(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Hi all brides to be

Im new here. Having my ROM in Jun'08 & AD mayb Dec'08 or so..not cfm. Jus paid my deposit wif SHE Bridal Studio @JB Taman Sentosa. Really V.gd/nice/impressive experience there
Can drop me a msg4details.

>> Val can email the spreadsheet to me too? Thanks!


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hi sweet lady..i am now trying to confirm wat items both side wan for guo da li and buying the stuff tis cuming wkend.oso arrange food tasting and confirmed hotel rm booking. going down to my bridal shop and choose car decor and bouquet and dress for jie mei.


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hi Jule..

fret not.. my MTM not started yet (and i have no ideas yet on EG)..started to source for PG only last 2 weeks. nothing on VG yet.

hubby having reservist in March, so i'm not sure when i should do my PS.

The sourcing of PG and renovation contractor is already tedious; plus we could only discuss and visit the shortlisted ones during the weekends. I just hate to rush through the process and made myself to decide hasty.


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Yup, totally agree.

Wendily, you need to sit down and work out how you want the wording of the cards to be then send it to the printers (e.g. T-Dragon or Ad-Focal). It takes about at least 10 days? So during that 10 days work out who u are going to invite. =)


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Just finished designing my invites today. SPENT so much time on it but looks nice. I like it =) next is to send it to the printers.

Over the weekend I went in hunt for material to make my bridesmaids corsages. In the end managed to come up with a sample one =) Not completed but its looking good...

My mom is pestering me to get the list of GDL items she has to buy for me as well. Probably have to go shopping with her soon =P


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ladies, thanks for adding me in multiply.
i'm kinda overwhelmed by all your posts on wedding preparation..
and meiling already have so much stuff prepared for wedding! shoes, dresses for PS, all the lovely wrappers n angpaos... WOW...

and meiling, thanks for that smack in the bum. lol.. i know... kids are more IT savvy than me man! gotta catch up.. trying my best. =)

oh, and i'm waiting for my FH to upgrade my ring next year. haha...


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ladies, i have questions.

what's the average rate for PG and VG? i smsed this PG contact i got from a friend. think he/she is freelancing. $300/hr. is that cheap? ok? or ex?
how abt $4000 as a package for actual day? just PG. haven't find VG yet.

my FH and i were just looking ard at mattress and bedsheet these few days. nice bedsheet set at $600+ and queen mattress at $1500+. we got a shock! we were thinking $500 can get us a queen mattress already. anyone can advise us on price range of queen mattress?


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Hi Pinky,
Try asking your BS to show you a gown that they have MTM'd that didn't require any extra charges. Then ask them to show you a MTM'd gown that they've down that needs example $500 extra charges. That's what I did when i was deciding whether to MTM or not.
For my BS MTM is me and designer sit down and come up with a gown that I want. From cutting to design/embroidery pattern or lace etc


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Mrs Kel, usually PG/VG who are very famous, won many pretigous awards tend to charge higher. For freelancers, usually cheaper than professionals (those with studios). The usual range for AD PG is about S$1 - 3K for whole day (10-12 hrs) of shooting. VG will be around the range of S$1-2K. What else is your PG offering? If you got time to scroll back past posts, the ladies here had shared our PG packages. You may be able to find one more comprehensive & affordable.

Beds/Mattresses, same logic. More well-known brands are more costly. The 3 top brands (names starting with "S") are all in the price range of 2-3K for queensized beds. Some throw in free bed frames, pillows, mattress protectors, etc, some no freebies.

Most important thing is to look at various factors (other than cost) when deciding which PG to engage or which mattress to buy.


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Hi ladies,

I'm a dec bride too.. my AD is 27 Dec 08.. need some advice on wrist band for jie meis, printing of invitation card those small items..

Appreciate that you could share with me ur views.. thanks..

Hi Flora bliss, jac, meiling

*wave wave*


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Hi ladies,
Hav ani1 given a thot on e type of flowers u like 2 hav either as ur
1. Hand bouquet
2. ROM (church wedding) or Banquet arrangement?
Feel free 2 share! (",)


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hihi! added pics of my hand already. just realised i din take any pics of both hands. hee. sorry ah. hope this would be good enuff. think french manicure is simple and nice. i like


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Hi Mege, Kymmie,

CVH doesn't provide me with cards and favours. Maybe because i didn't take the dinner package, i took a more ex package but allowed lesser ppl. Its solemnization plus dinner.

As my wedding is held outdoor, im looking for cards actually that will suit the theme. I actually went to Ola Design? Are they good? Seems like a lot of ppl recommend Ad Focal.

I have a question for GDL. What are the items supposed to be included in ah? LOL. I'm a hokkien, htb is teochew. I heard now no more pig trotters ah? So what should be replaced with that?


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hi flora bliss
yah eyeing them...i wont mind bishan also... the dbss site for bishan is near the small shoppping area quite near bishan mrt also....but like meiling, maybe see whatever comes first...not that we have no place to stay(stil can stay with his parents but crowded with BIL and wife also stayg) but prefer to get our own...


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hi wendy,

my FH is not in town and he'll only be back a few days before the wedding. so we're not doing PS and decided to spend more on AD photography.

welcome jannis!


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hi Pauline, hmm.. i think wedding invites can be given 2mths before? says latest in January? I haven't done my invites! stress stress..

I haven't look for a MUA too..haha.. what else... food tasting should be in Jan. I guess a lots of things can only be done in Jan...


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welcome chunchun n purplevelvet! our numbers are definitely growing

chunchun, how much does the french manicure at shanghai dreams cost? have you tried their pedicure as well?

went shoe shopping on sat...walked all the way from tangs to centrepoint but didn't see anything suitable. paradox is so expensive and it looked almost the same as the other brands side by side.


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Yup, my PG does pre and AD. But I think he is a little bit ex
so tats why me also want to look ard..

Hi lovexiaolongbao,

me also looking ard..thinking of getting one on 16 dec,for my friend wedding, but i think it may be too late liao..
still me have to look ard for my own wedding :D will keep u posted when i get new contacts


HI berry, just noted that ur wedding is 26 Jul...which is same as mine too.
my FH also having his reservist in Mar 08 leh..so coincidental..hmm...maybe they know each other in camp..haha...i doing MTM too, already started on WG design, 1st fit end Dec. will do EG design during 1st fit. also dun have any idea on EG. Photoshoot i understand have to be 4 months before AD, so abt early Mar got to take photos already. I intend to take before FH go for reservist, or else hairstyle will be short n not nice. MTM will need abt 2 months to do. so got to start u MTM soon. By the way got any AD PG to recommend? THanks.


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Cordie, at least you can stay with your parent-in-law. For us, not very possible to stay together at our parents' place due to space constraint. The only alternative is to stay at my bro's apartment (my bro only stays there on weekends). But that place is so so far away and so inconvenient.


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I'm new to this thread and very happy to see so many Sep 08 brides! =) Really a headache to prepare for wedding...esp for us busy working adults. So far, these are what we have confirmed:
wedding date: 20 Sep 08
wedding banquet: Conrad Centennial
church wedding: ARPC
BS: Margaret Brides
PG: still searching
VG: still searching
Hope to get to know you girls better!
hi adeline,

you've got mail...

hi naivesg, wendy & jannis,

please leave ur email add...

2 more weeks to my PS...i can't wait...only left with 2 more things to prep...i still can't find a corsage for my dog...argh...


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Hi Girls,

i also went looking around at shoes yestedrday while waiting for my hubby to knock off...

saw some nice high heels at john little orchard, ranging from between $59 to $109. kinda simple design with those blink blink effects... saw a pair that is of transparent plastic n reminds me of Princess, quite special... was considering whether i should get it but in the end i din, cos i very "chor loy" and wori i might break the plastic heels..

paradox heels are very nice... but too exp... kinda overkill... i intend to look around after i go for my fitting... maybe in few months time when all of us confirm our WG n EG, we can all go shoe shopping together... wat do u all think??

Mrs. Kel, if u r looking at bed frame n mattress, try checking out the daily papers, cos there are always advertisment on year-end sale n i believe u can catch some good deals. alternatively, u can try to look around at wholesaler in industrial parks or other bigger scale stalls like The Green, Brighton, Furniture Mall, etc.... as for mattress, the cost of it very much depend on the quality u are getting....

i am very auntie when it comes to bedsheet cos i always buy whenever i see something nice... those bedsheets which u mention are the higher range ones who cost over $500. those that i get are from promotion or sale from the department stalls and i believe if u dun mind middle range quality, those $90+ to $150+ ones are quite nice too.. there are also some $60+ to $80+ range which are worth buying too during sale... check out takashimaya atrium, they have sale occassionally...


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Hi all

I am now planning for my food tasting. Plus discussion between 2 families. I have done my PS. Selected the photos and waiting for layout. Now start to think about my invitation cards and wedding favours. Plus renovate or design my wedded room..Jan will be more busy.. Will get my card done by jan or earlier. so by CNY i will distribute all. But have nt get the date and timing for AD. Wil consult my master again at end of Dec.Now abit worried things not done and wat need to be done.My guest lists not finalise yet. NOt even started on the guest list. only estimated.


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mage...we juz went to get our GDL stuff & mummy advise to go modern style so we left behind lots of 'to-dos'.....phews!!!

perhaps u can describe further ur necklace & pendant in order to share my opinions with u...=)


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wendily.....it's tough to get canned pig trotters now due to banned situation from china....wat u could do is to substitue with an angpao instead.....with regards to GDL it largely depends on wat ur mum & mum in law wans but for teochew thr shd b more stuff to prepare....e.g. si dian jin, xi bing (trad biscuits), basin, towels, mugs, baby bath tub, pair of bowls + chopsticks + spoons etc.....

otherwise pop by tose shops dat specialise in weddg stuff who will be able to advise u on dat....happy shopping!!!


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perhaps juz to share wat my GDL items consists of...both of us are hokkien & we go for simplified style...here goes....

mum buys for mi tea set & a pair of bed lamps

I pay for the standard sewing set in a heart shape basket which consists of scissors, 5 colors thread, d needle holder surrounded by many 'babies', red + green beans and one more thing which is Da Yuan, Xiao Yuan

hubby pay for red tray, Pin Jin Angpaos, Long & Feng candles, red banner etc.

other items to be included are 2 bottles of hard liquor, cakes, 18 oranges & AP to replace pig trotters.....=)


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Hi all, I am at the same stage too. Thinkning of wedding favours and wedding cards, hoping to give out all by CNY. My guest list is not firmed up too, just an agar-agar list. I guess I need to start with the Guo Da Li list soon and the have to arrange when to do the food tasting. What about everyone else? haha...won't it be great if we all could meet up and just say a hello to one another, brides of March


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my dialect is teochew and since we can't get pig trotter cans, my mum suggested angpaos to subsitute..

stnov> my mum also decided to go simple and she decided to go without those basin, towels, mug etc... we got the things similar to urs..


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liew rachel,
hi sure, i'll update d info in d table

mrs kel,
hehehe....yah, juz joking wif u but hor, i realised dat im falling back in terms of IT as compared to d students so im oso trying to buck up :p
wah...u spent so much $ on PG n den banquet venue?....wah wah, lotsa budget :p for me, my PG is abt $3K+ n my VG is abt $1K+ :p

glad to see u back after u MIA for q some time

wah....u wana b cinderella? so nice...yah i decided to spend d budget to buy a few pairs of shoes instead of juz 1 :p yah, i shd b confirming my gowns by earliest by jan, den we can all go shoe-shopping tgr...i still want my loe and behold :p


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hi flora bliss
if really no choice then have to consider lor...anyway jus tell yrself..its only for a while and u get yr own house soon...cos i also dun wan stay with my in-laws if i have a choice...hahaha...also cannot any old how jus buy a flat mah...


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cordie n flora_bliss,
i sorta worried as my AD is drawing closer n i havent even got a flat...kinda panicked cos duno if i can get a flat in time...i cant stay wif his parents due to space constraint, will most probably stay wif my mum if i still didnt managed to get...
actually heard dat a 5-rm flat under d AMK DBSS is ard $500K, too ex liao...hehe, so i see whichever flat dat comes 1st den i apply, hopefully will get a flat soon :p


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Hi Zen, Thanks for welcoming me hee :p

Oh so in dis case u r doin everythin alone wifout ur FH ard ar..mus b tiring no wonder u stress also..but fear not Im sure the ladies here will all be able to assist & accompany u thru dis impt period


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Hi meiling,

Actually hor.. due to your AD is less than a year.. i dt think to apply new house is advisable if you want it by your AD leh.. my colleague oso looking for flats like mad, her AD is Dec 08, in the end she bought resale flat so that she can hv her hse in time.. This is only my thoughts la.. you will know the situation better.. Anyway, you will hv your flat wan.. be positive and believe that you will hv it den will hv loh.. best of luck!!! keke..

Flora bliss,

Sometime its not a very good thing to stay with in laws loh.. maybe i heard too much of negative things with in laws liao la.. My thoughts is maybe cant get along is becoz different living habit and too sensative ba... but the good thing is can save money.. keke...

Anyway, all of us hv to go thru all these so no choice loh.. i oso hv to stay with my in law first and hopefully my fh willing to move out..