(2006) Brides of year 2006


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btw very interesting topic and views on a perfect marriage. i don't think a perfect marriage exists. what we aim for is a loving marriage.

one where we will still hold each other's hands when we are 80,
one where i will still surprise her with flowers,
one where i will look forward to meeting her like its our first date,
one where we still kiss each other in the morning,
one where when the other is no longer around, it still feels like they are.

that to me is a loving marriage. it maybe full of flaws and problems. but doesn't that make it a more interesting life?


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Finally, my new GLASS hob is here....
He came at 9:50am...pressing the bell....
I was still on my bed, my hb in the toilet...I kept calling him to answer the call which he didnt....
Therefore, I had to come out of the bed to open the dr for him....
And I go for my shower, then my hb knocked onto my knock asking for a plaster.
When I came out & go to the kitchen, its quite messy N he is still fixing it now. N I m here posting info....

**This is Hazel fr Mrs Apr Club posting the news**


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hi yap,

i am also a 26 nov bride and i am aware that the timing has to be after 11am or b4 7am. if it is b4 7am, we have to pay extra for makeup artist and photographer also.
i am considering whether to ignore the timing and just proceed with the wedding at say 830 am.


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designfreak, i like ur theory....good one...hahaha

mr han...mai k k....i tink u find 3 life to little liao....i tink u wan sheng sheng shi shi lor...hee hee hee


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xiaobai, i think most MILs have a lot of rulez. guess that they always want the best for the sons(ur hubby only son) to be taken care of by thier wives the same way as they were taken care of by their mothers when they were still young boys.

designfreak, heh... must be ur 'married' means ROM and she doesn't recognize that u r married till after customary? my own mom and his mom also same way of thinking! when we went to visit my FPIL last yr, there were only 2 rooms and 2 beds. they rather let me sleep in FH room and he sleep on their bed while they themselves sleep on the sofa bed on the floor!

anyway, talking to a friend today and we were debating something. do you need true love to have a good/perfect marriage? her argument was that it is not necessary because someone you love might not be suitable for u to be married to.

but for me, i want to marry a guy who is the first person i see when i open my eyes in the morning and the last person to see before i go to sleep at night, someone i totally want to grow old and count wrinkles together with... it's not very likely for me to face someone i don't truly love everyday!


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i've just booked the tour package to mel and sydney. wanted to go on my own... but the air tix alone is $1210 per pax including tax. the package i signed is ard 2.5k per pax for 9D8N coz the agency only offers 7D6N, i did 2N extension on my own. is tis worth? seems like initially but the more i tink the more like not worth leh... same airline but the hotel is either novetel or holiday inn. got day tours included in already... worth it?


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hi gurls..

jz wan to let u gurls noe that there r travel fairs tis wkend and next wkend.. tinK today is SA travel fair at suntec and some sneak previews of chan brothers/dynasty at the galleria.. At marin square, there is CTC fair.. Next wk got chan brothers fair.. so if u gurls wanna book ur honeymoon packages.. do chk it out!
i believe these in hse fairs wld probably b cheaper than natas..


Hello Ladies~

I'm doing my emcee script now.... Encounter problems ler~~~~~~~ haiz...
Anyone know how to add in the Soleminzer part?
Cos my after my 1st march in, i will be having my soleminze. Hope someone can help me....



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CryStaLZ (crystalz) :

Hi, im not really sure..for me i also doing solemiser together on AD and during the dinner time. I saw my cousin did before..first amrch in...welcome to be etated at the table..invite parents..then invite solemniser..then sign..then stand up..exchange vows n ring..declare husband and wife..i think like tt la


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Wah... My perfet marriage can create so many opinons.. Hur... Well, to me like most of u all. A perfect marriage is peaceful n loving one. Zhi zu chang le. Be contended.
Juz make sure for the guys... Dun after making love go n sleep straightaway. It will be the worse turnoff for the partner. The girl would rather hear the guy fart rather then seeing him snoring. Hahaha...


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Crystalz: Actuali u can have the solemnisation before the wedding dinner also. Some have done that too. In that case, u can have ur guests to arrive earlier.



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hi, Yap (strawbery8), Jen T, shermaine24sg & lushqueen,
my AD is oso on 25 Nov.. juz wan to check with ur abt the before 7am & after 11am timing.. did u gals go to check with any shi fu one? how did u know abt tis timing thg? I oso dunno wat to do.. hahaha. perhaps like lushqueen, juz proceed with anytime, say 8.30am oso.. & tis timing hor.. wat does it mean? to leave bride's house? reach groom's house? reach new house? or to reach bride's house for the serving of tea?
Hi, Jen T,
u plan to reach ur BF house before 7am.. then not much time to tekan him? kekekek..
Hi, shermaine24sg,
u choose the after 11am timing.. does it mean tat u ll leave ur house after 11am?
I do apologise for bothering u ppl on these.. but I guess it reali helps to hv some advices on these.. thanks a million..


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hi precious_moments,
u can check out Bottles & Bottles at Tudor Court at Tanglin. Or can get ur hotel to recommend.

hi Huan,
why do u think it's not worth it lei? I've booked tickets to Europe & it costs abt $1600 per person inclusive of tax plus 3 nights accommodation in Paris. We are doing a free N easy tour. i suppose if u want a hassle free honeymoon, then it's better to leave everything to the agency..hee...then no need to think so much.


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Good Morning everyone!! How was everyone's weekend...

My weekend was spent going to collect sample cards and favours from the hotel and checking out T Dragons.

T Dragons wasnt a fruitful trip, cos they were sooooo busy!! We stood there for maybe 20 mins, and they were still occupied with the same customers...

At least i managed to get a price list from them.. Hey, any one got other recommendations for printers?


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Wah, this thread flies!!!

My PIL are the "Green Vegetable" type, they dun noe anything about the customs, so they will just adhere to ours... Hence for my case, throughout the whole preparation, I am the most "superstitious". Even my mum cannot stand me.

My perception on Perfect Marriage is to understand, communicate and accomodate. We have lived in our love nest for 6 months, shared precious moments together as well as numerous quarrels. I must agree staying together is not easy. We all came from different backgnd, have different ways of doing things. Conflicts and arguing will follow. But this will definitely bring us closer.

I think the 9 pm show on ch 8 brings out the issues couples face. Quite interesting in fact. Should encourage our Parents, PIL and our spouse to watch it.


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gd mrg everyone as well..

ok lah weekend.. not bad..

wow... that's fast ribbons.. me not so soon start hotel preps.. so cant help much.. paiseh...


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hi ffbear..
the timin was given by my MIL... i tink she went to consult the person who calculated the dates for us..
.. i v to reach his hse b4 7am.. so i told him he muz reach by abt 550-6am.. he MUZ v enough time for my jiemeis.. ;p .. i tink if u choose to proceed w the normal time of 830am.. then i tink thats the time that the groom normally picks up the bride to go over to the groom's hse.. that means it cld b that the tekan time already over..
hope tis helps..


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Yeap yeap quite true.

Thanks for designfreak and steve advice. Anyway, I think I have grow up and change to another person. At least, now I can stand ppl harsh words and tones, last time I can only cry now I am much better.

I can stand those harsh words, and even talk back to that person to tell them how i feel and what I think. Not a quiet puppet anymore.

And I have booked my honeymoon package going to korea for 8 days. I will depart from Singapore from 11th October 2006. Hope we can make good use of this chance to recharge our batteries and also learn some new things and culture at the same time.

Take Care



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hi Jennifer and Ashlady

I heard my mum said must both at same time comb but my PIL said don't want cos they had no practise to comb on AD. so i'm caught in between....who shall follow who....
anyone can advise, must we prepare "big" angbao for both side parent on AD?


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Hi all.....

how cum all become so quite after AD huh?

for mi... so far so good loh.. I have uploaded some of my AD pic... whoever 1 2 share share can PM mi oso..

BTW... any 1 has pic to share also???? rem to share with mi hor... thanks


Hi Junebride

Since ur PIL sd they dun ve this practice n do nt wish to go ahead with the combing then i guess u will ve to forfeit the idea of doing oso

Ur mum is correct to sd that if u n ur hubby wan to comb hair, then both side will ve to do it at the same timing as per my earlier msg above

Im nt too sure but i only got to kw abt this custom frm 1 of my ex colleague whom had her wedding in Jan this yr

As for AP, i only gave 2 sets of AP to my PIL, 1 sets is to thx them for An Chuan and another sets is for them to buy shoe, i tink

My hubby will only give my mum 2 AP, 1 is for Pin Jin n another 1 is for nappy $

All AP will be given during our GDL



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Ya lar Hazel: Saw several adverts of kettles selling for $19.90. Try Carrefour or Giant.

Platform like this?

Haven't heard of a portable one. Initially we had wanted a platform in the study room too. Then we thought that since we may move out 5 yrs later, if fix an immobile platform very wasted. Thus we custom-made the Queen-sized daybed.


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Yesterday finally bought this fan from Carrefour $79.90 for the study room.


The KDK fan we bought the other time was for the master bedroom.


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Hello Dec brides,

Have anybody encountered dissatisfactory after the photos were printed?
How do you manage and handle them?
I requested the coordinator to change one of my pictures background to blue color as the sky taken on that day is not bluish enough and make the person bigger, she say can't, it can't be done digitally and say that it wont b natural. I even had a sample for her n again she rejected and they cant do this. However, after checking with my frens, they confirmed that this can be done.
I feel I should insist for the change cos already made for a higher cost for a digital photo, she has sent my photos for desgin already, so should I call her to change nw or wait til we view our layout?
Please advise & thanks


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Oh Lipstar,
Finally see u posting...
Missed U so much....

I was at Car4 too.....but its Sat.
my fridge is certfied FULL.
Kitchen cabinet...almost full...
though I ve lots of containers to junk all ths stuffs togehter.

nope, nt tat kind of platform. Abit higher, can be meant for storage too.
Post yr daybed & studyrm leh...Need to ref abit


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Wow... where is everyone? This thread has been extremely quiet for the past few days....

Hi Faith...

I havent taken my PS yet, so I don't know if editing non-digital photo can be done. I think if you are not happy, it is always better to let the other party know earlier.


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ribbons - hihi weekend was fine thanks ...spend my whole sunday at suntec those travel fair ..manage to book my HM ...keke :p can stike 1 thing off my list ...me havent started looking for printer yet so not too sure.

Hi Faith,

my PS photo design n touch up not out yet so i cant advise ...but i think u better let her know hw u feel n wat to do abt it nw , later they refused to chg then maybe troublesome ...


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<font color="aa00aa">Elven, Fuse did ur hse? how's it? wat's Andrew's style? do u have any pics to share? i'm having some probs with my ID, would need to switch over to another ID

ribbons, have u checked out Focal Ad?</font>


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Hi Wong YY,
So good yr MIL make breakfast for u...hehe. Sometimes my MIL cooks dinner and get hb to pack for me.

Hi gals,
I'm finally gg honeymoon in Oct...Italy/swiss...hope everything goes well.


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hi purple star,
I dont think they've any webbie. Their address is 131 Tanglin Road Tudor Court. This shld be their contact: 6735 5163. Can go check them out!
Yes, i'm getting my wine from them. I find their prices very reasonable &amp; they'll deliver to ur hotel a couple of days b4 ur banquet.


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faith...sorry my PS pics not out yet so also can't help...

Yuki...u at the travel fair too....so where are you finally going for HM and which agency did you choose? me booked with CB on their 15days europe romance tour....cant wait to go hee hee hee...


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Stefy, yap me went on sat n sun ....keke :p
i booked with SA in the end ...actually SA n CB price very near but SA able to offer me morning flight so i took their :p

wow u book the 15 days eurpoe ...hw much it cost?


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hi ribbons,

heh heh.. me slow.. ha ha ha not yet dealt with anything regarding the hotel stuff.

Faith - sorrie PS not over yet.. so cant help much also..

Yuki - wow.. hope u have fun for ur HM!!! that's fast.


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angel - haha ya lor i oso think like too fast book liao ....later got better deals hw ...haha but nvr mind at least i can start planning my trip ..haha


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hi ffbear and affected brides,

when we went to get a date picked, the timing was given by the geomancer. he read it from the almanac.

i got a friend who said that it is ok if we "pray" to whatever that cheong during the inauspicious hour. then can proceed with whatever timing. hmmm....not sure about this procedure.

for me, my parents and PILs leave it up to us. instead, i was the supertitious one who wants a good date and timing. haha...but may not follow....11 am very late leh...even my mum feels so.
my photographer and jiemeis got a shock when i told them the timing. phtographer is worried he couldnt complete highlights in time for the banquet. jiemeis worry not enough time to rest and beautify themselves for the banquet.