(2006) Brides of year 2006


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hi hi all btbs..
i personally find it rather interesting to attd such courses with ur spouse bcoz u both are starting a new life together, staying with each other & also getting used to each other's styles..i also attded one of the wedding preparation course "Sexual Intimacy & Planning a Baby Seminar – “A Recipe for Better Sex†with hubby when we were planning for our wedding last Oct 05..u might want to check it out..cheers~


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What is the period u intending to go for honeymoon? If u intend to go straight after Marriage, maybe go australia? cos there cooler at this period.. while the other countries are having their summer..

I tinking to go during September le.. I was tinking of Spain...

Usually, natas will gif alot of freebies there lo.. if i not worng, the price is oso abit lower if u sign on the spot...


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hi littlewinstar,

Me still deciding if to stay at Tokyo for 2weeks or to go to Hokkaido leh.
Only book air tix. now sourcing for accomodation.

u have ur multiply ID? I add u.


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Wah, tissuebox, you topped up S$1800. I topped up RM1800 I heartache like crazy already....

My original package is RM5000.

14x17 (XL)album 28 pages 44 poses (mag style, no break at page center)
8R album 32 pages
(Hard suitcase to put in the XL and the 8R album)
24x30 wall portrait
Long wall portrait with 3 pieces of 12x15 photos framed together
table top acrylic frame with 4 2R photos
4R (300 pieces)photos for relatives and friends
CD containing all the chosen photos

FOC: (Graduation family photos)
16x20 wall portrait
11R (3 pieces)table top photo with frame

My ID and OD shoot are 1 full day each. Outdoor shoot is at JB Sultan Park and Kota Tinggi waterfall.

For my PS I had 8 outfits in total. For AD 4 outfits in total (2 BG, 2 EG)

Originally I thought this package is quite comprehensive already, so no need to spend any additional $$. But when the photos turned out so nice (photographer took close to 400 photos in total), after I chose the 44 poses, I couldn't sleep that night!!! The next day, I went back to the BS and added more photos.

For RM1800,
Added 26 poses (so total 70 poses)
Original album 28 pages top up to 32 pages (for ID shoot)
Additional album 22 pages (for OD shoot, also XL, same type)
Additional 8R album 22 pages (for OD shoot)
Additional hard suitcase for additional XL and 8R album

So all in all, I spent RM6800 for the entire package. That's about S$3000. I suppose the price is no diff from a package in Singapore, that's why I so heartache...

Moreover, my package does not include AD MU and photography. So need to put aside another S$700 for these. Sigh....


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i think ur package is very comprehensive and very worth it

no need heartache lah...as long as u think it is very worth it then ok lor...
Hihi ladies,
Super busy in the morning..Heez!!
I'm thinking of a 21days europe F&E..going in oct to leverage on the 2 public holidays.. thinking of gg to afew places..tentatively hubby is planning to go Greece(Athens) first, followed by Rome, then travel up to Venice, then to Barcelona, then to Paris, then to Amsterdam, then to Scotland(Edinburgh) then to London & back to Singapore..

May be cutting down on the places that we want to go so we can stay at certain places longer but still in the planning process..


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morning suishi.. yea its Fri!! yippee!! keke.. tmr the fengshui guy coming to see our lovenest, then can start on our renov liao! been waiting for too long.. haiz..


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umm.. all subject to fengshui man's advice lor.. so up to us whether wanna believe or not says he. but certain things we will believe him lor.. our plc at Eunos Court there.. next to MRT :D


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Hi all the Dec 06 BTBs,

I am new to this thread. Can someone add me pls?

Nick :Sh@ron
AD : 13 Dec
Dinner venue : Grand Hyatt
Church/Solemnisation : Church of the Holy Spirit
BS : Z Wedding D'sign
PS Photo : Z Wedding D'sign
AD Photo : TBC
AD Video : TBC
Lovenest : The Coris @ SengKang



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hello gals!!

finally as promised, loaded some pics into multiply mostof them are still unprocessed so maybe a little injustice to my photogrpaher. But anyhow, those on multiply can take a peek!



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haiz, nt my day today....juz realise tat i hv a miscom wif my VG...thot his package of $850 is inclusive of photo montage and xpress highlight for 7min but then it is only 5 min. and the 7 min will cost another $100....xian....guess if another 2 min cost $100 then i might as well use this $100 and look for montage services outside...pek chek....


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hi hi Diana..
have u paid him for the deposit? maybe u can try to nego with him again to see if he can add in for u lor? i m sure things can be work out again for a win-win situation..dun be "cake-sim" lah..


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Hi Diana,
I read that you have got your heels from allure charix, I thought they only sell gowns, din know that they sell shoes too, do they have alot of range for shoes?


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hey diana,

I'm sure yr VG can do u a little extra favour one. pay more for extra min, dun sound friendly lei, moreover, u're already payin so much for him. my fren who does freelance photo montage also not so ex lei, i'm sure extra mins can be negotiated.


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wah jasmine u going so many places????? envy u leh...how i wish i got the $$

jmonster, hmmm y go HK? its very hot during that time leh....but things are really cheap there and nice food *yum yum* i miss the food there haha

I think we should be going Australia cos at that time is cooling and my hubby dun like hot places, moreover honeymoon must go somewhere special not like SG hehe


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aiya, he cant lor....coz his pricing is standard as he tied up wif suntec or wat lah....anyway, i think i rather go source for montage outside then paying $100 for 2 min. haha...anyway, i can take this as an excuse to pay for animated montage liao ;-p

xris, yup allure charix do sell shoe but their stock cum in every 6 mth so the range nt really alot but i tink can go and take a look...coz who noe u might juz find a pair u like there....


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5hrs 35mins to our meeting....except for pinkbunny...

pinkbunny....ah long not so nice..
still ve to buy sprays...
jux throw the sand & mud into yr burrow...


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hi hi Diana..
so u have been wanting to have animated montage lah..heehee..i m sure u must be laughing ur way now..heehee..

hi hi oct 06 brides..
how's everyone on with ur BS 1st fitting appt? any one have any photos to share with us on ur gown selections?
bb123, geraldine,
ya..tentively decided on these few places..but scared abit rush..so muz plan properly..if not, muz forgo some places liao..cos my hubby study in UK b4 so he had visited some of the places b4..so he'll be my tour guide & bring me ard lor.. he's bringing me to see his school & where he stay when he's a student..

he actually gave me a choice to go europe, australia or korea..then i choose europe..cos i felt that it's a very special place to go for honeymoon..cos of the historic achitecture & stuff..very very diff from singapore..


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Hi gera & annice,

ya i know it's best time to go in Aug and other places, but then hor Aug is the period of Lunar 7th mth leh. some more this yr got 2 7th months... so wait til Sep then go loh.

plus, my hubby promised me to bring me there shopping of anything and he pay for it, why not?! heee.....

but if the outbreak of bird flu get serious, of cos, we wont go HK liao... by then, we wld be going some other places, but hv nt decided..

gals, just read the Today that there's a place selling furniture is on Sales now. it's next to the Mitsubshi Showroom and 5minute from Redhill MRT...


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btw, gals, if u want to go Aussie, then remember to watch the show on Ch8 hosted by Fiona Xie and Chen XiuLi every Thursday 8.30pm.

last nite they showed Perth... very nice place..


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icic.. kovan melody is also under BTO scheme isnt it? I know opened for sales for sometime liao.. I also heard the foodcourt there always filled with ppl.. haha


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errrr...cant help. since no intention to buy so didn't check out.

ya...the foodcourt there is full of ppl cos got a few very nice stall such as boneless chicken rice,fishball noodles. also got famous "puggol nasi lemak" at the other end of the street lor.


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Thanks everyone for your warm welcome!

Actually I have not done much prep yet.... only booked those venue and BS etc. Have not gone into small details yet. Now, I am in the midst of looking for PG and VG. Any recommendation for cheap and good PG and VG?