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Hi everyone...

Been a long time since i send a message..
Finally cmf my bridal shop, hse, and everything lah i think..

However, i'm still confuse abt ROM. is ROM open on sat? if yes, is it in the office or somewhere? i understand that now solomisation is at the office not at the different rooms.

Pls advice..


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dorami & pat> wow, that will be another expense. will hafta discuss that with my FH :p

xuan> got 2 on my shortlist. if u want the contacts can pm me


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the photographer managed to capture your cheeky smile leh! keke. ok steady - you work till 1pm then go to buangkok, tok kok to your ID for a while then come to my place straight ok? steady bo? what time, what time!!! (rubbing hands with glee)

hey hey watch the language about my bunny's tongue ah. this is a public forum you know! and we're innocent girls you know! i know i am


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I was attending MPC (Marriage Prep course for catholics) & a grp member was also telling me abt the CS at Ted. I tot it was Ted Wu. So they do OTR rental? All CS? Are there EGs?


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Thanks Jean. me too.

It was fortuitous man. When I was deciding on the design of my MTM EG, I had forgotten to ask the hotel coordinator what the waitresses will be wearing and assumed it to be the same as 3 yrs ago when I worked there part time as a banquet waitress - black jacket & black skirt.

Last night, when we went for the food tasting, almost all the females working at the lobby were wearing red long-sleeved cheongsams.

When we went up to the ballroom for the food tasting, the waitress serving us allayed my worries. Their uniforms changed to white shirt with black vest and black skirt.


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What were you thinking of? Long tongue = talkative. So, he can always talk to / with you. You know how most men are so taciturn (habitually untalkative).

Regarding you innocent,

Tomorrow I will ask my ID what time he is coming over on Saturday, then I ar gar (estimate) from there.


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pinkbunny: Cheeky smile? Which one?
All the pictures I smile til so decent.

*puts hand above head* Yup, my halo is still there.


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I m not going cos meeting my jiemeis for discussion
then evening time go to my frenz hse at Tampines for hsewarming


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HI Irene,

Aussino? hmm never see leh.. nevermind la, i bought mine already. my face is recovering fm the pimples that surfaced during work stressed period... shootz... wun be able to recover in time. *sobsob*

Hi evie,
share ur pix with me! wld like to see ur lovely gown too! [email protected]

countdown to the big day: 2!!!!


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Hazel: Oh... I see...

Disclaimer: Anyway, I haven't played mahjong for very, very long.
The last time I played was...
Alamak! Too long ago until I forgot when the last time I played was. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Anyway, I go and sleep oredi. Good night!


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alamak something wrong with the page is it? My message got so many one? hmm

princess, sent u the contact already.

No need to pay for transport, she has her designated "shopping day" so just let her know u wanna tag along then okay already
but if yours is rush and her shopping day is already over then u'll have to pick the material yourself, the tailor will just let u know how much to buy


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Gd Nite Lipstar,

Had U chosen yr wedding favors, & table linen fr the hotel?
I m thinking if I shld chg my "blue theme" to purple...jux chg the sash color...
Roses r ivory, light & normal pink.


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Hey gals,

Yeah!!! You are back.


Yes the little girl very cute...
Good for you that never got yourself into
selecting too many photos like me...

Going to see my photos layout this sat!!!
So excited...

Hey Gals,
Me going ask my coordinator to proide more things
since i paid so much for the photos.
Asking for Car, and suit of the rack for hubby
since i gave up earlier for more photos.

Any other suggestions???


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Has anyone heard of Trea$ure Productions videography? Why are these two words banned? Has anyone used them or heard reviews about them...any input is welcome...thanks!!!


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Hi Chip,

How many flower girl baskets do you need? Also, what colour theme / design do you have in mind? I saw some today at Kiddy Palace. They were all cushioned and wrapped in cloth and embellished with ribbons. Honestly, I personally find those too elaborates so didn't get a closer look on the price.

Would you want me to check when I get the chance to visit it again? I found 3 nice dresses there. My mom thinks it's kinda pricey though.

Dilemma - buy now, happy that all 3 dresses match and take risk of girls growing too tall/bigger; Or, buy later and risk not finding appropriate sizes, but may find nicer and 'cheaper' dresses????

So...to cut the long story short...yes! I may have to be back at Kiddy P. again with 3 littl'uns to try on e dressies. Hope we can find a nice arrangement to coordinate this operation.

And yes! Me may be applying for membership card which entitles to 10% discount...so in case you want ....if it's within your budget, maybe can use my card when I apply?

Either that or we can go shopping for baskets together and do it up too...

Next Wed? Hmnnn.... not sure...let you ladies know again?

Tks for invite though!!!


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i personally like the Daiso idea better.

aiyah... i saw some really nice ribbons on sale somewhere.... but i cant recall. hmmm.... if i remember i tell u all.

chip, we can go shop shop for ribbons too. =)

anyway, u might wana visit this website n contact this person. http://www.weddingpixie.com/shop/flower_baskets/flower_baskets.htm
this lady handmakes all the stuff u see on her webbie. not sure if she is still doing this. cos i ordered a photo album from her a couple of years ago. try contacting her if u want the easy way out. hehehe.


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hi pandalic,

thank you...hehe


now thinking and sourcing for PG and VG lor....not yet met up with them at all..sigh...my list have the common VG lor...like christpoher, don, raymond and the others. no time to really fix up stuff. so bz. hse lah, checkups lah, talks lah, bridal lah, wah.....paiseh...start to whine liao..ehhehe...


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Good morning Girls!

Been a long week - trying to take a cue from Pink Bunny here and just get in the right mind to clear my desk in anticipation of my marriage leave. Yeah yeah..a bit kiasu. 3 weeks to go but the earlier the better right?

I've got most of everything down. Hazel, in reply to your question: yes, I've chosen my linen colours (light beige) to match the deco of my stage where I will sit and pretend to be the king and the queen for the day. I got my favours some time back already. Dear Meraj lugged them from Bangkok....Just now have to have the headcount for the children then I can get the fillers to throw into the kids' favour bags.

Pink Bunny, me not sure whether I can make to your place on Saturday. Making joint inspection of the apartment in the morning and then maybe wedding stuff to see to. I'll let you know okie?


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Hi Acy and Jocester,

Pictures are sent! Enjoy.

Acy, don't be stressed lah...I am sure your MUA can hide your pimples...don't worry...just enjoy the day


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hey hey frais darling... me ah... hiding from the stress of wedding preps.. hehhe. miss me mah??? :p meet up .. sure lah.. tell me when..

pat... ohh bliss collection.. is that the one that they also have on at hallmark?? got angpow box, cards, guest boooks??

dorami..so are you excited abt going for your first appointment?? hehe.. you must share with us all your experience... are you still doing kickboxing? who is your instructor? i got the brochure from the stadium le.. but realise tat there are 2 instructors wor..

my gown will be MTM.. already checked with them.. they say can make it de..

ffbear... hehe.. i where got enlightening wor?? just a lot of gossip and kaypohing.. hehe.
hehe.. hey one of the bridal cars might be me wor.. let me see if i can find one for u within your budget de.. coz tat time was sourcing and helping my fren also.

hey tiglet.. think hor.. MIL dress and FIL suit.. if you wan to help them to source or bring them there.. it will be a nice gesture.i think its not nice to do it but not really necessary..


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Hi Mish,
I need 2 flower girl basket.For my hubby niece & nephew throw the flower petals during our 1st march in. Maybe jus need one basket will do.

As my colour theme for my ballroom, i have not decided, will be going down to hotel to decide the colour theme.

Wat abt ur colour theme?

Jurong Point got kiddy palace, i went to see the baskets le. Quite ex, rite?
Thanks for ur offer. I have JP card, so i'm also entitled 10% discount too.

Ok, we can also meet up to shop & do the basket together. Then it must be very interesting & fun. Hehehe.

U see u free to meet me & popie on next wed?

Daiso? They sell ready made baskets?

Good idea! We can go shop for ribbons too.

I have checked out the website u have given. I think the lady is still doing. But the basket is a bit too big. Hehehe. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

How much u bought the album frm her? Is it those slip in album? How many pieces & size?


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hi joyce,

i hv attend a saturday ROM recently and we went to the room upstair....also, we understand from our frenz that booking of the room cost abt $200 over ba....guess, it is best if u call up ROM to find out ba....o..also, tat day we went, is it in the afternoon and the ROM office are closed.

ham&cheese, sorry, did nt heard of this production and also the others u mentioned in the 7th Oct thread before mayb u wan to open a thread in the PG and VG section to check if anyone use them before?


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Hi Wendy,
I have no knowledge of wine just interested in gettting so dessert wine whereby is sweet but dry. Any recommandation on at????

Hi Diana,
If we are getting the same type see if wendy can ask her wine dealer to give us a better rate.


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hi gin!

can show me ur pics too?
[email protected]

hi ling!
i had YLS catering for my housewarming parties.. my guests loved the food too.. hehe and some of them are getting them to cater for their parties too.. most likely i will be getting them for my AD..


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Hazel: I haven't chosen the wedding favors & table linen fr the hotel. On Tuesday's food tasting, my coordinator wasn't there, so can't get hold of her. We'll call her today.

Idyll: You must try to come ah! If not who is going to serve us tea and cookies?

Girls: How long leave are you going to take before and after your wedding?

Yafang: Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. You look so pretty. :D


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I have never try YLS before but I'm getting Rasel for my wedding dinner. Think what racherlle say is true, their set-up really nice and sweet.

They have a workshop coming in April, anyone out there going?


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chomecc.. eh.. quite excited lah.. lookin fwd to start on my gown designs hehe.. hopefully d designer can 'click' w me n noe wat i wan haha

chomecc.. i missed d last session .. cos was too busy.. but i signed up for d new Mon class liao.. it's startin 3rd apr.. got 2 instructors meh?? i tot only 1? i cant really remember her name haha.. eh.. she's a chinese.. i really got a short memory.. very forgetful person


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thanks Gintonic, I like the 3rd pair. Very nice!!
I tot you are sharing your PS shots. heehee Blur me.. Pls share with me your PS shots when ready. I took some indoor & outdoor shots share with you 1st.


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dorami... i also so excited for you...have you spoken to the designer ever before??

ohhh.. yes.. tats the one i want to sign up leh.. u signed le ah?? wat time is your class?? hehe.. maybe we can kickbox together !!


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I only take 1 day b4 & 1 day after leave...
Luckily, my classmates told me gt marriage leave...Cos I had applied my on annual leave for marriage.
U see lah...all keep quiet one...
Luckily, I chk my employment letter states gt 2 days marriage leave...
The new staffs dun ve...

I going to chg my annual leave to marriage leave..


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yawn good morning all. we were up till 2am last night clearing the living room for the new sofa (we bought a happening ikea sofa).
happening bo?

i wanted to throw away the old sofa and our friend said 'no la put in the guest room'. strange as i thought he was, i had my first internal battle of 'should i stand my ground or should i just let him decide cos he's DA MAN and i should give him face'. i decided on the latter so we ended up having to clear the guest room (thank god for magiclean!!!) to fit the sofa.

but the good news is: more space for MAHJONG table!!!! kekeke

i don't even know what colour my table cloths will be! haha don't care! bochup!

i also not giving wedding favours. no point cos i feel nobody would appreciate also. BUT i did decide to have little heart shaped cakes for them to eat during pre-solemnisation time. very cute one. raspberry. which reminds me. i better ask them to chope for me. i also want to eat. ahhaha. but better be careful in case drop on my gown then kena japan flag on my chest (white gown, red dot....)

hey i was also a banquet waitress! at pine tree country club, maybe 8-9 years ago? it paid for my poly fees keke. that's why i'm so insistent that i don't want the drama mama first dish entrance

correction: all your photos you try to smile decent. but still got the cheeky twinkle in your eyes

ok ok don't come is ok but just send food over? keke

wah i realised that because i don't want guests to see me get ON the yacht, i have to be on it by 6pm, and circle around the place on the yacht with my papa until 6.30. hope we won't get sea sick and puke on the aisle :S but papa was very nice. he said 'never mind, we can talk'. i scared he make me cry ah. better ask MUA for waterproof make up!!!

i'll be on leave next wednesday onwards!!! and back the following tuesday. all my colleague say 'aiyah go on leave now la'. ya ya. stop giving me work then. basket.

the day before i leave for my long leave, i will put my wastepaper basket on my table with a big label that says "IN TRAY" haha. ya my office can do this kind of silly thing one. boss will play along one


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Hi chomecc,

not sure if they also hv at hallmark, but they do hv the angbao box, gst book and all other pretty stuffs!! I have already ordered 2 sets of the bedsheets cos new order will only be here in june (its very popular and get sold out pretty fast)..hehe..tik me very kiasu..

can visit them at http://www.blissloft.com/



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chomecc.. nah.. havnt spoke to her b4.. but i've another gf who got her EG MTM by her n said she's great.. hopefully she can design beautiful gowns for me too hehe

i signed up liao.. my class is 7.30pm.. yeah yeah.. sign up.. then v can go kickbox together hehe