happy fitting!! Both of us have the same thing on our mind.. haha By the way, what time are you going for your PS on Mon?


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Hi all,

So glad to know that there are many Nov 08 BTB. I will be holding my wedding dinner at Trader's Hotel on the 30th of Nov.

Now, I am still deciding between Di Gio and Bridal Concept.


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hi nelle
i also tot dun wan kids...but htb wan leh...so i think jus let nature take its course ba.. even if i wan a kid b4 30 also dunno if can have or not...leave it to fate ba...


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Thanks, meiling for your compliments. My boss and a lot of people thought I'm 25 yrs old. (But I think for me to look like 25 is a little too far fetched) But I scared when I aged, it'll look very obvious on me.

Matt and I talked about family planning too. But both of us agreed that we'll try for a kid 2-3 yrs after marriage. We wanna enjoy "er ren shi jie" first. But by then I'll be around 32 or 33 already. Dunno if I can still get preggy by then.


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thanks mage for sharing....will have to go for last min shopping wif mum after im back....pengz!

ashley...ur MIL sure noes her stuff lei....it will turn out nice....

Kymmie...guess tis VG belong to the mid range group....it largely depends if u are looking out for their style or more to price conscious....=)


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My MIL is actually a person with simple taste...it's my SIL who suggested she goes to Ted Collection. My SIL and her family are the more 'glamour-drama' people :p All the females in her family goes there for their CS.

Oh, I have finally sort out my wedding songs!

1st march-in = We've only just begun (The Carpenters' version)
2nd march-in = Come fly with me (Michael Buble's version)
1st dish = Cest Si Bon (Janet Seidel's version)
Photo Montage = So nice (Gilberto Bebel's version)

Now only outstanding music for Morning Highlights...still sourcing...


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Hi all. I'm new here. I was still getting all stressed and upset over my 7 Dec AD. Looks like I'm not alone! My FH couldn't believe it when I told him all hotels are booked.


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send u the quote..please check vivi..

Wow..rach, u know so much..me still blur blur..not pure chinese liao..haha.I think mine ping4 jing1..even though I amnot sure of it..will be done on the same day on AD when he come and fetch me.My mum asked for a whole roasted pig.instead if cans one.(is this the one u were referring to).. Yes thanks for reminding.We will go and send the invities to our relatives. And tell them of the tea ceremony as a form of respect. Don't want to invite unnecessary gossips or complains from some aunties!


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Esther> okay la... some things i still not sure yet. hehe.. :p
Wah.. whole roast pig.. cool... but can finish or not?? Hahhaa...

Anyone here holding their Banquet at Meritus Mandarin in Sep 08?

Btw, can just check how many tables the groom side giving you all ah??
So the ang pows for those tables is bride's parents keep rite???

The money part is so sensitive... just the discussion itself can cause so many disagreements man.....

Sigh... and this is just the begining...

Which part of the planning process are the Sept BTB at now??

I'm still settling the venue.
BS taken up, so no worry.
Having my ROM in May 2008. So settling the place as well.
Have you all decided on PG and VG already?


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Oh btw... u all spoke abt Desire and Divine..

THey having exhibition at Expo Hall 6 now leh...if you all interested can see if u can get more perks there...
Don't really like the albums..those shin shiny ones... i think they'll tend to stick together.. imagine u keep for long time... haiyo... think can't open by then.. hahaha....

BTW, have u all gotten ur flats??


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dear babes,
Im trying hard to lose weight.i hui jia you..thank you...getting so stressed..seems like our june date is quite a hot month for weddings...i cant believe im getting married..gg to attend wedding preparation course next yr hopefully can gain some insights.

im actually considering a couple of photographer and videographer...the photographers i like all charge quite high frm 2k to 6 k *FAINT*.. dunno if i wanna dump a few k for that. But if i just get any photographer im afraid they will not capture the impt moments.e prob with me is I think and procrastinate alot,also im a perfectionist. Help help help..my wedding will be on two days so gonna pay more for photographer n make up artist.


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so how many kids is 'ideal'?
we're thinking of 2..maybe 1-2 years apart...but nowadays, everything so super ex...may not be able to afford 2 kids!
schooling n tuition n CCAs... :p

all this said and done, i guess when you're actually holding your bundle of joy in your arms, you'l feel nothing is too good for them and you'd make all the sacrifices for your baby...

me also dunno, by the time more financially stable, will be able to get preggy or not..by then, maybe 31,32 liao...:p


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hi Selina, the MUA told me to reach at 8.30am =)

i wanna be happy, if u can afford it juz go for it lor afterall it's once in a lifetime.. of coz u muz keep within ur budget


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Hi Truff

my BS mentioned that if it rains suddenly on PS that day,for the PG they will bear the cost.. i have to pay 80 bucks for the MUA...and i'm not if this includes the ampule and eyelashes...sigh


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Sign i think mine is charging me the most. S$150 for the make-up artise & photographer if its rains on that day. & this price does not include ampile & eyelashes.

Can anyone share what they bring with them for photoshoots? I will be going for mine on coming Wednesday


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Hi nec,

i am considering parkroyal @ beach road, regent hotel and hyatt. so far these are the hotels available and have arrange to meet them for site viewing. will be checking traders too...

but i have more hotel appoinment such as york hotel, merchantcourt, swissotel, intercontinental, hilton, oriental.. are u interested in any of these?

what are the hotels you have for your consideration?


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hi cordie n nelle,
same here, i dun intend to have a kid too, but my fh is v keen to have a bb...i guz life is stressful enuff for me...having a bb is a major responsibility, guz it's not time for me yet :p when it's abt time, den i can tell my fh dat im too old liao n not gd to preggie at such age :p

hope u have rcved my reply to ur qn

welcome to d late mothers' club! :p

actually matt oso looks young, dat's y i always tot u both r a young couple :p same here, i intend to have couple time 1st n den build up enuff finances b4 having a bb, dun want d bb to suffer wif us :p can one lah, my fh actually dun accept d excuse dat it's no gd being a gao ing chan fu, saying dat his mum gave birth to him at 32 too *faint*


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Luvz17: That's a great idea!

Nec: Hyatt Hotel is good. Food is good and ambience nice! Many of my friends and colleagues held their WD there!!


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Hi Valerie,

Did u manage to call all the hotels already? do u mind restaurant? if dt, u can try tung lok group.. their food super nice.. I wanted my WD at Noble Hse @ UIC bldg but MIL dt like so i book Hyatt... sob sob...

Hi Nec & Luvz17,

Do u hv any budget anot? coz some of the hotels which u mention is thousand over dollars per table leh...

Does any of u hv the list of all hotels and restaurants? I hv one, i update myself wan.. if u need, pls email me at [email protected] (office email address). I can forward to you watever info i hv... including renting of car, checklist and etc loh..


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Hi Ladies,

I think in singapore, everything needs money.. so its impossible for guy's side to pay everything la.. nowadays young couples will share share.. For me and htb, our money already lump together liao.. so whoever pay oso nt impt liao.. to us, we muz save super hard in order our wedding will go smoothly..

Oh ya, Meiling, i havent meet up with bob yet.. how? I'm nt sure shld i ask him to find VG for me too.. i thot both VG & PG know each other better mah.. lately busy with work so didnt reali prepare my wedding stuff.. i still need to book church which charge at $600... still got marriage preparation course to attend leh.. OMG!!

I did went fitness first twice to attend their boxing class.. SHIOK man... keke.. it reali sweat out and if u r stress u can vent it out.. My friend bring me there but nw they want me to sign package liao.. which is impossible coz me need to save.. haiz.. maybe hv to go those CC class might be cheaper..

Ladies, we suppose to arrange a day to meet up leh.. so how? when shall we meet? try to fix a date for next year Jan loh.. Any good suggestion on date, time and venue?


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Liting, can I also send email to you for the list?

Restaurants are not convenient cos they don't provide a room for you to rest. So it's a better choice that you picked Hyatt.
I've checked with many hotels already. Beaufort Sentosa (now The Sentosa) is available. But they charge $30 extra per pax cos it's a very auspicious date, they said.

By Monday, I should be able to settle and confirm on the venue.....


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yeah meiling,
got your reply. thanks.

wah seh...if not for your reply, i would have totally forgotten about veg meals!! :p
big oops!

generally, still very blur n stressed.
yesterday went to view orchard hotel, said they could hold the date for us for 1 week.
by next fri, i still wouldnt know which hotel i want mah. (since most of my appts are on weekends)
blah...want to give up, just go to food center downstairs my block and have zhi char!!!!

plus, church booking!!
liting! me too... :p
havent settled church yet... :p
am attending EE in Jan, when is your MPC?

where ya gals stay? maybe we can join CC course together?


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hi girls..

my table number quite small, since only my side of the family...(groom's side fr india lah)
so looking at abt 25 tables...
budget wise...i guess 1k-ish bah. after GST and all, very easily exceed 1k.

places like FRF, HIPV, NCQ all fully booked liao.
in the process of checking with them, but general reply is all on tentative bookings or no vacancies.

merchant court has confirmed no date for me.

hilton i've checked. haven't meet up with the coordinator yet.

m hotel, marina mandarin, hyatt, GWP, GPPH, sheraton will meet up soon.
all these can take 25 tables + dance floor.

Intercon (gorgeous ballroom!!) and oriental table requirements are too many for me. sigh.

my relatives are too lazy to go down to sentosa, so all those off main land are out. :p


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hihi im back...

oh yah, we r prepared to pay for the MUA cost... but not too sure how mch is it. As for our retake, i think it's gonna be ard end Jan. How abt u gals..

hi june, i wld gladly share with u my list of stuff to bring:

For bride:-
1. Wedding gown (WG)
2. Evening gown (EG)
3. Cheongsum (CS)
4. Gold shoes
5. Silver shoes
6. NuBra
7. Bra for Cheongsum
8. Waterbottle + Straw
9. Eyedrop
10. Extra pair of contact lens
11. Contact lens solution
12. Eye make-up remover
13. Make-up remover
14. Facial Cleanser
15. Make-up kit
16. Cotton pad
17. Earrings for CS
18. Proposal Ring + Wedding Ring
19. Face towel
20. Accessories from BS

For Groom:-
1. Suit
2. Shirts
3. Belt
4. Socks
5. Black shoes
6. Brown shoes (my hubby brought another pair of shoes too)
7. Cufflinks
8. Wedding Ring
9. Face towel
10. Accessories from BS (ties, cravats etc)
11. Waterbottle

However, do note that i did not include flowers bouquet cos our PG does not use real flowers. Also, wash ur hair the day before (not on the actual day) to make styling easier.. I didnt know about that & did the reverse for my own shoot


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hi girls.. need ur opinions on the colour of eyeshadow for AD makeup.

I used blue for my photoshoot. it turned out well. For my trial makeup, i wanted something natural so asked my MUA to use brown, which she mixed with gold... it was okie but i was wondering if it looked abit too somber, dark and mature. Should i go with 'brighter' colours like green, blue etc for AD day?
Hi all,

havent been active for a few weeks...busy with my new house...buying furniture and stuff...collecting my keys on 26 dec...then can start reno...well, went for my fitting today... "I LOST WEIGHT!!!!!!!" wat an accomplishment...and i lost quite alot...yes!!!

The hubby and i decided to have 2 gowns for outdoor PS..the normal WG and a short ROM gown which is very sweet..will post the pics soon on my multiply...my WG needs major altering, cos it's super loose...the EG too...i'm so happy...hopefully can maintain ba..yeah!!

hi..i wanna be happy...you can try eating more fruits, sub your snacks and supper for fruits or juices...dun eat noodles, eat bee hoon or kway teow...rice should be kept to the minimum...and NO FAST FOOD...mac donalds, KFC, BK, Long John, they are not your friends till after the wedding...hehe...happy dieting..you'll feel a sense of accomplishment after that...as for ur VG & PG, you wanna consider mine?it's oni around 1k each..AM.PM Photography...


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hi Geraldine ST, it's informative fm yr link and thanks for tat..my HB is oso allergic to Wht Gold..realise it after wearing d ring during RoM..jokingly, tis can't 'tie' him..ihihi..i did hv a platinium ring bought in late 90's..& still prefer it than wht gold..

i've been 'disappeared' for so long & c u ppl here sharing lots of stuff.. think i'm simpler & lazier as din wanna do up my own corsages anymore.. prob too shack in work..& managing AD planning on my own w/o engaging fm others..prob attended & participated as 'JieMei' too often till i sian over these prep :p

nevertheless, wish you gals (& guys, if any) anm enjoyable prep towards the Big Day

cheers..imagine my AD is 2feb & reach v soon..


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Oh, do we need to give them song for 1st dish as well? I only thought need two songs for just march in..

Zoie, i think gold is nice, glamour feeling. How abt lilac/purple, ash green?


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Hiya Karen and Anne,

I was at Ritz Couture earlier today and I totally fell in love with their gowns. My FH loves them too... so most likely will be signing up their wedding package.


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Hi Val,

Congrats to have lost weight!!

Wah.. so besides the food to abstain from, u did exercise??? Wah... so nice to hear that you've lost weight... Mmm.. extra motivation for us here.. shall jiayou as well... those who have successful dieting stories... share share hor!!


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Hi Ladies,

Just like to ask whether you have decided when/where to get your wedding bands and do you think it's a must for the PS?

I am likely to have my PS in end Mar/early Apr before my AD on 2 Nov 08, just looked around at some of the usual jewellers these 2 weeks and didnt find any designs I fancy.


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have finally got a venue & updated the list as attached..
<center><table border=1><tr><td>
Dec 08 Brides
Dec_08_Brides__8_Dec-581571.xls (28.2 k)</td></tr></table></center>

suggest u call them coz i tried earlier n most of the sales pple dun reply my mail. also u'll get result faster. good luck in ur search


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i totally forgot abt it...somehow i had the impression grand corpthorn required 40 tables...duh!
where do i get my ideas from...
will be calling them.


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Me stay in AMK. I've got a long term membership with Cali. Went for gym classes on Fri. Now shoulder, arms and back of my thigh are aching like hell. Ouch...


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hi valerie,

congrats,i understand the stress of losing weight.each day i weigh myself countless time..fiance says im obsessive..so fast ur wedding gown n evening gown r all ready....maybe u will lose more weight by may n will need more alteration...

I have seen AM.PM works before,is quite good..there r also a few others on my minds..shall confirm with fiance soon..

THink im getting jittery abt the big day..


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Good morning, Gals!
I've been busy with work... Today will be attending my best frd's weddding dinner. Me also want to lose weight. Till now, weight is the same, no changes.. Stress &amp; worried.. Left 1 month to go for PS.

Hi, Selina &amp; Lara
Wish you have a nice PS with a sunny day! All the best!

Welcome, iwannatobehappy!
If you really can't find any OTR evening gown, go for MTM. Ask for the BS designer for opinium which design suit u.

Hi, Valerie
Congrats! Envy that you lose weight.. Glad to hear that you have finalized your gowns for the outdoor. For PS location, where will you go?


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hi lara, rem not to drink water after 9pm tonite and zzz early.. have fun tomorrow!!

Thanks apple_gal.. i certainly hope so too.. ur PS also coming soon.. 1 month very fast one.. hee do share with us how u all tekan the groom ok..


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thanks apple_gal

selina, yup! i intend to sleep at 10.30 tonite .. have juz gone for threading and will b going for mani n pedi later
hope u'll haf fun tmr too!

ladies, remember not to go on crash diet becoz u will look awful..lose weight muz lose healthily so that u can look slim n beautiful! good luck ladies!


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Hi Fruittea,

Maybe you can customise the design of your wedding bands. Flip through bridal magazines, and adapt the designs that caught your eyes.

I will be getting my wedding band for my PS. I think its significant that it appears in the photos.


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Hi Marcy - I went to their bridal show held Oct at Regent. Me &amp; my FH also totally fell head over heels in love with their gowns. They are simply gorgeous. &amp; their service and attitude is excellent too. Glad u liked them, haha, we do have the same taste.

Hi Fruittea, I agree with Diana, think it's a must for the rings to appear in the PS photos. More significance. Like wat she said, go flip thru magazines for designs lor. U can custom made the rings if u want. I know a jeweller who does custom made rings. If u interested, drop me yr email address, i will give u the address. Me &amp; my FH alrdy saw something we fancy long time ago..no need to custom made..hehe
hi girls,

it's not about the weight actually...it's more on how many inches lost that's important...

hi rach,

i'm a pig, i dun exercise...haha..too lazy to do so...

hi i wanna be happy,

which block u staying in??i'm staying in 273C..i found my neighbour here too...


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Rem that you gals were talking about someone PG called Bob. Does he have any website? Now, we're also decided on the BS, so have to source around for PG.
Anyone heard of O studio?