(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Wah...how come Robinson people so rude? If I tell my fren, I think this Mr Quek can tender resignation already...

This is very unacceptable as a Robinson staff. They are trained to put customers first and if customer is not satisfied with the service or goods, they have the right to a full refund or exchange, no questions asked.

I know you wondering how come I know, I used to work there. Plus my family got business relations to them, alot of managers in there are actually personal friends


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fifi, there is no gathering/outing 2molo.....but fri there is a clubbing session....

min_mic, coz chris is slightly cheaper than raymond in term of charges but best of all is tat the photo montage and xpress highlight add up to abt 10 min....nt juz 5 min which is offer by raymond.....however if u r taking raymond, rest assured tat his work are pretty good too....

racheal, wat is ur budget?


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<table border=1><tr><td>Nick</TD><TD>ROM Date</TD><TD>ROM Venue</TD><TD>Wedding Date</TD><TD>Banquet Venue / Theme</TD><TD>Bridal Boutique</TD><TD>Studio / Outdoor Photoshoot</TD><TD>AD PG</TD><TD>AD VG</TD><TD>Lovenest </TD></TR><TR><TD>Cindee Koh</TD><TD>03/06/2006</TD><TD>LCOR</TD><TD>03/06/2006</TD><TD>Garden Party</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Friends</TD><TD>Friends</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Childlike</TD><TD>03/06/2006</TD><TD>OCC</TD><TD>03/06/2006</TD><TD>Marriot</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Duxton </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ting</TD><TD>03/06/2006</TD><TD>Sheraton Tower</TD><TD>03/06/2006</TD><TD>Sheraton Tower</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Snow</TD><TD>06/06/2006</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>06/06/2006</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Cacphin</TD><TD>18/09/05</TD><TD>Kuali</TD><TD>06/06/2006</TD><TD>Pan Pacific</TD><TD>Mr &amp; Miss Wedding Club</TD><TD>Mr &amp; Miss Wedding Club</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>BM </TD></TR><TR><TD>Antonia</TD><TD>06/06/2006</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>06/06/2006</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>Silverlining</TD><TD>The Edge</TD><TD>Henry</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Telok Blangah </TD></TR><TR><TD>BingBing</TD><TD>06/03/2005</TD><TD>Raffles Ctry Club</TD><TD>08/06/2006</TD><TD>Pan Pacific</TD><TD>Mr &amp; Miss Wedding Club</TD><TD>Mr &amp; Miss Wedding Club</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>XinXin</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>10/06/2006</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>Venus</TD><TD>Venus</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>memories</TD><TD>29/09/03</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>11/06/2006</TD><TD>Chevron</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>BP </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sylvia</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>11/06/2006</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Starris</TD><TD>08/11/2003</TD><TD>Conrad</TD><TD>11/06/2006</TD><TD>Four Seasons Hotel</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding Collections</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding Collections</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Pasir Ris </TD></TR><TR><TD>Chobits</TD><TD>30/06/04</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>17/06/06</TD><TD>Grand Copthorne Waterfront</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Sam</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>JW </TD></TR><TR><TD>Piglet</TD><TD>09/12/2005</TD><TD>ROM Center</TD><TD>17/06/06</TD><TD>Singapore Expo</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>FairyLoh</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>St Mary of the Angels</TD><TD>17/06/06</TD><TD>Holiday Inn Atrium</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ericia</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>17/06/06</TD><TD>Orchid Country Club</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Annice</TD><TD>18/09/04</TD><TD>ROM Center</TD><TD>17/06/06</TD><TD>NA</TD><TD>Milan</TD><TD>Milan</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Icebubbles</TD><TD>23/03/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>The Fullerton</TD><TD>Amanda Lee</TD><TD>Andrew Choi</TD><TD>Beetles (Chor Hui)</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>JoJo</TD><TD>10/10/2004</TD><TD>Carlton Hotel</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>Chevron</TD><TD>Venus (JB)</TD><TD>Venus (JB)</TD><TD>Kelvin Eng</TD><TD>Don Lim</TD><TD>JW </TD></TR><TR><TD>Keh huier</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>Marina Mandarin</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD>-</TD><TD></TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Hazel</TD><TD>04/02/2005</TD><TD>Plaza Park Royal</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding Collections</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding Collections</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>JC</TD><TD>18/09/04</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>SK </TD></TR><TR><TD>Jes</TD><TD>18/09/05</TD><TD>Zoological Garden</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>Conrad Centennial</TD><TD>Divine Couture</TD><TD>Divine Couture</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>BB </TD></TR><TR><TD>Camy</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>Marina Mandarin</TD><TD>Z Wedding</TD><TD>Z Wedding</TD><TD>Wedwedwed</TD><TD>Wedding Paparazzi</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Chijmes</TD><TD>06/06/2006</TD><TD>Fort Canning</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>KL </TD></TR><TR><TD>EDK</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Injack Studio</TD><TD>Injack Studio</TD><TD>Buangkok </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sinkor</TD><TD>29/10/05</TD><TD>Amara Hotel</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>Copthorne Orchid</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Adrian Ong</TD><TD>Chris</TD><TD>BB </TD></TR><TR><TD>Geraldine (Babygera)</TD><TD>03/03/2006</TD><TD>LTB Cherish Suite</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>Qian Xi Farrer Park</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Kay's Partner</TD><TD>Kay</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Beenz</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>Orchid Country Club</TD><TD>Emanuel B. Couture</TD><TD>FIUXPhotography</TD><TD>PlushPhotography</TD><TD>NA</TD><TD>AMK </TD></TR><TR><TD>Shirley Yee</TD><TD>31/01/04</TD><TD>ROM Center</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>Furama Hotel</TD><TD>Inspiration (JB)</TD><TD>Inspiration (JB)</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Punggol </TD></TR><TR><TD>Princess Jasmine</TD><TD>19/06/06</TD><TD>19/06/2006</TD><TD>18/06/2006/10-06-06</TD><TD>Bliss Garden</TD><TD>J &amp; M Design &amp; Photography</TD><TD>J &amp; M Design &amp; Photography</TD><TD>Stefine Weddings</TD><TD>Stefine Weddings</TD><TD>Tanah Merah </TD></TR><TR><TD>Faith_Tan</TD><TD>17/06/06</TD><TD>Church</TD><TD>20/06/06</TD><TD>Raffles Town Club</TD><TD>F*line Bridal</TD><TD>F*line Bridal</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ooshie</TD><TD>06/06/2006</TD><TD>Changi Musuem</TD><TD>22/06/06</TD><TD>Pan Pacific</TD><TD>The Wedding Present</TD><TD>Lighted Pixels</TD><TD>Lighted Pixels</TD><TD>Emotionpics</TD><TD>EC </TD></TR><TR><TD>Gini09</TD><TD>28/06/05</TD><TD>Intercontinental</TD><TD>23/06/06</TD><TD>Intercontinental</TD><TD>Dang</TD><TD>Studio Emboss</TD><TD>Big Day Studio</TD><TD>Fabian Lim</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ah_blur</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>23/06/06</TD><TD>Pan Pacific</TD><TD>Camelia</TD><TD>Montage</TD><TD>Beetles (Chor Hui)</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Semb </TD></TR><TR><TD>Asura79</TD><TD>12/03/2005</TD><TD>Christ The King</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Marina Mandarin</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Big Day Studio</TD><TD>Y*ppies Production</TD><TD>AMK </TD></TR><TR><TD>Timminbuzz</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Church of Ascension</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Hilton</TD><TD>Dang</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Tucky</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>AMK </TD></TR><TR><TD>Joyousonline</TD><TD>30/09/05</TD><TD>ROM Teahouse</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>88 Restaurant</TD><TD>Dawn's Wedding (JB)</TD><TD>Dawn's Wedding (JB)</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>JW </TD></TR><TR><TD>Gingercat</TD><TD>24/09/05</TD><TD>Furama Riverfront</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Meritus Mandarin</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Emotionpics</TD><TD>Emotionpics</TD><TD>EC </TD></TR><TR><TD>PinkIce</TD><TD>17/09/05</TD><TD>The masonnic Club</TD><TD>24/06/05</TD><TD>Traders Hotel</TD><TD>Kai Bridal</TD><TD>Attitude Photography</TD><TD>Lighted Pixels</TD><TD>TBA</TD><TD>RH </TD></TR><TR><TD>MrsSoh</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Hilton</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Eli</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>The Wedding Present</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Beetles (Chor Hui)</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Phy_o</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>OLPS</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Marriot</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>foto-*.com</TD><TD>foto-*.com</TD><TD>AMK </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lovebug</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Christ The King</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Raffles Town Club</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Derick Ong</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>jmonster</TD><TD>16/12/05</TD><TD>The masonnic Club</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Jade Room, Hotel Royal</TD><TD>Vanity</TD><TD>Vanity</TD><TD>Friend</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Bedok </TD></TR><TR><TD>Notti</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Au JarDin</TD><TD>25/06/06</TD><TD>Park Lane Hotel</TD><TD>Ted Wu</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Beetles (Bernard)</TD><TD>Bugs Media</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Chaiyo</TD><TD>25/12/05</TD><TD>Amara Hotel</TD><TD>25/06/06</TD><TD>Meritus Mandarin</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD> </td></tr></table>


Hi Samantha,
after hearing soo much abt the VG, would you mind sending me the contacts as well.
[email protected]

we're in the midst of choosing PG and VG. having a hard time eliminating cos not sure which is good and cheap.


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Wah, i thought few people know teh ban guan leh! Ya la, cos there cheap cheap ma they say...still can remember we always order maggi and eat..haha..


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Jingles... thick skin a bit... its a investment for the album and something ur children and grandchildren will love looking at..

You shouldnt do it at a time when no one was around.. Maybe u can ask the students to play along lor. Just sit/ stand around, look ntural.. very nice..

Samantha: ur flat is brand new or resale?


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Hi Samantha

I've had short hair for more than a decade already! I used to have long hair till mid of my back but that was during my lower sec days haha..

Had never "tahan" till below shoulder length. Always when hair is touching my neck I'll be itching to cut it shorter and shorter and shorter haha.. maybe coz the nature of my work I can't have long hair else really troublesome!

But now trying to keep the hair in place while it's growing haha.. but fell to temptation recently again and went to trim it. I'm still going to try my best to grow and then I'll rely on the magical "hair extensions" on my AD!


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i used to work there and saw lots of places with tall grass. But venturing in to take pictures may not be that advisable. Was told by some friends photographers should know of these places.. was even told even if I don't mind taking pictures during 7th month, the photographer will mind coz those long lallang place got lots of yin there


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ya elven

both me and my FH from ntu
saw the article on the first couple to be married at the yunnan garden and having their honeymoon night at one of those exec apartments haha.. interesting hor!

Yunnan place is one of venue we intend to take pictures.. very quaint hahaha. Think may snap a few shots at the new road they have built recently too. Very secluded area with lots of greeneries!

U and your FH from NTU too?


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<font color="0077aa">hi guys.. today the thread is so bz.. kekeke..

da man / sam / OL - we are not entitled to Workfare Bonus.. its for pple above 40 years old.. we are only given Growth Dividends...ranging from $200 to $800. NSman got $100 extra i think..

angel - ya ya, let God decide.. =p

elven_princess - you make me think twice abt Yang.. =)

coz the only time i saw Yang's work was at the Fort Canning wedding show last year.. deep memories.. one of his brides' prewedding video actually use the hokkien song "one small umbrella" and the couple dance round a coconut tree... my frens and i flipped and nearly died of laughter.. as you can guess, we "siam" him after that.. maybe now i should check him out again..

a fren is blessing me with a VG.. so now looking around.. can you share your contacts with me? </font>


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Hi RainQQ,
Nope, only hubby is from NTU. But i used to pick him up after lessons everyday (Im a super good GF hor!) so im familiar with the school grounds. hee

Really got a small umbrella hokkein video from Yang ah? Gosh, prob if me &amp; hubby saw it, we might have 'siam' him like mad too! Kekeke...We saw afew videos, most of them were nice, short, sweet &amp; funny. Me &amp; hubby insisted on no chessy mandarin-ktv style of videos, so maybe he refrained from showing us the cheena ones. :D I think initially he wanted to do a 'shanghai 1940s' kind of video for us but cannot lah, me &amp; hubby quite angmoh-pai, we dont listen to mandarin songs, &amp; neither do our relatives so they prob wont appreciate it. We will prob think of our own storyline &amp; get him to shoot.


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hey tissuebox, ur in-laws' prob is the space. for me, its d color of d ink used cos old pple hv poorer eyesight.
my hubby asked his dad to write the cards....i gotto get pens wif brighter colors else he wont b able to c it clearly. b using bronze ink.


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As I written in the prev msg. this Mr Quek did offer me to return the money back OUT OF GOODWILL. The problem here is that I am aware that the mattress price has increased. That means I have to pay a higher price if I want to buy back the same model or the Sealy model that I had aimed before. Its not worth it..cos I had purchased the mattress before the price increase &amp; during promotion. How can I fork out extra for the same item?
Therefore he suggested to check with the supplier. This is also OUT OF GOODWILL.
This is also the time when I asked him for another alternative solution if it cant be delivered on time. The answer that I got is DUN PRESS ME FOR AN ANSWER.

All the while I tot Robinson is well know for their excellent service.
But who knows...I got 2 bad experiences with them this yr. 1st time is super late delivery. 2nd time is this mattress.
It seems like the excellent service can only be seen at the shopping centre itself.

My qty of the cakes fro 33boxes to 18 boxes.
Its really a blessing in disguise that I kept holding my FH from ordering.


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How to take 2 days leave?
Very hard for me leh...
but I will take 1 day leave after...
cos come back home...needs time to adjust...heeheee...


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elven.. wah u are one SUPER GOOD GF LE!!

Hey all ladies n gentleman out there. I can't help but being anxious again le. Have been really busy so didn't stay in touch with my BS progress. So today I contacted my designer to check status and what things to do and prepare for my photoshoot in July.

Was told she bought the material and I can come down this weekend just to see the material if I want to, other than that I can wait till 3-4weeks before my PS to come down to settle the rest! I was disturbed by what she said.. how about measurement? trial make up? realised she forgot I haven't taken measurement etc. only then she told me to come down next week. (I've been chasing them last month and had informed them that my APril schedule will be quite tight and their reply then was they were busy, since then there has been no calls from them and today this is the response I get). Need to check with you guys again does this type of incident occurs frequently?

My FH and I are disappointed, contemplating changing BS or giving this BS another chance. Nevertheless, will be starting search again.


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yo yo yo!

first time our families met today! went over to my mum's place and very koyak - cos my parents not home yet so bluebunny and his mum and bro cannot go up to the house. then my parents came home but they forgot to buy stuff so had to go out again. i so pai say

but the actual exchange was very sweet. my mum bought ALOT of things for us! red bath, ang chai (super ching chong one, got the red ball at the side one), 2 lamps, tea set, toothbrush, toothpaste, red cup, basket of supposed to be oranges but she couldn't find, so she filled with ferrero rocher. which bluebunny already took one of. basket. don't know if he's already supposed to eat it or not!!! oh and ang pow of course
3 leh, i dunno why. but i'm not complaining

when got time then take photo to show y'all ok?

for those who need to know, i learnt today:
1. tea for brewing for tea ceremony should be hong zao (red dates i think) with longan and bing tang (rock sugar). hong zao must buy those with SEEDS cos that means you xin (got heart). longan - buy those from medicine shop with skin. you can either serve the tea, and the longan at the side then people can eat (which i think is very ma-fan) or remove the skin and then boil together with the tea

2. everything for the wedding (like the XI word on your front door, bedroom door and above your bed) must be there for 12 days, counting wedding day as day 1.

(now bluebunny is talking to me when i'm typing to you girls and i cannot concentrate...)

hazel - it's easy for me to apply for leave but i always go with a heavy heart because i know there are time-sensitive things i should be doing but this is ONCE IN A LIFETIME so just take it. the day after to rest is ok but it's also super important to rest before so that you can look fresh right?


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wow...I was talking to my FH when reading yr msg...cos was choosing songs for March In..
I wanted Dreaming Of U...tats my fav song
but he prefers another song.
So, I said ok lor, U take the 1stMarch In, Dreaming of U be the 2nd March In
N he said think abt it 1st....


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Guys.. Juz saw U Channel. Program on "Picking the right one". Anyone saw it? Any info on the menicure, SPARTY? Wana to know more about it. The program never says where &amp; how to contact! Duh!

P.S. Gift for ur FH... A KTV voucher will be nice! Hehe...

Cheers all


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yah...$2 is good price. ribbons are very elegant. one other way to decorate is to use different size ribbons / colour.

happy shopping!

so did Popie, Chip....how was it?

i went to try on my newly altered gown today. grateful tt it looks much better after that. it was going to be altered quite a bit, so i hadn't been able to visualise earlier what it wld look like. now i can.


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ribbons-ok sure...but gt to wait till end of july, roughly tats when BS will give me the photos leh..will scan and upload...and the progress package i only noe if u wan cash, better go to the website from April 1st and do the procedure to ensure they will give u in may. Is it the 1st payment in may? i duno. blur liao.

jingles- u bem? building estate management? not the real estate 1 rite? if smething like tat then maybe we same cse...but i senior..in 96 batch..prev was called BSE...building services engineering...
ribbons suggestion not bad...gd idea....unique lah..can try lor...provided ur FH dun mind..

princess-tink the one u saw is 1 of those i read in other threads, the photog do special effects to add the pic taken earlier into the busstop poster stand

Sam-PS in 7 July, 200-300 for 1 MTV only is norm lor...heard that ur VG quite hot leh..and seems to be taken for 9dec. sigh so cant even shortlist him/her/them..hehe...u gt a gd package...but VG i damn ngiao leh..my expectations for the editing must be unique and gd and make me wow lor...but price CANT make me go wow.hehe

angeldust-yaya...i see liao also nearly faint...scroll all the way up and tot my last post at the bottom...yes must get a gd VG...me shortlisting VG now....SANG NAO JIN...wan cheap and gd..hehehe

mist28-ok will keep a lookout for u also...gog to tell my FW...wah..groom sing himself? wah cant lah..i cant do tat...me sound like killing chicken and smemre tone deaf..hahahaha

Aprilgal-who have u shortlisted for the VG?

rainqq-aiyo...yin qi zhong zhong huh?...lucky i before 7th month..bt the effect is so damn gd lor....hehe...tink u shld hantum the BS as often as possible..not physically lah...but hantum their numbers on ur phone...call them and remind them...smetime they bz with others and may forget u....its like tat...must call them till when u said "hello", they would have recognise ur voice..hehe...

pandalic-tats y i said i underage lor...below 40 mah..but fulfill the salary range...hiakhiak...as usual..we are all overwork, underpaid...

for the VG, i had try to ask for style for MTV/trailer from the VG and what can they proposed, but they said the same thing. gt to depend on the actual day wat happen. got comedy, gt sad, gt tears or smething like tat then they do it accordingly.play by ear...i also dun wan cheena style...more like Model posing style...elegant and stylo milo....and gog to copy a few movie poster pose as well. maybe titanic...mua hahaha..abt old lah..but then tats a classic mah..hehe..


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have show my in laws the card.
they say no issue cos they will not be writing the chinese name inside the card.
he say the line is write english name.
chinese name he will write on the envelop.

i have bought gold ink but i feel it does not stand out with my card(gold hotstamping) so later will go try see use silver ink nice or not?
but i care very funny lei


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mish, we did not meet up in the end. haha. chip was busy at work. so i went shopping alone. hehehe. bought some stuff for my house. but nothing for the wedding. hehehe.


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wah fainted.. daman really can TYPE a lOT.. ha ha ha ha..

elven - ok make sure its classy lor.. me and hubby feel we are not good actors and actresses, neither are we good looking.. just normal folks.. so do not think we can ne natural in front of the videocam... probably will be ggigling like mad.. HA HA HA HA take pic still ok see ourselves in video MTV.. maybe not but i do wish u have fun for the MTV shoot!!

daman - u wanna try focuspoint? it was reco by a friend of mine. I think shld be not bad. dun really prefer titanic wan class one i also choose Mr &amp; Mrs Smith or Pretty Woman poster. ke ke ke ke
or one of those Meg Ryan &amp; Tom Hanks movies like You've got mail etc.

progress package.. ya must take man.. ha ha ha the extra cash is really useful one.


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elven princess.. wah lau.. u ah.. spoilt the market for all GFS lah u.. heee..

Da MAN: Thanks in advance ah..

I dunno about this, but why 7th Month cannot take pics ah? scare capture ghost on pics ah? sorry ah, no offence. a genuine question from me.. (me christian, so not bothered by 7th month.)


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Hi Wendy,
Is really a problem in getting vegetarian food. Most of my mum relative is vegetarian but my dad side are all meat-eater. So I must find a caterer that can really make vegetarian food very tasty for all.

I am interested in joining for the jewellery outing but is only available on sat morning so see what's you gals timing.


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Hey! I've also watched 'Picking the right one', and would also like to know where the facial salon is, anyone has any idea?

Mark, u like to sing huh? hmm, hope yr FW will get u a year supply of ktv vouhers. hee. btw, i've also no idea where the manicure place is.


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hi hi minnie..
AD PG is ard the range of $800 to $1200..depending on ur preference also..whether digital or conventional..coz it's a one full day thingy..so dun think u can find anything like ROM pricing..a wedding is a once in a lifetime..most importanly is u r satisfied with the work of the AD PG..pls vote for the dates of ur choice for the jewellery shopping so that i can confirm the dates for this shopping spree..hee..

hi hi mark tay..
hmm..u shd get ur wife to get a KTV set for u or at ur new lovenest..heehee..then u both can sing all day long at home..heehee..

hi hi Beatrice..
no worries..i understand it's not easy for u to make arrangement for both vegetarians &amp; non-vegetarians..somemore own relatives more difficult to please lor..diff pple have diff taste..slowly check it out ba..as for the jewellery shopping, pls vote for the dates u r available so that we can confirm the date..thks!


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i watch tat too on weekly basis hahaha...nt sure abt how to contact sparty (maybe can surf net for it ba)...but the facial salon is true spa coz i tink i heard the beautician Bernice mentioned it....


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hi hi Diana..
i think $800 is the package price..but usually some of the them like for eg: conventional flim type, they charges by per film..so usually if u take more shots, will add up lor..that's why i gave a range of betw $800 to $1200..


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Hi girls,

Please contact Kevin @ 96866367 (VG)...
I think certain dates can still be arranged...

RainQQ - yes, I suggest you go for hair extension...
its nicer...

Ribbon - my flat is 4 room resale...

Elven - please give me your e-mail address...
will check it out and let you know...
morn ladies..
yday so busy after lunch so neva come in..so wat's the topic today??i'm so excited man..my wedding gown will be arriving next mon..then can go &amp; view liao..heez..

Hi Tam,
Thanks!! But my AD date still got abit of prob leh.. shld be 18.06.06 &amp; 19.06.06. on the table it shows 18.06.06/10.06.06. Than my ROM venue also at Bliss Garden.. Help me update again k.. Thanks!! Sorry for the trouble..Keke..

muz take care k..u'll need the energy to do all the preparations..


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My AD PS is below digital unlimited shots $800 output 300pcs of 4R with a album with nice emboss of names on it. Interested can email me i will send you his weblink and contact.