(2006) Brides of year 2006


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apple - yeah lor....i think according to custom is need some fortune woman to an chuang the bed, put all sweets, lian zi, red dates and all on the bed, called virgin boy to roll and lie on bed. But i think if not wrong no need to be from groom side, any side also can so long as woman is deem fortunate lor. Haizzz..now i headache
who will carry the umbrella for me and who shall open the door for the groom....think the umbrella more important cos she must be a fortunate woman...oh well must select carefully..

ribbons - thanks! will look around in spot light.


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Hmm.. interesting. When I see doctor tmr (Braddell really too far lah) en route to Mum's place at CCK, shun bian let the doctor see what happened to me.

Sigh.. hope it is not some lame diagnosis, inexplicable reason. I want my life back. I want my friends back.


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<font color="0077aa">wow jingles, you are pretty particular abt the customs.. and knowledgeable as well.. *applause*

dun think my mum knows these stuff.. she only mentioned that my younger bro gotta open door for the groom.. can i ask someone must carry umbrella for the bride on wedding?</font>


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princes-cool it....tink they shld have at least address u ur name lor..wah so fast go see card...think gt to chio da wife dwn also liao...our coordinator is gog to be beri bz.

angeldust-u r welcome..hehe..wahpiang....lallang really at punggol...siao liao...sentosa hw to go punggol? FAINT. gog to tke rocket liao..

ribbons-wah cannot lah..dun wack ur guy hor...wait he come and wack me cos i put tat idea in ur head..hehe....wah..sticky situation leh...i tink for the guy friend of urs migth be contemplating to go to ur church wedding anot...depending on hw he tinks. whether will he b afraid ur gal friend make a fuss abt his fiance or dun care...and if im in ur stituation, i still invite. like wat pandalic said, we done our part. the rest is up to them.

pandalic-another demostration of ur EQ power. heheh..pass me some EQ power leh..my EQ sucks....sigh

maez-no prob. actually my electronics nt yet come..coming on 1 july. heheh so nvr try yet. the home thatre system still at my home sitting there. gog to install on this sun first. hehe..wah..u are scaring me liao leh...the card prep.

yuki-ya lor..tats y gt to start elimination round. cham. difficult to choose leh...gt to discuss with da wife liao...see which 1 she prefer more.

apple-ya...keep quiet is better....esp if involve ILs.

ok gog home now...njoy the weekend...yee har...CLEAN HOUSE loh....


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<font color="0077aa">daman, you beari cute.. =P

eh, i dun have to follow customs.. kekek but curious why must have umbrella.. you know?</font>


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Hi all,

for those who are taking Meritus Mandarin as their venue. Jus to comment dat their food is of high quality standard. Both my parents n FMIL n family enjoyed the dishes very much. But den again, food tasting -- they will always do it very well bcos only 1 table mah. When the AD comes, so many tables, dunno whether if they will be blur... *crossing my fingers N hope not!*


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Thanks for the info... on the pig. Think might get one after my wedding.

I'm fine now, went to remove a lump in my womb. It is about the size of a 20c coin.

For my wedding, I don't have any dinner, juz buffer lunch for relatives at parent n in-law home. My husband will not be "soba" by jie mei as he will juz walk into the house to fetch me out. But all the rest of the custom for wedding like tea ceremony at both parents home r still present. Have got most of my stuffs for wedding will start again maybe next week since I need to work on weekends.


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really ah? then i can fang xin. at first before the drafting of the contract MM manager told me dun have food tasting, but i dig out the email he first send to me and showed him proof that we do have food tasting! (it was for 2007 that dun have, scare me) he so blur so i was quite worried at first...

btw how come your food tasting so early? they call u or u initiate like moninet? hee... what is ur menu like?

ok i guess i will bug them... in july!


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oh no. but glad u got the op done and over with, plus a few months before your AD. just dun remember to stress and tired urself too much, k? if not very hard for you to recouperate and get ready for the big day! rest well!

what mail?


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i think i know why. did anyone tried sending email to [email protected] instead of [email protected] ?

both accounts belong to me, but due to the overwhelming amt of emails that i received about enlarging my breasts, getting cheap viagra and loosing half my weight in 2 weeks, i created the other account, the one with the underscore.

so use this [email protected] if anyone wants to email, or u can use it to add me to your mutiply to see my gowns!

and btw, giving this addy to spammers is not funny, i have too many breast enlargments advertisments for a lifetime! =p


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there are alot of customs to follow if we want to follow. other than those u have mentioned, have u all heard of the custom where the bride &amp; groom each will get a fortunate lady to comb their hair the night before the AD? Also, the lady side is supposed to buy a pair of lamps for the guy's side? that symbolises off-springs... there are too many for me to follow... luckily, both my parents &amp; FILs are not too supersitious &amp; traditional types.. *phew*


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even our AD, i pick myself by flicking the english version of the tong-su. my parents &amp; FILs are fine with either date. and I am so lucky to pick a super hot date.. so hot until i dunno why till it was published in the papers explaining why that actual date is so hot! ha!


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Hi storm,
yah...will try telling him that. hehs...

What a tiring day...took leave today to clear my room and help parents clear the house. Haven't touched my ring pillow in 2 weeks already!! It's still a work in progress...we're moving house temporarily, while they renovate this one here for the wedding. hehs...so, while I dun have to worry abt the reno for my love nest (done long time back), I have to worry abt the reno for my parents' home. hahaha....This is the last weekend in the original look for this place...

Hi Kellie, welcome!! When's your AD? If not the same as mine, I can recommend you my ADPG Stephen of Lyrical Moments.

Hi nueyerdua, welcome! when's your AD?


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jingles....there are a few scrapebooking shops ard if u wan to buy the eyelets/brads...

1. made with love - plaza sing beside best towards the carpark
2. spot light
3. laine's papetaire in wheelock 3rd floor or paragon 5th floor
4. pictures 2 pages - online cheaper
5. scrapbooking cove

alternatively u can go ebay sometimes its so much cheaper to get it there....the other time i got a pack of 500pcs for $20.

if any of you gals are good at craft, can buy materials from these places and do your own guestbook will be a lot more meaningful when you look back many years later...hee hee hee...i did my guest sign in for ROM myself n very personalise lor....

hope this info helps...


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bcos both parents haven't formally meet up yet n my ROM is this coming 20. So FH says its better to arrange for the food tasting b4 our ROM so s to use it as a chance for both parents to meet up. if not, it's gonna b quite odd to meet on ROM itself lor.

I took menu II on the blissful menu, but change a few stuff in there. I took their Or-Ni for dessert bcos i love Or-Ni (teochew mah!) n their Or-Ni is really good! yummy....


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Wah biang. I woke up at 5.30am and ate half a tub of ice-cream. Half a tub is "Very Rocky Road" and the other half is "coffee crumble" with nuts and chocolate chips.

Wanted to go back to bed but I felt so hungry.


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Thanks pinkbunny. There is another location at Raffles Place, in front of the MRT station. Their ice mocha is very very nice.
Drank it several weeks ago, miss it.


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hi jingles,

to further explain on the customary on fortune woman, yes, that is required. But nowadays, ur parents will do the "shu tou" for u and as for carry the red umbrella, i think ur dad can do that for u. Lucky for me, my parents told my PIL that they do not require a fortune woman and MIL has "graciously" volunteered to AC for us cos she said that she AC for ALL hubby's siblings lor. watever lah.. she like can liao.. HA HA HA HA HA HA.. so as long i get to select the bedsheets. MUA HA HA HA HA no obiang looking dragon phoenix or mandarin ducks bedsheets that I know I will NEVER reuse again. :p me so nottie..

As for the boy to roll on bed, u can do that on AD if ur itinerary allows u to return to new home no need to do during AC one.

IMHO, the customs if u wanna follow, can follow to a certain extent otherwise see if can improvise a little.

Daman - then go changi beach + punngol or punggol marina + punggol? no need go sentosa?? also have beach mah....


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jingles, u are welcomed. THat shop at PS that i am referring to is the one that stefy posted..

DaMan.. he will just have to be prepard lor.. in good times and in bad mah.. hahah.. or maybe i'll get him to join this forum, and let him kena wack here.. haha..

Oh, my guy friend is fine with coming and bringing his fw.. but its my friend that i am worried about... she aint very stable if u get what i mean.. but nvm. i will just invite and see how..

all this customs ah.. actually hor, very troublesome leh.. and was just taking with a colleague yest, we were talking about the presense of a pregnant woman at a wedding.... xi xhong xi right... then what if the bride is pregnant? doesnt that equal to xi xhong xi too? hmm.... i'm clueless man..


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hi ribbons - on the "xi chong xi" I think only when u chu jia and jin men, pregnant women not suppose to be around. That's why there is a restriction for those getting married too close to ur wedding date (some say 3 mths, some say 6 mths, some say 9 mths) not being allowed to attend because afraid that the newly wedded wife might be pregnant on ur wedding day and clash with ur god timings for chu jia &amp; jin men. Having them around during dinner celebrations is ok. but not the day event.

As for the bride being pregnant, that is an all different matter according to the old folks. HA HA HA HA... to them its either a "loss of face" or some tweak it around and say "shuang xi lin men" this one is ALL watever they wanna say.. HA HA HA HA..
no comments on that... :p


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Hi wtan,

Btw, my ROM will be on 7 Oct, dinner will be next year. Haven't really decided on the date yet. Waiting for tong shu to be out by July. PS will be in Oct as well.

Have u ladies went for your PS? Heard it's quite tring and did anyone enage a MUA to follow thru. Not sure how is the scedule like? Anyone care to share? All I know is that need to wake up very early and it will start from indoor studio.
How many changes of hairdo are there? 2?

Hi Honeyc,

I m teochew too. FH is cantonese, hence if we need to follow traditions, it will be very complex, that why we decided to have a real simple wedding.

Hi vvn,

True, hotmail a/c is prone to spamming. That's why i just to have underscope in my email. And it works. ha ha..

Have a great day ahead!



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hi gals,

i also got sick few days ago.
was running a fever, sore throat, flu...
so sad... lucky now recovering well.
hope everything goes well tomorrow


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oic! my parents and his parents also never formally meet to discuss the wedding things coz my FPIL are overseas! they wun come until 1 weeks beforee AD. so headache, all the marry bits have to go thru between me and FH to settle

mine is the mandarin blissful lunch menu with some other dessert, red bean i think. hope it's passable.


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i just went for my PS last fri! dun need to wake up early leh... i reached BS at 930, then do make-up... studio until 1pm, after lunch we went out ard 2pm. came back before 6pm.

my MUA was only present for the studio only. i had 4 sets of hairdo and make-up. The 4th set is for outdoor, my MUA told me to bring my own makeup 'just in case'. she told me how to do touch-ups and all, then left shortly before we set off to take outdoor shots. but in the end that day was drizzling so i never sweat n my make up stayed! u check with your BS, usually if they have x sets of clothes for PS, they should have x sets of make-up/ hairdo also. but usually outdoor ones they dun count.

finally found another person who suffers from too much spamming from hotmail as me!


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nice to see u in this thread!
y dun u put down your details for Wendy to compile?

BS :
AD Photographer :
AD Videographer:
Lovenest :

did i miss anything else?


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wenn not going back RSAF MUSEUM..erm..just checked out nothing much great at RSAF musuem...haa..unless I can get into the camp..haa

which is totally impossible!


Well..will see what my PG suggest..I thinking of some restuarants but not sure must pay fee to take anot..heh..

Some said take outside no problem..you know hor SIN got quite nice restuarants which have nice building leh...kek kek kek

I was thinking those common areas lot's of pple are going..kind of boring...so I was thinking of nice restuarants that have colonial infrastructure or nice surrounding around the restuarants etc..

exciting man..but tell u me look too shack leow...watching too much soccer and too much KOREAN vcd....ummmm


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Wow, didn't know there are so many teachers here. Now that I counted, a number of my frens are teachers and 2 just went for interviews to be a teacher. They told me that they are tired of the corporate world. My mum used to be a tacher too and has retired few years back. She told me it's a fulfilling job.
. So, kudos to you teachers!

Angel - Thanks for your info, but RO too expensive. HTB's jaws dropped when I showed him the price list. Think we hv overspent on our wedding and have to watch what we spent. Sigh! Only met 3 so far, meeting a few more next week. A bit blur liao... so tiring...

Princess - Thanks for your contacts. Mostly not available also. Hey, I also went to see my skin doc and got topical antibiotics instead of the oral ones. Bateria infection. Was quite bad. Must be all the stress
. Sigh. But don't worry, with the antibiotics, the pimples will clear up faster and not as painful. Hv you shortlisted your ID? Let me know if you need any help on this, though I am still struggling with mine too. Finally proceeded again after 2 weeks of work stoppage (can you imagine?) as we had to change the design of a partition and colour of the paint due to some feng shui thingy lar. Still targetting to get it done by end June so that I can relieve my brain cells to do other stuffs. BTW, we popped by Taka to say hi to Andrew last week and told him we are still taking Ariozona after visiting MS showroom

Panda - Talk abt all the photo top-ups, hv heard a lot of horror stories. I agree with you. My fren's bro's package was $4k with a BS, ended up topped up $6k plus for the photos - 2 albums. They had PS in Bintan. And worse, cannot take back any of their outfits.

Apple68 - tell us your experience if you checking the tailors out. My mum and MIL insisted to buy OTR though I hv offered to MTM for them. Am still trying to change their minds

BTW, has anyone checked out bridemaids' dresses at City Plaza? Remembered we were talking abt that some time ago. I hv not started on my search for this too.

As for the wedding invites, hv just arranged to go down to my hotel next week to see the setup, invites and flavours. Beginning to <font color="ff0000">LOVE you</font> gals!... hahaha... was telling my HTB that you all really keep me in check of the planning schedule.


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so wats the latest topic?

Lipstar, there's alot of coffee club....
In orchard, there's one at paragon too

then at raffles city also ve...

but I liked the one at siglap.

So wat did the dr said to lipstar?


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hi Chipdale,

ur AD is my GDL. cos my AD is 1 week after yours.
I'm choosing songs for my montage. too many songs to choose. too spoilt for choices. haha... in the end, my FH chose "Come what may" and for my photos, i've chosen "You are the love of my life".

i've sent out the e-invite to my colleagues only. Cos i'm inviting 100 of them. Half the company size. that's the disadvantage when u know too many pple in the organisation! haha. initially i booked 30 tables, but not enuff cos my FIL and my parents take up 26 tables le. My colleagues make up 10 tables. so 36 tables liao. thus now have to increase it as my FH and i have not invited our pri, sec and uni frens yet. getting more and more stressed...

my e-invite is very similar to popie's design. changed my particulars and pictures. u may want to take a look at popie's e-invite instead.

How's the rest doing?


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Hi everyone! I am a Nov bride too. My AD is on the 26th. So many things to do lately that all my free days are spent on the house and wedding stuff. Some of you here are quite fast in the preps.


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basket, lipstar, wake up in the middle of the night to eat ice cream? wabiang eh.... anyhow, what did lo kun say to you?

hazel - the only new thing on my end is that i've become more and more housewifey i think. been cooking quite a bit more. hehe.

hey girls, our next date we go coffe club ai mai? i love the mudpie there :D


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Ha ha.. i hope so, cuz i m not a morning person. Meaning there will be more changes in the studio shots and for outdoor, it will be just WG thru out?


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Hi Kelly,nueyerdua, lush queen!

Lush queen, u have the same AD as i do... where is yr banquet?

Silentelf, thanx for yr advice, we are prob going to Punggol! hehe... the beach area? my FH just went to 'recky' yesterday....


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Hi Jen.. hee.. me same same.. hubby oso teochew &amp; his parents told me they not following their customs closely.. told me to chin cai chin cai..sometimes i wonder how 'chin cai'? no need to comb hair 3 times the nite b4 our wedding or do without the tea session!! (i hope but wait long long ar.... ;p) sometimes i told my hubby.. "Eh, your parents like bochup one leh.." then he tried to cover up saying that his parents very modern.. well, let's wait &amp; see cos i'm staying with them after my AD.. All the best to me!! ;p

Hi Jac.. i only know there are a lot of lalang at Punggol.. dunno about the beach..;p so how's your FH's 'recky-ing'?


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<font color="0077aa">clouds dear, looks like your preps are all in place.. =P hey, how was your meeting with helan? do update me.. =)

angel, you got mail.. =)</font>


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hi silentelf..
hehe.. so both of us sama sama ah.. hee ;p.. that means ur timing is not "calculated"? .. u can enter his hse anytime? .. hw can it b possible to miss the tea ceremony.. ? hee.. oh.. me too.. stayin w his parents til our hse come mann... wish us both goodluck then! ;p


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<font color="0000ff">hi everyone! How are your wedding preps? For those who dropped me an email to wish me well, thank you so much. It helps to know that there are people out there (who don't even know me) who care.

Anyway, I'm back here to ask you to help me remove my name from the list table. This means, my photographer (the very popular and hot Hilarion Goh) is up for grabs again! Better quickly book him if you're interested before he's taken again. *many people waiting for this chance leh*


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Do I hear mudpie?!?!?!?! Okay lah....Me definitely on!

Ok ok....I stayed up to watch world cup last night at midnight (don't know what possessed me then!?). Brazil vs Australia. Alot at stake cos' if Australia lost then, Meraj will be in a crappy mood....and Australia lost to Brazil so he will not be in such super mood today --> thankfully I'm at work.


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wah. u spoilt for choice, we duno wat to choose. hahaha. cos I love JAZZ and hubby doesnt. quite alot are too slow for a typical chinese dinner. haha. the mood doesnt seem quite right. we ended up with some michel buble pieces and this shanghai night theme jazz compilation. haha. super jazz.

march in songs we kinda used pieces which are tending towards classical pieces, tho not classical. duno wat u call them. sent my songs to chipdale. she say very slow. hahaha. oh well. i used up all my brain cells already. keeping it that way. dun wan chg already.

where is ur wedding venue? mine cant even expand. no space to expand. hahaha. good tat u hv more guests. can recover ang pao. wahahaha.