(2006) Brides of year 2006


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prinzess55 - wow so good goin on a shopping trip? keke :p

ribbons - i am sorry i havent been to carlton quite some time so not too sure abt it ..
hmm .. maybe u can discuss on what both parent wan for AD? like roast pig, table lamp ...n what is the do n dun for AD ...procedure?

diamond - I am afraid that i can help much as well coz i havent really decide on the angbao amt n total helpers as well ...seem quite far ahead. i think u juz set ur buget n give what u can afford n feel reasonable
me too got spreadsheet but is to record what we spend so far ... estimation is a rough gauge to see what we are expecting to spend for all.

angel - that good tat u can use yahoo now ..keke :p at least they din banned it ..

Da Man - i am using e-messenger.net at office ...keke :p coz no choice everything kana banned
haha me same here ...wan to chg job n oso hope to chg out of IT line but dunno where to go ...keke :p anyway all the best in both of ur new job :p if my PG nvr call me this week then think i oso got to wait till end july ...


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hi sweet kar. the wife will bring me down to earth if i am ever on cloud nine. :D

i had to try to look more matured for the PS if not i will end up looking like a little boy in a suit. hahaha.


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anyone here is going to make their own ang pow box? is there anywhere i can see how it will look like so i can copy abit? haha. i just found the box i think we will use to put the ang pow. but now wondering what kind of design to do on it.


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daman, i dun understand why u say upper/lower pierce is out of the way leh? anyhow, PG will take our car for outdoor shoot, so he said will go anywhere we want to.

can share with me why u said marina south & labrador park are nicer (beaches are out for me)? also, where can i get lallang shot?


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Hi xiaobai
will you gg to ur BS tonite to talk to them abt it?

Hi Beautice
whr did you order ur corsages from?
i'm interested in ur website for the <$50 jie mie dress leh... [email protected]

Hi Ng Kar
The corsage ur fren made are nice and of reasonable pricing leh... its interesting to DIY... but for mi, guess its better to purchase... faster and easier for a lazy bum... =p btw, the corsage you DIY not clear leh...

Hi Tingz
way of printing the invite? got special ways mah? wat ways are available?


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tingz, u mtm fusion pink cs too huh...long one? mine short one.....

steve, i thot all hotel co-ordinator will gif u the dinner schedule, recommend list of songs and emcee speech etc...coz mine got too...

who wan to teach me to make wrist corsage and ang pao box...


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diana.. i still havent see the stupid box yet.. this weekend ok.. as for ang pao box i got the idea in my head but so far no action.. haha


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Hi Wendy

Apprecite if you can update my details

ROM: 10 Jan 03
BS: Julia Wedding News
AD Photo: Friend
AD Video: icandovideo
Email: [email protected]
Lovenest: Buangkok

Hi Tingz / Jennifer, I realised we are staying at the same area


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Daman... ha not for the cake la... but for maybe like at each table.. hee see the cost 1st la.. but buying mainly bowl.. plates.. spoons etc... eh??? what pages thingy?

hee.. panda.. i sure bring giant suitcase... ha better tell me friends to do so too hahaaa.. bec all super shoppers.

yuki..:p got some discount for SQ flight ha.

i think i need to do spreadsheet keep track of cost too... :p wedding + house thing v v lots of $$$.. sign told friends if want to get married must prepare early lo...


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hi soudez, becos my banquet is at sentosa, so more mafan lor, got pick up point la, where to take shuttle bus la, where is the car park la...etc. so the co-ordinator show us different ways other couple do, so we can "cang kao". hehehe.

Diana, my CS is gold, not pink. fusion CS = east meet west type of CS. not the traditional type

Hi xris, so u waiting for ur flat too? where will ur flat be? mine is Aspella. hope they can built faster hehe


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princess, if u are interested in buying porcelain crockery, u may wan to try out this shop - Patra (i hope i get the spelling correct) at WTC. In Spore, this brand is sold at places like robinson &amp; taka. the prices in Bangkok are much cheaper than in Spore. U can get the sales person to airfrieght pack for you and U can check it in at the airport.


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what's an east meet west type of CS? ha i blur liao... care to share with us how it's supposed to look like?

for ang bow box, there are a few threads in this forum, so may be u guys can take a look for inspiration and to 'can kao'' also!


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vvn, mine CS is erm...the top part is like a traditional CS, with the CS collar...etc, but the back will be bare, and the bottom part will have a mermaid tail with train instead of a high slit like a traditional CS... hope u get wat i mean... heheh


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Hi Ladies,

Married life at is not much different from before...
Juz get to see each other every nite...

My Hubby always work late!!! Sian man!!!
Last thursday came back only 1plus... AM!!!

Count me in for the gathering. AD Photo shd be ready only end of this month...


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<font color="0077aa">prinzess55, you din check your PM??

and yes, bring giant cases.. kekeke.. candles are heavy.. the lot i brought back was abt 30+kg liao.. then plus my other barangs ended up with excess baggage.. kekeke.. but heng the flight not full so they din charge me.. =P

have lotsa fun in bkk.. =)

if you wanna a tailor for formal dinner wear, you can try welvet's room in siam sq soi 4. 2nd floor. this is pricier, dresses/gowns from S$300..

then tailor for formal office wear, you can try panvad in siam sq soi 5 underground siam theatre.. a suit is abt S$145..</font>


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princess, u can also shop at chatuchak for wedding flavours. I have seen some very special ones that couples bought from BKK &amp; gave away during the wedding...

u can also get nice nice lamps &amp; silk stuff (eg custom covers, table runners) from BKK. also those decor plates where pp put candles/pebbles inside..

i bought all these &amp; porcelain crockery from BKK also


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tingz...my CS also nt really traditional type...mine is short, bare back wif netting more of the sexy look....nt sure if it is noe as fusion design bo....but ya it is fuschia pink


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prinzess - me like pratumnum market for tees. u can go there too. hee hee.. oh of cos please LUG Bras back lor. so cheap. HA HA HA.. food - Coca at Siam Sq is good and cheap cos S'pore so EXP. then Fuji or Zen at MBK for jappy food. DROOLS.. cheap and good. oh ya.. Mango Tango at Siam Sq yummy also for cool tea break.

if u like accessories.. Siam Sq many stalls. if u looking for sweet cotton dresses or sunday dress.. siam sq aplenty. ha ha ha ha .. tees will be prat market and indra regent area.


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diamond - yap i am in IT ...long hrs n standby it really depend on the project lor ...not alway but so far okie

princess55 - wow so good got discount ...so muz go n enjoy urself okie .. have fun ...when u leaving? yap better to have spreadsheet to track ...sometime i lose track oso then havent update ...haha yap will spend a lot $ here n there but once in a lifetime n most importantly u r happy :p


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ha panda.. you like that ask me i know what you email already thanks thanks.. yest.. went home... didnt check.. will do so tonight

haha...thats why i so excited ... hope my FH likes what i buy.. he more particular than me...


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princess, can you believe thta my FH has not even been to BKK!?! i told him, one day, i will show him ard in BKK... and my fav hotel is Patuwan Princess. I have never stayed in other hotels in BKK other than Patuwan Princess


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ya man... the Jap Rest so much cheaper and good ... that time eat till cannot move hahah
heee.. bras.. my 1 year supply hahahaha

im going from 8th to 13th Aug.

i also say once a life time.. but somethings cannot save... like good mattress...

Daman... since you in IT ask you ya... how to do the flash thingy on website.. want to set up a website


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hahaa... not all guys like BKK.. my bf doesnt like to shop... not someone who live to eat (like me) he eat to live...
told him will never go BKK again with him hahaha


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Diana, angbao box v ez to make. I bot $2 box fr Daiso. Then get a nice wrapper and wrap it. Then buy some flowers or figerines to paste on the lid. Haha but easier than said.

Ng Kar, which shop at chinatown complex? I wan to go stock up pretty ribbons for ang bao boxes


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yuki-oic..hehe...ur FH allow u to change job now since getting married soon? urs 12hrs also meh? my new job gog to be 12hrs. but no ned to standby

panda-both? i given three. which both?

diamond-oic. hehe. marian south is from bottom shoot upwards..so u must ensure u gt blue sky and green green grass (at highway there)..then sme parts inside is with trees that is suitable for black and white photos..labrador part gt the railway track i heard. nvr been there b4 bt when we told our photog we wanted nature also then he suggested that. so i suggest to u also. lallang mine is at taneh merah (further than taneh merah ferry terminal)...there are quite a few lallang places like ponggol also.. so depends on which place ur photog is familiar....err i also nvr been to bkk. only taiwan during army. and sentosa. hehehe. KL and JB dun count.

prinzess-pages thingy as in u studying smething and gt a exam/test rite? buying bowl plates and spoons as in? dun understand the plates and bowls. hehe..the flash thingy ned to noe actionscript, a programming language from Macromedia flash who is bought over by Adobe. if u dun wan to noe actionscript then u can actually drag and play around the program but the prog damn ex.


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hi, tingz
i reced ur mail, ur photos look great...

Me going to select my photos tis sun, cant wait to see the photos, hope it turns out nice....


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Da Man - no no i not on 12hrs ..mine is office hours but u know if system or application got problem or doing some changes then maybe got to come back or work OT lor ...touch wood ..haha
haha my FH dun mind i chg job but i worry if chg job then later apply leave for marriage n honeymood dunno com allow or not so shld be staying put first..now the job market picking up?

can check with you all ... for Japan which agency is better to take package with? any hidden cost?


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hi maez,
could i trouble you to update my details into the table:

Date: 20 and 22 Dec
Dinner: Shangri-la
Solemnisation: SAM
BS: Ted Wu
PS and AD: Photolanguage
Videographer: TBA
Lovenest: Tampines



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Hi Beatrice,

Same here i also have butterfly cum green hulk fingers and movement. that's y my flower 1 big big in the centre of the string. Haha.....

Hi Tingz,

Are you from temasek poly or SIM clementi HQ?
I thinking of this 2 places.

Hi Xiaobai,

I know its blur so that it will look nice mah... As i say i have green hulk fingers, to make it look good so i need to XXXX it out hahaha....

If you want to buy them also can but i don't have recommedation for cheap ones. i think in one of the threads there is a $2 corsages.
I intend to ask my friend to do that for me.

Hi Diana,

you can take a look at this

http://www.mylittlewedding.com/Moneyboxes2.htm --> add the word ( shop ) after the wedding

and can1 kao3 the style to make your own AP box. just take a A4 photocopy paper box home from office then buy wrapping paper get those that match with you colour theme. wrap it up buy abt 2 rolls of wrapping paper. ok


Hi Tansy,

The people's park complex inside i not sure which floor you have to check it out coz i didn't go there. i went to syed Aliwal st st along north bridge road bus number 100 pass by the shop infront its before 746 north bridge road. 746 is a costume masquerade &amp; theatrical rental shop so you walk along that road from syed Aliwal st you will see the whole shop view are stack with ribbons. A bit dusty look. but is a wholesaler so cheap chip....haha..
hi beatrice
thanx for the links... will prob get the wrist corsage..coz my Jie Meis say all very nice leh..

hi tingz
*wolf whistle* can't imagine how sexy u'll look on yr wedding day.

hi diana
u'll be as sexy as tingz too... *eyes popping*
btw,no need to go buy boxes for Ang Baos..i juz take 2 A4 printer paper box from my office &amp; make them into Ang Bao Box...hee..but hv not started makeing them yet...

hi dwarfs
happy selection of fotos...

hi tansy
i'm goin to prepare 2 Ang Bao box too. 1 for groom &amp; 1 for bride...still tinking of the design.

hi designfreak
well.. u really dun look yr age loh...complexion smoother than mine loh...*envy sia*

hi ng kar
at least u try to make the corsage..i worse never even try leh...


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Thanks Ng Kar for ur contacts....i think next wk i shld b popping by to chk out! hehe...

Huey, i'm oso at dead end for the designs. Rite now jus wrapped one of the boxes with pink wrapper. Still trying to conceptualise the theme and design.


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yuki, it is never a good time to change job. if u dun change job now b'coz worried cannot take leave.. but after wedding, it may not be a good time also.. if u get pregnant then u are stuck again.. or, if u change job before u get pregnant, it also means that u cannot get pregnant so soon at your new job.... well....


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daman, labrator park got railway? hm... i was there last sunday night.. did not see any railway tracks worr...

is there a road that leads beyond the tanah ferry terminal?? hm...

maybe this wkend i go check that out.. also to lower/upper pierce..


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Hey gals,

Natas fair will be too late of it's on 30th.... sigh.....

Any recommendations for MUA to doll up MIL &amp; mom on AD?