(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Diana, me here, no MIA la jus seldom post, i more listener ma :p hahah

saturday i dun need to vote again, haiz, always walk over. i also never vote before

Tansy, the real cake that my hotel provide hor, will be send to the suite, the cake cutting will be a fake cake. thinking of not doing cake cutting.

When are u ladies going for your food tasting huh? my hotel haven't contact me, wondering should call them up or not. i think i still got lots of thing haven't do yet. Guest list la, song la, parent meet up la, all the traditional stuff...etc. all not yet do. hais... me and hb both last min person, later then kalang kabok. haha

sorry, off topic abit, need some help. how much Angbao to bao for a church wedding? cos next mth got a church wedding to attended, never attend one before, dunno how much to bao. anyone can help?

for the 12th gathering, must accompany hb leh, but he need to go back to the office for a few hour in late afternoon or evening, so if u gals are still there i'll hop by.


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But u have actual day photographer rite? When will the photo be ready?

Think we gals still in "honeymoon" period, so never respond to ur suggestion hehhe... ok, lets fix a date then... Ermm... since we always gather on a Friday, so shall we make it on the 19 may 06??

By the way, where is MArnie? Like after her wedding, she MIA???


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ya, my AD is on 17 June.. Can wan lah.. no worries.. usually, the BS do the album as per your AD lor... Mine is in mid June, so they will get it done by end May.. Btw, I am not from J&M..

I am not sure if it's magazine style or not.. For me, i am just getting the normal 15R pics..


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Remember to buy different types of red packet. That would help u to denote the different amts you put inside. Easier to give out on that day.


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Hi Asura,

Didn't you go for the Natural Family Planning sessions at CTK? They will teach you how not to get pregnant naturally. No need pills. Pills got side effects. I'm taking my sessions at Risen Christ. It's free and it's once in a few months. Very convenient. If you want the contact, I think I can go "dig" for you.


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which bridal did u sign up?
yest when i went to collect my grown, there is a couple wedding on the 6.dun know is u or not??


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Angeldust - hi hi...
So you encounter the same problem too rite...Frankly speaking, although my house is a small 4 room flat but when comes to housework is really a headache too...
How much did you pay the PT maid??? Mee too, finally can spend quality time with hubby liao...hee hee...


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gathering gathering! can come to my house if you guys don't mind. i certainly don't mind. but it's small and messy and certainly very 'lived in' hehe.

19 may sounds good to me.

lipstar was asking about how many boxes/bags of stuff we move to new house? sheesh. ALOT. i don't know. i just remember i drove up and down alot from tanah merah to ghim moh. i ever go all the way to GM, then realised shit forgot my keys, drove back to TM, then realise alamak keys were in my bag....
the an chuang info is quite informative leh.. i didnt know muz put the coins..anything else to take note? what else do we have to put other than the red dates?

dun be too stressed up..not good for u.. the other time i feel so stressed up in the planning that i cried.. then hubby decided that he'll help me out so that i have lesser things to worry..so u relax k.. ur exams will be over very soon..cheer up!!

opps..sorry..then u muz be from qianxi brides is it? rem chatting w u but forgot where liao..ha..poor memory..


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phy...hur? got how not to get pregnant naturally??? i thought its all by contraceptive pills?? hmmm thats something new
can teach?? hehe

Jasmine, i will go home to dig the paper and post the items in here ok? hehe its somewhere in my home :p


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<font color="0077aa">sam, depends lar.. i dun go for pay cut.. kekeke.. coz i think all jobs are shit in one way or the other.. so dun wanna risk reduced pay but similar shit and the end of the day.. kekek

the rate for part time helper is usually S$10/hr.</font>


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Hi Phy O,

Me and FH dont trust Natural Family Planning. We think it is more useful for couples who want kids. hee hee... Cos the 2 couples who educate us on NFP during the weekend thingy, one had 5 kids, the other had a "accident". hee.. also my colleague was praticing NFP too... but she got an "accident" after 5 months..

I am not someone who like surprises so thinking of pills.. but dont know how to go about it.


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Hi Jasmine,

Yah... my HB getting worried about me liao... cos i cant sleep without thinking of all the problems..
Anyway, hope to pull through the next 2 weeks and everything would be fine.


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pandalic: we also asked them.. they say sure can one.. so ok lor.. oh, its for PS.. not AD..

agree about the cooking part also lah.. only two of us, we're not always around also.. easier to just eat out... but i enjoy cooking lah, stress relieving for me.. so i must cook once in a while//


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Hi Geraldine,

My MIL says got to let 2 baby boys roll over the marriage bed... where does this part come in An Chuan.. suppose to find baby boys now... haiya... thought i heard from lots of pple that one baby boy can liao... dont know why need 2.


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Hi hi xiaobai..
I doubt u can find any cakes starting from $3-$4/box for ur GDL..unless u want try getting it from JB..then u will surely get a higher chance in getting the cakes at the special price..for me, I went with Bengawan Solo..i got I think 30 boxes frm them previously, dun go for banana walnut bcoz according to Bengawan Solo, banana walnut will be spoilt easily if left too long under the sun due to the banana paste..i got the mable &amp; chocolate cakes instead..i think they are charging ard less than $6/box..they will pack nicely for u lor..

Hi hi designgfreak..
Hmm..just bring along ba..then see how it goes..sometimes BS co-ordinators &amp; PS photographers think likewise…hehe..best if u can get ur friend or siblings to help out as well…if not, my concern will be there will be no one to take the shots for u..cannot expect u video groom while groom video for u without u both in the shots ba..so where are u thinking of gg for u PS?

Hi hi Tingz..
Nice to hear from u..hehe..as for food tasting..some like to do it b4 the 7th mth..which means u have from now till last wk of Jul for ur food-tasting &amp; also preparation for the GDL stuff..i will suggest that u briefly plan out the stuff up &amp; coming lor..like eg: gown fitting for PS (Ensure you bring along ur shoes to try out as well), arrangement for PS (Think of at least 2 outdoor venues), making appts for food-tasting (with both ur parents &amp; also the hotel) can wait till PS lor..coz u will have time then..also printing out of invites..as well as ur guest lists..as &amp; when u r free, got to start working on ur guestlists..can start to work out on their mailing addresses when u r free lor..easier for u also..u let us know again if u can come &amp; join us ba on the 12th..as for the ang-bao for church wedding..i have seen guests attdg church wedding but not invited to wedding dinner giving $40-60..so i guess got to depends on how close u r with the person ba..


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yah. we also preparing first lor. hubby decide. hahaha. jie mei i decide. thinking of buying them something instead of giving ang pao leh. wat u all think?
hey gera, thanks..

aiyo..u sounded like u're gg thru a tough patch.. Jia you k.. try to relax urself..else lata got depression.. jia you k..2 weeks passes very fast one..


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wendy....tink u really mei ji xing after ur preggie....designfreak the groom lah....he is one of the 3 nan ren in this thread...wahahaha....


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Thanks for all the encouragement! Now it has become like a problem to open my mouth. Still not comfortable with everyone. Day 3 only leh. Hehe. Maybe I'll just casually say "Sorry I can't join you guys for the gathering as Im going to view my wedding pics." Hehe. maybe that will wk... Indirect! Or I just say, I din really mention cos I dun think my marriage will affect a lot as I plan to still wk after that. It's just a phase of life Im going thru. Lol. Besides my colleagues are really young, like 22-23 so I dun think they are in tune with the "wedding phase" yet. So not sure how to break to them. Hee.

Thanks for all the well wishes peeps!


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hi sam,

my PT maid rates are not the standard market rate cos the auntie has been cleaning my mum's hse so she charges us cheaply.


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i tot the baby-rolling the bed session only on AD?? didnt knw an chuang also need

the pill is a must ah... i don't even thinking abt tat.. i dun mind to hv kid by accident :p


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hi stepford. wine suppliers won't accept consignment. only hotels and restaurants do i'm afraid. i guess u have to guesstimate the no. of wines u wanna get. and get ur helpers to control the amt that the servers pour.


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hi wendy. i'm the groom. dun be mistaken. and unless i can split into 2, can't take myself with the cam unless like blair witch project. haha.

still haven't talk to photographer but playing ard with the idea of shenton way.


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Hmm.. maybe designfreak and I shld swap username. How come his nick come across as feminine and mine masculine??? ;-D

It's a pity that they do not take consignment orders. Frankly I do not know how much is enough. 30 bottles?


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hello ladies,

long time never log in liao, just finished my last paper 1hr plus ago, hehee..

we've had to change our solemnization venue from the fairypoint chalet to the arts house@ the old parliament house. change concept totally too!

having photoshoot next week, very excited. =)


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Hi jmonster,

If you dont mind having a kid by accident, then no need to go on pill. You might want to take up Natural Family Planning classes. It is a method where you try to predict your own ovultion period and then abstain during that period.


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Hi jasmine,

Thanks for the encouragement... luckily the following 2 weeks comes with public holidays or i dont know how to cope. Cant take too much leave as well cos my honeymoon period is so long that i got to make sure everything is well sorted out before I fly off to enjoy.. heh..


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Jean: You lagi worse than me lah!
At least I only watch 3-5 times the day after AD. U watch every day ah!

Ok! Great! I'll keep 19th May free for you girls!

pinkbuMMy: Your place I don't mind lor. Mai hiam buay pai.
Wah! So muddle-headed ah!
Alamak man! Eh? You forgot your pet phrase "Basket". Oh, u only use it on other pp?

Yalar... where is marnie? Her honeymoon not so soon yet right?
Hers is in August or whose is in Aug? I lost track oredi...


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Hazel: U dun hv highlights to share. It's ok. You cook some deserts and serve us can oredi. You and Marnie can serve us together. We don't mind.


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Asura, i also heard of the rolling before but oh ya about the boy part i heard the shifu say the nite before AD can have a guy/boy (as long as not married) to sleep with your hubby on the bed
we planning to get one of his cousin who is about 15 yrs old


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yo cat

yah bought one diamonte bracelet from there...very cheap nia...keke just in case i need it lor...

hihi tansy
how do you find the place of your PS? I would be considering...need to fill up anything? can check for me?
hi gals >> hee..me like Tingz too... like to listen.. tink we both become very good listener liao... heehee...

Am interested in the wine too..chip me in.. okie


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Wendy, Mine is a simple wedding without dinner, only buffer for my instant relatives. So no trouble to look lor ballroom etc. Because of this reason, FH is willingly to top up more photos 4 me.We paid about 3K++ in total since my package included much more photos so think still ok lah.


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Hi Wendy

Thanks for your advice, I will check with Bengawan Solo for the pricing. By the way, what is marble &amp; Chocolates Cakes? I have never eat before. How does it taste like? Does we need to book a minimum boxes before Bengawan Solo take our order? And any outlet can order the cake is it or I must go to a specific outlet?

Thank You So Much



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dun think I can make it...
cos its so far...
I always late for an hr+ even if its in the city...
now, its at Pinkbunny's pl, I scared I will be late for at least 2hrs+...by the time I reached her pl will be ard 9pm+...


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Hi ladies,

How are u these days? Have not talked u all for a long time liao. How is everything?

Hi Popie,
I also thot of buying small gifts for my jie meis. But i have no idea what to get for them. But i dun wan to be too expensive. kekeke.
U have any ideas what to get for ur jie meis?

Hi Leafmemories,
So u have ur PS next week? Rem to smile more.

I really miss my times during my PS. Kekeke.


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<font color="ff0000">angeldust, ribbons, pandalic, samantha, daman,
The PT maid sounds like a good idea, maybe get her to help clean the toilets, etc once a week. Hubby knows how to wash clothes &amp; iron so he's prob in charge of that area. Im quite useless, cant even cook so this living together thingy is gonna be tough on me. =( But no choice leh, have to learn. Hiaz.

Pandalic &amp; Daman,
My PS postpone to August liao. Hubby just had a minor ear surgery &amp; is in the recuperating period so early June is too rush for us. Very hard to co-ordinate both MUA &amp; Photographer's timing &amp; one or the other's schedules always clash when i request for a late June/July slot. In the end, 8 Aug is the only date both can make it. But its Lunar 7th mth leh, but no choice. My mum says catholics shldnt be so pantang, so OK lor. =)

Take care, poor thing.

Day 3 only mah, am sure soon u will be clicking fairly well with your colleagues liao to break the good news to them. Can just mention casually during lunch, etc. Good luck! =)</font>


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Hi qingqing,
so i guess mediacorp would feature u n ur hubby goin voting hehehe... so cute....

all ladies,
do u all know where i can find those kind of box red wine which is like 5 litre or so per box, i dun 1 2 spend extra on cockage. Is there anyone here who doesnt serve red wines on their weddin banquet?