(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Yar you can source yourself 1st ar... why not??? is not weird... but usually can find your close good friend go with u lor.. but sometimes it will end up few hours there just for maybe 1 or 2 shop ya... make sure your friend willing to company u hee hee :p

Not only good that you can use that excuse "need to discuss with hubby" to stop them from hard selling... but also think think la.. most of the guys do not have patient to see all the BS with u... end up the 1st one u enter will end up be the ONLY one shop hee hee.. to them all BS are the same....

Actually if you are interested in any BS that the sister here signed.. when they go down u join them la.. then say intro maybe can more discount ar hhahhahaha :p


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Hi Ivy,
I'll be holding both solemnization and tea ceremony at the hotel. Most prob solemnization before lunch starts but still unsure if i have time to do the tea ceremony before of after lunch.
As for the bridal shop I just signed up with signoria last night hehe. You can check them out at the following website http://www.signorianuziale.com/
I got their MTM package in the end as it comes with digital design photo album. Not sure if i should have bargained for more stuff haha.


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personally i can't really wear heels cos i'm quite tall & my front part of my WG can show a little peep of my feets thus i'm worried abt wearing abt pumps.


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Hi bnl n queenie...lovely shoes u 2 hav!!! ("0)
bnl -- my coordinator is Mandy...very patient n smiley...she got strong arms...don c her small small size but e gowns she can carry w great might...my MUA im pushing 4 Keanu... urs?

Guess all BTB oso like 2 find e perfect shoes 2 wear on e Perfect Day...even though no one really see...haha

Now e main things 2 settle r 4 mua...
a. church deco/ banquet arrangements
b. wedding card design
c. wedding favours
e. GDL stuff
f. accessories n blah blah blah...

Don forget our body scrubs/ facial / pedi n manicure...we need good looking bodies 2 carry these stuff...hehe...
ani1 got ani lobang on these pampering stuff? Feel free 2 share...


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hi junjun

we going South Africa, free & easy.. so we booked air tickets & accommodation already. We forcus on honeymoon more than the wedding.
if you already decide where to go, its good to plan earlier, to avoid any disappointment. If is package tour, can always get the travel agency to advice whether it is confirm. think usually they can confirm 2 weeks in advance only. but can change location then lah. ;)


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Jun Jun,

I am quite a big size person, not very tall, shoulder length hair.. see u there... by the way, r u there to choose yr gowns... i am going there for my second fit..


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hi all... i paid about 1.3k for all my curtain.
And the sales person from spore. He came to our house to measure and show us alot material.

-1 set day and night full length at living room
-1 set night curtain half length
-1 set roman blind
-3 set roller blind
BTW curtain is cheaper then roller blind.
and roman blind is the more exp one.

If ur need contacts, pm me.


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hello gals..


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Hi Gals,

Me went to my friend wedding at club chinois too. I find their food nice but of course not as nice as if you go there just for a dinner.
I think all restaurant and hotel food will go down a bit when it's during a wedding dinner.
So let's dun put so much hope that the food will be as nice as when u dinning there.


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hi sue (princess_sue), my budget will be hopefully not more than $1,500 for both PG & VG...

Other BTBs Any recommendations? Hee...



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Hi gals,

Thanks for all the support!~!~! Initailly, MIL was very nice to me, things happened after I moved over.. lucky my hubby always stands by my side.. hmm.. MIL always said that hubby listens to me.. the good thing is I managed to "brain wash" my hubby.. he also dun want to stay with his family.. cos they only come and look for us when we are needed.. because he is the eldest.. his mum thinks that he should pay more.. (eg.: their birthday) but when it comes to his birthday.. only MIL treat him a meal.. his siblings never give presents one.. everytime their birthday we give ang bao.. both of us feel that we are not being appreciated.. so we decided not to stay with them... this fact is already made known to his parents.. and I think MIL is starting to accept this fact.. I also told my hubby.. in future my kids will not be taken care by his mum.. cos I disagree with her teaching methods.. and mostly important culture crash.. I can't imagine my kids behaving like his siblings and including my hubby (b4 we met).. So we planned that next time we hire a maid and put her in my parent's house.. so the maid can help to look after the kids and do some house work..

For the flat issue.. we romed because we want to get a flat 1st.. then my MIL told my hubby dun get 1st.. customary 1st.. so we listened.. and regreted..last time we wanted to apply Punggol, she said too far and asked us to buy resale.. now.. resale prices is crazy.. we said we want to ballot yishun.. she said like that next time tired can dun come back and see her liao lah.. -.-"" singpaore so small.. now said punggol very near.. take taxi can liao.. full of rubbish..
we will try to ballot for punggol in Dec, if not mature estates in Feb.. hopefully we can get a flat..

by the way, even i MTM my gown, she also complained lehz.. only stopped when my hubby said.. because of my size.. i can't wear the OTR gowns.. -.-""


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i sign up with Nail Xpert during their wedding show last mth at Marina Sq...i feel their manicurist r those professional type plus the ambience over there is super relaxing & nice

I dun dare to go facial cos i quare they squeeze my face until red red thus i'm replacing with intensive mask


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Yoshimi, wat abt Burkhill Hall? Think somewhere in Botanical garden...Halia at botanical garden, Labrador Park are some options. U can only efile 3 mths before ur solemnisation date but u will need all the other details like day, time, venue and JP to be cfm before efiling.

nehoc, i added u on multiply oredi! I didnt know that was u coz only saw the user name cohen.... and i tot u were the bride not bride groom haha...


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Hi, Lara

Thank you for your assurance.

Hi, Gals

These few days have been raining... I wonder for those who take PS will gonna be a waste trip....


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ok...because im looking for emcee script from those BTBs who will be holding their solemnisation ceremony during their banquet...

is there any kind souls who will provide me??

Thanks in advance!!


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I guess being in production line, we make props and stuff... plus I have always been an art and craft sort of person haha. =) I bought the materials and a glue gun, took me less than half an hour to complete the 3.

Another alternative pew deco U can try is this - gather tin cans, wash them, peel off the labels... put a flower sponge inside, top up with real or silk flowers. Use glue gun, glue on ribbons and hang on pews or chairs in pairs.

I was a graphic designer and worked on designs for Mediaworks promo ads on telly as well as in a printing house. I used to train people on using Adobe Photoshop (for a diploma course). I also taught Baby and Child photography. =)

I haven't made my cards yet because I want to use the photo from wedding photo shoot... movie poster style =D Our theme is Hollywood Glam/ Movie Industry... coz that is the nature of our work.

Printing varies depending on the paper you use, the size of the design =) You can get quotations from bras basah's various printers and settle on one.

If you want to print poster size, I know an ulu place that can print a huge poster and laminate it for very very reasonable. I engaged their services before when I made a movie poster for a project.


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hi jeslyn,
im doing my solemnisation before the AD wedding banquet...actually u do not really have to prepare d emcee script as d JP will do all d talking


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hee hee yayaya ....everything the JP will do... u only say I will, I do... You can prepare your own vow if you want.... else JP will provide u a default one....

Then At most.. if you have a match in or so.. or u want to let your guest know you are starting the event... u can have a friend to just say.. pls gather.. blarblar blar... then welcome the bride and groom to match it.. be seated hahaha that's all :p then JP will do the rest till end of ceremony


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wow! south africa is quite an exotic place for honeymoon wor...nice nice. should be quite exciting!

I'm going there for my second fit also. (",) need choose tea dress and PS outdoor gown, then also fitting for WG and EG again to make sure can wear for my PS following week.
when is ur PS?


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hi all..

add me add me.. my multiply username is singyee78

hi nehoc, i have added you. hehe i was also caught surprise that it's the groom not bride.


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Hi Yoshini,

for the efiling part, i only got the JP's registered name to submit my application. The signing of consent form only happen one month before the ROM, when we meet up the JP. (this depends on the arrangement with your JP) The consent form is to be submitted to ROM when u go there to collect your certificate.

All these assuming you are ROM-ing outside. Hope it helps


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Hi Sue,
hmm only PG 888 wor.. VG need 1088 and still haven't count in the express review that cost $400! But I guess if u sign them for both PG and VG the promotion they having is quite ok....

I guess need to meet up and view sample than see see their work.... the web dun have le...

I only want VG le.. that means is about 1488


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Hi Liting,
My mum is teochew too while HTB is hokkien.
Haven't discussed on the bride price. I'm worried my mum will ask for a high bride price in addition to other things. But as discussions haven't started, I haven't felt any stress yet.
See if your bf can accommodate to your mum's wishes if they are not too demanding. I think Teochew mums tend to ask for more things. The key is communication.

Hope things will brighten up for you!


erms.. hahaha
i think we all jus assume dat the gals r the ones more interested in news in the forum and all ? keke

hey gals.. and groom! if u hv not add me.. pls do so on multiply... its : imstefie


and ya... vividz.. 26th seems like a pretty hot date.. i am still wondering if flauntiq is someone i oredi noe frm the other forum.. coz i noe this other bride wif the same date and BS as me. hee =)


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oh ya lovexlb,
Can c u r a gal who loves shoes w style n comfort...nice!
Tink wat u describe is prob pre wedding prep jitters...don worry lah...personally, i find enjoying my remaining singlehood days w my HTB very relaxing...tink we r doing fine...some stuff no need 2 search high n low...4 instance e AD PG/VG...tink i jus limit myself 2 5 contacts...gonna trust my instinct n c whom we can click w...mayb i hav e school holi 2 plough thru e details...so not so stressed...haiz...e perks of having a partner whoz a cher...
Oso, thanz 4 e florists recommendationz gal...
Hi Queenie, not sure abt ur skin type but good skin consultants supposed 2 make ur face look even better!!! I tink basic cleansing/clearing n enhancing will improve our skin condition dramatically, provided our faces fall onto e right hands...(",)

Hmm...tink we will continue 2 use this forum 2 remind one another as our AD draws near...no panic k... lbnl...will share any new stuff once i buy them...
ani1 cfmed ur AD PG/VG oredi? Howz e package like?


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hi jeslyn welcome to this thread
i am having the same AD as u. First of all to ans ur qn.. It best you book a hotel.. as for bs normally the PS shot to be taken 2 month before ur AD so tt u will have time to select foto shoot n the album design
so perhap latest maybe mar u shd decide on bs already. As u can see in here there are many bride on the same day.. unless u go for somethg really unqiue sometg are better to prepare early
as for PG n VG it depend on ur budget...


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hi jeslyn can i ask where are u holding ur AD? is it wedding cum Solemanisation... Normally hotel provide a basic script..so wat else are you lookin for?


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Hi, xinyi_reiko

Hope everything went smooth for you.

Hi, Korice

Share us your PS photos once you have it.

I just check with Club chinois, they don't provide emcees. I need to go search or find frds to help.


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hey sue,

your PG sounds good. is it also within 1k? would be glad if can get a PG/VG at 1K each. can i get your contact for PG? will arrange to view some of their samples. then maybe get referral to the VG as more likely to get preferred rates this way......btw, we can all use the same PG/VG rite? ie. no clashing since its a company and not an individual? if so, maybe we can all sign up tog to get good rates, hee......

hey uk,
didnt know can track by e-mail, er how to track ah? yeah cs is also nice, but not for the figure conscious bride lah.......hehe...n i didnt know that 'kua' got more than 1 type. only know the type tat u worn, also worn by my friend who got married recently.......

yeah, i would like to get shots with those journalistic style also, somehow the shots look more exciting and happening.....haha


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Hi all, i've comfirm most of mine too.
Venue:Goodwood Park(windsor Ballroom)
Date:21st Sept
BS:Margaret Brides/Bridal Veil(still deciding)
Photogrpaher:Gideon Koh

I find the myself feeling so tired now oredi....booo
Ihave another bad experience @ My bridal room today.
i fixed an appt to take a look at the package and the gowns.i turned up with 2 other girlfrens and was turned down to try on their gown.There's this old man,i wonder if he is the boss,mentioned that appt is too pack & no trying of gown is allowed.....i'M PRETTY ANGRY ABOUT THIS!!!He even mentioned that those who signed up only can try them on or else i have to make another appt on weekdays in the afternoons...Wats this??No one mention this to me on the phone when i fix that appt??So do they mean i must sign on the package to try it?Worst thing,he mention that gown being tried too many a times will wear off!!!Haizz.....terrible...


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Hi Nervous bride,
Understand your frustrations, esp if it's the 1st shop you go to and you have no idea what looks good on you. You will want to try out a few gowns to be sure that the shop has something that looks good on you. When i went to Signoria (did make an appointment with them), they let me try on at least 5 gowns with no obligations to sign up with them. Actually we told them that we had other appointments at other bridal shops later on that day.


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wow i didnt know u can get pg n vg within 1k so far my pg is suppose to be within 1k but i add on
anyway gers i upload some of the 65 foto i taken as the last BS fair... be patient w me... those foto are the best i can ... i was seated too far and my camera zoom max out.... time to get a better camera..sigh check out my multiply.. will upload more each day...