(2006) Brides of year 2006


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hi memories

sighz...how come huh? nvm, i will try again...but would need you to send me your email @ again.

the G cream. does it have any side effects huh? cos have never tried all these before


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Happy New year ladies!


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thanks popie

hi all jul 06 brides,

happy new year! been a very tiring day... finally went tg pagar for bridal tour with FH!

need advise from u gals: anybody got any comments abt Sposa Couture & Milan? we like their photography v natural, the gowns aso quite nice.

any other bridal shops i shld visit? thanks a lot!


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happy 2006 everyone!!

pet, i've seen my designer in june 2005 already and have decided on my designs for my wedding and evening gowns. 21 jan will be my measurement. i may have some changes as i'm getting my girlfriends to view the design to give comments. ^_^ very ks rite. ^_^

summer, i've choosen lee hwa's jorn rainer blue sapphire series rings. but havent buy yet. don't know when will go and buy lor. ^_^


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Hey gals....today went to buy my wedding ring n wedding band liao....hahaha....think it's too early but jus go ahead n get them....save the hassle....hahaha.

Hahaha.....i also settle my venue and AD PG liao!! finally after all the headache of searching round the island....hahaha....ok now i'm goin to shortlist my BS.....


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wah frais,
turn of the year...and you got a lot of things settled!! good to hear!
Can share with us where u got ur stuff?


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<font color="0000ff">hi jacquise, you can refer to our responses to Ivy above. Like weddin said, $3500 is enough for one-stop BS and you have to try hard not to top up photos
But it's a bit tight if you want to include AD photography. AD photography ranges from $500 to $2000+ so if also depends on what type of photographer you want also.

And! No you're not kiasu to start research so early la


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hi sinkor,

Yeah! our AD is such a hot date! my BS is z wedding, service so-so but i like my WG &amp; EG very much! can't wait to go for ps in feb. kekeke.... so far preparation has been going well. already booked venue, VG &amp; PG. Also bought a pair of shoes for ps &amp; AD. at the moment just need to take care my skin &amp; lose some extra pounds. Guess i ate too much during the festive season, now my clothes are too tight for comfort...really need to 'jian fei' man! Partly my age too, i think i'm probably the oldest bride here leh... heheh..

howz your prep coming along?


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Frais and Storm, u all are so fast! We stopped wedding preps temporarily cos busy planning for trip to US in march. Wedding bands are very hard to find if u want unique ones. But for us, going to take simple plain platinum bands so shd be ok

Storm ah, ur gown designs are firmed up so fast?! Sheesh, i feel like i'm so slow now. Ya loh, want to settle as much as i can early, so won't scramble at the last min!

Sweets, u decided on wedding date yet?


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happy new year!!!

me back from gown fitting liao. managed to find 2 gowns which i like OTR. but those are brand new gowns. been tried but not worn for wedding before. so just decided to take it. managed to exchange that for 4 extra photos in the wedding album. hehe.

tiring but exciting day. din get to take pics. cos we really forgot all about it. hahaha. too excited. the gowns are so heavy. really wonder how i can survive the whole day wearing it.

u hvnt cfm ur studio? u should really see as many as u want, till u r pleased n completely satisfied with ur studio. i hvnt heard of sposa couture n milan leh... could be a new studio or chgd name studio? if u like it, n find the service good, then u sign. r there any threads in this forum on this?


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morning ladies..

jus rem..
with regards to the drinking, my hotel co-ordinator taught me something..
she said to eat a piece of butter before that, it will help to keep sober for a longer time..
tested and proven..=)

think i be trying that out..my hubby to be cant drink..so i will eat it jus in case they push the drinks to me..

ladies, one day nearer to our BIG DAY..
having mixed feelings..


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Ade, like you, I am now also starting to feel like I've not done anything. Maybe we should list down what we have done and then the girls here can help us sift through and let us know what else we need to do..

Awww...thanks dear for your compliments on our wedding webbie. It's not been easy with doing the webbie cos' gotta ask the boy for his creativity input..which is not really always "creative"...
Hi ebell,
Tks for ur compliments! I love the pink EG too cos its low back. Yes. My hubby really gd at his poses. He's a v vain guy. hee
My Marriott coordinator is Angela.

Hi Greta,
Yes. He does look quite odd in white suit with black shoes. hee. That's only for PS. He's wearing a black suit on AD.

Hi Bluemarine,
Thanks. i think my kua pics look so comical and cartoon. I look like malay wearing chinese costume. Dun have the oriental look, that's y my friends said its funny.


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hi cindee,

my email address is [email protected]
hopefully i can see your beautiful photos soon.

i haven't tried the G cream b4 too. but heard from sinkor that there will be a hot burning feeling so it will burn the fats away.


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Happy New Year to all,

Hi Magical, my PS was done with a digital computer so it is quite fast. Hmm, I wonder if it is too early to take PS. Hehehe!

Hi Pol,

actually Dec is a good time to look for shoes cos all the party shoes are out and they are sales everywhere. try CK Tang!


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<table border=1><tr><td>Nick</TD><TD>ROM Date</TD><TD>ROM Venue</TD><TD>Wedding Date</TD><TD>Banquet Venue / Theme</TD><TD>Bridal Boutique</TD><TD>Studio / Outdoor Photoshoot</TD><TD>PS Date</TD><TD>PS Venues</TD><TD>AD Photographer</TD><TD>AD Videographer</TD><TD>Lovenest </TD></TR><TR><TD>Cindee Koh</TD><TD>03/06/06</TD><TD>LCOR</TD><TD>03/06/06</TD><TD>Garden Party</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Friends</TD><TD>Friends</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Childlike</TD><TD>03/06/06</TD><TD>OCC</TD><TD>03/06/06</TD><TD>Marriot</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Duxton </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ting</TD><TD>03/06/06</TD><TD>Sheraton Tower</TD><TD>03/06/06</TD><TD>Sheraton Tower</TD><TD>Sheraton Tower</TD><TD>Sheraton Tower</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Snow</TD><TD>06/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>06/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Cacphin</TD><TD>18/09/05</TD><TD>Kuali</TD><TD>06/06/06</TD><TD>Pan Pacific</TD><TD>Mr &amp; Miss Wedding Club</TD><TD>Mr &amp; Miss Wedding Club</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>BM </TD></TR><TR><TD>BingBing</TD><TD>06/03/05</TD><TD>Raffles Ctry Club</TD><TD>08/06/06</TD><TD>Pan Pacific</TD><TD>Mr &amp; Miss Wedding Club</TD><TD>Mr &amp; Miss Wedding Club</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>memories</TD><TD>29/09/03</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>11/06/06</TD><TD>Chevron</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>BP </TD></TR><TR><TD>Chobits</TD><TD>30/06/04</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>17/06/06</TD><TD>Grand Copthorne Waterfront</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Sam</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>JW </TD></TR><TR><TD>Piglet</TD><TD>09/12/05</TD><TD>ROM Center</TD><TD>17/06/06</TD><TD>Singapore Expo</TD><TD>French Bridal </TD><TD>French Bridal </TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>FairyLoh</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>St Mary of the Angels</TD><TD>17/06/06</TD><TD>Holiday Inn Atrium</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ericia</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>17/06/06</TD><TD>Orchid Country Club</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Icebubbles</TD><TD>23/03/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>The Fullerton</TD><TD>Amanda Lee</TD><TD>Andrew Choi</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Beetles (Chor Hui)</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Keh huier</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>Marina Mandarin</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Hazel</TD><TD>04/02/05</TD><TD>Plaza Park Royal</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding Collections</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding Collections</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding </TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>JC</TD><TD>18/09/04</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>SK </TD></TR><TR><TD>Jes</TD><TD>18/09/05</TD><TD>Zoological Garden</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>Conrad Centennial</TD><TD>Divine Couture</TD><TD>Divine Couture</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>BB </TD></TR><TR><TD>Chijmes</TD><TD>06/06/06</TD><TD>Fort Canning</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>KL </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sinkor</TD><TD>29/10/05</TD><TD>Amara Hotel</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>Copthorne Orchid</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>early Jan 2006</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Adrian Ong</TD><TD>Chris</TD><TD>JW </TD></TR><TR><TD>Shirley Yee</TD><TD>31/01/04</TD><TD>ROM Center</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>Furama Hotel</TD><TD>Inspiration (JB)</TD><TD>Inspiration (JB)</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Desaru</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Punggol </TD></TR><TR><TD>Faith_Tan</TD><TD>17/06/06</TD><TD>Church </TD><TD>20/06/06</TD><TD>Raffles Town Club</TD><TD>F*line Bridal</TD><TD>F*line Bridal</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ooshie</TD><TD>06/06/06</TD><TD>Changi Musuem</TD><TD>22/06/06</TD><TD>Pan Pacific</TD><TD>The Wedding Present</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Lighted Pixels</TD><TD>Emotionpics</TD><TD>EC </TD></TR><TR><TD>Gini09</TD><TD>28/06/05</TD><TD>Intercontinental</TD><TD>23/06/06</TD><TD>Intercontinental</TD><TD>Dang</TD><TD>Studio Emboss</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Big Day Studio</TD><TD>Fabian Lim</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ah_blur</TD><TD>18/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>23/06/06</TD><TD>Pan Pacific</TD><TD>Camelia</TD><TD>Montage </TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Beetles (Chor Hui)</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Semb </TD></TR><TR><TD>Asura79</TD><TD>12/03/05</TD><TD>Christ The King</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Marina Mandarin</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Big Day Studio</TD><TD>Y*ppies Production</TD><TD>AMK </TD></TR><TR><TD>Timminbuzz</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Church of Ascension</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Hilton</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Tucky</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Joyousonline</TD><TD>30/09/05</TD><TD>ROM Teahouse</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>88 Restaurant</TD><TD>Dawn's Wedding (JB)</TD><TD>Dawn's Wedding (JB)</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>JW </TD></TR><TR><TD>Gingercat</TD><TD>24/09/05</TD><TD>Furama Riverfront</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Meritus Mandarin</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>12/12/05 to 14/12/05</TD><TD>Bukit Tinggi</TD><TD>Emotionpics</TD><TD>Emotionpics</TD><TD>EC </TD></TR><TR><TD>MrsSoh</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Hilton</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Eli</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>The Wedding Present</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Beetles (Chor Hui)</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Phy_o</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>OLPS</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Marriot</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>foto-*.com</TD><TD>foto-*.com</TD><TD>AMK </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lovebug</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Christ The King</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Raffles Town Club</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Mid Feb 06</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Derick Ong</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Notti</TD><TD>24/06/06</TD><TD>Au JarDin</TD><TD>25/06/06</TD><TD>Park Lane Hotel</TD><TD>Ted Wu</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Beetles (Bernard)</TD><TD>Bugs Media</TD><TD>- </TD></TR><TR><TD>Chaiyo</TD><TD>25/12/05</TD><TD>Amara Hotel</TD><TD>25/06/06</TD><TD>Meritus Mandarin</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>WhiteLink</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>-</TD><TD>Emotionpics</TD><TD>CCK </TD></TR><TR><TD></td></tr></table>


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Hi Ladies!!!

Sinkor > Haha!!! Not that I wanna to be MIA... just that my coy security is real tight. Sometimes, I can log on to msn but then when I tried to msg you, they will prompt me delivery fail.... Hiaz.... dunno how come like that also. Lolz... yah, you did sms me abt the red wine stuff... I almost forget. :p Anyway, my hubby auntie is checking the price for us on the red wines too... direct import from Aussie. She is checking out a few brands. We told her our budget, >$15/btl.

Memories > Thanks thanks!!! REmember to let me know the price of the wine too!! I also wanna know... heheheh!!!

Phy > Wah!!! They can keep for you in the warehouse arh... not that bad. Good service... actually Robinson is well known for their service.

Nihpac > The list just posted... keke!!! Paisey...

How is everyone preparations??? 6 more months to every June brides AD.
Recently, I am very tense up too... not in a very good mood either... did have several arguements with my hubby and practically it seems like he dun bother. Ask him to do up guests' list, still idle around and say too early... and worst, he is the one who suggest that we should make full use of the holidays available now to prepare the wedding stuff... contradicting... show him some nice pics tell me this and that... Now to think about it, I should be firm initially to attend the wedding preparation course.


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hi ice,
i just signed up with french bridal as well. how did ur PS session go? r the pics ready? can i share n also may i know who is ur photographer?


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hi irene, thks for sharing ur pics. u n ur hubby are so good looking. i love the pics with the dogs a lot. they r so cute.may i know which outdoor area did u go to?


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heehee... no lah... i was afraid at first for being so fast. but my designer very nice. she is the one who ask me when i want to see her. so i said june and she said ok. ^_^

frais, good and you are faster man... can show your wedding rings? ^_^ where did you get them from?


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Hi, Count,
my Sealy mattress is the Royal Monarch...

Hi, silentelf,
my good fren got N**k goh for her AD last Sep, his service &amp; pics no bad... yah, I liked the morning highlights man.. so, is he the one whom ur best fren used as well?

Hi, gals,
geez... my 1st BS appt oni in Mar 06... wait til neck long long liao..
will be very busy with work for the 1st 4 months of the year... so hoping can get some preparations out of the way 1st, do avoid last minute rush... wat do u gals suggest tat can prepare now huh?


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Happy New Year gals!!

It's 2006 huh...countdown begins....

Tsukushi, u seem like a very organised gal!
Here's my details if you like to update mine pls:

Date: 20 May 06
Venue: Shangri-la Hotel, Orchard
BS: Freelance
PS: 26 Mar 06
PG: Lawrence Teo, Peepshow machine
VG: None
HM: Seoul
Lovenest: Pinnacles@Duxton

Thanks very much!


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hi audrey,

I do not know my co-ord as yet but had arranged w Yoko to select my gowns after CNY too...

maybe we will see each other by then...


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hi limko!
actually i think its an okay time period to take PS now..if you wanna see your layout before they start on the album..coz my BS said my layout will be done in feb..then if i approve they can start work n the album will be ready in mar-apr..if i want to make changes they will hae about a month or so to do them..so i don't think its VERY early la..just leaves some time for the 'in-case' stuff..=D


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HAPPY 2006 girls!

snowkat: You had your PS on 28th Dec? How did it go?

Ade: Emailed! :D My pics will be ready on 9th Jan.

EL: You having your PS on 9th Jan? Good! You can rest the next day. I was so tired going back to work the day immediately after my PS.
Cos I had too much work to do, so I paiseh to apply for another day of leave.
(Yes, Hazel &amp; Idyll, I am capable of feeling paiseh.

shortcake: Ya man! My BS will also charge $50 (for the make up) if we were to come back another day for the OD PS. Thus, I was all the more determined to avoid scheduling PS on 2 days.

Idyll: Nice website!

Jean: I agree with you. I had told hb to stop me if I were tempted to buy too many extra pics.

Hazel: Thanks once again for the table calendars, and paiseh to make you carry them while shopping. Wasted, I thought I would be able to see your FH, but he didn't go.


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Wah! It is raining heavily now. My curtains and windows are closed, but I can hear the rain.

Idyll: Read from your website that the airport is a special place for you &amp; meraj. Us too, though individually.

Since I was in Sec 2, I have loved the airport a lot. It is a very cosy place, I find. I still remember fondly, that time I was studying in a school in the East, so after school, my best friend (then) and I would always take a bus to the airport. After we alight, we would buy snacks from NTUC, and then go to the viewing mall, sit down, chit chat and watch the planes go by.

My HB also like that place a lot. :D


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Hi cindee,

I think the side effect of the creams is can reduce your fats bah....*wink*, Ginger &amp; phy, do u agree with me? dun worry, just ask for the sample, then follow the intruction given to you and try lor.... if really not good, stop and dun use....

Hi Camy,

Faster give your details to Gingercat so that she can update the tables for better reference....


coolz.....dun be tense... the more u tense, the more you cant do things....



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heh gals

check with u all. i saw a 3.5inch shoe in parkway.

but the heel of the shoe is clome. then my hb say its very ungly.
does any of you also have a clome heel shoe??


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Hi Sinkor!
I agree! *thumbs up for G cream!*

Hi Ginger,
Ya, Robinsons is quite good. If anyone is interested in getting a good mattress, go when there's a sale!

Hi ladies,

Guess what! Ive finally received a call from WL. Going down on the 8th Jan to choose my photos. A little excited now!
Wonder how it will turn out!

Now nursing a cough. What a way to begin the year, a cough. Sigh ... Hope it will go away soon!


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yo sinkor,

thanks for the reminder!! hehe... oh btw, 'goshz' has replied to my request for sample. so happy...can't wait to try it out.

hi gingercat,

cheer up gal! still got time to do the guest list. btw, if it's not too much of a trouble, can u update my details in the table please? pretty please? thank u muchy!

AD: 18 June 06
Banquet venue: Marina Mandarin
BS: Z Wedding
Studio/outdoor photoshoot: Z Wedding
AD PG: WedWedWed
AD VG: The Wedding Paparazzi
love nest: USA

Don't know is it just me or does any of u feel the same, i feel there's nothing much preparation to be done at the moment. maybe i'm too lay back. hahaha....


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hi phy_*o*,

so excited for u too!! can share your pix with me?

i was down with flu during xmas &amp; just recovered from cough too. do drink plenty of fluid &amp; rest more ok? get well soon.


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Hi Ginger,

Men are like that la, must nag a little then they will do work. But dun nag too much la. My FH gave me a super general list. Ok la, I've asked him to start on a more specific list. Give him a timeframe or write down a timeline. Maybe after that he too will start to panic.


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Hi Irene
Thanks for ur photos! Both of u look so photogenic and doesnt look abit camera shy, both of u look so natural. Very well taken!
Esp those with ur doggies and there's one with 2 of u standing at the scouter and kiss, i thought it was v cute &amp; sweet. I'm oso 26, same age wif my FH.

Hi peggy
Glad that u've enjoyed ur mini HM. Nice to hv a short getaway.


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hi cheryl,

when u sign up with them? cos if i refer to, they ssay i get some extra photos leh..:p my outdoor at bintan but it rained after about 1 hr of photo taking... and indoor PS also rained so cannot go for another extra bit of PS....... so sad..

i haf chose my photos to be in the album liao, now waiting for 1st template.. my photographer is ah wai.. very nice guy...

Haf u taken ur photos?


Wedding, can you please share who's the photographer? I'm still considering asking my colleague (who have done such things before) or to engage a professional photographer for the AD.

Jacquise, don't worry about being KS. My BF just proposed in mid Dec, and I already made him signed up the BS &amp; the banquet venue for .....heehee....


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<font color="0000ff">hi soon-to-be, haha you must "chope" your FH ar
And if you want a list of AD photographers, let me know. I have an excel sheet.</font>


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Me just came back from my selection of photos. I think the outdoor ones are well taken! Also realised I am the one who are more self-discipline then FH. He keep adding and adding more photos! Sigh..In the end, we top up about 10 photos. Also, bought another 30 4R which are well-taken but not included in our album at 5 bucks each! I will be scanning some of them, then emailed to u gals ok?


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hi ladies,
Jux finished having my dinner with my customers..
I had done my pic selection 2day..
total selection is 100.


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U really very disciplined!!!
Ispent ard 4hrs+ there selection..consider av fast..N very gd at cutting..
cos once we dun c any liking, we jux rejected it
How many pic is yr initial pkg?
IS yrs traditional or digital album?


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U &amp; ur FH funny man. Role reversal.

Thanks! Can't wait to see your pics.
I also can't wait to see mine next Monday.

Ur package inclusive of how many pics ah? Mine has only 22. Sure will exceed one. Hope won't exceed by too many. Keke.

Hazel: Wah! Public holiday u also got to entertain customers??!!


Hi Bride...heeeheee.....you will be surprised that my FH made all the choices.

I was only planning to take up the basic package, but my FH chose the more expensive package with the BS. He was worried that I will want more photos after I have seen them. And for the hotel, I was also looking at a more affordable deal with Merchant, but he preferred the one with Waterfront. Heehee.....

Yup yup, can you please send me the excel sheet? You have anything on the videographer? I am still considering whether to engage one? Nevertheless, my email is [email protected]..


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Girls Initially I thought only HB and I going for the photo selection. But last night, he informed me that his Mum is coming along. Is that good or bad?


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My package has 34 pics. Actually, I only want to top up to 40 but FH la, in the end top up to 45! Aiyo, 1 pc cost 55 bucks..and extra 150 for the 30 pics those not included in album. My heart ache liao...see $$ fly away..