(2006) Brides of year 2006


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hi hi greta,

Thank u!

no lah u one day before mine :p
i scroll up all 11 march ley..mine is 12th hee.
think u realised it? cos my email has your msg abt the date..but forum one dun have. u must have edited it :p

wah seems like t-dragon doin alot of cards here hor?

wat does TBC stand for?


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Hi Reismion, Thanks for sharing ur fotos...love ur flowers & u really did look very "xin fu", (haha almost spelt wrongly as "sin ful".heehee). I don't see any signs of any rain coz both of u look so happy & loving! I'm so happy for u!!

Yeah silentelf, think you joined this thread during the time I was away on my India business trip.

Hi Count, Jacqueline, Vonn & silentelf, I was in Bangalore for work, so don't have fotos to share leh. Yeah the place was old, messy & dirty. I didn't have any good experience there, will tell u gals more on Mon. Scrared if I say any negative things, may just get sued like the 2 bloggers with racist jokes. Hahaha! But if u're interested in India fotos, I can go dig for my old fotos from Bombay, Goa & Kerala? I don't recommend for honeymoon for sure!!!

Dear Summer, the usual advise is to sort out venue, then BS, then photographers. E.g. If you want to get a package deal, it's better to source for BS 1st as most of these photograhers tie up with BS & it's cheaper overall.

Hehehe, I'm doing a la carte & reverse - got BS, photographers but no venue yet. But I'm not getting a hotel, so it's not so rushed.

Hey Jacqueline, Impulse41 & Summer, if u gals not settled on fotographers, u may wish to consider Chor Hui fr Ave 8? I've booked her for my AD. She takes pretty good candid fotos so minimize the posing from $1k+. But if u have already shortlisted, then don't bother. I agree, may sometimes be info overload.

Hi Blueemarine, 1st time meeting u here. *wave*

Hey Dorami, missed u too gal!

Cya gals in a couple of hours!!


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hi suishi,
hmm.... Now i am preparing for GDL this fri lor...just went Hock hua to buy those items that my mum wants for the GDL lor yesterday....and bought soemmore xi stickers lor...

Tink i have left :-
- Change $$ for angpows
- modify my AD schedule nad helpers'responsibility
- Confirm timing with my MUA and AD PG + VG
- RSVP this week
- Confirm march-in and 1st dish songs

Have u ordered your catering? Have u selected your march-in songs?Your cards are all out?
GDL things ordered and bought?

I won't be giving any speeches on that day lor, stage fright..hehe....pls giv eme your email address and i can email to you a sample of speech from my hotel =).


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Cindee> may i know how much and where u bought ur shoes?? how high is it?

Gals> can i ask stupid questions? how come u all seemed to be very busy with AD?? me dunno what needs to be done now..
1) do we need to lose weight or turn fats to muscles instead?
2) i did have my facials.. trying to meet time to go down 2 times a month coz really no motivation to put mask or do anything to my face.
3) Shoes.. judt keeping lookout.. coz that time ROM bought earlier than realised doesn't suit, buy another one.. so now dare not buy earlier.. but still can't find nice ones too..
4) PS..i did my outdoor PS in Jun(still haven't see photo though).. indoor next Feb, enough time???
5) hotel wise.. they haven't contact us yet for anything...

so... need advise... i very scared when u all seemed to be so busy and happy when i seemed to be very free...


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Hazel, aiyoh...really must tok tok your colleagues for saying that. Nevermind lah....just ignore them. As long as you're healthy and happy, then they have no business critising you.

Waaaahhhh Jean! Your flat is progressing very well! When will your flat be ready?


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Hey girls,
First the bad news. Cannot go tonight as more work came up today! Blergh. Just found out today when i came in. Nice welcome back present! Hahaha. Hope to catch u girls again soon though... Enjoy urselves!

Ngiap Heng has a website at www.thepond.com.sg
He will be overseas for 1st half of next yr but will be back after tt so we intend to do PS in July. His style is a bit more edgy. Similar to Kuang i would say. Like the fact tt his style is more radical and different cos we intend to do postcard style PS rather than the cheery happy kind. Wanted sth with a little more spunk. FH likes movies so he wants sth different for PS heh

How many BS have u girls visited ah? I feel like visiting more just to try their gowns and check out their designs. Heh. Visited 7 already and have another 14 on my list ;)
Morning gals,

Think tonight may have to give it a miss. Just learned that there is a meethign this evening at 6pm. Will call one of you if can make it later (of coz if you gals are going somewhere after marche). Have fun


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I tot its only 12th storey high...making me think how come still got low flr hse

while I was taking a bus, I saw a guy holding a plastic bag of Rocher...I tot I saw wrongly...
cos it was in those plastic bag for putting chilli when U "ta bao"....
then the bus stopped at the bus stop, I looked fr inside...N its really Rocher...
a long time never eat Rocher...


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morning newbbi79,
i think more or less have settled my things,temporary left doing my own montage,AD schedule, table arrangement & catering. I have selected my songs but still hunting for background music..sign.

i will send out my cards after christmas which will be abt 3wks before my AD.

waiting for all this to end soon....so tired.


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Date: 12th Dec (Mon evening)
Time: Dinner (6.30pm or 7pm)
Venue : Marche Heeren

1) my gal
2) chomecc
3) frais bleu
4) storm8345
5) sweets
6) jacqueline
7) ivy
8) summer
9) vonn

hi gals,
i'll be at marche early to chop the seats. anybody who arrive early can call my hp.


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did I tell U someone took the calendar faster than me?
I left it on the sofa cos my desk very messy...
In the end, my GM took it back..
So, no more calendar for U....
but dun worry, I still ve other suppliers


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<font color="0077aa">hey bride, the ring not depending on your weight lar.. it will largely depend on your knuckles, and since knuckles are bones, they are more or less fixed in size lar.. kekeke

misty, you can check out bra brasah complex..</font>


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Wah.. Proffy... u best ah... Rings also got liao. Where ur rings from?

Sunnie gal: Got pros and cons to visiting BSs alone.. Pros you can say u cannot make a decision now cos u have to consult ur hubby first (some of them keep insisting u make a decision on ur first visit). Cons: if they see u are alone, they (dunno y) may not be too keen to promote their packages..

Apple: congrats! thats where u wanted right! know how u felt, was as estatic as u when we got our flat during walk in selection.. There were so many chinese queuing for walk in, but so little for chinese quota.


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Hi Cindee &amp; phy,

wow! u also going for PS soon! remember to update us some pics leh!

ya, have been looking for shoe these past 2 days.... have shortlisted 2 shoes (not buy yet) which is the Vincci shoe.. then i think think think and feel that someone here also did ever mention that she bought this brand shoe! then quickly login to see and realise PHY*O*! your shoe is one of my shortlist! haha...hope u dun mind leh! as i have searched the whole orchard and only the Vincci brand is the best liao leh!

Cindee ah..., u so "greedy" huh! haha..... aim so many countries *joking*.... my honeymoon not yet confirmed but aim Europe lor... As for Korea hor, any enquiry can look for me and will try to help u as much as I can! :D

Hi nihpcac,

U didnt ask stupid questions lah! we only busy on lose weight (which i failed), discuss on facial, looking for shoe..... we all are excited on our PS which u have did yours liao! so no worry...

as for hotel, i also didnt received any call as think still early....



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Dear Lissa and Huling,
can't PM u ladies.. kindly send me your email at [email protected], and I will forward u my lily bouquet pic.

Hi Lissa, its my sister's friend, she did it as a ROM gift for me... but i gave her a small ang pow. It will coz abt $80-$100 for it if she do for outsiders. She's a freelancer, I can give u her contact if u are keen

HI Huiling, my dinner is at Tung Lok's Noble House, going for foodtasting 07Jan

Hey ladies..
Am working on my AP Box and corsages
Juz did a simple AP Box and wrist corsage for my best friend last tuesday.. kindly last minute n rush. hehe, actually simple wrist corsage very easy to make wor..juz get the stuff from spotlight.. very personal touch too..i bet all your jiemeis will love it..


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hey spring,
welcome back.. so how's HK? Me thinking of going to HK for a short honeymoon n visit Disneyland wor... eheh any good advise for me?

Hey Ladies,
u guys might want to check out www.focal-ad.com. My resturant did my invite printing from there, its inclusive in the dinner package, even the gold/ silver thread.. so i thot its a pretty good bargain
BUt be warned, not too much designs, but price is good..so beggars cannot be choosers.. hahah


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hi ladies,
think my hse warming chg fr 4 Feb to 11 Feb.
cos I saw next yr calendar.
4 Feb is lunar 7th day. So, its everyone's Bday....
dunno if U all got celebrate or not.


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<font color="ff0000">not to worry proffy.. got everything under control. I am sure each MUA is only doing one wedding per day. Of course, i can guess they may be going back to the shop to do makeup for other couples for PS but i dun think they will do more than 1 AD wedding. It will reflect very badly on them. And I trust them!

<font color="ff0000">glad that we got everything without our budget, now i really feel relief n happy. If i would have really chosen a Designer BS, may not be as happy as now, cos some of the wedding stuff will have to forgo.</font>


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<font color="0077aa">apple, you are wrong.. a MUA can take up to 3 brides a day (even so for those top MUA).. this is like an industry std.... just that the first bride will have priority over the 2nd or 3rd.. then for some of the one-stop shops, during peak days, they will hire some freelancers to help out.. so you should confirm with them and in black and white abt who you want.. i did all these research before.. if you read my earlier posts, qly of MUA is my major concern.. </font>


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<font color="aa00aa">apple, glad to hear that everything is within your budget
personally, i know trusting your choice is a real good feeling, but there's definately no harm getting them to list things in black &amp; white. them being in this biz would know what the couples want to hear, they know what to say to make you feel good, it's easy for them to promise verbally.. but dun forget ppl come and go, the person who promise you these stuff might not be the one u meet by that time, wat if the new ger was not told of the agreement? best if u can jus flash the written agreement, no need to miscommunication

like proffy mentioned, lots of MUA told me honestly that they can take up to 3 brides per day. &amp; i dun think the BS will waste their resources by taking 1 bride per day while not earning few more if the timing allows..

unless you're paying for them to travel overseas with you? then i think you'd have to pay more to cover the opportunity cost that they might incurr.

we just hope that things wun turn sour and ruin our mood when nearer to date rite


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Hi ladies,

opps, I have not been here for a long time, so many posts liao! Just realised that there is a gathering tonight, don't think I will be able to make it. Got to work !: (

Oh yes, I finally shortlisted my BS liao...yvonne creative.....any comments, ladies?


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Hey cindee and sinkor,

Me now very nervous. Tomorrow is my PS. Ginger left this morning for her PS trip. Wonder if she's as nervous as me. I feel like everything not prepared. So nervous. Forgot to buy the mini fans over the weekends. Later got to go and buy. Good thing someone mentioned it in the other thread then I remembered. Going for dental and mani- &amp; pedicure later. Then got to go over to BF house to choose the shirts. We forgot to select the shirts yet cos weekend busy EATING! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I'm gonna freak out soon! BREATHE! BREAHE!

Hey sinkor,
Go ahead with your selection!It's comfortable. That's what I like about it! I wore it once for my colleague's wedding. Quite all right. A bit too high .. hehe ... me hardly wear so high la, but it's all right. Quick buy, then take photo and post here. Haha!

Hi nihpac,
It's not that we are busy with AD la. We are all busy with our PS la. At least you had your PS. So that's one load off you. Fats cannot be turned to muscles. You must lose fats then gain muscles. I think Feb for PS is all right. Still enough time la. So no need to worry!


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hi tsukushi!
did you go to changi too? my long grass pics was taken at changi..
once i sat down my skirt was crawling with mini insects..!
where else did you go?

i got my EG heels at WC too..=)
their heels not bad hor? yeah but too bad got nothing to match WG...

if your budget is not so tight..paradox also has MTM shoes..

i just went to choose my PS pics on sunday..bu they won't allow me to take the soft copies back yet..
pictures were not bad..but didn't go ga-ga over them enough to make me buy them all at 2-3K.. but nice enough that i topped up another 9 pcs...
maybe they'll look diffrent after BS comes up with the album layout...so far only got only less than 10 that made me go..'wah....so nice!!!'..more like..'hm..not bad...' also got a handful of 'ee..not nice hor?'...


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I went to yr BS thread...N realized U got alot of postings but after that U disappeared.
I realized that there's one gal quite happy with them.


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Hi phy!

can understand y u so excited! bcos my PS is on Jan and i already abit excited liao lor! haha...
cool..... now i have to wait for u and gingercat back by wednesday then can listen to your experience on PS! :D

ya,,,, its comfortable to wear the shoe...will go buy maybe tml... as for the height, the more higher the more better as i am short! haha......



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how far in advance do you brides color/highlight yr hair before your photo shoot? worry if I color my hair too early, come photo-taking, the dark roots all grow out..


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hi hi uniblue..
ya, the Hello Kitty are our "mei-ren" &amp; that's why for our ring pillow, initially i was thinking of using a red heart-shaped pillow but later change my mind to use Hello Kitty instead..snow city is unique too..esp when it's cooling..haha..coz if u r doing it for lunch then i guess the sun is also one of the factor which u might want to consider..i guess it's gg to be cool..do hope that u get to find ur unique solemnization place soon..cheers~


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<font color="aa00aa">Oct 06
details updated on 12 December 2005</font>

<table border=1><tr><td><font size="-1">Nick</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">ActualDay</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">ROM/Church/
Solemnisation</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">BS</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AD Photo</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AD Video</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Email</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Lovenest</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">wtan</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">30 Sept/
Dinner 2 Oct 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Raffles The Plaza</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">02 Oct 05 @CANNING Ballroom</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yvonne Creative</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Vincent</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Did not engage VG</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]/
[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Tampines w/in law</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Diana</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">The Crown</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">09 May 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">White Link</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]/
[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AMK</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">audreytey</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Carlton</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">01 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Everbliss</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">SengKang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">sky</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Mt Faber @ Safra</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">10 Sept 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Mr &amp; Miss</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Telok Blangah</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">cuddlycute</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Marriot</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Tansan</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bliss Garden</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">01 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Golden Horse Awards @ Tamp</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">SengKang w/in law</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Kastine</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">5th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Grand Hyatt</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">12 Dec 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Julia Wedding News</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Derrrick Ong</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Fabian Lim</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yishun</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Bear</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">M Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">22 Sep 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">BridalZone</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yew Kwang</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bedok South</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">iceglacier</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Grand Copthorne Waterfront</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">6 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Flamingo</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Beetles@work</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">cait</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">RTP</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Pearly</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">16 Feb 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sembawang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">CAT</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Hilton</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7 Oct 06 @
Christ the King</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Flamingo</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yew Tee w/in law</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Yvonne</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Chevron Ballroom</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29 Nov 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Focus Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Desmond Ho</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Jurong West</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">kkwr</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">M Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">23 Sep 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Focus Bridal_IMM</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Pinnacle Duxton</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">esterlla</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bukit Merah</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Kelly</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Grand Hyatt</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">The Wedding Present/
Kevin of ChrisLing</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Ron Lee</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bt Panjang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Ann</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Noble House</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">20 Apr 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Thomson Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Thomson Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">qiuting</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Furama RiverFront</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">18 Jun 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Universal Bridal_PS on 1st Nov 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sam Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">NA</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">maggie</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bliss Garden</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yvonne Creative</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Catherine</TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Tingz</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Rasa Sentosa</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">24 Dec 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Buangkok</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Mars78</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">French Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">xris</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th/
Dinner 9th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Holiday Inn Parkview</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Gemini05_JackRussell</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Peony Jade</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">10 Feb 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Precious Moments</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">James Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Forest Productions</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AMK</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">uniblue</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">08 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yew Kwang</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">YP-Kevin</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">skyblu</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">9th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">12 Mar 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Golden Horse Awards @ Yishun</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Cecilia446</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">13th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15 Feb 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AMK</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Joanne</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Furama Riverfront</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">27 Nov 01</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sophia Wedding Collection</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sophia Wedding Collection</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Agnes</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Plaza Parkroyal</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">06 Apr 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Cam*llia_*e</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Punggol</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">taybth</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Nathaniel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">whiteangelz</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">14th/
Dinner 15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Shangri-la</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">14 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Forest Productions</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Snowangel_ELSIE</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">11 Mar 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Blush Blush</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Desmond Ho</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Mark Yang from Wilde Box</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Queenstown</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Yan06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Pan Pacific</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Golden Horse Awards @ Tamp</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Tucky's Photography</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Mr Low</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Rainette</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15th/
Dinner 16th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Le Meridien</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">04 Mar 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Jennifer</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Peony-Jade</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Julia News Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sam Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Buangkok</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Honey Chia</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">17th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Meritius Mandarin</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">20 Jun 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">WhiteLink</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Pasir Ris</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">starrystarry</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">19th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Meritius Mandarin</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">19 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Sel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">20th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Pan Pacific</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Seletar Broadway Studio</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Motion Image</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Motion Image</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Punggol</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">rickline</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">20th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sengkang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">moninet</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">21st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Conrad</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">21 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Vernon @Vital Image</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Thomson</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Jennie</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">22th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Carlton Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">01 Dec 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Eunos Crescent</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">dwarfs</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">22th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">snnapper</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">28th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Carlton Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">28 Oct 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">JB</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">AhJo77</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">28th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">French Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Karenthk</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">River View Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">14 Mar 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Golden Horse Awards @ Tamp</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">SengKang-Coris</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Ah_girl</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Jacintha</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">yahoo</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29 Oct 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Holland</font></font></td></tr></table>

<font color="119911">**
in the chart: uniblue &amp; dwarfs</font>

<font color="ff6000"><font size="-2">Do check out ChongYee &amp; Wendy’s LOVE story: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/printfriendly/0,4139,90542,00.html</font></font>


New Member
hi nihpcac

got my shoes at xodus. there are 2 outlets, one at hereen...near sakae sushi, one at bugis, one or two shop beside pretty fit at level 1. shoes only 49.40. quite a gd buy

hi sinkor,

hehehe...not not greedy lah hehehe...gd to plan mah so i know how much roughly to save...hehhee

hi phy*o*
manz, mini fan....gd idea lei...but now so last min, where to find??!!! me dun hv enough time to choose shirts and stuff....cos busy with school work...gotta submit doc before i fly off on fri morn. sighz. how i wish i am not travelling...cos the PS alone is already gonna take up alot of my time.


New Member
Hi all...

happen to chance upon this thread...so many of us getting married in Dec06...was actually looking at 09dec but decided against it since there are so many weddings happening...

will be meeting the geomancer tomorrow to confirm the date....very excited...

anyone heard any comments on Copthorne waterfront? am thinking of having my AD banquet there....

have got my BS, J&amp;M Photography....



New Member
<font color="aa00aa">welcome in here Stephanie, wise choice to go for another date
u might wanna go ard the forum, note which are the popular hot dates, try to avoid them if u can

havent really attended weddings at GCW, but i heard the BR looks nice, food also ok.. u might wanna check with others brides here

J&amp;M was one of the BS i visited! think the guy is Adrian? he's nice


New Member
hihi jacq... omg omg.. where will you be staying in hk?? i am leaving on the 15th .. hehe just one dat after you..
kekke..maybe we will meet there

yes yes. i have seen kuang works. very wonderful.. but i never get him in the end coz he only take jounalistic shots and we tot it will still be better to have some pose shots to "answer" to our parents. kekke.. hey but u may want to check him out coz i heard that he might be going overseas for shoots towards the end of next year... so they are not able to guarantee if he will be ard.. so you may have to settle with another pg if he is not ard..

welcome blueemarine to this pretty and kawaii thread

hi summer sweetie... me leaving on the 15th.. yupe yupe.. kekke.. are you intending to wear a kua too?? hey so sorry for the delay in sending in you the details.. was sick over the weekend..
.. will send you tonite.. kakkaka.. employ me as wedding planner can... for you i charge FREE.. but there is one catch.. i am not able to be there on your wedding wor ;(

wahhh gers.. all of you are fast... started drafting le!! kekke.. i only did it this weekend. coz i need to get invites from hk.. so have to get a rough estimate...

hey fatoreo ..gratzzz on settling on one thing le.. thats great.. at least bs is off your mind le

sweeetsss.. sweeetttsss... omg omg.. miss misss you.. muacks muacks.. did you grow any darker?? wahhhh... first time i heard ppl go india gain weight leh... hehhe... no worry lah.. no matter how.. u will still look sexxxxyyy..

thanks sweetie for your concern.... she is better now.. except for her diabetics which is still a bit of hirewire..
dun worry ger... i am sure there are still plenty of venues ard... quick.. move your hubby butt ..

hihi ffbear.. kakkak... hope tat wun happen.. kakka.. crossing our fingers together and pray hard

hihi impulse.. they are giving me 30L.. so i think worth it mah.. coz its like $600+ leh.. so huh.. i cal the cards le.. at the most i will get 70% .. which is like 260.. which amounts to abt $400 bucks.. so save $200 bucks.. kakakka..little money.. but i can buy shoes i tot ,, kaka
hmm.. for me hor.. i will take the $700 wan.. coz hor collages can do yourself lah.. unless the collages is like very super duper nice
but it really depends on which one you like better and which PG you can click better

hey count..
sigh... too bad cannot meet you.. but there sure be another day

u dun work too hard ger

hihih joy.. gratzzz on shortlisting your bs le.. yvonne creative.. not bad leh... coz i saw my fren ps shots just last week.. and its not bad


New Member
again... you gals are so so so so so FAST!!!

dunno where to catch up from. Anyway, wanna ask a cheapo question haha... Any good reccs for a relatively reasonable priced videographer, range between $500 - $750 there about, with express highlights. Do give me a holler if you have any such deals to share. Thanks in advance! =)


New Member
Hi Ladies,
today is a busy day for me, now then got time to read all the posting.

think you better call your BS to ask them about your re-selection loh.

me have finally collected my cards and have managed to distribute to my colleague this morning. as for my friends, i will send out this evening.


New Member
Eh..tomorrow..hooh's going to be early?

anybody interested to makan dinner first or just nimble the food at party world 7pm?


New Member
<font color="0000ff">hi hi!

bsproffy, you got which rings? The roman numerals one? or the classic one?

hi hi purpleblur, I'm here! heh heh! I will be going to see Jean on the 27th of Jan. Bringing my Maid of Honour there to see the type of gowns Ted has to offer. My MOH not from Singapore la, that's why must bring her cos the next time she sees me in Ted's gown will be on my wedding day!
So excited... although I could feel that Jean not too happy leh?</font>


New Member
hi hi purpleblur...

i went to GCW yesterday to look at their ballroom
must agree that its nice...happy with the place...

yeah the guy who served me is adrian...he's nice
and not too pushy, that's why we decided to take up their package...not too expensive and i have an idea of the max cost....good good


New Member
Hi lovebug,
I also cant catch up wif them. I only can read the latest post each time i come in. So i read ur post. Y*ppies production is in ur budget but fully booked in june liao. Another I recommend is injackstudio.com. But personally i feel its PG is better than the VG svc lah ....


New Member
its so quiet....
only me keeps talking &amp; talking...
Holiday mood...
I only work 3 days this wk &amp; next wk.
then 4 days a wk till Hari Raya Haji...
Then work 2 full wks..N its CNY!!!