(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Those whose wedding on 18 june (Sun), do u all knw that day is actually Father day? I just get to knw when i flip thru the calender... Ohh... beri special, think will add on a present to my dad during the wedding, sure he will be proud n touch... =)

hi jaslin ..
take yr time when selecting gowns..usually weekend is more crowded..I'll choose to select during weekdays if my hb is free. Too bad he's not so hv to do select during weekends.

hi gals..
not sure if i can join u all or not.. will keep u all updated..


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Hi all,
HOw's ur progress? it's like less than 3 mths from our weddin... anyone has recommendation for printer? i collected my invitation card after my foodtasting liao...i went for my food tasting on the last day of Feb.

I hv also chosen my photo after the photoshoot and think shd be ready by next weekend for viewing of final product....

VG and PG already engaged... now think the most headach thing is the GUESTLIST.... tryin to draft it... really a headach... do u all think it is too early to call frens now huh?


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Hello Ladies,
I'm back. Have been MIA for long time. There's another gathering in this month. Sound great!!. I will be joining u all on 10 March. As usual, I'm coming over late.
Well Ladies, I need your help. Actually, I dunno what other stuffs I need to book or prepare in advance. It's because I will be flying off to Italy for training for 3 months. So I want to see what can be done now. Please enlighten me!!

Things already done up till date:
1) Booked BS
2) Booked resturant
3) Booked AD photographer
4) Bought the wedding shoes
5) Have already done the design for my grown and tea dress, but must let FH see first.
6) Invitation cards, will be used from the resturant (seen and quite like their design)
7) Guest list (halfway through)

What else do I need to do?

Btw, I want to share something with you all. My business partners and I are having class to teach people to do facial "kua sa" on this sun 5/3/06. It is a traditional Chinese facial massage. It's painless, safe and effective to those who have pigmentation problems, open pores, eye bags and dark rings and others.
I have tried it and it is very effective. Now I have been doing it to keep myself pretty. Haha.... I believe you also want to keep yourself pretty not only on your BIG day, must be forever pretty. The results are longlasting. If you are interested and would like to know more in details, do give me a call @96725189.

Thank you.

Time/Venue: Plaza Singapura? Pasta Mania? or any one have better suggestions?

10th Mar (Fri)
2. Diana
3. Tingz
4. CAT
5. Iceglacier
6. Kelly
7. Corin


17th Mar (Fri)
1. Wendy
2. Elsie
3. Kelly
4. drawfs


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hi Ooshie,

nvm lah.... friend's wedding more important..... hope we will have another gathering when near June or after June bah! haha...

Camy! so see u there and i will be late hor.....

Hi jojo! thanks for reminding me....... then any idea what to give for your father? now i have to think hard liao....


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Hello to all Brides-to-be,

I will be holding my ROM on 18 June, AD yet to decide.

But I'm happy to share my joy with all of you girls.

Stay beautiful and radiant.


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Corin can I know the content of that traditional facial massage? What does it include? I am asking cos I am sensitive to marine aqua stuff.

Also, how many ppl was it tested on?

Sorry need to know these before thinking whether to try.


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Hazel, I'm confused. The letter was allegedly to Meritus Mandarin right?

I suppose it very very deepends on the co-ordinator and the banquet staff assigned to work at one's wedding. If luck has it that they are bad, aiyoh..I really would feel bad for the couple. That's why it's always important to remember that no matter how much we plan, some things are just beyond our control - take it from me Girls who have a lot of bad horrible things happened, if the worse case scenario happens, you have to learn to let go and just enjoy the day. Deal with the problem later. Enjoy that moment and day.


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hi cocoberry,

How was your PS? you took with GHA right? I still havent seen my EG yet *faint* and PS in another 10 days...

Have you girls plan the GDL yet?


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gulp - oh my... the meritus mandarin thingie sounds horrible!

oh no... erm maybe your relatives will be understanding if you explain to them that you've got fixed number of seats and their RSVPing will help you in your (already very stressful) planning?

last night i spoke with my mum and she sounded so tired and said sorry that she wasn't as helpful in the whole wedding thing as she could have been and that she was sorry i was handling everything on my own. sigh...

anyhow. are you girls going to be involved in the planning of the tekan session at all? i have to set a limit for my jie-meis. i don't want them to piss mr bluebunny off - he's not used to this custom. wait he don't want to marry me how? :S


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Hazel: *gulp* My hotel is Meritus Mandarin... Hope that fella's complain letter will spur them to serve guests better.

Idyll: My parent's side of friends and relatives are more Chinese or Hokkien-educated or more elderly, they are also not used to RSVP. What to do? We still have to invite them.

pinkbunny: Due to time contraint, we have no gaate crashing.


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Hi Girls, thanks for the comfort - I needed that.

I think after reading your posts, I'm going with this:

invite all my friends and whoever I know who will RSVP, then the remaining seats (out of the 240 I have allocated for the dinner) will be given to my parents to invite without having to RSVP (as long as it's within the set no.) Thankfully, my caterer is putting on stand-by 16 extra seats. *phew*


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my parents are arranging for a luncheon at my house for relatives. i think they will have a good understanding of how stressful it is! hehe.

good idea
and no problem babe, we're all in it together! all in the same boat :D


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Pink Bunny, remember to call Mr Tan in advance about the collection of the WG. Their scheduled trip to Bedok is on Mondays. So call on Friday ok to arrange.

Lipstar, don't know whether you are interested but I found out Vincent Collection at Lucky Plaza is selling Simpsons figurines! YIPPEE!!! Now I can stick the figurines into the cupcakes/muffins I plan to bake for the wedding gifts exchange!


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hi tissuebox,
actually we decided to have on mon coz its cheaper, plus sunday dinner, next day still hafta work, monday dinner, next day also have to work..so no diff..
n a large no. of my guests are teachers, n that monday is our hols liao..so no problem there.. =)

just use printer loh..i have my cards from my hotel..so i bought those transclucent papers, type out my own wording..but i haven printed yet coz i havent got time to do up my chinese words..


Hi wedtobe06,

I will be having my solemnization on my AD. Wat happened was i will solemnize juz b4 my dinner begin so depend if urs is a outddor dinner or indoor

I guess usually ur MUA will help u to makeup b4 ur solemnization but i guess its ur own preference


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Show pics of ur wedding bands after u've bought them k? How much does a pair of plain wedding bands cost at Fairy's Inc for platinum type?

U bought a lot! I am so gian now. Want to shop also... But so much work. Been on duyt until 11 plus for the past 2 nights sob sob

Hey girls
U mean the superstition abt not attending weddings before ur AD is still in force? For how many months before/after?


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Hey Girls - I just found out 2 minutes earlier that one of my friends is having her bridal shower on 17th(!) Is there a possibility of changing dates to meet up? I want to catch up with you girls too....


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hi hi cheers..
do hope u will be able to join us for one the gathering soon..cheers~

hi hi Corin..
very nice to hear from u..wow..seems like u r really very busy..i m looking forward to see u all this mth..nice to know that u will be coming over to join us, same thing, give me a ring when u r near..as for the wedding preps, can see that u have done up quite a lot..think u better pass the design of ur gown to the BS soon so that they can start to do it for u early..also if there's any amendments, at least they can still check it out with u..usually with the dings &amp; dongs, it might take quite a few wks/mths to do up one..<font color="ff6000">what abt ur PS? also ur wedding songs? photo montage? food-tasting? r u getting wines? if possible, better start to get in touch back with those friends u will/are thinking of inviting for ur wedding &amp; keep in touch with them..so that it's easier for u when u r informing them abt ur wedding..where will u be staying aft ur wedding? have u finished packing the stuff?</font> hmm...maybe we discuss more when we meet up in Mar? thks for the invitation for the kua-sa, i dun think i can do anything now..so it's ok for me lah..heehee..


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10 pm...think eating place closing la...

if some dun mind we switch to other place lor..haa..but that depends on how many is keen. ;p

maybe diana will go cheong on friday? :p


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cheong on fri...wif my bedsheet and wif out elsie....dun wan lah....but i sure dun mind to wait for tansy and switch venue lor....

cat, u onz rite to wait for tansy....mmmm...anymore people who are keen?

btw, where are the only 2 groom to be in this thread....pa bo ki liao hor....

mmm...also ware is sel....fren of my dear sister?


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hi cocoberry,

I have already start calling my friends to check with them if they can attend my dinner or not. At the same time, I get their address too. mine dinner is 22 May. Dun think is too early lor. Cos next month is Qing Ming, cannot do a lot things also.


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ice, yup i did get the bear...dun noe y we are sabo onto the stage...but heng no time liao so we dun nid to do stupid tings...wahahaha


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sel..disappeared for very long liow..ha

If I were to stay later wait for tansy than will have to see how many pple willing to stay for second half..;p


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hi girls,

care to share photos and tips with me?
me also june bride.. next fri will be my ps,
but i diy the package thus alot stuff i am not v.sure.. hope u all can give some advices..

eg: what to do and bring for outdoor ps..
can email me at [email protected] too..
thanx alot


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haha.. yah i tot it was you but i was so far behind.. cannot see.. you very HENG leh!!! Lucky no time or else you'll have to do stupid things also. And the dinner started so late.. so hungry.


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hahaha...nw i dun noe ware to keep the bear....but sure will take the tee-shirt on the bear out to wash and wear one...kekeke....

cat, tat y i am calling out for her nw lor....mmm....wonder how her preparation....mmm..let see if any more wan to stay back...mayb we can go for some drink at some pub or coffee or karaoke...wahahaha....me ki siao liao...


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count.. wow.. wrk til so late! My hubby n I really enjoyed d trip cos it was a nice break fr wrk

as for d superstition.. tink is 3mth b4/aft.. but i've another fren gettin married in may n she says she's more pantang.. so it's 4mth b4/aft


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oh sushi and snowy,
Can i meet you at the LRT station itself? I realise that I have st bus from my place to linda's hse.


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Hi sleepy,

Remember to bring an electric fan to outdoors for PS. If you want, you can bring your own props like bubbles.


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Ling, me planning those GDL stuffs end this mth. shld b gg wif MIL to buy the SDJ these few wks. wow seh, the price for 916 Gold is now so ex leh!! $32 per gram...c the price almost pengz!! Any other teochew BtBs??


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Hi count, dorami..,

i guess the 'pantang period' ranges from 1-4mths depends on the degree of their 'pantang-ness'.. :p
one of my fren very pantang &amp; she told me 4mths. Another one a little 'modern', told me 1 mth... :p

oh yeah.. cross our fingers mann..


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silentelf, dun worry too much about these things lar..come nearer to date, i dun think you will have the time to go for weddings too cos you will be too busy with your own..
and after settling down, it will be 3 mths after already, then gather all your friends out for a dinner lor.

Count, i thot i work till 8pm is bad enuff, you work till 11?? take a break, take a break! anyway, standard ppl only 3mth before and after lor..tat includes, baby "man yue", birthdays, funerals, weddings, move house and etc tat is of big celebrations lar..

Dorami, haha..i chose the date becos its the same as my house no! NO WAY he can forget or he will get it BIG TIME!! haha
after all what precious date that we have forgo for them, they BETTER REMEMBER!!