(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Welcome Shortcake!

Give me your email address. I'll email u tonite.


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<font color="0000ff">storm dear.. think you have your reasons for being upset too.. its like life is so precious and even though he is just a foetus.. also cannot deprived him the chance of coming into the world.. the child is indeed innoncent.. but i think if she is not ready for the child.. then it might be better for her not to have the baby.. dun want her to later regret and blame the child.. think its a moral dilemma.. think every person will handle the situation differently..being a single mum takes a lot of courage and some people are able to walk that path while others may not.. and after all we are asians.. and she will have to face the world as a single with a growing tummy.. not everyone can take that kind of pressure..think she is under a lot of pressure and feeling lost too.but she is afterall the mum to be.. so its really her decision and as her close fren, i am sure you will support her decision and stand by her.. she must have been a very close fren since she choose to confide in you.. and i am sure she is looking for some support and advice..

yah man.. so exciting right.. year 2006 is here in like 2 days.. where will you gers be going for count down?? duno why.. but singapore dun seems to have the celebratory mood.
but its the last new year that we will be spending as singles orr

hey jacq.. ohhh.. times square.. hehe i never go there though.. i only went to sogo that area.. went one round in times square and went out.. too expensive for me.. their stuff.. so when next year will you be going again?

wahhh tomolo is your birthday!! here wishing you a happie birthday first and may all your wishes come true.. stay pretty! so nice leh..
new year eve.. so where will you be going tomolo?

hihih blur girl.. welcome to this thread.. full of mei dao brides..

may i know what is your budget like for your AD PG and VG?

Dorami dear.. yea man.. less than 11mths.. i am beginning to feel the heat le..
new year resolution for me is to lose weight

CSI fan.. so who are your options now for your PGs?

hey pet.. long time no see.. hehe.. think the thread will move faster when we go into year 2006.. hehe


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shortcake: How about yourself? Any self-taken pics during the PS to share with us?

When is you AD? (Actual day?) Where is your wedding banquet?


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hi starrynight,

me still asking around what to make him sober leh. will let you gals know when i have the "solution".

both side friends will sure tekan him, cos he cant drink. a bit of liquor only his face will be very red. as for me, i cant drink too... this time die leow lah.


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Hi, silentelf..
yah, LL shoes OTR not so new.. think they oni there for show oni... tat time I went, not so crowded, stil okie..

Hi, count,
me oso ordered Sealy mattress.. "silly" us.. kekekek..

Hi, Jacqueline,
happie birthday ahh..

Hi, All,
here's wishing u all a Happie New Year.. good luck in wedding preparations in the year ahead...


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Jacq happy birthday and blessings for the yr ahead!

Ffbear, hi 5! Which mattress did u get? We got the San Marino (the one used in Four Seasons Hotel) and a normal headboard w/o the box spring. Cost almost $3K after the Robinsons discount. My mum also said we're "silly" to spend so much on a mattress. But the mattress feels so nice...

Storm, the best u can do at this time is to be there for ur friend, and let her know tt u'll be ard if she needs help. Sigh...

Sure tt all of us are eager to get married too! Finally it is less than 12 months to go. But seems like a lot of things are undone. Still hunting for church florist, wedding bands, gown ideas etc


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Hi Cindee

Can share with me your photos too? you can send to [email protected].

Hello Ginger &amp; Sinkor
Wow...I think you may be able to help me with my fat arms....Can you tell me more about this cream?


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Hi Magical,

My PS was quite fun experience. Too bad, I did not get to goto all bthe places that I wanted to take photos at and the weather was very cloudy. At least it did not rain, just a slight drizzle at night. My make up and hair was very thick until the rain did not even affect it one bit. Hee Hee. I dunno when I will be able to view the pics. The photographer promised me that I can choose in 2 weeks.


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Hi gals!
yah, the year is almost over...this year went by quite quickly I feel. 2006 sure fly by before we know it manz...

Jacq, Happy Birthday in advance!

Chomecc, I've shortlisted Nick G*h, Hurricadia, Beetles@Work. But FH so busy lately, can't sit down to discuss with him also. So, everything is like hanging in the air lorh.

Eh, where do you gals go to shop for your wedding bands? Think I need to start looking ard also...


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Lipstar, I like you more and more. My "influence" have rubbed off on you...You are now officially also quite kaypoh ask Shortcake so many questions....


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Can consider using Ribena to replace red wine during tekan time since the colour is close.

they know i can drink so i mentally prepare for the tekan liao.


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Hello beautiful gals of Nov 06! Compliments of the season &amp; a great new year!

Wow! Summer &amp; CSI Fan, soooo happy to hear about your FH's proposal! Hehe, my FH discussed with me &amp; decided on the wedding date in Sep05. But it's like chatting &amp; deciding, haiz thought must propose then plan mah. He said propoer proposal will come only early next year. Don't understand.

Hey Count &amp; Frais, thanks for concern, my venue still not sorted. My FH was sick week before so could not contact he venues, he called last week to book appts for this week, then he said not meeting already coz they're busy with Xmas NY so he's asking them to email proposal. Sigh, since this is his "job" then let him settle it lor. Guess this is a test of whether my "kan-cheong stick to project timeline" vs his "slow steady don't worry, timeline is only a guide, not a must" can manage the preparation smoothly together. I'm learning to let go &amp; relax although I feel like an ant on a hot pot.

Storm, it's a really tough situation your fren is in. As true friends, we can offer our frank opinion, but at the end of the day, it's her personal decision. We can only stand by &amp; support them. Pray for her to have the wisdom to decide what to do &amp; the strength to go through it.


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Vonn, your complexion must be so nice now...the sunshine smile when you receive the present &amp; the nice bird's nest too!

Hi Ivy, I wish I can go with you BS shopping, but I'm very fickle, scared if I go with you, I have 2nd thoughts of my own. So hope you don't mind I can't go with you. But I can email you my opinions of Dang &amp; Sattine, if you wish.

Welcome Blur Gal *wave*


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hi chomecc,

i'm sure this thread will definitely speed up again as the beginning of next year arrives.. its less than 11 months to our ADs.. having weird feelings.. haha..

hey gals,

i've made my first appointment with my BS liao.. on the 21st of Jan.. so now watching what i eat.. so stressed!!

what about u gals? there are a few of us also going for first appointments in jan and feb right?


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Hiya *wave*

Lipstar, i have pm you my email addy

I have yet to see my first sample prints as i have only taken pictures last friday. Should not be that fast for selection.

My AD is 22 April @ Conrad Centennial. What about yourself?

Hi Ldyll - Guess my prep is more or less done ..
just waiting for time to pass, get my hotel coordinator to buzz me when its time for me to do my theme selection and getting my invites printed and of course the food tasting and what have you not ... Not sure whats there actually

Went Sentosa for my shoot .. Nothing much though .. apart from "the Tree" "the Pond" "the Beach" *shrug* Anyway, i mentioned it was drizzling, then it got heavier.
Had to run in the rain ..haha ... but was fun.
Shoot starts from 10am end at 4 plus ..
180 pictures i think, that's what the photography say.
I am using Conventional .. so he cant snap like no body business.

Cant wait for the selection, hope the pictures will be nice. pretty anal about pictures actually.

When is your AD? guess we are all counting down .. not a long way to go actually *grin*



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Hi all,
my AD is next sunday. But till now still haven't decide where to go for my french mani and pedi. Anyone know to a good one to recommend?



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Hi irene,
thanks for the pics. My fav is the outdoor pic in the greenery with the dogs behind. Both of u v photogenic hor. Yr FH really can pose, but is it a bit odd he wear black shoes with white suit?


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Heiya.....Dorami n CSI.....venue is a headache manz.........cannot find how??? die liao this time sure end up in not good venue...now waiting for marina to revert us.hope we get the place.

counts.....BS not found yet venue also cannot find....how?? panic liao....going to breakdown soon....call so many hotels all taken up....

sweets darling.....happy tht you're starting to source for venue....should get things started you know....better be prepared than late...

Petrina, hello...haven't seen you here for the longest time huh!! 1st appointment??? huh?? so fast?? i haven't even found my BS yet n you gals are already goin for 1st fitting *sob**sob*....

Hmm....i've been to Divine n The Wedding Present really like their gowns....may shorlist either one....hahaha....

Summer....see see, all of them like ready liao leh.....we haven't got BS n venue.....aiyo....sianz man...how??? now i'm more like the hot ant on the pot hmm.....i think it's volcano not pot...

Oh ya!! Happy New Year!!! in advance to all the beautiful Nov06 BTB.....oh ya....also Jan07 BTB (you know who you are hor!)You guys have a fruitful year ahead!!! And starts counting down to your BIG DAY!!! Yeh!!!


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shortcake: Received your email add.

FINALLY! Another Apr 22 bride!
There are about 8-10 brides here, but I'm the only one whose AD is Apr 22. I was about to get worried if Apr 22 is not a good day...

My dinner is at Meritus Mandarin. Morning will have church wedding at St Anne's. :D


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hi spring i went the whole daiso incl the part near cashier they hv boxes but very small one. n xmas gift boxes only...guess maybe that time i went NO STOCK or giving way to XMAS decor etc lah.

hi ebell think my EG material is chiffon..maybe too soft to hold lor..my designer is afraid the sides will show :p


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shortcake: You mean your PS (photoshoot) is OD (outdoor) all the way from 10-4? Mine is abt 10.30am til 3.30pm indoor, then 4 to 7pm OD.


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Total is 9 calendars..
I c wat's the sales on newspaper tmr...
maybe I go town in the morning at 10am..then train to Bedok..
I regrettd not "reading" newspaper today..
Robinson sales..got my fav tanyu port...SALES for TODAY!!but too late..at night now..
Hopefully tmr will ve the same pot sales


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Hi gals

The G-cream sounds really effective...hm...But wonder if there are any side effects to it?
Me also looking for ways to slim down.....


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Hi Irene
Can i take a look at ur pics too? [email protected] thanks!!

Hi belle, chris &amp; greta thanks!

I spent one nite sewing the pillow &amp; another nite stitchin on the wedding bears &amp; bows. you're very observant belle, the bows are indeed slanted. They are kinda short (my misjudgment lor) so gotta sew them to the pillow (but is nt done yet). Still got to improve on it. But the shape &amp; design is somewhat there.

Where did u go for your mini HM? How's ur trip?


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My AD next Sunday. Will go Dashing Diva to do my Pedi. A bit pricy and I hope its good.

Linda, try to bring some lemon ginger tea. I bought some from Marks &amp; Spencer. Nice.
I hope this helps if the next day you both have hang over. I think that Ribena drink won't work. Your friends sure pour some wine or whatever liquor into a fresh new glass and get both of you to drink and then what are you going to do?!? Act drunk? No way.
What are the other things you ladies plan to take to your hotel when you check in? The gowns, shoes la, tolietries la.. wat else?


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Hazel: Thanks dear. 9 is more than sufficient. Don't need to source for more oredi. Thanks a lot.

You too, Idyll. Thanks so much for your help.

Hazel: In that case, I call you around 1pm after I finish work. I'll meet you tomorrow around 1.45pm near your place.


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Hi Lipstar,

Ohh .. we are having our AD on the same day!??
Heh, my folks and my relatives were complaining abt dates that fall in april cus of Qing Ming.
But i have actually went to a geomancer and base on both our "Ba Zi" and of course with the "when both of us are free months" and "weekends" as a choosing the date criteria - we end up as 22 april - the best date.

Heh, you got me wrong, the whole photoshoot starts from 10am - 4plus in the afternoon (both indoor &amp; outdoor) Outdoor we started at 2pm, chop chop .. very fast

wah ... yours includes night shots .. must be really Nice .. cant wait to see your pictures..



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HI Jocester
went malacca
...was alrite...mainly makan and shop a little and slack alot in our mini suite
...hubby's buddy coincidentally was there too with his wife....had slight drizzle and hubby was really sweet to hold and carry my lavendar umbrella as I was and still having a gigantic flu bug... hehehe (he usually doesn't bother).

hi spring and irene
mind to share your pics with me?
[email protected]


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Hi ebell,

Yup, more like a wedding lunch at Ritz but throw in a ROM before that.. :p N wedding dinner for relative only at RSYC.. Will most prob be taking their function rooms as older pp are still not that used to open air. hehhe


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Shortcake, Welcome to April 06 Brides Family!
I too have my outdoor Photoshot taken at Sentosa last Monday. Weather not very good too, but we manage to finish the shots.I have already took my In door shots abt 2 weeks ago.


NAh,I am quite relaxed now. Basically, my current situation is somehow like a "waiting game" as I have completed almost all critcal stuff. Below are some things which I am doing or waiting to do:

1) Waiting for my hotel coordinator to call me in Jan for selection of cards, themes, foodtasting etc.

2) Working now and then on my wedding webpage.

3) Keying in all the contacts of my "tentative" guests in my wedding template for ease od RSVP later on.

4) Waiting to apply for ROM date on AD.

5) My wine has been confirmed. Hey lipstar, how's ur wine confirmation?

6) Listing down and sourcing all the things my mum needs for " guo da li" which falls on the
17th april 06.

7) Waiting for my PS photos to be ready.

I guess that's abt all...


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aiyo...Like tat, I shldnt take more today...
ok, I m packing up now...
maybe have light bag if want to go shopping


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hi sinkor,

i'm a june 06 bride too. Very interested in getting the G-cream to help reduce my tummy &amp; 'thunderous' thighs. Can u advise where i can get the cream at a cheaper rate pls?

many thanks in advance!

Have a Happy year 2006 everyone! cheers!


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tomorrow is newbbi's AD. she must be very busy and excited.

u got a point, friends sure demand us to drink. they wont let us off easily, hahaha. will try the lemon ginger tea which u recommended. thanks!

10 more days to my AD, feel like many things still undone.


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Morning girls! In the office now. -_-

Hazel: You are going to trudge the calendars along for shopping ah? Paiseh... paiseh... to cause you so much inconvenience.
Just bring 3-4 if it makes it lighter or dont bring. I get them from you another day. What do you think?


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Yes shortcake: We are having our AD on the same day! Finally got a companion.

Wah! Your PS really very fast. Mine no night shots, cos 7pm the sky was still rather bright. Definitely no
sunset shots.


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hi camy and dd

sent my sch pix.

hey gers

the G cream, is it sold in the open market huh?

wat time are we meeting on the 7th huh? HOD just arranged for a meeting on that day. dun know wat time we would end also. once i finish, and if u gers still there, then i can go join u all


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^_^ morning girls... a great morning.

thanks for all the comments. well i noe that its her decision i'll respect her choice. ^_^

pet wat do you mean by first appointment? i'll be going on 21 jan to do my measurement. i'm thinking of making some changes to my evening gown's design.

when are you girls getting your wedding bands? will it be 2 early to get it now?

lastly wishing all the mei daos a Happy &amp; Blessed New Year!!