(2006) Brides of year 2006


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hi gals hows everyone?

got outing to where ah? lost in details ... include me in !!!

went for my first fitting liaoz ... but so stupid forget to bring my cam ... then later we nearly wanted to kill each other coz we din think of using phone camera aarrrggghhh hahahahah idiots!
anyway i tawt the WG was really pretty hiaks hiaks but still in the initial stages so maybe wait until my secnond fitting in jan before i load the pics for you guys to comment. din get to try my EG coz its still somewhere overseas being stitched up so have to wait until next month also cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

Hi cindee!
its rainy in phuket now? cant wait for my trip there in feb too! so excited , got to pack my gowns makeup hair stuff etc etc dunnoe how im gonna loads of stuff there for the shoot....
you have photos already? can send me ?
[email protected]


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racherlle, have u been to Fairy's Inc to take a look...they have very nice eternity rings and bands...if you are creative, you can design yr own one and only piece...they don't re-create yr design for sale....and the gold colors are very nice, depending on how u put the colors together...i got my full eternity from there, and i have rose and black gold...call them for appt if you want to go, otherwise they are either not in the shop or they are busy with other clients.


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Hi excited chris
My FH in charge of songs. He chose one christian love song, i think it's "I will be there". Another is a duet by bryan adams & babara streisand (I forgot the name..but this song a bit common though). I personally like "until the end of time" by sarah brightman, but unsure whether suitable or not.


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Hi hi Diana..
ya lor..when i hear it, i also very sad for the dogg..somemore this doggie has been accompanying my jie-mei for 11 yrs..since bb till now..so i guess my gf is really sad to see that the dog is crippled..then she was telling me that she shd hv bought insurance for the dog then i realised that dog also can buy insurance..wow..very worth leh the discount for ur furniture..really seems to be a gd buy for so many items..i soo envy u all can have ur own lovenest to decorate..how nice..

hi hi Honey..
wow..so nice of u to be able to travel to these places..u gg there for ur pre-hooneymoon trip? wow..very nice..okok, nice to hear that u wil be able to make it for the upcoming gathering..okok..looking forward to meet up w/ u..cheers~

hi hi cecilia..
aiyo..u better start lah..it's easier for u..at least can get the co-ordination done & off ur mind lor..

hi hi CAT/iceglacier..
maybe can go shopping for bedsheets instead? at least get a set that's nice for ur AD..very sweet one..

hi hi moninet..
long time didnt hear from u..how have u been? how's ur weddings preps? wanna come & join us for the upcoming gathering? do hope to hear from u..


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Hazel, why don't you do it over two weekends? A bit tough though.....troublesome and tiring to boot.

Lipstar, I'm not sure about lunch tomorrow cos' I have stuff to clear over lunch. It'll be better on Friday, I think...But can I sms you tomorrow about noon to confirm whether I can lunch with you tomorrow - will that be a better plan for now?


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Greta: is it I've finally found someone?...HeeHee guess what He chose the 2 songs I had in mind but goto let the boss have the final say


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hey silentelf! i would use the PG man! anyway, nobody really sees the PG and u would get wonderful photos! =)

unless u mean like do the same decor, same place etc then maybe abit er not so nice lah.. but PG go ahead girl! =)


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wow honey, so beri the shiok manz....envy envy...

wendy, insurance for dog i tink i saw before under NTUC ba...

cat / iceglacier, no envy coz by then me will be super duper poor and hv to live on roti liao...hahaha

cecilia, beware of the claws of the fiery cat....hahaha


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yeah i went there last month with my friend n was very tempted to grab a pair or two..haha..

oh our bands we bought last year during our ROM..from lee hwa...we got platinum ones, coz i have another white gold band that turned yellow (replated that for my PS at 12 bucks only).. so decided on platinum loh, although if we chose white gold could have a diamond band..coz white gold cheaper ma..


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Hi gals
I've decided on 1st march in song "The gift" fr Jim brickman's album. Thinking of using a compile of jazz as backgrd songs...bt kinda dry hearing the whole night yah..Looking for a light beat song for my 2nd march in,
so still cracking my brain. There has been a new release fr enya, am I rite?

Hi excited chris
Me & my FH are likely to depart for HM immediately after AD. :p Planning for pkg tour to switzerland & paris. A total of 10 dys. Now checking out with various travel agencies.

Maybe i can contribute on the hairdo or shld i say fr another BTB. :p Hope she dun mind me sharing with all of u w/o her permission .


Hi Lissa
Where r u planning to go? And are u like me to fly off after AD?

Hi suzanne
have not get back my PS photos, will sure inform all of u when ready k.

mm....Likewise I'll wait for event to do mani/pedi. :p example taking PS,AD & dinner. I've already bought 2 full set to be prepared for AD & dinner.


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hi lovebug, sinkor, gingercat and ooshie

sent the link liao

well, ooshie,

the first 3 days when we were there,weather was ok...was only drizzling...but it drizzled like the whole day. we still continued our daily shopping cos the drizzle was very light. on the 4th day, it was sunny...now is supposed to be the sunny season...so guess by the time u go in feb, weather would be just nice. so no worries yeah


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hi silentelf, i also find that there is no prob using the same one... cos it's good tat's why must recommend, if not the photographer eat grass, see nice but the bride doesn't allow her friends to use the same...my friends who got married, also keep recommending theirs to me...

thanks dorami, step, ivy and slientelf for the ideas ...

hi adel.. welcome


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racherlle, long time din hear fr u. So u sign up wif wedding paparazzi??

moonlight, think its better for u to MTM since u realli cant find nice ones off the shelves.

magical, r u gg to MTM a pair of closed-toe heels for WG?


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2 weekends also ve to pay for 2 tpt charges...
I tot I can jux separate them into 2 grps..my aunts like to play mahjong..thererfore would stay longer...
So, they can continue to eat the 2nd round...
I found one that can last 6hrs...
So, I jux order 50 pax food..can waive off the tpt chg

How abt me?


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hi suzanne,

Like jocester i norm do pedi esp if i hv impt functions to attend. Moreover i prefer to wear open toe shoes..hence the need for more reg pedi. I cant be bothered for mani (except for my PS & AD :p) cos i type so much at work. practically sit there n TYPE!! needless to say..how nice my mani also PI CHA! hahaha..i planning to go dashing diva to do the virtual nails ley. Anyone tried? My manicurist told me its very nice n suitable for brides. There r over 100+ sizes to suit every bride. Think will be good for ppl with shorter nails like me

Pedi i might do somewhere else cos hor diva charges quite ex. The last time i went did french n cost me abt $70?? heart pain. But it lasted very long. So i m happy with it


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Welcome Adel! *wave* Dunch worry..I've not got my venue yet, although I'm getting a bit panicky. Well, according to the boyz, there's always lots of time. For most gals, we tend to plan earlier. So, still can relax for a couple of months lah, unless you want a popular hotel on a popular date, then better start looking around.

Summer mei dao, take your time too. You probably know what you want, so it'll be easier lah.

Hey Frais, emailed you Chef Chan's contact/address last morning at 3am. Pls check either Yahoo or hotmail email address k & let me know if you've not rec'd?

Wow Ivy, you're really enterprising! Good on you!

Hey Silentelf, agree with Tulipz, Frais & Summer, just go ahead & use PG lah. It'll always be different coz besides venue, program etc, most of all, you will shine through with your own style.

Gals, mi going into major stress period now for work & also Xmas shopping. Hope wedding won't be like that too. SOS!


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hi CAT.. haha.. nvm, i'll try to source fr other places, will keep u informed if i managed to get any.. =)

hi Wendy.. have been really really busy work, so didn't manage to post much & also no time to do any more wedding preps! finally will be going for my end of yr holiday next week! okie, pls include me in Jan's outing, am currently available for 6th & 13th...


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<font color="0000ff">Hi all meidao babes.. I am BACK!.. hehe.. miss me mah?? i definitely missed all of you gers.. i had to read three pages to catch up with what i missed the past few days!! hehe.. now still abit stone from the reading..

firstly i need to congrats frais and summer on finally getting your dates.. fantastic piece of news!! n hor.. dun u dare to leave ah summer.. or i will chain you to me..keke

hihi ffbear...both me and cheers use eugene.. i took over someone package.. i think if you are really interested in chris ling package. you must sign up during their open house or promotional period.. kekke.. this piece of advice is given by ppl of chris ling orr.. i think for actual day. only john and eugene are doing leh.. avenue 8 chor hui is good too..

hey summer..i saw ron works.. really not bad.. anyway.. you still have some time to look for your PG and veunue... but dun wait too long okie?

welcome adel.. step and rodiana. glad that you can join us..

hey sweets.. storm.. cheers... all are back..
i having a heartattack le... haven start to shop for xmas ...sigh.almost freak out when i realise its this week .. god bless me..

hey silentelf.. hmm.. yah.. think even if you use the same PG .. it will still be different.. becoz the main chars.. the bride and groom are different!! so no worries at all


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Hi ebell,
Ok Ok tks tks.. Btw, Do they have their own website where i can view their portfolio?

Hi Greta,
Same same.. I leave the songs to my FH.. Haha.. Then i'll inspect!!
But, he's abit weird to choose songs which nobody understand the language.. And he dun even understand the song.. Haha.. Told him by hook or by crook, he gotta find the lyrics!!

Hi Jocester,
Yes, Enya release her new album not long ago.. Will be gg to grab it!!

Tks for sharing.. Hmm.. Hairdo is also a big headage for me.. Coz i have "Mickey Mouse" ears

Wow, right aftr yur AD!! Me gotta wait til Oct.. Hmm.. Switzerland &amp; Paris a NICE place!! U'll be joining tours?

Hi Suzanne,
Same as Jocester.. I will do Mani when there's occasion.. Have bought a 6x pkg.. PS, CNY, AD &amp; for my 2 sis for my AD..


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Idyll: Tmr I can't. Having Christmas lunch with colleagues.Next week lah! Though Tue 27th I'm on leave - my PS!!! How about next Wed, Thurs or Fri?

HAzel: Actually, I can meet u on weekend also. Cos when I go to town, I will travel past Ang Mo Kio on the MRT.


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Hi Jocester,
Wow! you're really organised! you bought your mani and pedi sets oredi?

Hi Belle, Yah I walked past dashing Diva a few times its got really nice deco. Hmmm Virtual nails never heard of before might go check them out but the 70 for french pedi only sounds real ex! maybe only for my AD???

Hey anyone of you planning to get live band? I am also looking and sourcing for songs and like Jocester I also listen until 'dry' was just thinkign maybe getting a live band would be a lot easier for me as well... but I think its going to cost so I am still exploring. Want to give my FH a surprise actually but dunno how he will react to it ;op


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oh ok.. thanks
i hear from my aunty that so long as you got a dew sets of clothing in your cupboard, then it ok..
anyway, "bu zhi zhe wu zui" kekekeke...


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Hi Gals,

Just finished my PS yesterday but there was no sun so wondering now whether to re-take. hehehe.

Actually saw lots of other couples taking pictures on the same day.

Hi Jasda,

you can try SNAILS at Wheelock for mani and pedi. I love the way they make your nails very neat. Look for Jemina, she is good but gotta book her way in advance cos she is always booked. If you are planning to take close up of your hands or feet, its better to do a mani and pedi before hand.


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Hi cindee,
Add Me too! [email protected]

Hey sinkor,
Busy preparing for your ROM huh? Congratulations leh! What date huh? I forgot liao!

Hey Ginger,
How much did they charge you? Our side is $60 per pic. Can bargain to lower la. Ya, it's like that one. Very expensive. Se if you can bargain or not la.

Hey memories,
Got your email! Thanx!

Hey Ladies,
Let's think of a venue to meet now! Any suggestions?


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hehe...ya lor..too many customs to follow liao...beside, i will be on leave whole of next wk and only be back by 5th Jan...but i will pop by when i am free =)


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hello, chomecc mei dao... you came back from your holis... missed you so much... saw any yandaos?
how? did you find your kua??

last nite, FH wanted to buy LV wallet for me as Christmas present but i got him to get me a UZap... heehee... now don't noe what to get for him... going shopping later with my sis. ^_^ mayb getting him a watch. haiz don't noe lah...


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Lipstar, next week will also be much better for me. Can we put it as Wednesday then? This time we go O'Brien's yes?

Oooh....yes! Your PS - exciting!!! Finally! Must let us know how it went okie?

Hazel, there you go. Settled already. Um, so which caterer did you get for your housewarming? Kaypo me as usual.

Jean, you may have told us but I forgot - when's your outdoor shoot?


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Hello adel...welcome to Nov brides.....

silentelf, its perfectly that u use yr frend's PG or VG and i think if she feel offended, seems like weird leh.

sweets, dont worry...still have today and tomorrow before xmas eve...but hor, have to squeeze everywhere lor...

chomecc....wow...come back liao? managed to do yr cards? managed to do lots of shopping? hee
eat, shop, eat and shop? got miss us bo? hee


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HI Ashlady,
ID's an interior designer...Wow.. That's a long way but no worries.. U can take ur time to source for the best ID.

Gals: Have all of u decided on ur maid of honour n ur wedding co-ordinator who's going to oversee all the stuff on the Big Day???


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Hi phy,
Its me who gg to ROM this xmas lah ... But sinkor n me same location so confused u liao har? Tat time WL pple went marche for gathering leh. I tink its a good place. Dun say i copy cat hor ...

Hi Cindee,
I wanna see ur pics too! Drop me a note ok? [email protected]

BTW gals, I collected keys to my lovenest on tue! Its a showflat so reno all done liao. Jus buy some furniture then can move in liao! But we will officially move in after AD lah. Cos we still not prepared to leave our parents yet. Hehehe ....


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yalor yalor...
wow... so fast on leave leow ah.
me will go on leave on 5 Jan 06, so by the time you back, i will go on leave leow.
nevertheless, i would like to wish you a blessful wedding.


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<font color="0000ff"> hie storm meidao.. yah yah.. i am back.. miss you sooo much too
ohhh kuas.. yesss nicee.. whole street filled with the shops.. but i haven make up my mind if i want to rent one or to get one.. coz if rent definitely i will do it in Sg but if i will to buy then i will get from HK.. hehe...heheh.. no leh no yandaos.. maybe coz dun have you around..
its very sweet of your FH .. hehhe think my FH not going to get me any pressie le.make his wallet bleed in hk.. keke.. i also loss at what to get for my Fh.. keke..

hey vonn.. the thinggie u want me to get hor.. its a key ring right??? they dun have leh.. i went to trendyland, temple street and ladies street also no have leh. but hor i got one minnie mouse for u though.. coz u wanted kitty and twin star.. and the only one that i see tat is quite near to what you wanted is in minnie mouse..

yupe.. done my cards le.. did two designs.. very customised cards... did 310 cards for $425 SGD.. reasonable coz enevelopes also customised.. hhehe. me ah.. never managed to get a lot of things.. coz winter there.. but my FH seems to have goten more stuff this time.. went to disneyland and spent quite a bit there.. he got me this cinderalla glass slipper with my name engraved on it and with a small cinderalla figurine to put at our new house


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hello chomecc, welcome back! wah, ur cards are cheap leh...abt S$1.40 each only. hmmm, dun mind, where is the place you went to do your cards? How long did they take to do?


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<font color="0000ff">hihih CSI fan.. thanks.. hugsss.. its good to be back

yah.. one design is cheaper than the other becoz there is no insert .. the cheaper one is about $1.10 only i think ...the place is near wan chai.. i have the street name if you need.. hehhe.. they take about 3 weeks to do it.. i am getting my colleague to bring it back for me.. i wan to say.. the suits there also very cheap le.. my FH, his dad and his brother all did suits and it only costs abt $450 SGD leh... keke </font>


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chomecc.....miss u **hug**....
wow, cards done liao so another issue settled for u..
wei, ur hubby so sweet leh...glass slipper with name? mus be very nice right? make me feel like going HK wor...any pics to show us?
suits $450 for all of them? if ya, then so cheap leh!
oh ya, its a key mould,it is ok if u cant find it, i dont wan u to keep looking out for it. its fine with the minnie mouse....thank u hor *muacks*


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frais, tulipz, summer, sweets, chomecc, vonn... hey gals.. after 1 nite of sleep on my cosy bed..i feel really better now.. yesterday was a terrible day.. all kinds of feelings: guilty, sad, stress.. blah blah....
after toking to my fren.., she encourage me to take her PG, she's not offended at all.... i guess the problem is just ME thinking that my fren will thought im 'copying' hers.. haiz.. *seems very tupid of me..*

anyway.. i ok ler! thanks all for ya wise words.., u gals are right..different couple, different venue leh.., not 'copy catting' anymore.... :p kekeke..

and yesterday i got my 1st xmas present! yeah.. its a bobbi brown blusher from a close fren..
and this morning i got a new bracelet from my colleague too! hehe.. *hope u gals dun mind i virtually 'share' my presents here hor..*

wow.. chomecc.. can show us your nice card &amp; the cinderalla glass slipper? they sounds so pretty..!

wah..i have the same problem with some of u.. dunno wat to get for FH.. so i'm not getting anything.. told him i will cook (in my heart i'm thinking depends on my mood that day.. :p)

wow.. chomecc..the suits are cheap.. 3 suits for only SGD450?? hmmm.. good deal!

hi ya adel... welcome!!


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Chomecc, Wah best arh disneyland.. I love Disneyland ... I am going to visit all the Disneyland in the world. Haha I love collecting the tins from Disneyland... so much so that i can't find my things when after I packed them in the tins …. Forgot if I had put in which tin...

Storm, I got Uzap too .. Didn't use it consistently .. But I felt that there is not much effect on me leh… Buy LV lah...