(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Diana... oi i forgot your surname cannot call you! anyway I have to pop by at the printers at Amoy St first to get some things, so can't leave with you. Like that see you at cafe cartel ok!


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u look nice in the cs! seems like a lot of pple are wearing cs. for me, i will not be wearing on the AD. can share your fotos with me too? my email is [email protected] btw, i've done my outdoor ps on 1 march. will be going for indoor ps on 14 march. hopefully by then, will be able to take a peek on my outdoor photos. hehe....

for shoes, u may want to try 'Swank'. i bought my ps shoes there, costs about $40. high-heeled cos my FH is very tall. or u wanna try bugis junction where there's many selection of shoes. can try your luck.

i would love to join u guys for the meet-up on 15 march, but due to work commitment, i need to be around in office till 10pm. thus not able to go. maybe u all can take pictures, then send to me? hehe...

oh ya, my FH and i have decided to do our solemnisation at 8.15-8.30pm at the ballroom. we managed to get Mr. David Loh to be our solemniser.


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hihi to all new brides.. *waves* me as usual.. very blur who is who xcept for a few.. ke ke ke ke ke

OL - dun worry if u get dinner venue settled then BS can churn out fast enuff provided u dun do MTM WG. Cos MTM may nid 9mths or more.


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that thread super fast & long, always cant catch up so me seldom post there liao. There always interesting topic everyday


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suishi, u too! have a great weekend too


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oki. cfm going are dreymin, popie, chipdale, and leafmemories. i email u all seperately my contact, then u all call me when u reaching lor. hehe. think u all see my pic liao so can recognise rite?

sogo. thanks. pity u cant make it for the meeting. we take pics for u k? i bought the cs cos the kwa from the bridal studio too big for me. the fit not very nice. so decided to get the cs lor. else i rather wear the kwa. =)

chipdale, i like ur CS!! its that light pink. very sweet. in fact i think i like ur cs better than mine. hehe. really. but i wear red seem to look better than pink. cos my skin tone very yellow n brown. heheh. else i would hv taken the pink ones. its not aunty lah for goodness sake. ur figure wear liao v nice. with ur make up sure look very good one.

leafmemories. the shoes i bought from isetan actually costs $80+. actually quite heartache. cos besides the crystals studs, there is nothing special about that shoes. i bought it in a rush when i rom. haha. last min shopping. desperate for shoes. =)


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Hi ladies,
I did not know there are so many pp getting married in June! hhaa i just "found" this thread. I have been frequenting the ones on hotels and VG and PS and missed out here.

I wanted to ask if anyone has any good recommendation for a place that does really good mani pedi? The ones i am using so far are so-so...


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Hi phy,

I wish i can put on the multiply list but I dunno how leh..... eerrr....or u help me to copy from my multiply and paste on the group multiply as i really blur lah.... :D


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hi greekgal
I didn't realise that my AD is Mother's Day till much later cos we consulted a shifu for the date. My banquet is at Ocean City Restaurant @ Apollo Centre.


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hi jen
mine is on 30 sept n booked david loh for 5pm so he said 6 n 7 pm all fully booked. very disappt as i dont no wat t family going to do while waiting 4 guests to come in at 7pm


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hi hi peeps, haf u guys been to honeymoon liao?
my HM is japan & n gg on 1st april... now counting down the daz... hehheh
n today is my 1st month anni... kekkek

all the best to u galz!
btw, can we share share our PS/AD photos?
my email addy: [email protected]


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hi Ting,
tks for the info & hope ur pics will turn out nice nice

during my trial, makeup seems natural. eyeliner not drawn properly due to one of my slightly swollen eye.
overall, she's friendly & gave me some beauty advices...


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Hey Sinkor,

Actually quite easy.
Just goto Post -> Click on SBgroup -> click on post a blog.

Then you can copy paste over. You try first. Cannot then tell me again, ya?



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HI samantha

wow.. how often are you exercising? so generally u go for cardio to burn more calories/fats. How about toning? Should include the toning/resistance part so overall balance


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hi gals,
care to share the total cost u are spending on Photoshoot, Bridal studio, videography and Actual Day photography? just wanna to give myself a self check if i m overspending. my total cost for these 4 going to be about $9500.


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hi pinkfurry....

wow 9500...tt's like a lot leh...but i dunno lah my BS max i spending is only 4.5k, AD PG+VG maybe another 2.5K

but really depends, if u using designer BS then its abt that price lah...


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Hi Ai Lin

I don't think I'm going for MTM gown, probably will be taking OTR since my budget is not a lot hehe..

I'm trying to go on diet now, hopefully can shed off some fats in 4-5mths


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<font color="0077aa">hi pinkfurry

your spending sounds reasonable to me..

dun fret, it doesnt matter how much you spend as long as its within your means.. no pt comparing yourself with others.. everyone here budget differently for different components.. so be happy with wat you have or are doing as long as its not landing you and fh in debts..



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morning, girls. wow everyone's been rather quiet. hey i collected my album yesterday. don't really like cos i expected to look RAVISHING like most brides haha. i think i looked rather normal leh. and in some photos, didn't really look like me.

i'm in the office today

wow yafang. 3 weeks MC!

ade, are you listening?... 19 more days! hehe. so exciting.

updates: sunday the 19th is my wedding rehearsal. since we're not taking a gown, we managed to get 2 suits for bluebunny. yay.

prob give you all more updates next time. i'm SO tired
been working every day since monday leh.


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pinkfurry~ 9.5k is considered way off my budget, but if its within urs, then y not? brides shld splurge a little, once in a lifetime leh... wats ur BS?

and i've booked my BS! its VC @ telok ayer... i hope u guys noe which BS im talking abt, coz the BS's name not allowed to be entered!! very weird, anyone noe y? got myself quite a deal, AD photography free... hee...


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<font color="aa00aa">hey tweety,

share ur AD pics with me ok? [email protected] thanks!

im fine, everythings the same lah. just living in diff hse liao. feel abit not so suit yet.

hey little,

once i get my AD pics will share with u.

hey all,

anyone keen to do 3D photo montage? i got great lobang with great price. contact me.
[email protected]</font>


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hi carpediem,

did they? finally they cant resist the urge to up the price? ke ke ke ke ke.. *oops*.. heng i signed up way way earlier. I cant imagine what prices are like in 2007!!!! madness.. these BSes..


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Hi phy_o,

geez... thanks for the nice comment =) both my WG &amp; EG are MTM, therefore I could ask for the color and design that I requested =) Just had my PS on Saturday (11/3)it was very fun and tiring. Went St. Teresa Church, Alexandra Hill and Labrador Park for outdoor shoot. We nearly missed the sunset shot at the Labrador Park... and gosh! we've to quicken our step to reach the location before the sun went down... it's quite a challenge... I even took off my heels and went barefooted to quicken my steps! haha.. Enjoyed the whole session, and we both got very tired and hungry at the end of the day!


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<font color="0077aa">hi OL, you settle BS so fast arh? you dun like dang and TC? i would think these 2 BS are good choices

heard and been to VC when they first started.. there was a thread then.. but they previously boasted that they were better than most of the designer BS (thats why i went to take a look).. prob thats why they were barred..

prob you gotten a good deal.. but do kiv the top ups..

in any case, there is some writeup on vc on this issue of HWB.. the designer and PG were trained in taiwan and are quite experienced in bridal.. =)</font>


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hi pandalic, went to dang but their gowns not really my style. they're beautiful but too much details (to me and my FH). They're perfect for brides who love lotsa beads &amp; crystals ;) TC i juz passed by, very cheena looking so din go in.

VC is totally by chance i popped by. gave a nice feeling to me and FH, so tats it, we're convinced. abit sad leh, i can't even type their name here. haiz... wanna share y u din sign up with them?


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Hi, gals..
long time no tok here liao.. m in the final stage of sourcing AD PG.. shortlisted last 2 "finalist".. one of whom is Derrick Ong.. then I SMS him, he replied back tat he is taken on 25 Nov.. so, I quickly get into this thread.. @ the back of mind, thinking could it b someone on tis thread since there r abt 9 brides on tis day.. bingo! it's Linda.. serve me rite for starting soo late.. got to learn my lesson liao, since I hvnt found my VG yet.. kekeke.. nevermind..
Linda, envious envious leh.. liked Derrick's works.. pls show me ur AD pics after tat yah..


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Hi everyone...
just finished the war...

turns out, it is not my FH's parents that are giving problems...it is the sister trying to make me look bad in front of the parents...

cos I was v fed up and told the parents about the sister scolding me...then they said they did not know that...and they said they did not think that I am demanding over wedding things...they just think that we should remember to include them, which we did...so now problem solved...just now we had a very fruitful discussion about what needs to be bought and the program for the whole day...

and just now my FH reminded his dad about the lawyer's letter (yes, he sent them over already)...and his dad said he din know he was being such a tyrant all these years...promised to be nicer to my FH...so FH gave him another chance...and FH told him that he can start being the father he should be by disaplining his daughter...and so future FIL scolded his sis for scolding me and made her apologise to me...then she attitude and stormed out of the house...so future FIL promised she will not be seen on the wedding day so that she will not cause unhappiness on our big day...

future BIL also happy cos his dad also promise to not interfere in his personal life and not to ask so much $$ from all of us...cos I told him directly his son not earning millions of dollars a month, dun expect him to be able to give you alot of money when he got his own family...basic stuff like their medical care (usuaing medisave) we can share, but daily necessities they have a large retirement fund they can use, dunnid to take money from us...plus his dad sell investments and insurance, got alot of $ stowed away one...

Thankfully his dad finally see the light...i tink all these years no one dare to tell him, so he nvr realise...
now he realise his mistake, he damn nice to us...

he said he will buy SDJ, I wanna wear it during tea ceremony or not is up to me, they wont take it out to show off if I dun want...
And now he say all AP come back to us...so we can use it for the house and to enjoy the honeymoon...heehee...

Finally have nice ILs...hopefully when I'm a parent...I won't turn out to be a 'bad parent' by my kid's standards...

Anyway, just now MIL remind me....1 more month to wedding, excited??? and I started to freak out...panick...My wedding favours haven reach SG, my wedding gown haven alter, my shoes haven buy...DIE DIE DIE...alot of things haven do!!!!!

btw, for the roasted pig on AD, can it be collected when my FH is on his way to my house?? Or the pig must come out from his house also??? Cos we ordered the pig from the stall at my parent's place, then abit dumb if FH gotta come here, collect, go back to bukit panjang then come back here again...so we thinking if can collect b4 he comes up to fetch me


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<font color="0077aa">OL, TC looks cheena coz those on display are CS mah.. their WG arent on display.. but can confirm with you that their WGs are great.. personally i think their WG design, cut and style are definitely better..

be happy with your choice.. my negative comments wun help you in any ways.. as long as you like, then leave it.. more importantly, it is between you and the BS lar.. but do watch the hidden costs..

hi pinkfurry

whens your AD? i am with divine too.. whos your designer? have you confirmed your WG design?</font>


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Hi everybody!

Thanks for all your warm blessings.

My AD was over yesterday!

Everything went well smooth and enjoyable. Even the weather was so gd to us..Bright and sunny!
I didnt sleep a wink the night before but still i was able to tire through the whole event with ease..Big thanks to all our helpers.

My HB arrived at ard 8.30am and was sabo-ed by my bridesmaids...hee..poor him. We went back to our sec school (yes,we have graduated fr a same school) for photoshoot. It was kinda interested and fun to snap pics at our school..A mischievous idea suggested by my HB.

Next we proceed to mandai orchid garden. It was a nice and beautiful place. We love at how our pics hv turned out. After which we went back for tea ceremony at both of our places. Lastly we proceed to our friend's condo for our solemnisation.

Thumb up for our buffet caterer (Neo's garden) and our solemniser (Mr David Loh). We hv received gd comments fr friends and relatives.
Never thought that the whole event will finished in just a flash....hee...

I can now relax for another day before reporting for work again.
We are looking forward to our next event(wedding banquet)on 24th Mar..and my honeymoon the next following day.

For all remaining brides to be, a big congratulation and wish both of you a blissful marriage.

Shall be back reporting on my wedding banquet. hee...


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Hi hi,
see all of you at citylink...

saw my friend's wedding shoes yesterday...is ivory from Jwest, not really bridal shoes. You can try VNC cos 1 of my friend got hers fr there 2 yrs ago at $40, is slip on cover white shoes really look like bridal shoes.

think most of the heels are expensive due to those crystals studs...

hope this will help..... since we are meeting on wed...jus pop by &amp; see if there is any..


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Its gd tat everything went smoothly for U...
Does tat shop has delivery to yr FH's hse?

My side also geting better...


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I need some help on the multiply...
Err... How can you change the setting to show
picture of profile on the right like wat most of
you have done...