(2006) Brides of year 2006


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sweets ah..

u mad ah. u where got old.. hiyo.. u look very very pretty too
all mei nus okie..

me headache ah.. got hk.. sure spend a lot de.. hehhee.. wallet going to bleed le. the shop that remision went to was house of etiquette.. i went there le.. the kuas very nice.. very exquisitve.. but i dun like that lady atttitude
.. hehhe was thinking of going before i go to hk so that i can know the pricing here.. wahh if hk sell $300 i sure buy.. can keep leh.. use as family heirdom.. kakak.


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maybe we can go again.. see hows her attitude again.. kekke.. but the kua she let me try is $288 i think.. for the Ad.. if u want to use for PS .. still have to pay duno how much.

ohh.. when is your first appointment? my best fren uses Seletar and hor.. seletar uses her as one of the showcase albums.. hehehe.. i must have left an impression on the sales person coz one of them kinda rem me.. hehehhe


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<font color="ff6000">Halo Wendy; thanks for ur help den~!
AD &amp; Solemn: 1st
BS: Golden Horse Awards @ Tamp
Hotel: Bliss Garden
AD Photo/Video: TBC
Lovenest: Sengkang
Email: [email protected]

Many Thanks!</font>


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Hi Magical,
Ur time is really tight leh! This sat is the start of sch holiday... hopefully no jam at customs. I got my pair for less than $50... so i don't mind get another pair for my EG if it doesn't match.

Hi Limko
How abt having a hi-tea for ur guest? more relax and u can mingle ard with them too.


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<font color="aa00aa">heheh tazy dun b too excited :p long list dun mean everyone will b in here chatting leh hahahaha u can see quite a few in the list not very active in here one

me same as proffy hehe i wanna go thru the traditional stuff..else no chance liao
our parents also ching cai ching cai.. but it's us who wans to keep the lao tu traditional going!! hehehe

but of course doing w/o the banquet also good la..at least no need to worry too much on loses, and spend everything on ourselves
it really depends on individual couple


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hi all,

wow.. there's so many posts already. sorry for being mia so long..

how r u all? Me been busy with my work, and also can only come in to yak when my boss not around..

Shall we organise our 1st Nov BTB outing? heehee..


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hello kelly,

mel did show me some photos who MUA is vicky. but me dun no how to judge how good the skill is . jus see the pic, is very beatiful done.


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My situation is the same as proffy andpurpleblur...
My parent say dun want so complicated just invite relative eat eat can liao... Then i was thinking since still must invite then y not do it but i still hold a small one lor....

But dun hold also good at least no one will comment on your dinner lah...etc


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<font color="ff6000">jojopepper,

u renovating ur hse ah.. who is ur ID?
plan to reno my hse mid nxt yr..
nw c c look look lor.. wanna shortlist a few ID first...</font>


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Hi phy,

From the photos, maybe i look cool &amp; calm but in my heart.....beat like siao esp when saying the vow! i almost wanna cry when i thinking i going to convert from "single" to "married" status during that time! haha.... btw, where u go for your workout?

Hi Ericia,

You have mail!!! Enjoy...

Wow! Gingercat,

Your shoe is very nice.... where u got it from and how much is it? so this is your AD shoe or PS shoe or for both occassion uses?



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hey puppies &amp; purple,
i am using chew interior design (the one with the obiang tv ad
not too bad, they are able to provide some good suggestions to 1st-timers like us.
also, the materials they use are of gd quality, so u dun have to worry abt the house not being done up properly

the location is a bit ulu though. they are at ginza plaza, not very convenient if u dun stay in the west side...


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hi all.. jus a quick check,
1-anyone is done with her gown fitting already (march wedding)?
2-how many fittings did u actually went?
3-how far is/was your trial makeup sesion to the actual foto shooting day?

tks tks


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yeah loh...so i abit kan cheong...dunno if i should just buy in singapore anot..

btw u think black shoes can go with cream suits? then we don't need to go JB to buy...can easily get a black pair here...


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<font color="119911">hi purpleblur,

can't help being excited
i am sure the other dec brides when they do chanced upon this thread will start to post messages again...but in the meantime we shall keep it alive &amp; kicking!!</font>


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Hi Spring,
Have a good shopping trip...

Hi Charsiew,
I have my 1st fitting on 31 Oct, Final fitting before PS is on 12 Dec &amp; PS on 14 dec. All my gowns are from OTR. My pink evening gown is feature in Fall issue (FEMALE mag).


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Hi Sinkor,

I got it from Chinatown point and it is less than S$50. This is my AD shoes... I have another pair for my PS. A bit different in design and colour.


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<font color="aa00aa">thanks jojo haven't seen their ad b4 leh hehehhe ginza ah.. far leh hehehe but will go check them out

tazy yup yup...shall try our best to keep it alive hahahha but really still a long way to go


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hey hey..diana..the brides here majority owned a dog!

I got 2 toy poodles!

Dia ann nah! dun use my words hor..copy right one ok!

I am keen on 18th November is becos iceglacier and snowangel coming as well. (Please confirm let me know cos I need activate them).

If 19th is cancelled than will have to be next round you see my swee swee face leow..

kek kek kek

welcome tansan!

Thanks to wendy for updating our list! *hugs*


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hi magical..
i dont have a multiply account..wld u mind to email me instead? email as given above.

metro was having 20percent storewide last weekend but i didnt get anything. ;p

magical, my gf (u know her) got a pair of paradox wedding heels closed to 300 bucks also..very nice albeit expensive..

i hope to get something which i will wear again instead of dumping in the shoe racks and become another white elephant..;p


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Didn't come in for a day, so many msgs. ^_^ been bz bz and jux got a phone from a nuisance parent. child got quite good marks muz come and complaint. sianz... but another 3 more days before hols.

pet, i got to know this bs from my friend and got good comments. so when i went to rasa for bridal show, they are also there. so my FH said not bad then we sign up. Kim, the person-in-charge noes that i very ks so she arrange to meet me very early. i think in june. so went to try some of the outfit and she has good taste. even my fussy FH said she good.

sweets, i also need a 3 inches shoes too . coz my FH very tall. i'm also tall so on that day all my friends will chop my legs. and i've added you liaoz. ^_^

summer, for now perry is good lor. but since its still far from the wedding date, so i have not bothered him yet. but he is good. go rasa forum and check it out. but of coz as humans there are no such things as perfect. so depends on you. i'm ok with him and he is quite ok with nego. you also amore member. i norm go to simei for KB, new body and bugis village for hip-hop and stretch-fit.

my_gal, that would be fun. shall we have an outing then, can share info. i still have not found a house yet. looking for resale and can't buy now coz my solemnization and banquet same day. ^_^


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hi charsiew,
my is all OTR and 1st 'measurement' was on 12nov (nvr try, they juz take my measurement). then the real fitting witll come on 15dec, and PS on 19dec.

hi spring,
i wanted to take PS in Jan06 but they said its too late for them to get the album ready..so dec lor.. i hope this hot n sunny weather remained thruout dec so all BTB can have a happy PS time!!

Gin... u are really steady..hang in there.. me super impatient one.. i muz do everything fast fast n chope chope.. haha

btw shizuka, can i take a look of ur pink EG? i dun have the fall issue of female mag.. maybe u can PM me [email protected]


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Hello girls. Yesterday was at new place, thus no internet.

EL: Hiiiii!!! How have you been!

Hazel: That ribbon gown is Jean's EG, not WG.

I didn't email you. I sms u the measurement and cost. We took pictures of his toy cabinet last night. If he uploads them tonight, I'll email you the picture tonight.


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Hi augustina,

My WD will be at "Raffles Town Club" same as shelyn. Are you looking for a location for your WD on 11/3/06? If you dont mind you can give them a call to check the availability because i have just gave up the date not long ago.


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purple ah, usually their ad will only come out at those late night hours one. haha..
i think they also have a showrm at changi, but the ginza one shud be the main showrm if i'm not wrong.

u gers may want to shortlist and visit more ID before deciding.. me and HB nvr really look ard cos we felt quite comfy with chew during our 1st visit la. :p


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<font color="ff0000">Oct 06
details updated on 15 November 2005</font>

<table border=1><tr><td><font size="-1">Nick</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">ActualDay</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">ROM/Church/
Solemnisation</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">BS</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AD Photo</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AD Video</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Email</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Lovenest</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">wtan</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">30 Sept/
Dinner 2 Oct 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Raffles The Plaza</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">02 Oct 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yvonne Creative</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Vincent</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Did not engage VG</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Tampines w/in law</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Diana</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">The Crown</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">09 May 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">White Link</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]/
[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AMK</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">audreytey</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Carlton</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">01 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Everbliss</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">SengKang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">sky</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Mt Faber @ Safra</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">10 Sept 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Mr &amp; Miss</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Telok Blangah</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">cuddlycute</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Marriot</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Tansan</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bliss Garden</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Golden Horse Awards @ Tamp</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sengkang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Kastine</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">5th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Grand Hyatt</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">12 Dec 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Julia Wedding News</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Derrrick Ong</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Fabian Lim</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yishun</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Bear</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">M Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">22 Sep 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">BridalZone</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yew Kwang</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bedok South</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">iceglacier</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Grand Copthorne Waterfront</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">6 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Flamingo</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Beetles@work</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">cait</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">RTP</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Pearly</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">16 Feb 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sembawang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">CAT</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Hilton</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7 Oct 06 @
Christ the King</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Flamingo</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yew Tee w/in law</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Yvonne</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Chevron Ballroom</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29 Nov 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Focus Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Desmond Ho</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Jurong West</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">kkwr</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">M Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">23 Sep 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Focus Bridal_IMM</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Pinnacle Duxton</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">esterlla</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bukit Merah</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Kelly</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Grand Hyatt</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">The Wedding Present/
Kevin of ChrisLing</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Ron Lee</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bt Panjang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Ann</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Noble House</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">20 Apr 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Thomson Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Thomson Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">qiuting</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Furama RiverFront</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">18 Jun 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Universal Bridal_PS on 1st Nov 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sam Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">NA</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">maggie</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bliss Garden</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yvonne Creative</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Catherine</TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Tingz</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Rasa Sentosa</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">24 Dec 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Buangkok</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Mars78</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">French Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">xris</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th/
Dinner 9th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Holiday Inn Parkview</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Gemini05_JackRussell</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Peony Jade</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">10 Feb 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Precious Moments</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">James Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Forest Productions</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AMK</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">skyblu</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">9th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">12 Mar 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Golden Horse Awards @ Yishun</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Cecilia446</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">13th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15 Feb 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AMK</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Joanne</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Furama Riverfront</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">27 Nov 01</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sophia Wedding Collection</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sophia Wedding Collection</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Agnes</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Plaza Parkroyal</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">06 Apr 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Punggol</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Snowangel_ELSIE</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">11 Mar 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Blush Blush</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Desmond Ho</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Mark Yang from Wilde Box</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Queenstown</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Yan06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Pan Pacific</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Golden Horse Awards @ Tamp</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Tucky's Photography</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Mr Low</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Rainette</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15th/
Dinner 16th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Le Meridien</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">04 Mar 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Jennifer</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Peony-Jade</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Julia News Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sam Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Buangkok</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Honey Chia</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">17th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Meritius Mandarin</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">20 Jun 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">WhiteLink</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Pasir Ris</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Sel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">20th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Pan Pacific</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Seletar Broadway Studio</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Motion Image</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Motion Image</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Punggol</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">rickline</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">20th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sengkang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">moninet</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">21st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Conrad</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">21 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Vernon @Vital Image</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Thomson</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Jennie</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">22th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Carlton Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">01 Dec 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Eunos Crescent</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">snnapper</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">28th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Carlton Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">28 Oct 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">JB</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">AhJo77</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">28th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">French Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Karenthk</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">River View Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">14 Mar 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Golden Horse Awards @ Tamp</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">SengKang-Coris</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Ah_girl</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Jacintha</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">yahoo</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29 Oct 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Holland</font></font></td></tr></table>

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in the chart: Jennie &amp; Tansan</font>

<font color="ff6000"><font size="-2">My LOVE story: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/printfriendly/0,4139,90542,00.html</font></font>


New Member
hi charsiew,

my 1st fitting is in this sat. my PS will be then in 5-01-06. very tight schedule lor. cos my AD is on 11mar.

hi shizuka, can email me ur pic.

hello angeline ong,
thank, i hv confirm with mariott already.


New Member
<font color="0077aa">hahhaa ladies, i am glad i am not a wierdo here.. coz i think pple think i siao when i told them i wanna a banquet.. hahaha, but i must say, heng i will have more frens than parents' frens.. *kekeke and i can do wat i want for the banquet.. =p

then hor, you all beri onz leh.. talk abt ID now.. sigh.. not my turn yet leh..

purpleblur, you still looking for ID? tot you did up your place liao?</font>


New Member
wow!!! this is a surprise.. haven popped in for like 24hrs. then here just machiam had a party going on..!! ha ha ah ha ha

ok read the above.. mine is a 5rm resale nw living in it..for like 7 mths liao ke ke ke ke.. reno done.. those doing up new flats will have more money to spare for capentry works.. a resale reno must take into consideration hacking costs..so more maybe spent on cement works like retiling etc.. me saved costs by painting the flat ourselves.. ha ha ha ha but it took us a bout a week..


New Member
Oops...tot thats EG...tot its WG...cos got white...
sorry, Jean

my dining light is the most ex...
$360 or $380....
even more ex than the Swaroski Light which cost abt $200


New Member
haha, ya lor. popular name la. all 'Janice's r nice mah. hee hee...

wow. then did u use SB in the end? who's ur best fren? any 1 i know? cos i've been chatting w SB's brides. all v nice n ppl.
$288? rental or buy? 've not made my 1st appt yet le. shld be 1st wk of Dec after my ROM. nd 2 chk w htb cos he's on call for open mobilization le. :p

never say old. juz more "mature".
older women r in nw u noe. ;)

ya lor. no hurry. slowly source ard for ur choice unit. resale transactions v fast 1.

sounds gd. when? dec i've 1 w ppl fr another thread. house warming cum x'mas party. hee hee...


New Member
<font color="0077aa">hey sweetie, hows your prep for tomolo's paper? cant wait to see you online again.. hahaha

went to mikimoto yesterday.. my jaws dropped.. so ex leh.. but the pearls really really nice.. sigh</font>


New Member
<font color="ff0000">you gals so fast talk about ID... make me wanna cry.. cos havent got my own place yet... in a dilemna now.. got notified by HDB for selection on the 8th Dec.. but in the late afternoon... dunno can still get any ideal flat... if get the TPY flat.. must wait very long then can get key.. which means after AD.. have to stay with IL... sob sob... must stay there at least till 2008/9... </font>

<font color="ff0000">but if dun get TPY flat.. then get resale.. then cannot renov until exactly what i want.. cos hacking cost $$$... and have to loan to renov if buy resale.. TYP flat allow us to save up first.. if lucky can pay furnishing n renov by cash... then no need to worry about payment n bills later...</font>

<font color="ff0000">how how how?? I very


New Member
Hey Chomecc, plsss.....intro me the tailor...thanks ah! i need a good one to do my cheongsam for my tea dress....anyway i'll go to divine first n see if they hv nice OTR teadress n their package then decide....hahaha....hey i also pei fu you....still wanna go to the shop when ppl already give u attitude....if it was me...think i'll straight away tell her off man...you want ur tea dress be heirloom?? i think by the time grow a few mushrooms out liao....hahaha....

Aiyo sweets....you where got old...plsss ok....young at heart is the most important!! you also pretty wht where got old....actually all of us pretty lah jus tht we all come in different sizes wht...don't worry...we'll all be the most beautiful BTB...n even after being a Mrs.....hahaha...kick the guys out!!! Oh ya, you know the older the sexier...

Hello....my_gal....ok...we'll soon hv our first Nov BTB gathering and make the whole place like a bridal market!!!....lets see....err....but everybody is like everywhere...actually i thought of meeting somewhere out of town so tht it's not so crowded....HV fine for everyone??? How abt this fri??? Or anybody has any ideas or suggestion?? feel free...


New Member
haha...aloha evryone.....erm...i tink dif ple thinks dif bah...no dinner is a good news for me!!! haha...but whether have dinner or not is not de prob lah...as long as the couple is happy can le.....my MIL and my parents wants me to use de money for honeymoon....i like everything simple...dats y.....


New Member
<font color="0077aa">apple, it really depends on wat is more impt to you.. i raise a few thoughts off hand...

(1) location
(2) cash flow
(3) your relationship with IL

for your selection on 8 dec, how far can you compromise? wat is your idea of "ideal flat"?

then if you go for TPY flat (is it the one at tampines?), you sure you can get wat you like? its BTO right?

can you maintain a cordial relationship with your IL if you stay with them?

for resale flat, hacking costs $$$ but if you can get a well-maintained resale flat, then prob dun need to hack so much? my fren's ID actually took into account the existing layout in his design.. and save them some $$$...

by the way, i think TPY will be premium flats.. so may be done up partially.. then if it is not be to your liking too, then how?

finally, can you tahan your IL or not? you dun want to strain the marriage coz of that.. too much examples liao</font>


New Member
Hi Sinkor,

I usually go Amore for my workout. Go for the aerobics classes there. I just upgraded my package to unlimited. So I try to go every other day. Hopefully will work up a 6 pack haahaa ..

Hey Ginger,

So fast you chose your AD shoes. Can I see your PS shoes too? keke ...


New Member
hello angel,
u r right.. tiling for new flat costs a lot.. i also hacked &amp; rebuilt a wall between the main bedrm &amp; bedrm 1 cos the main bedrm is hopelessly small..lots of wiring to be done also

apple dun cry dun cry...at least u r still in the queue for flat selection!
take one thing at a time, chuan dao qiao tou zi ran zhi.. cheers!


New Member
<font color="ff0000">hi proffy.. TPY is Toa Payoh..i dun think i will take the smaller unit 4rm.. which is 75sq m.. thats very small.. anyway.. 4rm in TPY not big too.. from 75 -90sq m... i am hopin to get at least 14th n above.. if really no choice.. left the lower floors (highest 40th ).. like from 9th onwards.. still okay if it is the bigger 4 rm.. the TPY layout is a bit strange so not all units are really "okay".. </font>

<font color="ff0000">location is impt to us.. if we dun get TPY.. will find bishan resale.. we wan to stay in the central... IL generally okay with me.. just that he has a younger sis .. this sis.. always wear a black face... like the whole world owe her $$$.. during the whole 5 yrs we together.. she never greet me.. always hide in her room when i come over... else.. just walk pass me without any eye contact.. i find it very hard to live in this environment.. the day we ROM.. she din even walk up to me n say anything.</font>


New Member
<font color="ff0000">aiyah.. the more i think about his attitude sis.. the more i buay tahan...</font>

<font color="ff0000">but if really can get my ideal flat in TPY.. then i just put up for another 2-3yrs.. as long as she doesnt get on my nerve.. anyway.. i work late often.. plus.. if really going for further studies.. wont be very "free" at home too</font>