(2006) Brides of year 2006


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I also haven't bought my bedframe. only bought the mattress. most likely gg for a frame instead of divan...i like the bed having empty space below or drawers.


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I oso bought my mattress, haven settle with the frame.. aihz.. been tinking wat to buy, cos i dun like platform.. then oso have to search for matching side table...


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Pandalic - good idea...
Actually, most of the guestlist will be provided by my IL and parent's side cos me and hubby will only have less than 5 tables in total...
Therefore, not much hassle on this...
Will have 1 reserved table for those friends who dun intend to come...
(its ok cos dun need to pay if never utilized) Anyway, when is the selection of your gown???


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hi jmonster,
i've sent u the link.

hi jasmine,
no wor..we went to jb to take the nite shots..not too bad!!

oh timminbuzz,
yeah i m torn between the divan and bed frame..i also dun like platform as in those very near the ground one.


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while rushing my invoices, I m thinking of the bouquet...maybe I shld throw my bouquet at night hor....
shld be quite fun...
I shld do that...
my fren advise me to get a a bed frame cos she she if i get the divan, next time when i'm pregnant, i'll have a hard time getting in and out of the bed when a big tummy..thats what she advised me k..maybe u can take this as a reference too..

rem to share your photos with us k..cheers!


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mark, charles is my ex camp mate....mmm...cecilia noe him too....

wendy, me shld be fine wif all the 3 days tentatively....coz i still nt sure wen my hse will be hand over to me mah...

Saturdays (Time to be confirmed)
15th – Wendy(TBC_only available from 11am onwards), tansy, diana
22nd – Wendy, tansy, diana
29th - Wendy, tansy, diana

tansy & cat, ya lor me fall sick....dry cough mayb shout too much on friday lor...wahaha

welcom ashley!

tingz, thks...actually me quite alright liao...but keep feeling sleepy mayb due to the cough mixture ba....


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Hi AshLady
that fast...for me PS also in June yet I have not confirm my design and color yet...I need to go back to try on somemore grown to confirm color and design. I feel that BS had not much OTR grown for me to try....so xian.


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<font color="0077aa">sam, i mtm all my outfits so no selection.. first fitting for WG and teadress supposedly end of the month.. will also do the EG design then.. but i may be travelling so prob postpone the fitting.. you selecting this sat right? if i read correctly your earlier post..</font>


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I m so happy!
Another fren of mine getting married...
N he had chosen my original AD...
Luckily we didnt chose that...else how to get my brothers....


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eh you pantang or not? better check with your mum. cos i had friends' wedding around mine then i couldn't attend and they couldn't come to mine either


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hey panda, just a curious qns...if MTM gown that means i can take a few pics of my ideal gown and show designer on that day?? that means ...i dont even need to wear and choose gown on that day liao...cos designer is doing a fresh gown for me mar...correct?? Pardon me hur...for asking such a weird qns


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talking abt these...my mum actually said shldnt attend if its the same year...
but we dun care....even my frenz r attending ours.
As long as its not the same mth, shld be ok lah...


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Pandalic - Yes, I will be meeting the designer this sat for the MTM EG...
My WG is OTR and have already selected since last month...
Since your wedding is also in Dec'06, no worries cos still got sufficient time lah...


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<font color="0077aa">jingles, wat you mean by you dont even need to wear and choose gown on that day liao??

mtm means your designer will create a new gown for you.. then during the discussion/appt, you will be trying all the different cuts, fabrics and designs so that your designer can ascertain accurately wat suits you..

hope this answers your qn..</font>


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I'm planning to do my PS in late May. Will be selecting my gowns next wk. Hopefully can find the ones i like!


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Pink Bunny,
Just saw your photos. U look so pretty, very photogenic...

I think use round bouquet will look nicer... Long one not very nice. Initially, also wanted to use a long one(calla lillies), but i look at my friend wedding pix, it turned out to be very plain....(no offence to whoever is using calla...Sorry)


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Me just went to buy the SKII mask. Very EX!! 6 pieces cost over 100 bucks. My fren says its very good cos she uses that 1 week before her wedding, and she can see the results.

I very stressed now cos now some people tell me cannot attend my wedding, where to find replacement now? Somemore my dumb FH still haven't give out his cards and he is still lack of 7 people! Sianz and stressed by him.


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mtm i always thought is you know what type of design and pattern suits you or you want a particular design, you then let your designer know so that she will make your dream come true.. of course with some improvements here and there to make the final product more suitable for you.

now I am thoroughly confused..


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quick quick must confirm your venue already ah.. else really can slip between your fingers le.

PS don't worry.. they can still do some "touching up". BUt must start soon lor ;) don't let work get in the way.. think about it. time for exercising is also a long term investment for your health!


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U r not the only one...
My FH also hasnt given out the cards...
cos they all said..maybe can attend.
...till now still give me such an ans.

So I really dunno wat to do with "maybe can attend" guests..So on hold lor.

I had used SKII whitening source...quite gd.


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i mtm my gown too. u will be trying on many gowns!! hee.. i did, cos i showed my designer wat i liked, then we tried on different cuts to see how it really looks, n of cos the different material n colors.. cos off white, pure white, ivory white.. SO many whites to choose! hee.. its very fun, enjoy ur mtm session!


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OIC. I know him thru a friend called Wilson. His camp mate also. Small World ya. So u must be same age as Charles har... So u are a male har? I tot Diana is cha bo name. Keke...


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<font color="0077aa">rainqq, dun understand why you confused leh.. if its like wat you say, the brides can just go look for seamstress liao.. i feel lar

of coz, there are some pple who mtm coz they insist on certain designs they have in mind.. but oh well, wat you like may not suit you afterall..

in any case, generally the mtm gown is created to be "THE GOWN" after a long process of discussions.. personally, i would want a gown that is uniquely me thats why i go for mtm.. i have ideas abt wat my gown will be like.. but after my discussions with my designer, i guess she knows better.. so i heed her advice..

for mtm, the designer will design with your preference in mind the dream gown for you.. afterall designer designs gowns.. thats why we hire a designer mah..

after i signed up with my BS, the designer told me to do some research on the kind of gowns i like as well as those i dun like.. thereafter, during my 1st appt with the designer, i present my research for discussion with the designer.. during the appt, the designer will also find out from me the details of my wedding like locations, theme and my personality, etc.. i am also asked to try different cuts, neckline, style, etc.. so that the designer has a better idea of what suits me...

then based on the information, she will propose a couple of designs (where she will sketch them on paper) for me to see in the subsequent appts.. and coz i pretty fussy, my designer also showed me samples of fabrics and embellishments for my selection..

i think maez can concur with me too.. coz i agree with her.. mtm discussions are fun!

paiseh huh, i dun see your details in the table... when is your AD and which BS you using??</font>


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haha. yah. quite true. me quite busy these days leh... nvr really come in. when i come in see no one reply also nvr bother to post. hahaha.

jojo. so ur gown selection how liao? going this sat for EG fitting rite?


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Hi Wendy,

My details are :
AD = 29 Oct
Dinner = 30 Oct
Hotel = Intercontinental
Solemnisation = 30 Oct, at dinner
BS = David Lim
AD Photo = Peepshow Machine
AD Video = TBC
Email = [email protected]
Lovenest = Woodlands



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jingles-hmmm dun tink so, i heard of such cases also but i dun tink so cos they got to get rid of 2 things first..my double chin and my BIG FAT tummy. mua hahaha...if they can do that and its still look like me then they must be damn power leh...wah piang..u bad leh...wan ur frd to go but not ur aunites..hehehe just kidding...

jo-range from $750-$2150. That's wat i saw b4. Maybe gt cheaper. some $750 can include MTV/trailer/express highlight (they got lots of names). Depends on whether u can click with the VG(videographer) anot and how he works is and of cos last of all, wat he return to u. u can try searching for VG in this forums. or this -> http://www.singaporebrides.com/forumboard/messages/7/240297.html
seems like u are SWC bride also. hmm...i m using their AD also.

Speaking of which, maez pls update mine with the rest if there is any...

AD VG = QP Wedding Works.


angeldust-no prob. gd luck then.

OL-the package i taking from my VG is the cheapest lor..mua hahah. actually he got only 1 package either full or half day. heheh taking the full day then he charge me the split day surcharge. u mean save money for VG or save money to get a better VG? some comments i come across are, "you wil not be watching the whole thing again after a few years but pics u will at least tke out and see and pics easier access than video."..."vid can capture emotions and stuff but not pics"..again, its up to individual.

mist28-nope..i same color blk as u..hehe maybe directly opp u...no i din go sengkang thread. compassvale thread long enuff liao..still gt SK thread..dizzy after all the reading...

sam-same same leh..i aft PS then tink abt invites..ahhah

rainqq-haha ok...then must see hw well they touchup...ya trying to find time..also smemre got IPPT to "push" me...sigh...hehe

pandalic-thats gd..gt more budget to play with...


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pandalic, thanks for the englightenment.

my mtm gown process actually progressed like this.. The designer asked me what design I like, what color I like.. As for materials, she mentioned she will get some samples for me to see but since she was so busy, I ended up going there myself to take a look and took some pictures of a material which caught my eye that day. She then buy the material saying she has browsed and found that's the only material with the pattern that I'm looking for..

I felt funny throughout this whole process as it didn't feel right but I didn't really voice out. Now that you mention it, the way it was done really like the tailor type lor.

When I was telling my FH about this, he mentioned that we don't have to commit with the material. The designwise can further discuss for improvement etc.

Sigh.. I didn't want to put in my details coz I'm not sure am I being oversensitive about this BS and gave wrong judgement. Since I've voiced my disappointment about this BS in this thread, if my details is up in the table, people will know this BS something wrong. I don't want to give wrong impressions first.


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Hi Everyone,

I am also having my AD on 7 Oct 2006. Managed to book the banquet, bridal, AD PG and VG.

Will be going down for my first fitting this weekend, will mtm my WG so need to get started soon. Think will plan to have the PS in May/ June and hope its not too late.

Any other things that we need to start preparing


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DaMan-Thanks for the link, will pop in to have a look. =) Oh, you're with SWC too. I'll be doing my selection next tue. When's yours?

Panda- Good idea, maybe I can try that too.. sending out in 2rounds. But I'm not sure when am I getting my cards for printing. The hotel took me that my food tasting is abt 3months before the AD. Think they would be giving me the cards by then? Anyone knows when do we need to give confirmation on the no. of tables to the hotel?

Guess my problem with guests is with my colleagues. Hmmm...


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<font color="0077aa">rainqq, you beary cute.. =P i know which BS you sign up with liao.. coz if i do a search, i can see your posts at other threads!!!

in any case, you are only conveying your opinions here.. so dun have to worry.. in fact its good that you share with us or future btbs.. so that they can be more careful when dealing with the BS.. afterall, everyone will have different opinions abt different BS.. so you dun worry..

as for your mtm gown, if you dun really like it, you should tell her.. afterall, its YOUR gown leh..

i think clouds can be my witness.. i am actually labelled as a fussy bride by my designer.. wahahha.. coz i couldnt make up my mind and keep having second tots.. and i also particular abt the fabrics.. and of coz, if possible, dun want to top up.. wahhahaha.. but then again, you can't have the cake and eat it, so somethings gotta go.. when i learn to trust her, she really lift up to my expectations..

must give her credits.. coz i had so many appts with her just to settle my WG design.. but never once, she was impatient with me!!! in fact, she was so professional in her services and attitude that i feel so bad abt myself.. wahhahaha..

oh, must also give credit to my bf.. he sat in for all the sessions.. my designer and him very good frens now.. =p</font>


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daman - hey...u never know leh...kekeke they may able to do some touch up and u r the one requesting for me pics...
aiyah some aunties, 1 year dunno got see one time, also hardly see them (even my own parents also hardly see them!!). Thats why i prefer to invite my friends and colleagues, at least they are more real and close to share my joy with.

maez - thanks for the advice...actually i had already done my pre-homework so had in mind what i really want. Guessed my designer will be shocked cos i will be bringing in lots of bridal mags with tags to show her...