(2006) Brides of year 2006


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hi, ladies and gentlemens:

Wat is a perfect marriage?
to me i feel tat as long as the both of us is happy together and most important is to stay healthy as well...
cos the healthier u r then can enjoy longer with ur beloved ones...

me same as u... know my hubbi for abt 10 years but broke up 4 times then finally togther... (1 more time than u)hehe...
cos tat time i m still very young and wild, so always ended up quarrel with him so i cant take it then break loh...
in between i had other boyfriends when i broke up with him(my hubbi) but i realised tat he still the best to me..
i really regret for wat i had done cos i really hurt him in the past....
just like now we were looking photos to put in our montage then i saw his photos when we were not together, i felt upset, cos i did not have all this nice memories with him during the young days....
but i glad tat he still love me after wat i have done and willing to take care of me.
so now i do treasure him alot and give him all the love i had for him...
although we do really quarrel very badly but still managed to solve and be togther....
just tat he onli complained abt my quick-temper.
Try to change but sometime just cant control..

anyway i miss him whenver he not in town and not by side at nite...


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helo, can anyone help me chosing songs for march-in?
anyone care to share wat u have chose for ur march-in?
thanks alot...
cos i m really a bad organiser and coordinator till now i still dun know wat i had not done for my wedding...a real blur-sotong...


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I am in a very sian mode so pls bear my crapping and not-my-normal style. by now u shld have sent ur cards for printing. hotel manager says oct hot month so must print early. printing company i called said need 2-3 weeks to print. i am going to be yaya and print only sometime in mid sept coz my wedding end of oct. only plannning to give confirmed and RSVPed guests the invite 2 weeks before AD. hopefully all u oct brides and groom will NOW get ur cards printed so printing auntie has lots of time to print mine.

For song, i also haven't chosen. i have Canon in D as my back-up in case FH can't find anything. but that song is so common. basist friend offered to play a rock version of it if we are getting his band over to play songs. mom hates rock bands (drums too loud for her) so plan cancelled.

and then there is GDL and An Chuang, silly me thought no new house dun need so now panic also.

guests lists shld be confirmed by now if ur AD in early Oct. if late can still wait abit more.

inviation card - send them right after the lunar month is over. but like i said, if u confirmed ur guests already and they know they are coming to ur wedding, then no need to hurry. can take ur time to write in good handwriting and slowly pass them the cards.

food tasting has to be done early too coz u can give feedback to kitchen. (ie soup needs to be more salty, or that the rice has to be more dry) can discuss hotel deco and program with hotel ppl then as well.

transport needs to be confirmed 1 month before wedding, and so is the AD photographer. FH hasn't decide which car to take so i think if he dilly dally anymore i will be taking SBS and SMRT.

remember to think of nitty gritty things for AD as well. your flowers, your veil, your jewellery. make a friend help u remember, dump each set in 1 big bag for easy changing (ie. stuff for WG, stuff for tea dress/ kua, stuff for EG) get ur corsages and ang bao box ready too (or make people do it for u. usually jie meis very onz abt this type of thing one)

and finally one last thing, i know it's silly, but look at ur cycle, and see when your 'good friend' (ie 好朋å‹) is coming. coz i think it will be so troublesome if it's on ur AD. imagine if u have to go toilet in all the bulky gowns every 3-4 hours.

that's all i can think of so far... remember the magic word "DELEGATE". if a bride has more than 1 page of things to do for wedding that u are doing way way too much work and overstressed.


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ya linglun... not much time to get jp liao... stressed.
ffbear, i also want his contact and full name leh. keke.

jen, i'll be holding at bukit batok csc. preparation like not much leh. seems alot of things pending, such as songs selection, menu choosing, gown selection, photo album, etc etc... really stressed ar.


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hi yuki....7.5k for 15days okay lah....all tax inclusive liow....

vanessa...me going to Europe...couple of countries with CB Europe Romance...


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Hihi Jojo,

Oh ya hor, sorry... U have sent ur AD pics to me liao... Hehehe...

Sori, very forgetful...

Hey gals,
Any plans for bb now? Hehehe.

Keep in touch gals!


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<font color="ff0000">lilaccraze,
His style is modern-cosmo. He works within our budget &amp; gives alot of creative ideas to us. Can ask him to bring u down to see flats he's done up. He's the only ID that brought us down to see samples of his work on on our first meeting. They are pretty good with their workmanship. My reno just started, so praying hard everything goes smoothly. =)

sorry to hear abt what happened. take care!

Oh yah, did i missed out on anyone's posts? Sorry if i did, work was crazy for the past weeks. Finally doing my PS tomorrow. Just finished packing my stuff. Hope i didnt miss out anything. Will update u gals when im back from my PS.</font>


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seval, I have also engaged wicked plans for my montage.
Looks like I have made the right choice.

Jo, maybe u can consider them too.


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ladies, im back finally. so bz. today off day wah kow. in the wee hrs then reply. my work really hardcore. have smethign call adhoc OT. wah kow.sigh.

apple68-smemre 500 from china coming soon. hahaha. get high with FIR. hehe. oh yeah me too. the same prob exist for all of us. tis dun invite then the other will say. if invite all no money. blahblah...still cutting down. haha

angeldust-hahahaha mine not even cubicle..just a desk. very open. hahaha nvm..if too scary then good. give me some. i put in frnt of my SK hse and scare away uninvited guests. hahaha.

yuki-no lah. how i wish i gt tea break also. sigh. go outside buy come back pantry to eat then go back work. like robot. sigh. cant even stay to chat. althought the workload is not that much bt still like robot. no tea break or anything. actually i heard that if u work 12hrs, u have to tke compulsory additional 30mins break or so on top of ur lunch hour. bt nt for mine case. sigh. me still selecting the songs. sian.

ribbons-vinegar for absorbing odour and also to wipe window. i use window cloth bought from cold storage, (orange cloth), and mix vinegar with water half half, put in spray bottle nad spray on window glass to clean. not bad lah. but seems oily. or mayb the cloth gets oily. must rem to use a clean cloth. if use for a while liao then gt to change to another cloth. yup. i bought 3pieces of the window cloth. so far less than 5 wipes on a single window i can get it to be clean and streakless.

elven-audio house price ok lah. def cheaper than harvey norman they all. i prefer lcd. plasma is phasing out soon and big and reflect light due to glass inside the glass panel. so get shrap lcd. wat model? i prefer the AX series.the BX series will mke ur tv look wider cos the speakers is at the sides. LC-37BX6M HD Ready is the latest model and specifications seems not bad. is that the one u are toking abt?

pioneer plasma i heard ok. but not plasma. unless ur hubby want really big big tv then go ahead lor. otherwise 37" i tink is big enuff for me. mine only 32". hehe.

OL-oh, the rule of selecting the pics. sorri abt that.

pandalic-no prob.

faith- i tink u check in contract that u sign with them. if noting stated on that then u ask them again and if no then bo bian. although it can be done but they refuse to do so also cant do much. had to get external vendor to do it liao.

diamond-sorry to hear abt tat. at least u dun have to rush to do within 3mnths for those pantang pple. if not gt to wait 3yrs. tts very bad for the mother. tink agree with ur mum. dun tire ur FMIL out.


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Hi Summer

Thanks for your information, by the time you post. I already went to my new house. My new house don't have pc. Hee Hee
So miss out the good bargain! Have to wait for next time.

Hi Ladies

Now then I realise that I can't promote my service at cetain websites, sorry for the above thread. Is there any way that I can remove my website link above??? I think I will send the link thru msn for those who are interested in my products or u can email to me so that I can give u the invitation link instead. Will I get banned from sg bride huh? I really don't know post already then I know got such rule. Or can I ask chin leng to remove the few sentences above? Hee Hee.

Hi Vvn

Wow such a long list, me go to see one by one, me also super lazy. Long time never prepare for my wedding thing except now writing my invitation cards but have not mail out yet.

Yeap I also think the good friend better don't come, or it will be very ma fan and I also will be in a very bad mood cause stomach cramps. Normally for first day, if I am not working, I will prefer to lie on bed cause stomach is too pain liao. If working, then no choice. But I will look very funny when I am working. And everyone will know my pms has come. Even my hubby knows when my pms comes, from the way I walk. Hee Hee :p



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wow, juz a TLC from tansy leave cat's mind wander to the dirty end huh....but i also dun get it leh....hmmm....mayb me still staying close to the cleaner side ba.....

*running wif cat chasing behind*


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hihi girls and guy..

ok me missing in action for sometime cos nothing much to contribute lah..

daman - wah.. ur job sounds very very siong..dawife no complains? really vinegar with water works for windows? hmm.. shall try that out. definitely cheaper than using those glass window cleaners..


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Hazel, yup S$3.5K includes the airfares for both of us. We trawled the airlines webbie to get the best rates and to have a return ticket to London at peak period (summer time) at S$1.1 including tax is really a bargain. We travelled Qantas so quite mid-range.

The hotels we chose in London, Rome and Florence were not international hotels. They are more like boutique hotels but they have all been superb (with the exception of the London cos' we eventually had to cancel that cos' of the delayed arrival from Rome due to the Heathrow problems, so no comments on the services at the chosen London hotel but the price was great for being in central London!).

Re. the reno. Thanks for the tip. We will do lots of cooking as we are now so I guess having cabinet base makes sense then.


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nami.. blur..
thks alot!!! ... i will keep u gurls updated when my coordinator comes bk tomolo!
i wil also b goin dwn to focal tis sat to settle my printing of inserts..hopefully it can b done on sat.. then goin to the travel agency as well.. heh.. we r all doin the same ting.. cz the 1st 7th mth is over?.. hee..

that was wat i tot too.. $ will definately b part of the discussion one mann.. sigh.. incur further costs..
hope they wont b takin tings too far lor.. cross my fingers..

yup yup... nw that 1st 7th mth is over.. alot of tings wil start to flow in for us to settle..

GURLS... hope our preparation will be smooth sailing!!! 3 cheers for all NOV btb!! ..


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Stefy, oic it include taxes n everything this is ok
i was tempted to sign europe too at tat time coz my trip only 7D n after including taxes n everything is near 5K ....will u be extending?
How long is the flight to europe?

elven - me very busy at work ..trying to breathe...haha today is ur PS right? do take care n enjoy ok? everything will go smoothly ...n weather is good
do update us

Da Man - aiyo ur company seem so bad ...a lot restriction huh? by right 12 hrs shift shld have lunch + breaks ...but u happier in this company??

like robot ....keke :p then they make full use of u at work ....n a lot ot ot ...then will ur wedding preparation be affected? will have lesser time for dawife liao


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Diana...TLC..you dunno..dun KNN ok..!!!

herk herk

*CAT chasing behind...*

*Sharpening paws*

VVN ah..you and xiao bai competing with each other to see who post in this thread right? kek kek kek


Hi Dwarfs! *hugs*

JY there is one at AMK quite famous..but I must go dig out the addie at home...maybe you wait for freak to response? I mean DESIGNFREAK lar!



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good morning gals.. it's thursday and so happy that the weekend is drawing.. i only have my weekends to settle most of my stuff..This sat will settle mostly house stuff, then sunday go and collect my invites..

Hey, anyone can tell me who to choose for printing? jasvy? dragon T?? need comments pls!!!

Jen T, glad that the 1st 7th month is over leh.. it doesn't really matter to me as I still prepare my stuff during the 1st month.. hee hee..


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How you do it?

I m still looking at Krabi resorts..
Some of them r quite nice but exceed $200/night.
Think its still Cliff nicer &amp; affordable.


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Hi Cat

Not competing with vvn lah. Me and her are good friends. Just that my timing and her timing to come in are always so close. Hee Hee :p



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hi all.... havent really been checking in here... seems like lotsa action gg on tt i've missed...

diamond... hope u are taking all these well.. do take care....

stefy.. for that price... all inclusive meaning.. at places of interest...do u still have to pay for adhoc things like tix entry for certain places etc?? Flying by wat huh?? me and bf oso keen in gg europe for HM... thx for sharing....


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Hi Blur blur,
I intend to book my HM this Sat. Hmm, I think you can call Chan Bros and ask abt the information. I think they shld have some packages.
As for the printing of the cards, I went T Dragons. Didnt really look around coz lazy lah hee.


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*ouch, kena scratch by cat sharp sharp claws*

hahaha....xiaobai, i tink cat mean u and vvn competing wif who hv the longest post lah....

rite bor cat, my darling other half....


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aiyo, cat, like i say u my darling other half mah...so i can read ur mind lah...but hor definitely nt part of ur corrupted mind...

*running again*


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:: Dear Brides ::

Aiyo the preparation is keeping me on my toes!! Bcos i haven confirmed the venue, i can't confirm the caterers, the invitations, the marquee etc..etc.. omg..

Anyone heard of Royal Catering?

ffbear->> Can let us (me and dangou) have your JPs contact and full name pls?


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Hi gals,

if anyone getting red wine that is not on consignment, can try Carrefour or Shop and Save since they have 5% rebate.

We bought 60 bottles of Matthew Lang from Carrefour at $15 each before the rebate. Hope this is useful for those sourcing for wine.


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My FH planning for a short trip to sydney in Oct ...as a getaway before our wedding ...thinking of taking free n easy ... is it easy to naviagte in Sydney or will it be better for us to take a package or day tour kind? thanks


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<font color="0077aa">hi all.. me overseas now.. nothing to contribute.. hee

diamond, condolences to you and your FH's family.. take care.. </font>


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hey yuki,

i love sydney. free and easy ALWAYS!! Go explore the fish market, hunter valley or just shopping!

Oh another item to cross out for my wedding prep is shoes!! I found a beeeeaauty at Tangs+Co. at Taka. You babes should go check it out too

where are u pandalic?


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hi every1,

so long din post liao.... wow, d posting so long liao, nid times 2 absorb ;)

Hw's every1 preparation? heez... me juz booked my HM to taiwan... so its any1 planning d same destination as me

me oso hve booked d golden pig fm tion bahru n now searching out 4 cakes.. any reco 4 nice n cheap 1?


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fifi, i went taiwan after my ROM for a mini honeymoon....tat place is full of good food....daily is like eat shop eat shop for me....wahahaha


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diana and cat,

only 1 long post what! me not like xiaobai everyday have long post one!

and u two are so 'lovely dovely', ha ha!

*run first before CAT sharpens her claws*


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diana, heez.. me looking out 4 d trip. hope everythings goes on fine... so wer wil u b goin 4 HM?

btw, hve u all finalise the wedding songs? vri dif ler


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I took this itinery..flying by SQ most of the tix covered lah...but meals onli 70% i thk....


chk it out thk their travel fair this sat in suntec also....so if u really wan to go must book now. the offer is usually better during their in-hse fair....natas cannot fight...

Yuki...u wanna go Sydney...will you be climbing the sydney bridge...heard from my colleagues that if u wan to go must book the slot at least 2mths in advance if not you wont get a space....
opera hse is nice, bondi beacha also nice...
F&amp;E is okay in Sydney the train system r quite convenient n u can take day tour or drive if u wan to go blue mountains or further places.......last time i been there thk is 7yrs ago liow....


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hi all, also MIA cos nothing to contribute..

diamond, sorry to hear abt ur news.. do take care..

went to SAtours over the weekend too, din book yet cos we wanted to do F&amp;E.. but now might go package cos too busy to plan..

stefy, so the CBtours deal is better than SA huh? i went w SA to egypt last time.. but nv went w CB before.. not sure if they are good.. im most likely gg spain n greece.. prob will try to book in NATAS fair in end sept.. (oops stefy, haha juz saw ur post, right, i will check it out! thanks!)

elven, hope u enjoy ur PS today!


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Nami, i am planning to go Chan travel fair and see see look look.

Linglun, that depends right? By right should be bridesmaid.. but har, these days, it can be initiated by either bride or bridesmaid.. most imptly everyone has fun..


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VVN sorry, eyes cross haha....

wah how come all running away from CAT's claws....

(ok then---> i also run.....) hahaha :p

i've not finalise the guest list leh and also i've not order any cakes voucher yet... i think i better start tat.. and also do the photo montage...

this are the songs i will use see the link
<center><table border=1><tr><td>
song selection
songs selection.xls (19.5 k)</td></tr></table></center>


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Looks like there are so many catchings this morning heh?!?!

Wah i really envy u all booking for HM... I've discussed n sorta vent my unhappiness abt no more HM w my FH hah... and conclusion, we'll perhaps go hanzhou n nearby cities in Shanghai for a few days only. Cos both of us gotta work (actually it's me, cos of the new job)