(2008) Brides of year 2008


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GND and Eve,

I've previously asked for a quote (from singapore) and for my living room - window n sliding door, 2 bed rooms ( 3 x 4 panal window) and kitchen (cafe curtain) - the total is about $1.9K. We asked for tap top design and wooden rod. But in the end din commit cos i find it too expensive le....

He told us the track type is cheaper... but I prefer the woooden rod... kekekke


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hi sunny bear... just some info la.. usually when u sign PG/VG.... u should request to see the sample of the person doing for u... if they show u general sample.. wa u not scare? how can we be sure that the one taking for us is the master? not the part time free lance they hire coz they wanna earn more.. scary wor... but of coz big company.. they should have some kind of system.. or find by photographer instead. so when I go hire VG/PG I want to meet the one going to take pic for me... and see this work.. can not just go by studio name ba... my personal view :p

ya can track by email ar.. u go edit profile,under email notification there... u find the topic u want lor... but just warn u 1st ya.. hahahah here is a hot topic.. can be easily hit 30mails each day one

yar last time before seraching Wedding stuff where got know journalistic style.. what's that lor... untill I read more then I know..... I like it becoz of tha angle they use... the story telling part... the "candid" shot that capture the whole flow of event... the laugh, joy, emotion.... help me and my hubby capture ma... coz we so busy that day also can't see every single thing.. the feeling v good hor

Yes let me show u what is beads type of Kua.. is common in singapore le... many BS will give u this kind of KUA....beads is lighter, more colorful...cheaper...not like the gold thread one which require more workmanship.. usually gold silver and red color only... and more traditional feel ..


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no sportgal i mean even to have pg or vg alone below 1k it rather rara.. anyway for me i jsut wan have a taste of wearing kua but it will only be for a short tea ceremony as i am not sure if i can see myslf wearing red for very long so i am not so particular abt the thread . I heard my fren order tailor made kua from hk bcos of their worksmanship... for me i rather spend it on a EG if i hae to


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oh hee hee misunderstand u liao hee hee sorry...

hee hee yaya wear kua is a good idea.. never able to wear it at else occasion liao... and then got the Xi feeling le~~~~ hahahhaa but my hubby din wear the tradition le....hahaha think he just wear normal suit


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Hi ryu...thats exactly what other BS did to me too....they allow me to try on about 3-5 to at least have a feel of what i look good on and what doesnt.I'm pretty disappointed with My Bridal Room coz i've seen them on mags with good gowns.But i tink the svc really turns me off.Telling my fiance,he feels that it must have been that i'm not going in with him that they simply feel that "she cnt be signing up with us today"!!!But i tink thats very bad customer svc!!!


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G ... you are in the media industry no wonder you know where to get good deals... I need to make about 300 + bulletins & cards so kinda need to brainstorm on the cards etc .. thought about making the cards with my photo as well but my PS is in Dec so I think it is too late. No idea what to do but anyway i dont think it is comfortable to have 300 of my pictures flying all around Singapore but it is jus me la .. kinda tired from work .... anyway will consider your suggestion and head down bras brasah during lunch to look at the printers cost and do a quick survey. Thank gal


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Heya Cindy! Lol. Being in our lines doesn't make you automatically good at finding deals la. It is hard work still lol.

We can meet and brainstorm together if you like. Do share your findings with me with regards to Bras Basah? Help each other get through this frustrating time yep? =D If you want you can email me at [email protected] your contact and stuff. I am freelancing so I am somewhat free. If it is a simple and sweet card you want to whip up, I am sure I can help you out. At least can help you save a bit on design side.

I might have to get hubby and friend to do a
quick PS for one or 2 pics for the wedding poster hehe. My idea is movie poster style - but not the cheesey sort haha... I see a lot of shops do the very cheesey style and I bey tahan.


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hi ladies.. i'm back!!
Have confirmed my PG (Sam Wong) and VG (Mirage Pictures) after taking reference from here and sourcing around the rest.
Went for my first fitting yesterday and had confirmed all my WG, 2 EG and outdoor gown for indoor shooting..
My PS is on 5 Dec.


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Good morning, everyone

Hi, Selina

I thought you missing in action, must be busy on the planning. :p Glad that you've booked for your PG & VG for your AD.
Have you decide where to go for PS?


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Yeah.. i was busy with work and the selection of PG & VG thingy... glad that everything has been settled now..

Initial plan is to go Lalang field and Changi beach but we will recee some other places first before deciding.. Will let you know my final decision once confirmed.


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wah u ladies are so helpful!

i intend to go dwn to source my BS next week...
Wat are some of the things that i sld take note?

As for PG & VG, act my budget is not more than $1,500 for both...any recommendations?


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hi gals,
u all r toking abt PG n VG now? hehe, for me, i didnt really do much comparison. when i see wat i like den it's within d budget, i signed liao :p

uksportgal n koyoyo,
i'll wear d kua when im taking my PS but for AD tea ceremony, my mil prefers me to b in a cs cos she feels kua a bit too traditional :p...i'll see how, must try both den can assess if i look nice in which one :p but it depends if my figure can make it at dat time, if not, better hide in kua :p

wah...$1.5K for both? have u tried visioworkz? dat time i saw is $1.5K for basic package...but duno if d price still stands
heard snapxot is cheap tpp but i duno abt d quality :p
for d emcee script, mayb u'll juz add in a line to ur emcee to invite ur JP for d solemnisation ceremony can liao, no need to b so elaborate :p


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u must love d gowns there n feel comfy wif d coordinator, oso d quality of services of d PG n MUA is impt...here r some things to look out for BS:
1. type of gowns offered e.g otr or mtm
2. no. of poses in albums n size
3. no. of outfits for ps n ad
4. wedding car provided?
5. price of per pic top-up?
there r lotsa small stuff to look out for but d rest of d gals can add in :p


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Hi Flora Bliss,
So any idea if 28th Dec an auspicious/ hot date?
Initially we wanted 08/08/08 but it lies in the lunar 7th month.
But we're happy with 28th Dec 08 as well.


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flora bliss,
wah...dat's a v tight budget for VG...for dat price, mayb u can try asking visioworkz...mayb can go within ur budget


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i just confirmed my AD VG and PG. Took the full package as AD PG not provided by BS.

package should be kind of similar unless you getting those super high end one that may cost $5-6k. mine about $2k.


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hi colt,
the pkg is $188 with 3 sets or manicure & pedicure including hand paraffin. 3 sets of french paintings or 2 nails arts each for 3 sets. 1 set of crystals on hands only.


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hi jes

me, i m hvg my solemisation + banquet togther.. on the same day.

hi uk,
well, my PG told me its $888 for VG, and my PG is done by U-style. and am thking maybe i will let Idigital do my VG. Ya, i think it would be good to see their works if you are interested.. then you have a better feel, for me i have seen it and i felt its rather nice..and is worth the price for 888.

Hi sunny ,

you can contact Golden 90251189. Can tell him that recommended by Susan who signed up during the wedding fair at Legends. U can tell him that you would like to go down and view their samples and packages... they are husband and wife team and wife is the MUA - MICO.. you can search the web for MICO and the reviews are pretty good.




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Hi Gals,

Haiz, i am so upset abt my mum's comment.
Yesterday she is asking how is my banquet.Am I the one who is looking out.I say yes and found FCC but the decision still lie on my PIL.

then she start to nag at me.looking out for banquet shd be done by my future PIL and HTB, not me but my MIL ask me find ma cos my HTB busy at work. on shift basis.

aft tat she start to ask me since found FCC y haven go pay downdeposit also is his mum whom mention customery 1st now still haven confirm and quickly book banquet. then i say they still considering.

then she say if they are not doing anything then y ask for customery. dont customery la. if the banquet is too expensive for them. no money then still ask for customery?? ask me not to help them to share the burden. later she say ai ya dont care abt the banquet. then let them decide la then say so much later quarrel..


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Hi ladiess

It's been a long time I logged in..

Thanks UKsportsgal.. We hope to find a cheap & good PG & VG (if there are) for ROM. Coz it's gonna be just a 3 hr event, don want to pay too much..
I've got my PG & VG for AD.. we're now frantically searching for PG & VG for ROM as my bf wants his frens to enjoy the event rather than to be busy taking pix and video for us..

Jeslyn: You can try Jude Seah my PG for AD. 96698633. Tell him that Marilyn recommended. If you're on budget then tell him that you want only 1 PG. I engaged 2 PG.


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hi all.. me MIA for a while...
me now havent find any shoes yet... my PS is next mth...
oh no... any recommendation??


So good to be here chatting with all the beautifull BTB..Any upcoming july bride meet up?? lol
I dont see any invitation from you any wayi had just added you, stef & iris..Cheers..


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stef, i just saw ur new collection of dress. the EG looks gd, fit well on u, gd figure. =P

I just add berry_egg in my multiply, nehoc and de_princess, wat's your id? still waiting for the invitation, hee hee.


Hi Ryu,
Mine will also be a Wedding Lunch. What time you plan to get the make up artist to reach your house? any gate crashing?
I certainly hope mine will run smoothly coz it's going to be kind of rushed, haha...coz I have a church Holy matrimony service at 11am..should end at around 12pm...then guests will make their way to the hotel for lunch banquet, joining the rest of the guests who skipped the church ceremony. We'll push back the reception time to betw 12:30 to 1pm.. haven't confirm, but aim to start the whole thing proper by 1:30pm lah...
Oh ya, Tea Ceremony will be in the hotel itself, after the lunch ends.
I like the idea of lunch coz we'll be able to start more punctually and guests will not feel stressed abt the timing and leave b4 dessert to catch the last train. Esp I would have quite a number of Malaysian relatives coming so lunch will be more convenient for them.


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hi queenie,

thats a pretty good deal.

hi josfoo,

actually i didnt buy any nice shoes for PS cos the gowns will be so long that the shoes wouldnt be seen.

and for outdoor shoot, comfi most impt as you have to walk around. dont think you want to buy a nice pair of shoes and get it dirty for outdoor PS ya.

unless you wanna feature your shoes in pics, then you will need to buy a nice pair. if not, i think any heels should be fine.
just my 2 cents worth


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Hi apple_gal,

Now i see rain I very scare.. hahaha..

Actually, I planned to go railway, Lim chu kang area and kelong for PS.

I have not talk to my PG yet. Will be meeting up with him on 8th nov, also my final fitting.

I guess I have to prepare some indoor location if it rains..


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Hi Stir,
Wow it does sound pretty tight. From 12 noon you have to rush to hotel to get ready. hmm no time for any makeup touch up...
For me the schedule shdn't be too tight. I intend to have MUA come around 8am. "small" gate crash around 9+. Actually don't really intend to have a gatecrash as my hubby is japanese and I'm worried about the cultural and language barrier but i doubt my jiemeis will agree to no gatecrash. Have to leave house before 11am and go directly to hotel. Thinking of having solemnization around 11.30 and tea cermony thereafter to 12 noon? and start the lunch around 12.30 or 1pm.
Heard for lunch usually people are more punctual? agree the gd thing abt lunch is pple no need to rush off early and we get to enjoy the rest of the evening can still go for movie haha, not so tiring ^^


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Hi Karen,

my dinner on the 12 too. =) So happen my name is Karen also!!! hahaha... HOwver i'm still searching for BS in JB... Jux to add on to Jac's suggestion, Her World Brides also have that section. Good Luck!


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Hi xinyi_reiko,

Yeah!! We are having the same VG..

The railway at Tanjong Pagar? Quite far from lim chu kang.. you got enough time?


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wah ur PG n VG so cheap...wat's their package like?

wat's budget for ur ROM PG n VG? is urs a sat? if so, n plus a popular wedding date, might b difficult to engage as they prefer to do a AD PG or VG...dat's d headache...den some of them expect us to pay more to compensate them for d loss in biz for AD

hi jeslyn,
btw, jude's my cousin


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josfoo, agree with Colt, no need to spend too much, unless u want to invest one to wear with ur other evening dresses next time. Can try Substance at Wheelock, or Nina (i'm not sure of location).

PSH, i'm trying to keep sane. I'm way behind in planning man... sigh...


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Hi Yvonne,
Actuali i tink looking for banquet shld be the bride n the groom job lor.. coz its our big day mah... Scarly, ur PIL found a place u dnt like also nt gd mah..

I guess a marriage all voice down to $$ n who shld bare the cost lor..

But to be frank, $$ can reali be sentitive issue lor...
Reali hv to handle it well to the extend which sometime u may hv to say a few white lies to 'smoothen' the whole thing...


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Hi Jeslyn,

You may refer to my post in this topic Posted on Saturday, October 27, 2007 - 11:55 pm... got a list that u can neg. with

hi mei..huh still ask your to pay for compensate?? my god.. so not PRO one???

ROM PG I Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2007 - 8:40 pm .... they are not bad and below $500 of coz also got my ROM PG 1950 la.. :p but VG dun have ar... coz I DIY :p