(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Diana, the direct translation for photo montage is very technical leh. so the chinese one, especially what you have described will be a little tricky...

hope this works: 相信大家对新郎和新娘(or ur names) 的童年,以åŠä»–们从相认到相æ‹çš„过程有感兴趣å§ã€‚让我们一起看看他们走过人生旅程的å°è¯ã€‚

i thought the word å°è¯ would be a good way to introduce the photos as 'proofs' of the different stages of your life journey: childhood, growing up, first meeting, memorable dates, PS.

my chinese very rusty so pls check that there's no mistake first hor!


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and diana, i very selfish, told my jiemeis cannot wear white. coz it will be only me that day who wears white! same reason as huey, i dun want to blend in with jiemeis... ha ha... they can be colorful all they want.

told them they can wear any colour, but i just need to know. coz then i can give them different color corsages that match their dress. =)


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hi gals....finally PS finish...its so fun n weather today is real good.....can't wait to see the pics but got to wait at least 3weeks....

wah u all so light me ah 1.5m n 49kg...so heavy....trying so hard to loose weight but nv succeed....sob sob...

yuki/maez/angel....wat's ur secret hah? share share leh...


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wah sey...u all really fast in preparing speeches...i'm clueless who's gonna b emcees! Take it ez take it ez... ;P

vnn, ur chinese is v up to standard LOR!!!


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huey and tansy,

really meh? guo jiang guo jiang...

no lah, 3 years never touched my chinese stuff already lor. aiyah.... i was reading a few speeches that someone posted last time and then i improvised only mah.


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hi stef, glad u enjoyed ur PS, yeah, its bright n sunny today! i juz got soft copy of my photos today! heehee..

oh no secret leh.. in fact, i've been trying to put on weight since young that i gave up hahaa.. probably in the genes, im now more or less immune to pple EVERYTIME see me also tell me to eat more.. heh.. they nv see me on my hungry days.. :p


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btw, one of the speeches also mention about photo montages of the AD happenings, like picking up the bride, tea ceremony etc.

so... u can use this which i cut n paste from one of the speeches posted earlier in this thread.

我相信å„ä½éƒ½å¾ˆæœ‰å…´è¶£çŸ¥é“今天新郎迎娶新娘时的情形å§ï¼Ÿ 我们已把今早的过程一一地æ•æ‰ä¸‹æ¥ã€‚现在就让我们一起æ¥åˆ†äº«è¿™å¯¹æ–°äººçš„喜悦å§ï¼

but if ur mc is less formal and more on the 'fun and entertaining and conversational' side, i am thinking that this is more suitable (which i will use if i am showing my AD montage, but that won't happen =( )

虽然在座的æ¥å®¾é”™è¿‡äº†ä»Šå¤©æ–°éƒŽè¿Žå¨¶æ–°å¨˜æ—¶çš„ç»è¿‡ä»¥åŠæ•¬èŒ¶ä»ªå¼ï¼Œ 但托摄影大师的ç¦ï¼Œæˆ‘们能把今早的过程一一地æ•æ‰ä¸‹æ¥ã€‚现在就让我们一起欣èµè¿™äº›ç‹¬å®¶ç…§ç‰‡/录åƒï¼Œä¸€èµ·å›žå‘³ä»Šå¤©æ—©ä¸Šçš„欢喜画é¢å§ï¼


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wa... maez angel yuki you 3 really super super slim lo.. sign.. why those ppl around me all like that wan hahaahah...
i want to join ...but cant pass the smurf test :p .

stefy must must must show k
hee my fav past time is seeing others ppl nice nice wedding photos..


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purple? huh? use siang? vegetarian Buffet? We thinking of Miao Yi.. is that what you are asking ??

Jen : You settle your GDL already?? Thanks for advice..


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Hi ffbear..
ur coordinator will arrange w u wat time to reach the studio for makeup.. as for me, i din go changi.. i went clarke quay.. indochine pub in clarke quay.. fort canning.. sentosa.. and fullerton..
.. 2molo goin to view my photos liaoz!! so xcited! ;p hmm. .. i cant comment on changi as i din go ther for ps.. do they v a beach ther? .. if they v, then mayb v to see which one u personally prefer ... ? .. if u r sayin broadwalk changi and sentosa.. i prefer sentosa lor..
.. personal preference..

hi nueyerdua..
yar mann.. time flies.. hehe.. ;p .. oh.. so u wil b goin dwn to select ya cards too liao ah.. hmm.. yar.. better select and by end of sept.. we can start w our confirmation of attendance and prep to print the cards..
i v gone for wine tasting at "The Red Cellar" .. will be orderin it soon liao bah.. cz i heard that the wine comes in batches by shipment.. so sometimes v to wait for 2-3mths.. hmm.. so play safe bah.. hehe.. order first lor.. since sooner or later need to..
yar lor hor.. stil v songs.. angpow... and i tink stil v alot bah.. jz that as time goes by, we wil start to realise that actually tis one and that one not done yet hor.. haiyo.. ;p


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Hi Petrina,

Thanks for the update, but there's some errors in the data.

Here's the correct info.

Nick: ysilveer
AD: 1st Nov 2006
Bridal shop: Bridal Concept
Venue: Grand Hyatt
Church: Nil
AD Photo: Visioworks
AD Video:Visioworks
E-mail:[email protected]
Lovenest: Punggol 21

Thanks again and a wonderful weekend to all.

Jennifer, you are so lucky. MY PG is TY and he seems to "insist" that we can only go 2 locations. You can go so many places within the short span of time? I should have stuck to Kit. =p


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Hi Stefy,

Glad u enjoyed ur PS!!! great weather for great shots yesterday!!

no secret lah.. same as maez lor. been trying to put on weight since young. my parents always think I "kam jek" but I do eat a lot lor. that's why I am often teased as "jiak liao bee".


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Hi Gals.. i have selected my invites.. but which printers to recommend? should we go to the printers recommended by the hotel or should we source ourselves? I'm planning to print my inserts by early Aug wor..


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Hi CSIfan, ffbear.. u are not alone.. yesterday went for a gathering with old colleagues & someone commented that i put on weight!! oh my oh my... must be i eat too much bak kwa recently!!


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hi ysilveer..
hmm.. oic... but i guess since nw taken already then most impt is u r satisfied w his photos ..
.. but i oso heard that TY is veri easy to get along.. thou i find kit not too bad too.. can talk alot of crap sometimes.. ;p

hi silentelf..
o.. aug seems early.. for myself.. i shd b printing the invites somewher in late sept or oct..


Hi Xuan,

I saw your recommendation on Fingerworks & set up an appointment with Melissa. She's great & her services are very personalised
she's very friendly & like the cozy feel of her place very much. Thanks for your great recommendation!


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hey gals...thanx...yesterday there were so many couples in sentosa....thk i met abt 8 couples....then also met 2 of them at fullerton...hee hee hee....

wah u all so good so skinny...me ah eat a bit more n weight shot up liow....took me so long to come dwn to 49KG....haf to be veli careful with the food i take these days...dun wan to put on more weight b4 the big day...hee hee hee..

maez....share share ur pics leh....
[email protected]


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hi xiao bai,
wow..u r having mix of chinese and english song?
oh..my hubby wanted that too....

hmm..who knows..ure daddy might treat the corsags as a gift for you.

it'll still be better to have angbao box..just in case u r too busy entertaining other guests..and some dun get to shake hand with u..so its good to have angbao box..
i diy mine....costed me $50+ on materials.

for your second walk in--can consider Alex Du - jia gei wo (lively and suitable for occasion)

i am considering this song

i have not finalished my first dish song too. if u dun mind..can forward me the Under the Sea? [email protected]
first walk in - A Moment Like This
(very likely)

hi beautrice,
thats nice. i saw it too from web but didnt enquire price. any idea how much the pink feather corsag u mentiioned selling?
me thinking of DIY, but not sure worth boh.. maybe order will be cheaper and hassle free.

another one for eveyone's reference :


will be niceer to change color and add beadings at ribbon trimming


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Hi Diana,
I agree with the rest that if your jiemei wear white they will blend in so well with you. Wondering anyone see this photo in the bride magazine, the jiemei is wear different pastel colour only the bride in white the contrast in photo became so nice kekekek...

Hi vvn,
Can we take a look at you emcee speech, really got no idea where to start. By the way issit the speech suppose to be done by the emcee how come we are doing is really such a killer.

Hi ceraine,
As for the corsage you really need to email to enquire I didnt ask the price for the feather design cause once I show it to my jiemei they straightaway say no to that design. As for the song "under the sea" you can get it from xiaobai.


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hi jenT.. cos my wedding is early nov wor.. which means i need to finish all my prep in oct.. which is like 3 mths & 1 week away only lor.. ;p


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Hi hi Diana/vvn/ice/xiaobai/Beatrice/soudez/Steve/Tingz..
Thks for all ur encouragement..well..i have told myself to try to forget abt the whole thing..nothing much I can do if she wants to “prove†to the big boss that she’s capable of grooming me from very poor in my performance to up to her standards lor..i tell myself..i just want to try to be positive for now & in another few wks more..will get to carry my boy in my arms..dun want to care abt work..hope I will feel better lor..it’s not easy to just say that I dun care & that’s it..but at least for my son’s sake I will try lor..thks all for ur encouragement..i will stay happy & smiles….cheers~

Hi hi Diana..
Me now at my mum’s place..i need to go back & chk out the words I have used..let me chk it out & let u know again when I return back to work on tue ahh..me taking Mon off..


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hi silentelf,
i am using the hotel's one, which is T Dragon. My sister used that for her wedding last yr and seems like they are ok. I will be going down to view the cards this weekend


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haha...prinzess...maybe we shld go exercise tog...hee hee hee...recently so nua nv go gym for a while liow...thk must start my exercise regime again....haiz...another 4mths must maintain maintain...hee hee hee..


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gals....dun worry...i dun tink i will blend in wif my jie mei...coz my gown is off white wif gold emboriary so my WG is actually abit shimmering wif gold lor....so wont blend in wif them....hee hee

thks vvn, will do the changes 2molo at work...hahaa....


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Hi Beatrice,

thks for ur mail n link. interested in one of her dresses, asking her for details now. A gr8 help!

Hi Xiaobai,
ya, this thurs. we shall keep in touch via sms cos my net something wrong... xiao xiao.. sometimes can't logged in...

Hi Wendy,
Must remember not to get too stressed up or u'll have a stressed baby... Just one ear in and next ear out... don't bother so much with such boliao boss... Ur baby is more impt den this job... "Dong Jia bu Ta, Ta Xi Jia"

Hi Vvn,
Wa, u very powderful wif ur China leh, thks for ur contributions.


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hey babes, will let u know when i've uploaded the photos.. super tired *yawn* juz done w 1st round housewarming n slept late after cleaning up the place..


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pandalic-hmm understand that. bt its not cos on probation..its cos no money. at least ur HB on probation is a valid reason. no money is just to me not a valid reason. hmm. bt then really empty pocket. sigh. thanks for ur encouragement.

diamond-wah u still gt headhunters..i m the agency hunter b4 i get the job. i hunt for job agency. hahah..wahpiang wat company u working as..so many marriage lve. my current company only 3 days...new company i duno.

yuki-thanks for the encouragement also. hehe. maybe HM in our lovenest. haha. but since i doing shift work in new job...lagi cham. no HM for Da Wife and not ard to pei her. sigh.

OL-great to hear no suit gog on. smile and enjoy. cos u will missed it after that.

angeldust-wat u do to lose weight. me still playing with my weight even after PS. IPPT coming next tues. Arghgrghg. maybe i share with u wat i eat. Carbs. Full blown carbs and nothing but carbs. healthy gain weight hor. not anyhow gain wieght. potato, rice, noodles. ehhe. no lard no lard. bad lard. heart problems can link to slim pple also. so dangerous. 40kg? so light?

elven-i see.hope u get the best contractor.

maez-wahpiang u all so light. i 80+++.haha reaching 90 soon. Da wife said if i reach 90. she dun wan me liao. hahahaa. u and angeldust add up sill lighter than me.

Stefy-hope u enjoy the PS. tell us quick. anything funny happen.

smurf land? then me gargomele. hehee. nope dun tink soo. gargomel skinny. me fat. hmm. cant tink of any characters. maybe garfield. eat liao slp. hahha

keira knightly IS graphically enhanced for both the poster and movie according to my sources. for all 3 pirates movies. duno y they push part 3 till next yr. so long. cant wait for chow yun fatt to appear in it. hehe.

my PS photos ready liao. duno when can go dwn to choose. cant seem to fix a reasonable date for appt. hmmm.


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Tml is the first day of the ghost festival...
Just a reminder. What should we not do during this period? I think I will continue to create flash for my wedding, chose songs, plan MC speech, make Ang Bao box...


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Hi Wendy,
加油ï¼åŠ æ²¹ï¼

Hi Girls,
7th months coming finally can have a excuse to relax before wedding.
I saw a very nice square shuang xi chuang deng at bugis st level 2 yesterday selling at $50 for a pair if anyone interested can drop by to take a look. (But i think have to buy some other month not 7th month.


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hiya gals!!! long time to come in to tis thread.. hw's every1 doin??

is it time to start printin of cards oledi??? gosh.. me tinkin of waitin til aft d 7th mth

chomecc.. me pics nt ready.. my hubby brought camera.. but dunno y suddenly spoil n cant use.. sad sad.. anyway my pics wil b ready for viewin tis week.. cant wait to c them.. hope they turn out nice


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Stefy - no secret lah ...keke :p i love to eat so got to exercise oso lor ....haha
my FH alway remind me eat so much got to go gym ...so i go gym gym n sometime Amore for classes. if i eat n eat but dun exercise then weight will go up n up oso ...haha
but after PS, i only eat n sleep....haha think i put got weight got to chk .....haha

glad u enjoy ur PS

wow u met 8 couples. ....keke :p tat time i met abt 4 couples n it was raining ....i am thinking if the weather is good think will have a lot couples

princess55 - but i didnt slim at the part 1 wan....haha

maez, angel - hw i wish can eat n eat but wun put on weight...haha

maez - do update me when u upload ur photo ...thank u :p u having a few round of house warming? keke :p muz have fun

DaMan - ur photo ready liao .......my PG still nvr call me ...duno if i shl call him


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HI Ladies

Wow the thread flows very fast.

The food tasting session is cancelled cause my mil told my hubby only the male side family need to go for the food tasting. The lady side family don't need and my silly hubby asked me to invite my parents. After that, he called the restaurant and the manager told him if two tables combined (vegetarian and non vegetarian) will cost us $200 a table and we had try some of their dishes before we booked the wedding banquet venue . So we all decided it is ok to cancel the food tasting session. Their dishes are quite good when I tried it last time.

I can see my hubby was very stressed when his mum said don't need to the lady side to go for the food tasting session and i agreed that I will speak to my parents that the food tasting session was cancelled. He smiled and let out a audible sigh. Think he was glad that he got one less thing to worry about.

I also told his mum that since she brought the fridge and the altar for us,she don't need to buy jewellery anymore. And I told her that I am not cantonese also don't need the si dian jin. But don't know why she hears that i need the sian dian ji and shoots me back and said we are haninese, we don't give you sian di ji. So I talked back I mean since u buying the fridge and the altar don't need the jewelley. And my mum has already brought the jewelley for me. I don't need so much. If I want, I can buy it on my own. Then she keep quiet.

Really very siah. everything she also must argue with my family and me, and never hear the words that I said and shoot back at me already. So siah

My mum told her she needs 12 cans of pork rib for the gdl day. But don't know why later my mil called a few months later and said want to change to pork legs cans, my mum remembered the wrong qty and told her need 24 cans lor mix and match u decide. (that is the amount my dad gives to my mum last time), and she wants to argue with me now said how come like that. I was fed up,I told her auntie u fellow the paper, my mum wrote down what thing on the list, you fellow that list. Actually, my mum remembered the wrong figure, that qty 24 is the amount my dad gave to my mum last time and my mil keeps quiet. Even 12 cans of pork leg cans also want to argue, I don't dare to take the jewellery from her. Wait I take got more problem. I rather buy on my own next time. Actually, my mum said gdl items got give can already, don't need to worry about the qty. My mum is very easy going already, don't know why my mil everything also cannot. So funny.

My hubby and me are very stressed, really hope that our wedding day will come soon. So that all these things can come to an end. And we can live happily ever after and ignore all these customs and arguements liao. We are trying to be as happy as possible

Hi Steve

Thanks for ur encouragment. We are doing that now try to do things in our own ways. If things that my mil said, we can do we fellow. Cannot, we will do it our own way. Ignore her black face. Ha Ha Ha

Hi Ceraine

Yeap, we are having both english and chinese songs.

Coresages still waiting for daddy reply to make for me or not, have not spoken to him yet. These few days I am very busy.

For the hongbaos I will tell my friend, if they can't see me to pass to my hubby. For my daddy relatives, they will pass to my parents directly. For my hubby relatives, think they will pass it to him or his mum directly. We want to save the trouble of distributing the hongbaos later. Scared it will become another war zone again. Ha Ha Ha. So we will not have hongbao box for the wedding day.

For the second march in song, I have choose a whole new world for us.

I will forward the under the sea song to u later.

Hi Ladies

By the way, me got a problem. After I burn the 4 songs in the disc. I played the cd on the pc. It can be played. But when I played the cd on a normal pansonic vcd player. It cannot detect the disc. Is it something wrong with my disc??? How come like that ? my songs are in mp3 format. Only 1 song is in cd format. What should I do now? Me really have no idea at all. Can anyone help me? Hee Hee. Thank You very much.

Take Care Ladies and Gentlemen



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HM next year also can go.. when ready go better than not ready go also not shiok right.

ha diamond.. you work in Bank also.. only know bank can have such long ML.

ha stefy .. ha where you stay
i just do downstair or east coast to jog wan.. lazy to go the gym..

ha Panda.. know what.. i was seatching thro past thread... then found out.. you are BSProflilic)!!!! hahaahaa ... stupid me no see the link..you are with Divine C...

yuki.. i envy you all la...
hmmm i super long never weight myself.. dont have wan at home.. hmm i also curious how much i weight now.

maez and Daman
look forward to see your photos..

maez... i hate cleaning up... ha... i also use the excuse.. im allergy to dust .. cleansing stuffs ahhaha


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hi xiaobai. u shld burn the cd in a normal format playable by cd player and not mp3 format unless u are given a mp3 player during the dinner. take note. the cd format will take up a bigger space than mp3.

as for ur MIL, all i can say is tat you shld give in to her for the moment. even though we are in the 21st century already, some parents are still very traditional in terms of weddings, etc. she was probably oso tekan by her MIL when she married ur FIL. so now her chance to tekan u back. u shld just take wad she said in ur stride and not argue with her. u shld try to understand the stress ur husband will be under. an eye for an eye and the world goes blind.


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ya i am refer the Channel U tat song, u know wat the name?

me live near admiralty link near rge YTSS holding school....


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Hi Designfreak

I understand that is why I am trying my best to do whatever I can do, whatever I can't do I will speak to her politely. That is a limit to what I can do, I can't please everybody. Now we both had a hard time to please both side parents.

Both side want to do things according to their marriage the last time. I am not angry with my mil anymore. Just find her very funny. Maybe like what my friend said she just want to let me know she is the mother in law and I should afraid of her , everything I do must fellow her instructions. Even the way I iron my hubby clothing, I must iron using her special method.

I am still learning her special method, once I am confidence that I am doing her special method correctly, then I will iron my hubby clothings in her house. Or else she will start scolding me again.

Now I am practicing her method of ironing in the comfort of my new house. I will try not to stay long at her house to prevent further conflicts and more things to be said about our wedding. Making more problems occurs and my hubby more stress too.

I wonder is it she don't like me in the first place? And I am so stupid and didn't realise it when I rom to my hubby two years ago? But for now that is nothing much I can do. But just do whatever I can. Whatever she don't want us to do, if we think we can left it out, we will left it out. But if we feel we must do it, we will do it our way. Since marriage is once in a lifetime affair. And my hubby told me that we can't please everybody. Most important thing is we must live happliy after our marriage. So now we are closing our ears - one ear in & one ear out method.

Maybe my mil is doing all this cause she wanted us to have buffet and honeymoon only. And I silly go and said ok to her last time.

But after that my parents don't allow, as I am their only daughter. And she is angry with me. That is why she is doing all these things to make my life difficult. I just try my best to be happy and don't hear too much, or else my life will be very miserable and sad.

Take Care Ladies and Gentlemen



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anyway, keep an update of myself...
went Ikea yesterday..bought alot of storage boxes...
but a pity is the BIGGEST storage box is all sold out....
cos cant find it...
I want to buy the dunno 45cm x dunno wat
another one, also dun ve...
in the end, I bought many med size one..
spent near $200 at Ikea without buying the bookshelves...
cos my intial plan is to buy a bookshelf...in the end, didnt buy cos of the tpt cost of S$40.
N think the cab cant carry tat big shelf...
anyway, I still dun ve enough storage boxes


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Hi Chomecc,

Yup u sure will enjoy ur pampering session with Melissa @ Fingerworks one!! Cos she's great and the plc is so cosy!! ;)

Hi Blurblur, glad u enjoy ur session @ Fingerworks with Melissa...Heee...yup she's fantastic!!! ;)

Hi ati_choo, can send me the ang pao pics to me at [email protected]. Hope still available for sale?? ;)


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Hi Ceraine

By the way, I like the above coresages. Where can I get it or can I make it on my own? I need three pieces. Hee Hee. I like the pink one the most.

Thank You So Much :p



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Hi gals,

How are ur AD? Good?

I have finished my wedding on 09-July. It's very good & i enjoyed it alot. Kinda of miss it lor.

Btw, my wedding photo is on SB home page. Hehehe.

Keep me update how are ur AD.

Congrats July Brides!