(2006) Brides of year 2006


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ok ok... do you think there is another websites that i can check the flight and hotel or i have to go aussie then check?


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sigh, thing about wireless mike is that the reception may be lousy cos it's out on the sea and it's therefore windy-er.

pinkbunny got album liao :D but is it ok if i bring the small photos only? cos bluebunny is forbidding me to show photos in the office (he says it won't be a surprise when they see it at the wedding anymore) and if i bring the huge album, sure people will pounce on me...

but invitation card can. no prob, small and light


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Hi all, I am rather new here, my AD is on 30th Sept.

I am still planning and I hope I have enough time, I might have to do the Guo Da Li -- before 7th month arh? Very soon, no?

Church wedding : 30th Sept
BC: The Wedding Present
Photographer: Kuang
Caterer: Kriston?
Florist: Spellbound?


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Linda, u can check under qantas in the yahoo Aussie main site.. they also have qantas F&E package tours



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hey jo and mish, thanks for ideas on where to get shoes.. i checked out robinsons on sunday, there was a lovely pair very 1950s but the toes pinch.

just wondering whether to get a nice looking but not so comfortable pair, or to get comfy but ugly shoes?

which is more impt?


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Linda, which agt u using to get to aussie? u have the return tiks? where in aussie will be your last stop before flying back?

Anyway with the above url, u can book hotels and flights for your convenience


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i book my package with CTC. it includes returns tix, i domestic from Mel to GC, 2 nights stay in each cities.

we still have not done our itinery loh, so dunno where will we be.
but our return flight will be at brisbane.


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hi sinkor!

i know i know!! hahaha well known figure!! but bo pianz .. just stick around until she sack me lor hehe
working for almost a yr liao , and i am considered quite lao jiao in the team coz the turn over rate damn high. all cannot take the shit hahaha


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depends on individual i guess. for me its comfort that is most impt. i wont want to walk with blistered feet all day. i actually rather wear flaties sandals than heels. but i was told that wearing heels give u better posture than flaties. n i m going to wear CS as tea dress, so need to find a nice pair of heels to go with it. haha. i m so hiao. =P
Hi geraldine,

You're not the only one.. I also haven done my PS yet.. In fact seems like alot of things not done also..Guest list, invitation cards, food tasting, my gown also not ready.. the worst part is our parents haven even met up to discuss on the wedding & GDL stuff..oh no..

Hi girls,

The shop at Far east which u are referring to is called i-weddings or something like that..its at the trendy zone level.. after u come up from the escalator, walk straight towards trendy zone (shoe shop), past it, continue walking thru the path till u see a T-junction then turn left.. u'll see the shop on ur right after the turn. hope that helps.

The shop sells alot of wedding stuff ranging from ang pow box, red packets, customary things to wedding favors, however.. i feel that their things are abit pricey..and the staff abit blur blur & service is super slow too.. bought gift from there for my fren's ROM & they took ages to find a box and wrap it up for me.. Moreover, what me & my fren find totally ridiculous is that after buying the wrappers from them, they still charge for wrapping services..


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hai girls i'm back. but i'm still resting at home. face swollen like mushrooms like that. dark and round. cant eat anything coz teeth are binded with rubber bands. now thinking of eating chao xia mian, steamboat (woah... mouth watering like mad) haha...

sweets, glad to see you back. ^_^ dont worry. and rest well. rest is always the best medicine.

frais, yah lets come out for chit chat again leh... heehee... really miz you guys. ^_^

pat thanks for the effort. muack...

now going back to Zzzz...


Hi there everyone,

Is there anyone here whse friends or relatives ever hold their wedding at Raffles Marina b4? Any idea if they manage to recoup back their dinner $?

My colleague told me that her frz whom actually hold his/her wedding dinner at Raffles Marina actually lost abt $10,000 (which i find 2 exaggerating lah)... So scary!!!


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hello... heard that if we wanna solemnise at ROM now (with juz $26 fee), it will juz be a tiny registry room at level 1? Is this true? does anyone has any pics of that room? abit worried now coz afraid many relatives may turn up...


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Lipstar- Invitation Card, Album if collected
Jean- Album
PinkBunny -Small album
6 Pax.....


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Hey lovestory,
My AD photos are uploaded in my multiply. Check it out there k.

Btw, what is 3D Photo Montage? Got sample to share?

Hi littlewinstar,
I am going to Japan too. Leaving on the 31mar. U going for package or F&E? Which part of Japan u going?


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Hi Ooshie,

Yaya... hear over there alot of "shit" one.... long time ago, i went there for interview and that person (a lady) told me the job scope that i scare off and reject their offer! haha....


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Hi Jasmine,

wow! so jialat service huh? okok.... i will go there to steal some ideas but dun buy from them! keke..... Thanks for ur precious info!
sinkor, from my experience with them, i really didnt like their service. my hubby even told me that he dun tink they'll survive in this industry for long. Can go there & search for ideas then diy yourself..cheers!!


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RainQQ - Wrapping will help a bit, frankly speaking my arms/thighs/tummy area seem to be very toned now...

Step - Wow, 3K is quite ex hor...unlimited usage is it (can use all the machines there???)...

Elven - Last time I also very lazy one (eat and sleep), so within 1 year I gain about 15Kg...
very sad...
after that, people tend to make fun of me...so that also instigate me to slim down...


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Bride - great!!! I think mine's will also be ready by June'06 cos have told my BS that I want my PS to be taken during Jul'06...Where you intend to go for outdoor PS??? Excited...


Can share your photos with me once you all have it ready???



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K. Me on...so where have we decided to meet?

EL: Where are you? Got a question to ask re. events management question on rental and stuff.


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hi sam...

actually its not ex lah if u work out its less then $50/mth which is pretty cheap (coz package for 6yrs mah) n u can use all the facilities + attend all their classes...so quite worth it leh...tt is if u visit frequently lah....if onli pay n dun go then not worth lor....

wow we all taking PS ard the same time leh....hee hee hee...


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Why are in-laws so inconsiderate?

My Lipstar's Mum happily invited 450 people. Now the total no of tables increased from 39 to 70 tables. If that is the case, I am not attending my wedding dinner already. 70 tables is insane!!! She invite so many people, if incur loss who incur? Me and Mr lipstar ok! Fed up!


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hi ladies..hw is yr wedding life? hhe..
wedding life stil the same wor..hhe..

i haven gone to my honeymoon yet..planning go korea or new zealand.
but jst 2 week go 2 taipei for short trip le.


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ya lor, tin pretty standard that dec brides do PS in jul..? hehe.. will u gals be wearing ur AD WG to outdoor PS? I was advised by my BS not to, may get very dirty...


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Is yr ballrm big enough to take in so many? must know the max capacity
Its very big....
Its like holding a banquet at Suntec expo
N r the cards sent out to them...else jux give them cakes...
tats wat I intend to do my parents colleagues & frenz....else I already lose 10tbs of ABs...
cos my parents want 10tbs...
N all the ABs will go to them.
N the balance 18tbs r our frenz(13~14tbs) & my FH's relatives(4~5 tbs).
very hard to cover the loss....

tot U agree with NYDC...jux tat its Suntec or Orchard.


Hi everyone!
if people are looking for chinese text wording u can PM me, I've typed it out. Beware as there are some errors on a lot of the printers' texts, even tho they are std text. lots of them also mix simple chinese with old chinese text style...

My FIL is Chinese language professor, so he knows it when they're wrong... ;)


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Am taking my photoshoot in Sep after 7th months as I hv not started discussing my gown designs yet! I only hv one wedding gown

Hey elven princess

Any idea where to get outfits for flower gal and page boy? Still thinking if I shld hv either bridemaids or flower gal/page boy. Hmm...


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hi gals...

was wondering if u had any comments about which mattresses are good. I'm thinking of either simmons or sealy. And do you think it'll be ok to get from Robinsons...afraid that i'm gg to pay more there


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Hi Ladies

Chaiyo > Haha!!! Something unexpected come by so I have no choice but to change the date. Luckily Meritus Mandarin they are okay with it.

Sinkor > Yah, I waste a lot of money.... a bit sianzzzzzzzzzz....


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<font color="0077aa">clouds, i taking photoshoot in sep too.. =) relax, lotsa time..

OL, actually most of the "designer" BS only allow the btbs to use their own WG for PS (outdoor or indoor).. if the gowns dirty, they will just clean it..

its a matter of preference.. if you only want to wear your own WG, then push for it.. some pp like variety so they go for quantity.. some pp like myself only want to capture moments in my own WG so i dun mind.. =)

clouds, can go robinson for flower gal and page boy outfits.. </font>
Hi gals, just to share with you that Robinson has a new section with very nice tea dresses and evening dresses. Not sure what the brand is but it's near the escalator on the second floor of the Raffles City branch.

JWest has quite nice shoes that's quite comfy. They have a bigger outlet in Scotts. I bought mine there hehe. It's an open toe one with three mini flowers on the front.


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Hey storm...better rest well before we all go for a big feast again!!

Will have to see everybody schedule....will sure wanna yakee yakee yak yak again....hahaha


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I think this outlet call Tom &amp; Stephanie might stock flower girls/page boy outfits. Also, since our wedding is in Dec, the shopping centres will start stocking up on christmas fairy dresses/tux for kids liao, maybe i'll start to shop for them in Nov.

Hi Samantha,
I think i also put on weight compared to a year ago. Think i put on abt 4-5kg. Hiaz. My BS wanted me to wear my own gown becos' my designer says its more meaningful for me that way. hee. But i do know of a lot of BS who has gowns just for outdoor shoots. Not bad mah, that way can have more variety in shooting pics of diff gowns.


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hallo hallo! sorry ah, work still pouring in, i cant log in often! i hvnt read finish yet, so pls pardon me if i hvnt reply to your post.. ;pp

phy my email is "[email protected]"... what is it u r emailing to me? i sit the reno quotes? *sorrya bit concussed from work*....


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<font color="aa00aa">hey tweety,

okok...i go see see.
is a effects of the normal montage. enhance n nicer.

wah u gals going to HM, me hvnt leh.

maybe going on oct.</font>


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Hi Sam

I've always been tempted to go try out Marie France haha.. Christy Chung is really their best investment as a spokesperson :p

I've recently started exercising again.. and am thinking if these beauty centers really work.. may just give them to try to deal with my problem areas :p

Any good beauty centers to recommend?


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My coordinator juz called up to say my PS layout
is ready.
So Excited to see but my hubby no time to go this week.
Got to wait till next week.