(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Hi Sept brides,
Jus 3 months plus to go... very excited. I m also planning on my wedding cards and guest list now. Most probabaly will give out the cards before 7th month. Beside Bengawan Solo, any better bakers around? What else do we have to prepare for GDL?
Any idea where to get cup cakes or sandwiches for abt 45pax? I would like to give them to my guest at my solemnisation, in case they get hungry before dinner commence.


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HI, Xiaobai,
Can share ur photos with me?
and how abt email me ur hp no then we can contact easier?
[email protected]

Hi ladies
is there recomendation on curtains and binds?
went to ikea yesterday but dun have the width i wan so now got to custom made....
Thanks alot...


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hi wendy. the wedding car i cant make up my mind which car to rent. haha. stress again. went shopping for shirts during the weekend. also tried to find suits for my brothers for the wedding. i think im going to overspend for my stuff. haha.


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hi dwarf. u have to decide whether u would get blinds or curtains. curtains is usually more ex than blinds. but they block out more light and can insulate against noise oso. blinds have a more clean look.


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saro - I think Raoul is having sale now. Think their outlet along change alley is having sale. Heard from my colleague. Maybe u can go check it out. Heard that the sale is not bad.


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Hi dwarfs

such a concidence. I got ikea curtains (2 layer) for my 3 bedrooms and ikea blinds (white) for my living room. Total damage $700+. All install by hubby, really save a lot, because we got a 5 rm flat and if custom make outside, sure cost a bomb.

Our window width is also quite long, what is your width?

Hi xiaobai,
It is ok if you're not comfortable to share the photos with me.


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hi Yuki & Panda,

yeps had much fun swimming in the pool and taking pictures. shopped a little only cos trip too short. next time shall stay a bit lonnnger.. saw a couple getting married at the resort and were taking their wedding pictures.. AW... sp lomantic...

shoes - wah.. means i gotta go essex sooooooonnnnnn...


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pandalic-have a gd trip..

maez-ok...keep ur eyes peel for further promo then..as and when visit singnet site..if i see gd 1 i tell u also..

princes-wah gamer pc...good...at least its a toshiba...better brand.

angeldust-no probs...abt both pm and bras...all adults..no kids here..hehee

pandalic,princess-check you pm (pandalic, not sure u toking abt hse or shoes, give u the link for the hse instead)


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Wah! So many posts!

Me too busy with work recently...Bunny! Back from horny moon liao har! GLad u enjoy it..so KL trip still on bo??


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do u mind sharing your PS photos with me too? my addy is [email protected]

My PS is this friday, but i still dunno where to take! (I only have 2 locations to choose though)

thanks in advance.


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Hi All
Need some advice...Do we really have to wear cover wedding shoes on our AD?My parents dun allow me to wear open toes shoes as they say bride are not suppose to show their toes..have you guy com across this problem..can share with me?


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<font color="ff0000">Hi Yuki,
I tried YLS &amp; Neo Garden for catering before, both very good. YLS's yam paste is yummy. Hee. Yah, i like gaming &amp; watching DVDs &amp; listening to music on my PC so must get a notebook with good graphic &amp; sound card. I get mid range, so abt $2600. Hiaz, wedding nearing still have to spend money. No choice.

Emailed u. =)

A couple getting married? So sweet! Bras are cheap there rite? hee. I rem when i was in BKK, i bought nearly 10 bras back. Not all mine, though. Bought for all my gal frens.

NVM, we not in same class but we attend at the same time mah. So can compare discussion topics. hee. Yours must pay anot?</font>


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hi ladies/gentlemen,

is anybody renovating their place? It's the GSS now so many places are having sales. I believe it's a very good time to buy stuff for ur new place.

Esp kitchen wares, accessories, hardwares, etc... For kitchen, Ariston, Teka had sale over the weekend. If u guys are into good bathroom wares, Hangrohe, grohe in Park Mall oso having sale.

So, who will be organising the meet up, tok cock session? I'm very available in sin this week. This 7,8,9 jun can make it.. is it too rush?

Hi Wendy,
I hope my PS pix will turn out well, prob going in to JB to select my pix this sat. Now oso kinda preparing for my ROM on this coming 2o-06-2oo6. pretty excited cos gonna DIY my own makeup, decor for venue, make tiramisu for dessert, etc...

good day, ladies!


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hi, i didn't hear of such custom before. I'm wearing the same pair of open-toed shoes for the whole day.... coz i tink nobody will really see the shoes. :p


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Hi jaslyn,
heh...never heard of this before. I thought the choice of shoes will depend more on the gown? Anyway if your gown is long, you wont be showing ur toes..hee.


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elven - yeps an ang mo with a japanese lady.. i took a small pic from far away while they were taking wedding pictures.. HA HA HA HA HA.. there is a chapel within the resort that overlooks the lagoon so u can take ur vows there too..

caterer - YLS &amp; Neo, i ate both before also. YLS is good. yummy on the yam paste... angelis is still my fave tho.. the nasi lemak spread and satay spread.. yum yum.. droollls...


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KL trip? you going for second hornymoon is it? bring us along la

i went to cut my hair yesterday. today my collaegues all say i look like school girl. doesn't help that i wear t-shirt jeans and sneakers haha.

went to see x men yesterday. I LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!


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Idyll: Since you oredi know wat u want and u have a budget, just find a contractor. An ID will definitely charge a thousand or two more than a contractor. But an ID deinitely can give better advice.


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oh yes..on the bling shoes at the show.. thanks for all the UPDATES!!! glad i din win it cos i like bling but NOT overly BLING until shoes can machiam reflect like laser beams.. HA HA HA HA HA..


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hey, why lady of leisure wake up so early?

tell you girls something funny - every time i paint my nails, i always ask bluebunny, "NICE?" and force him to say nice. then yesterday morning he was still sleeping and i decided since he thinks my toe nail colour is nice, i paint his toes also la!


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Hi Ladies and Guys

What happen? Why all want to view my pictures suddenly? Hee Hee

I will try to send out my pictures to u all slowly, but only 3 pictures to view only. Hope u all don't mind. By the way, once u all get ur pictures, must also share with me. Can or not???

Hi dwarfs

My curtain i have done finished for my 3 room flat, curtain will give a cosier feeling so i choose curtain for my living room and master bedroom. And the other bedroom which is going to my baby bedroom in future i have installed green color blind, those that look like office one very long. don't know is called roman blind or vertical blind. I am so confuse about the terms. I only buy the master bedroom curtain in toa payoh negibourhood central, u can go there to check out or ang mo kio town central to check out. cheap and nice. My other curtain and blind is given and install by my daddy for free, so we save quite a lot of money. Hee Hee

Hi Honey Chia

Me want to meet ler, now very free nothing to do at home, maybe can find one day to meet up with u all soon.

Take Care Ladies and Guys



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I agree with Lipstar, since U know wat U want...jux find a contractor...
want recommendation? but I only know he good in kit cabinets...cos he did it for my in law jx few wks b4 our AD.

Pinkbunny, did u remove it for him after U polish?
Or U jux leave it there?

N I forgot to post my AD pics...if U all r interested in seeing it.


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princess-thanks..replied...wah u gamer also..wat games u played? hehe...abit out of topic liao..paiseh..

ok ned to ask all ladies here...not sure there were such discussion anot..if there are, please tell me..cos i cant seem to find it in the archive..hehe

regarding on Guo Da Li and actual day events.

i found a list of guo da li from other threads and posted by chin leng. uploaded here.

<center><table border=1><tr><td>
posted by chin leng in other threads
Wedding_prep-34133.xls (25.1 k)</td></tr></table></center>

anyone got other opinions or knowledge to share on this? hw abt actual day events?


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angeldust-hahaha laser beams....hahah..ok...

the fiesta din start on time. was told to be there at 11am. go there with dawife and no 1 there...wait till 12pm and the shops open but not yet start. then we tke goodie back and go back liao. heheh..


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elven ~ compare discussion topics ah? so hardworking ah... hee... i paid $180, of which $70 will be refunded if we complete both lessons. u?


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Hi Ladies,

Seems like everyone is getting into the mood for PS. Hubs and I have decided not to go for PS but put our money on the wedding day photographer. It's quite a relief too which means I need not rush my gowns like crazy. By the way, does anyone know when it is apt to send out the invites and do the RSVP? And when is the best time for the food tasting, 2 mths before wedding?

Xiaobai, how are you? Your PS sounds interesting. Care to share your pics with me? ;-)

Thanks and look forward to your replies.


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hi xiaobai, no prob :D

Ladies, John little got warehouse sale at expo, leh. maybe can go see got any bargain or not. :p


Helo everyone,

need a big big favour from all of you. Does anyone knows where can i rent a Tuscani or Integra? What happened was initially we wanted to use our bestman father BMW 7 series but something unforeseen had happened and we do not want to use the bridal shop mercedez coz its too old fashion. After discussing with FH, we decided to rent a sports car and self-drive on our AD but i dun seem to find any rental company offering this type of model

Secondly, can anyone suggest which manicure shop are offering cheap n good svc. Been to quite a few shop to check out their price and its rather steep if i wld like to include nail art (coz think marker rate is abt $3-$5/nail art). I wld need to go for my manicure n pedicure at this mth end coz PS on 3 Jul

Thx gals


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Hi Karen

Can PM me your shoe maker contact too?
Thanks. I ever heard of one at Geylang East, not sure if it's the same one you hv.

Hey DaMan

Nice shoes.
Think I saw the design the last time I passed by. Is it too early to arrange for Guo Da li? What's the usual leadtime before AD? BTW, I just finished painting my place... sigh.... the living room colour didn't turn out to be what I expected...
. Thinking of re-painting, dunno if my contractor going to charge me additional.
BTW, you found your LCD's warranty card? Think can call samsung up to get a copy if it's not in the box.

Hi Saro

Which shopping mall in JB did you buy the 4" silver shoes? I went to City Square last week and bought a close to 4" pair too, but intending to buy another pair nearer to date :p.

Hi Yuki/Panda

Glad that you finally confirmed your shoes! Can strike one item off your list alr.

Panda - goodness. Lucky it's on company's trip and account. Just imagine if you miss flight for your leisure trip, sure spoil the mood liao. Didn't manage to talk to you before you fly. Update us when you are back! or if you can log on over there

Hi Princess

We hv decided on the mattress liao... no change to the initial one that we chose. Hee... saw Perfect Dream at MS. Wah... really looks luxurious. Hv you decided?

Hi Angel

You are back! Must be a fun trip. Dunno when I will hv a chance to stay at Banyan Tree in Phuket. Wah, that florist you mentioned is expensive leh. Will check out Greenpoint instead, since got good reviews from you gals.


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clouds-yup i contacted samsung on that n they said to fax over...not yet check for the warranty card again..hehe oops..bz...will check soon lah..since can get warranty card from samsung if dun hve so not in a hurry..bt i tink shld hve lah..maybe i din check properly..they may charge u for a repaint...the guo da li not really early lah...norm is 1-2 mnths b4 AD got to do. bt since both mums not able to noe exactly wats gog on and hearsay also..might as well we serach and decide by ourselves..

then we gt the AD to worry also cos me and da wife gog to ROM on our AD also...now is the sequence issues. such as

go fetch her
go back my parents hse for tea
go back our hse to eat tangyuen
go to clubhse to ROM
go back to her hse for tea

so all this duno can make it anot. compare to the rest gt additional place due to the rom lor...so the time is another issue. so wonder hw's everyone 's schedule gog to be on that day.


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daman - wah.. heng i din go LOR.. ha ha ha ha ya imagine the BEAMS shine out from ur gown.. can blind pple.. ha ha ha ha then maybe i shld prepare sunglasses as wedding favours liao.. :p

clouds - ya back back.. can try Banyan Tree Bintan first. Banyan Phuket darn exp.. ha ha ha ha ha.. if not FOC i also dun think i can afford to stay. yeps.. greenpoint shld be gd. so far i checked with my friends who used greenpoint, they had gd reviews for it.


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da man ~ ur AD schedule as rush as mine, sama sama... coz intend to ROM on the same day as well... but still considering whether to ROM outside or at ROM itself. may not be able to get ideal time slot at ROM if dun do it outside


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Hi Tingz

The pics are already send for ur viewing, enjoy viewing it. and do give me some comments about the pictures. The pictures that u all see are my actual day wedding gown and evening gown. I can't re-choose again that is what mr and miss wedding club staff told me. I also don't know why cannot rechoose the gowns, now only left tea dress have not choose it yet.

I have confirmed my wedding car with them liao, now waiting to see my album design on 25th june 2006. hopefully the design is beautiful and we can print the album as soon as possible. Once I get the album, then I can share with u all liao. Hee Hee
We can meet in person to chat and share info with each other, it will be more fun.

Now collecting my wedding songs, 2 songs for the 2 march in are ready. but now left the song for the 1st dish fanfare? don't know what song is suitable for 1st dish ler? anyone has any idea???

Thanks for any advice given to me

Take Care Ladies



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Hi hi tingz..
I guess now can have time to alter till u r happy lor..if u r really not satisfied, u shd voice it out..it’s ur wedding gowns &amp; u r only gg to wear it once..so it’s got to be perfect for u..even the size also..jst make sure that they alter it for u b4 ur AD lor..oh, u went to SAM ahh..nice..Botanic Gardens also..gd..gd..do share with me ur photos when ready ba..cheers~

Hi hi xiaobai..
Ya, I think u look nice on the Jap gown..oh, ok..ur AD WG is the sexy white one ahh..oic..okok..on photo u both look tall lor..maybe u slim that’s why ba..

Hi hi drawfs..
U can also consider checking out at spotlight..the length also got to depend if u want full length or ¾ length..if on curtain, are u thinking of a day &amp; night curtain into those 2-in-1 binder?i duno if I term it correctly..

Hi hi designfreak..
U better decide fast..in case..some of them are taken up on hot dates esp urs is a hot mth..at least can have load off ur mind also..why do u have to get suit for ur brothers…usually they just wear tshirts &amp; at most a tie only leh..unless u have a special theme for them..

Hi hi susan..
Actually $700 is really consider very cheap already..usually it ranges from $1k onwards..depending on the material &amp; the length..

Hi hi honey..
Can hear that u have a great time shopping ahh..ya, now is the best time to stock up the furniture &amp; household appliances..hehe..so far what have u bought?okok..do let me know on ur outcome of ur selection of ur photos..i guess it’s really worth to top it up ba..hehe..oh, time pass so fast..u must be very excited now for 20-06-2006 to come..so sweet ahh..make tiramisu as dessert for ur guests..i m sure it will be very memorable lor..

Hi hi stepford..
Oh, u r doing w/o ur PS ahh..i think it’s up to individual ba..i m sure u can also go for extra shoots on ur AD itself..hehe..as for the food-tasting..some couples are trying to arrange for it b4 the 7th mth..maybe u can consider ba..as for sending out invites..got to depends when ur AD lor..usually 1.5mth to 2mth b4 hand ba..when’s ur AD?i think I cant find ur details in the chart leh..care to provide me ur details?


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hi all
thks for the input.
Da Wife
will check out the change alley outlet for Raoul
but maybe by the time i go all good stuff gone.. hahahha...
i also bought from city square, i tink 2nd floor shop but its white not silver...
i saw a simple pair at vincci but chose the other
the vincci pair i saw also sold in spore. i saw at vnc at city link.

Will try to post the pic if i can...


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angeldust - wow so good can enjoy life over the weekend .....haha
wow so lomatic ....haha so u manage to take some shots of them ....keke :p
faster faster go get ur shoe ...haha

princess - sorry wat is YSL in full? i dunno the name .....keke :p yum yum i like yam paste leh ...shld go try their out ....
the price seem alright for a tosiba laptop .......haha no choice the money got to spend ...dun worry as long as it is worth it.

Da man/ OL - initially i tot of ROM and AD on same day as well but after checking the time by fortune teller ...we find it too rush because he told me that I can only leave my home at 11am so I guess it will be too rush for us and my FH dun wan to ROM on the dinner so we decided to bring forward the ROM 1 month eariler....keke :p But if we do it on the same day, we dun plan to go ROM itself but having the ceremony at the hotel 1 hours before the dinner

Da man - my Guo Da Li should be either 1 or 2 week before AD ..... we got some dates n timing but yet to confim. My MIL n mum had discussed on some items to have for Guo Da Li....will confirm again nearer to date.

OL - if we ROM at ROM itself , any ideal if we get a room or at the registry kind? I am also thinking whether to ROM in or out...but seem hard to find a location outside as we are planning to have only about 20 pax....tot of ROM in then go have lunch n photo taking after that.....yet to confirm yet.

clouds - yap can strike it off my list...keke :p u confirm on your mattress? which 1 u taking? I havent go show room to c c yet...hope to settle by this month if possible...but my FH say no hurry since we only wan it in Dec.


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i go Nail Bliss for mani/pedi. Quite cheap. But they will push you to sign up for package and refuse to let you leave.

All brides here, which state of preparation are you all at now? I'm still drawing up the guest lists. Hence, can't send inserts for printing yet.

Our wedding is like less than 4mths away and i haven't even settle GDL stuff and the date.


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Hi xiao bai, thanks for sharing ur pics :D I like ur WG pix, very nice, sweet and v pretty. the jap costume too, very 'shu fu' feeling. can see both of you are enjoying, smile so sweetly :D

Hi wendy, i give up on the evening gown liow la, totally hopeless. think will see which BS got sale then go buy one OTR, if not then bo bian. Will share the pics when its ready, will need to wait for at least 3 weeks before can choose pictures.

Hi stepford, i'm arranging food tasting to be in mid july, cos dun wan to crash with the 7th month. but for invite hor, headache leh, cos this yr 7th mth will end at september 25, so if wait until after 7th month like very tight leh. Hb wanted to send out b4 7th month which is by next month, but i think its too early...


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hi hi designfreak..
sorry ahh..i typo error..shd be shirt &amp; at most a tie instead of tee-shirts..haha..

hi hi tingz..
why give up..when u go down to select ur photos..talk to them again lor..maybe they can do something out of it for u?try lah..dun give up..


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<font color="0000ff">Oct 06
details updated on 6 June 2006</font>

<table border=1><tr><td><font size="-2">Nick</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">ActualDay</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">ROM/Church/
Solemnisation</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">BS</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">AD Photo</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">AD Video</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Email</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Lovenest</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">wtan</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">30 Sept/
Dinner 2 Oct 2005</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Raffles The Plaza</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">02 Oct 2005 @CANNING Ballroom</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Yvonne Creative</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Vincent</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Did not engage VG</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]/
[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Tampines w/in law</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Diana</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">The Crown</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">9 May 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">White Link</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Kelvin Chia</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Christopher Tay</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]/
[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">AMK</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">audreytey</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Carlton</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">1 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Everbliss</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">SengKang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">sky</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Mt Faber @ Safra</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">10 Sept 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Mr &amp; Miss</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Telok Blangah</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">cuddlycute</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Marriot</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Tansan</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Bliss Garden</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">1 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Golden Horse Awards @ Tamp</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">SengKang w/in law</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Jaslin</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">3rd</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Raffles The Plaza</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">16 Feb 06_Goodwood Park</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Thomson Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Don</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">SengKang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Kastine</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">5th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Grand Hyatt</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">12 Dec 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Julia Wedding News</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Derrrick Ong</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Fabian Lim</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Yishun</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Bear</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">M Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">22 Sep 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">BridalZone</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Yew Kwang</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Bedok South</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">iceglacier</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Grand Copthorne Waterfront</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">6 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Flamingo</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Beetles@work</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">cait</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">RTP</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">sweet kar</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Grand Plaza Parkroyal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">6 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Z Wedding Design</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Desmond Ho</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Little India</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Pearly</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">16 Feb 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sembawang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">CAT</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Hilton</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">19 Jul 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Flamingo</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Kelvin Chia</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Yew Tee w/in law</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Yvonne</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Chevron Ballroom</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29 Nov 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Focus Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Desmond Ho</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Jurong West</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">kkwr</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">M Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">23 Sep 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Focus Bridal_IMM</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">David</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Wu Li Zhuang_Zephyrgraphy</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Pinnacle Duxton</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">esterlla</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Bukit Merah</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Kelly</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Grand Hyatt</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">The Wedding Present/
Kevin of ChrisLing</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Ron Lee</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Bt Panjang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Ann</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Noble House</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">20 Apr 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Thomson Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Thomson Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">qiuting</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Furama RiverFront</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">18 Jun 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Universal Bridal_PS on 1st Nov 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sam Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">NA</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">maggie</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Bliss Garden</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Yvonne Creative</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Catherine</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Jace</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th/
Dinner 8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">The P1nes</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">RoynSharon</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Holiday Inn Atrium</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Mr &amp; Miss</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Pinnacle@Duxton</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Ms_Blur</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Chevorns</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">lingi</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th/
Dinner 8th &amp; 10th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Sandy_a</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">The Legend@ Fort Canning</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Immaculate Heart of Mary</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Divine Coulture</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Derrick Ong</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Inspire Production_Hon Chuen</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Lor Ah Soo</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Auds</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Susan foo</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">21 May 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">J &amp; M</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Tampines</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">p3pp3r</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Not having banquet</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">25 Jun 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Silverlining Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Eunos</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Shimei</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Cheng Du Restaurant at Grand Hotel Central</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">31 Dec 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Mr &amp; Mrs Wedding Club</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Kelvin</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Ang Mo Kio</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Steve</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">7th/
Dinner 8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Orchid Country Club</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14 Feb 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">In Collection</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">AMK</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Tingz</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Rasa Sentosa</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">24 Dec 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Bridal concept</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Chua Hock Kai</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Stefine</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Buangkok</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Mars78</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">French Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">xris</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8th/
Dinner 9th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Holiday Inn Parkview</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Gemini05_JackRussell</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Peony Jade</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">10 Feb 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Precious Moments</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">James Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Forest Productions</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">AMK</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">uniblue</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Yew Kwang</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">YP-Kevin</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">uni_skyblue.com</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">sandralum</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">aliciakuah</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Rasa Sentosa</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">designfreak</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Pan Pacific</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8 Aug 02</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Emanuel B Couture</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Friend</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sengkang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">tansy</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Four Seasons</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sophia</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Friend</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Friend</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Shanghai’s Aptm</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">skyblu</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">9th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">12 Mar 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Golden Horse Awards @ Yishun</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">graciejj</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">9th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Meritus Mandarin</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">23 Apr 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Mona Lisa_JB</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Tampines</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Chris</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">10th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Crown Prince</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Cheers</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">10th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">LM @Orchard</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Joanne</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Furama Riverfront</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">27 Nov 01</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sophia Wedding Collection</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sophia Wedding Collection</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Agnes</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Plaza Parkroyal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">6 Apr 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Cam*llia_*e</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Punggol</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">taybth</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Nathaniel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">whiteangelz</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14th/
Dinner 15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Shangri-la</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">French</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Eulee</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Forest Productions</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">judith</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Raffles Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Gown bought from Europe</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">39 East Images_Kuang</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Tokyo</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Beatrice</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Hotel Rendezvous</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">27 Dec 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Whitelink</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Alvin Tan</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Raymond Delon Poh</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sembawang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">PurpleGal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Pauline</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Grand Mercure Roxy</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">French Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Friend</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Friend</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">JWWL</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14th
Dinner 15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">The Regent</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Bridal Concept</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">skk</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">NA</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">26 Feb 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Bridal Concept</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">NA</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Jurong West</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Joanne Tan</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Hilton</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">5 Mar 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Selet@r Broadway</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2"> [email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Jurong West</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Snowangel_ELSIE</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">11 Mar 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Blush Blush</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Desmond Ho</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Mark Yang from Wilde Box</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Queenstown</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Yan06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Pan Pacific</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">15 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Golden Horse Awards @ Tamp</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Tucky's Photography</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Mr Low</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Rainette</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">15th/
Dinner 16th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Le Meridien</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">4 Mar 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Jennifer</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Peony-Jade</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">15 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Julia News Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sam Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Kevin</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Buangkok</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Corin</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Lunch @Cheng Du restaurant in Grand Central Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">20 Mar 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Z Wedding Design</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Jon Keng</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Yishun w/ in-laws</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">MiniCuite</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Plaza Parkroyal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">13 Nov 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">French bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Honey Chia</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">17th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Meritius Mandarin</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">20 Jun 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">DAWN in JB</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Jacky Kok_Injack Studio</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Jacky Kok_Injack Studio</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Pasir Ris</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">stephanie</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">18th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Grand Hyatt</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">11 Nov 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">starrystarry</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">19th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Meritius Mandarin</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">19 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Sel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">20th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Pan Pacific</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">8 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Selet@r Broadway Studio</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Motion Image</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Motion Image</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Punggol</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">rickline</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">20th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sengkang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Aloe</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">20th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">PRP @Suntec</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">26 Sep 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Yvonne Creative</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">cancerman</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">20th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Traders Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">20 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">White Link</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">BIL friend</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Boon Tiong</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">CXX</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">20th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Shangri-La @Orchard</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Flamingo</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Utopia</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">moninet</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">21st</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Conrad</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">21 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">White Weddings</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Eugene_Chris Ling</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Thomson</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">crystalz</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">21st</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Plaza Parkroyal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">21 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Venus in JB</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">stressed up</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">21st</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Dragongate restaurant</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">18 Dec 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Kowloon bridal studio</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Mr Chan</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Simei</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Jennie</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">22nd</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Carlton Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">1 Dec 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Eunos Crescent</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">dwarfs</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">22nd</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Orchid Country Club</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">17 Jun 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Elegance Bridal in JB</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sembawang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">preciousthots</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">22nd</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Shandri-la Rasa Sentosa</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">22 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sophia Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC_Clementi</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">BB</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">25th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Noble House</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14 Sep 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sam Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Christopher Tay</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Punggol 21</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">snnapper</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">28th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Carlton Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">28 Oct 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">JB</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">AhJo77</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">28th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">French Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">huey</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">28th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Orchid Country Club</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">22 Nov 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Thomson Wedding Design</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sam Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Raymond delon Poh</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Punggol</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Icw</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">28th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Marina Mandarin</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">28 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Margaret Brides</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Xiao Chai</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Christopher Tay</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Simei</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Rachael Hong</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">28th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">M Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">28 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Fame Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sembawang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Karenthk</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">River View Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">14 Mar 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Golden Horse Awards @ Tamp</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">SengKang-Coris</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Ah_girl</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Peony Jade Restaurant</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Jurong West</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Jacintha</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">yahoo</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Novotel Clark Quay</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29 Oct 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sophia Wedding Collection</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sam Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">YP-Kevin</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Holland</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Fi_fi</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Rivercity Restaurant</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">New York Classic in JB</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Jonathan</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Raymond Delon Poh</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Redhill</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Jolie</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">M Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Tampines</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Joyce Loh Soo Sheng</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Tung Lok @ Liang Court</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">1 Jul 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Di Gio</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Di Gio</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">NA</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Telok Blangah Crescent</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Yo</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Grand Copthorne Waterfront</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Mr &amp; Miss Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Mr Chua</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">East</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">JAZZ</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">22 Jan 00</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Paris Brides</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Puggol</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Shiny Happy Bride</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Plaza Park Royal Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">9 Oct 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Golden Horse Awards @ Tamp</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">joyjoy</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Jade Room @ Hotel Royal</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29 Sep 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Mr &amp; Miss Wedding Club</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">mark tay</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Sentosa-Club Islander</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Tan Yoong</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">MooMedia/Attitude</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">MooMedia</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Parkway Parade</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Funshine</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th/
Dinner 30th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Peony Jade</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">18 Jun 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">David Lim</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Jalan Tenteram</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Ashley</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th/
Dinner 30th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Intercontinental</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">30 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">David Lim</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Peepshow Machine</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Woodlands</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">Janice</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Conrad</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Santiago</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Serangoon</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-2">vvn</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Meritus Mandarin</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">29 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">Di Gio</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">NA</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-2">TBC</font></td></tr></table>

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in the chart: Tingz, dwarfs</font>

<font color="ff6000"><font size="-2">Do check out ChongYee &amp; Wendy’s LOVE story: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/printfriendly/0,4139,90542,00.html</font></font>


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U sounds like my colleague...who paint the nails for the husband...but she is due to punishment...
N wont allow him to remove it.