(2006) Brides of year 2006


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hello all!!! jux went for my 1st appointment...very excited but now headache about design + contractor. MIL is more excited than both of us... haahaa... she even suggested a bathtub in our 5 room hdb flat. cant wait to bao sunzi...

tiglet... dont worry. i think now GSS is on we muz buy the things that we need coz it should be cheaper. things that can keep at warehouse why not buy them. others like bedsheets can keep at home then transport to new place. rite??

Any good home designers or contractors to recommend?? Thanks...

Well, 6mths or less, muz keep ourselves stress free and happy to be a mei mei bride!! ^_^


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consider LV has spoilt the ladies with so many different designs and still can't meet your requirements? You must have expensive taste wor.kekee.
Which brands do you gers like? i am quite sick of Gucci, too many forged ones. Sighhh.
Lastly, enjoy the weekend!!!! heheE!


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hi Lilic,

The sales person says 'Only on past season', so i specified the signature hobo & the answer is still negative. Seems like the 'Scribble' collection is on sale *sigh* I'm eyeing the white/silver signature hobo..

Anyway might just meet u there!


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Hi SnowBaby
I'm holding the wedding at the zoo...cool hor :p
The solemnization (outdoor) will start at 6pm. It will be followed by a cocktail from 6.30pm. Dinner (indoor) will start at 7.00pm sharp else the ROM guests will get bored & hungry. ROM guests got to be there by 5.30pm & some already indicated that they will bring their children to tour the zoo in the afternoon. Can imagine hot, tired & sweaty guests on that day! Good thing the zoo will be giving a function room for the guests to rest (apart from the bridal suite lar)

I haven't started planning for the day's event. I don't even know if 30 mins is enough for the ROM. Any idea?


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<font color="0077aa">castalia, you misunderstood lar.. not that i have exp taste.. i want a shoulder bag which allows me to put in my documents.. LV dun cater leh.. the bucket is not suitable.. then i dun want a separate doc bag.. wahhaha.. so any reco?</font>


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Hi girls,

Never log in for a few days liao...Enjoy your weekend...



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hi Popie,

thanks for your concern. now planning to send e-invites for my colleagues/friends too. Can share with me your e-invite? email [email protected]

when is your big day ah? seems like u r very fast! :p

is your wedding in july 06?

dun be fan. Going to be bride le. must smile more so that you'll feel happier. *smilezzz*


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elven - yeps panda is right, v tea room is at esplanade. ur church at TPY ah.. hmmm... no idea where liao...

clouds - fiore is exp.. i know thaie bouquets are like 250 and above. church decor no idea. as for greenpoint i think they are quite affordable for church. think car deco is 80 bucks?


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Hi Wendy

I have not working liao, find the job not interesting and that is something fishy about that job. So I quit liao.

I have send u 3 of my indoor photo shoots. have u receive it yet? as for my furniture photo, it is with my hubby. He has not forward it to me so I can't send it to u to see so sorry.

Hi Vvn

Thanks for ur explaination. I understand it now. I will check with my jiemei again. Not sure can they ready be my jie mei or not. I have not receive confirmation for them yet . Hee Hee

Take Care Ladies



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I think I super KS...tdragons just sent me the template for my invitation cards and I'll give them the go-ahead to print the cards so by mid-June, cards will be ready to send out. Haha...

Btw, I'm having my solemnization at the first march-in and I also planned 30 mins for it. It's more than enough cos my friend only took 20mins (plus photo-taking) at her wedding dinner. It's stated in my invitation card that guests has to be seated by 7.45pm and solemnization cum dinner will commence at 8pm.


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hey blur, so sad....i was at ngee ann today, but didn't hv the time to pop in there n hv a look, was rushing for time *sign*....i'm all tie-up this weekend don't think i can go liao....hey, if u go pls update us okie?

ya storm, mus keep ourselves mei mei....now i'm tryin to keep calm so that my pimples don't pop so often....hahaha....aiyo 6 months only leh....panic liao....so many things haven't do yet....i haven't even gone for my designing of gown yet.


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ooh.. tomorrow will be the first batch of june 06 brides.. so exciting.. congrats to all!

i'm so busy packing my stuff to shift to new place n to tidy up my room.. really is running out of time.. so stressed.. :p


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hi all,
coz i'm tinking if send out the cards before the seventh month, then it'll b like 2 mths in advance!! too early n ppl will tend to forget n dump the invitations to nowhere!!
was tinking isist possible to send out invites verbally or thru email. then send out the invites on the 1st day of the eighth mth! i'm oso afraid too late or got any hiccups... but rite now, i cant even cfm the number of tables n my guests list! my PIL r still taking their own sweet time to decide though i told them like more than half yr in advance! n my fiance is the SBC (super bo chap) type for guests list... haizzzzz....

Hi Xynn,
the weather recently looks quite ok compared to april... look on the bright side!
u know, dat time i originally had my PS on 25th apr. the week before it rained everyday! so i postphoned it! who knows! 25th apr didnt rain at all!!! sooo frustrated!!!!!


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angeldust - do u have the package for v tea room ? i heard a lot ppl talking abt it .......it can cater for small group ... maybe i can consider solemization there coz i planning only abt 15-20 ppl. tmr is ur trip ... do enjoy urself n have fun

castalia - agreed that nowaday a Gucci a lot fake ard ... LV oso ..seem like all become so commom..haiz but i like LV leh ...haha. My FH ask me get coach or ferragamo at least better ...


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princess - maybe u like to consider catering at church ... it will be more convience for your guests as well as urself. dun have to run about ... i think some do have package for 30pax ...can check it out


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Mine is on 23 Sept, i.e., 2nd or 3rd day of eighth month...so bo bian. I realised most of you are 30 Sept brides...so envious...at least you still have a week after the 7th month.

When we decide on the date, we tot as long as it is after 7th month should be okay. We forgot about GDL, an chuan &amp; the works.

If give invite cards in July, this would mean we have to give xi bings (cakes) to the elders in July too hor.

Starting to panic liao


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y not quickly get a JP n ROM on ur AD? u booked the chalet n everything for ur ROM already? well, u can still hv a wedding party on the day after with ur friends. then show ur wedding videos to them. dun fret. all things are possible.


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Hi Asura,

I'll be there at about 12 - 12.30pm. Then mebbe leave at 1pm.

Congrates to all brides who are getting married today!


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da man - no worries.. :>
Hi all
my hubby need buy a white shirt for photoshoot .. any ideas ? any good bargains from the GSS ?
going see see look look later...
hi jaslin >> hv not done my PS yet. Will be having trial make up &amp; fitting next week. Hv been trying to cut down my weight but my weight sitll remain the same...haha...my PS on 21 June..hope it's a fine day..*cross fingers*
Tink Dawn is my fotographer..hv not ask TWD yet.
must share share yr PS pics okie!


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fais, you better hurry... but i think if you can decide soon, your gown will be able to make it on time... going for my trial make-up and final fitting this friday. cant wait to see myself hee... bu yao lian rite. ^_^ i notice that this few days, my pimples are like popping volcanoes... arh... use pimple cream and other facial products still like that... haiz... muz be too stress up...

now headache. came back from imm. dont noe which reno company to choose from.

can anyone recommend good &amp; cheap reno company to me?? thanks!!


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I also bz packing my stuff.. aihz.. still got to TIDY up my room.. aihz.. so much to do with so little energy...

Mentally abit stressed now.. cos i got some hiccups situations to handle with the Jie-meis n bros..


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OL-received ur email. thanks.

pandalic-ok..gd for u on the lappies.

angeldust-wah...u had brushes with the law? scare scare leh..ehehhe...wah IBM and Mac...abit opposite of ea other..the original competitors....cant seem to pm u....u pm me ur email address or turn on ur pm or can get from clouds or yuki to show u the shoe link.

maez-hmmm if u count like tat then shld be ok lah...huh 36 months? FAINT. i will advise not to go for it...get another laptop and get a cheaper plan. imagnie 36months u pay for that price when abt 2yrs later price sure dropped....weird tat starhub nvr fight and do similar thing....if u do wireless..make sure u get the 2wire modem from singtel. its the ADSL2+ modem. duno if u ned to upgrade from there anot. cos i tink ned to pay more. prev no ned to pay more for me. that modem quite good. no issue for me. wirelesss security very impt. dun let others tap ur resources.

diamond-correcto abt the students and teachers. even software is cheaper for them. sigh.

princess-wah...tablet pc...i not familiar with tat..hehe.ya..LV...duno y banned. gd tat ur hubby likes it alot.

saro-G2k seems gd...hehe

yuki, clouds -check ur pm

hi all just fin taking pics of my hse after reno and b4 furniture come. any1 wants to see can pm me or lve ur email address here bt i advise not to lve email here. can send/pm u all the link.


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hi, storm,
tat time, I oso walked thru the whole of IMM to find a renovator.. but in the end, I didnt go with any of them.. I chose Impress 21.. u might wish to read the thread on them.. so far, I dont think there is any very bad comments abt the company.. personali, I muz say it was a wonderful experience working with them.. Henry, the boss, the one u ll work with, is a honest guy.. with him, u need not worry abt hving hidden costs or being kan3 cai4 tou2.. we got to worry abt BS etc. so it reali warms the heart to hv 1 less thg to worry.. now, 3 of my other colleagues hv used him.. I cant promise tat his works r 100% good, since no one is.. there r stil defects, but @ least, he ll rectify the prob for us even after we made the final pymt.. btw, my colleague told him tat he has a budget to stick with &amp; Henry try his way to accomodate tat budget.. but the thg abt him is, u may need to do homework on the designs tat u wan, eg. the TV console, the shoe rack etc. cos he works more like a contractor.. u can try visit him &amp; decide for urself.. 1 of my colleagues said tat his works stil got defects.. hence, no guarantee though, juz my personal experience to share.. good luck..


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thanks for the recommendation. will try him out. wondering whether is it better to custom made tv console, shoe rack etc or buy from the shops like vhive, harvey norman etc? any comments?

i've bought my bed set (king) and mattress from harvey norman. cost about $2700. does it consider cheap or ex?? so may not custom made some of the things. ^_^


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hi gers

I am married!!!! have been very blessed. everything went very well, the weather was fine and everyone said that it was the best wedding they have been to. one of our guest, an American, is even gonna write an article abt it and send it to a US papers. everyone loves the food. so cool. but funni thing is, we kinda forgot that we were even married. my hubby drove the wedding car and we were supposed to go to amara for a few nights stay...he send me home and i din even see anything wrong with it...until we were on the ecp...hhahaha..we had to turn back...yeah yeah...


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Hi Popie,

The foods ay Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant fm Carlton Hotel is nice.... Hopefully,our my wedding day, the foods will turn out to be nice too.

Hi sogo,
My Ad is on 09-July. Ok lah, i dun wan to rush things at one shot. Wan to make sure that everything is on the right track...
When is ur AD?

Hi leafmemories,
Ya, dun wori... As what popie has said, u can do as what she has suggested.


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<font color="0077aa">hihi all, hope you guys have had a good weekend.. me flying off tomolo liao.. see you guys when i back or if i manage to login.. *miss you* kekekek

and so paiseh, for those went to coach sale coz of my post.. my sincere apologies.. the sale was so lousy.. sorry!

angel/princess/clouds/maez, bought my WG shoes liao.. mtm in essex walk.. spent 2hours inside the shoe before my fiance and i can decide.. =P

by the way, they are having promo with stdchart credit card until 31 july. 10% storewide including mtm (but not on the accessories.. e.g if you see this pair of shoes otr, its $315 but you wanna change the counter to that of another pair and the counter cost $50.. the 10% is only on the $315..)

oh, other than the shoes, i also bought a new PURPLE samsonite cabin bag (not hardcase).. but heng i went to chinatown ah-beh store.. manage to BEG for a very good price. abt 22% off the price i see in robinsons and tangs.. so happy.. wahahha.. but hor, NO MORE SHOPPING this month liao.. =(

angel, you din miss much.. the S$2000 shoes are ugly (in MY opinion lar).. it's a 3 or 3.5 inch court shoes with crystals embedded all over the shoes.. very bling bling.. but if i know you well enough, you wun like.. =) hows your phuket trip?

saro, you looking at mtm or otr? if you wanna mtm, i only know raffles tailor and cyc tailor.. if otr, for the normal collared shirts, you can take a look at robinsons/isetan/tangs/metro men's dept for van huessen (hope spelling is right).. but if you want wing-tip or dress shirts, can try raoul..

da man and da wife, i wanna see your pics!!!! can pm me.. =)</font>


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hahaha.. panda/angel! i saw the $2000 heels too! went down on saturday to look at it and ask the organiser why nv call me.. :p they say can let me in, but i went to look at the shoes.. bling bling lah, but not the kind i like so i din bother liao keke..

panda, glad u found ur shoes!

daman, haha.. i give up liao. cos i THOT i saw 24mth, but actually is cock-eye :p 36mth is definite no no... :p but thanks all for the input!!


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hi wendy, tansy, ice, cat, elsie, tingz and the rest of the gals....

sorry to hv make u gals worry....me fine liao....

hv went for my PS on friday....everyting was fine except tat i was sick on tat day.....probably got the virus from my sister who was sick.....the day b4 PS i was oredi coughing then on PS tat day, i woke up wif bad cough, slight fever and stomach wind....so the whole day i was coughing and my tummy ache due to the stomach wind....but still it was quite fun....

in the end, we decide nt to bring any of our fur babies there lor....esp mine coz her temper hv change so much after her worse fit attack....she dun like to be carry by anyone for too long liao....so guess i will only take pic wif her on my AD ba....



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hi Cindee, great to hear that you have a very nice wedding
but ure hubby abit bubu rite? send u home lolx.....i think both of u are too tired to notice le ba but anyway its memorable


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pinkbunny! Tell us all about your hornymoon but leave out the horny bits.

Idyll: Indeed. I went for the 2001st interview on Friday. It is starting to feel so demoralising
for me to the extent that when I went for that 2001st interview, when I saw how small and dilapidated the office was, I xian oredi. I was quite bo chap and asked only a few questions.

I know, I should see the many interviews as an opportunity to polish my skills being interviewed, but as one who usually gets a job after one or two job interviews, it is a little bit difficult to stay enthusiastic as an eager beever.

I'll email you his name. paiseh...


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It was an eventful weekend man! On Saturday we saw Da Vinci Code. (omg! It is the most boring movie I have ever seen!
) And X-Men3 on Sunday. The latter was ok. If you are going to watch X-Men, do stay until after the credits. There is a surprise!

Then on Sat, after the movie, we went to a most expensive buffet - $45 for local hawker fare in a posh restaurant with his family. It was at Straits Kitchen in Hyatt hotel. They serve local hawker delights like Chicken rice, ice kacang, muah chee, prawn noodles, rojak, crabs.. etc under one roof. It was to celebrate his Mum's birthday and she chose that restaurant. A very good idea for tourists, I would admit.


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Lipstar, i can't pretend to know how you feel about the job interviews cos' frankly, I have never had to go through it before since out of school. Are you open to working in a law firm accounts department?

Just don't give up hope girl! ((((HUG)))

Ditto the X-Men. We stayed till the end (we do it all the time anyways) and threw us a hint, eh? I was okay with the Da Vinci Code. I loved the investigative nature of the plot - not necessarily the story itself. I just don't agree with the whole Da Vinci theory cos' it seems like Dan Brown was selling that entire idea. Oh well....too each his own I suppose.

PS. I have so much to tell about my "investigations" re. the IDs but will post more later when I get into the office in half an hour.


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Idyll: Of course! Any industry also can. But preferably don't have to do OT too often. Occasionally is fine, as all accounting personnel have to stay OT during month-end closing.

Mr Lippy quite enjoyed Da Vinci Code too.

Yay! Looking forward to reading your investigations.
This thread has been so quiet last week.

Oh, and I have emailed you at about 7.30am.


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Dear Diana

Hope all well on your side..


The Han FENG SHUI family thinks we should ROM first..but jul all dates booked out!

So we have to book at cherish suite on 19 July with Mr Tang Kan Hoy...anybody solumised by him before?

I will still have a church wedding on the AD followed by lunch buffet and banquet in the evening...xiong man!

hooooray..I can finally change my surname to HAN!


Wenn can update?


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Lipstar, I ask my friend whether got opening at her law firm cos' I remember her telling me that someone left in Accounts. I'm not sure about how the Account department works in her law firm but I know her law firm has great perks and good pay. I will NEVER recommend you the firm I'm with right now cos' the Accounts Department here very hormonal.

I went to the Home &amp; Decor exhibition thingee at Expo yesterday. Talked to a few IDs. We're not really sure why we want to talk to IDs at this point cos' we know we have certain ideas on what we want etc. Cost is an important factor in our renovation so it would make sense to avoid going to an ID at all costs.

But we spoke to quite a few but only the boys from Nobel and Art Trend particularly stood out. They both gave us their points of views re. the tiny space we have. The guy from Nobel actually listened to us, our lifestyle and what nots whilst the one from Art Trend gave us how to cut costs on what material etc.

So now the debate is still on whether I should go straight to a contractor or to an ID(!??!) --> Woops, not really an investigation, is it?