(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Hi all,

are all of u giving a thank you speech on ur wedding dinner? i thought of doin it but i have really bad stage fright... n also i m at a loss of wat i shd write... i can emotional too n might cry leh... how how...


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U win lor...
Went off so early...

Thanks marnie but I had bought my AB box...
must keep up my pace with Jean...then I would be very on time...
If Parkers Wine opened on Sat & I had signed it...then think I almost same pace as her...

I had bought my Ang Bao box at Orchard Cineleisure.. its not really an Ang Bao Box...its jux a box...its ok lah
Better than asking me to do all the work..although marnie offer to help...I still LAZY.

As today I supposed to meet Lipstar,...but thinking she would take a SUPER long time to choose her gowns..
I went Cineleisure to buy AB box, then went Taka, supposed to meet my mum there as there's this sales..every $200 spent, get $20 voucher..So, wanted to combine receipt with my mum...who knows she was still shopping at Popular..By the time, she came, So, I waited for her to slowly walk to Taka.....there's no pkg on her pdts..N we went to Tangs...also no promo...
Therefore I went to buy my facial pdts...
After payment, then I realized fr 27 Nov onwards, for $300 or 250 spent, can get $30 voucher//...N I had spent over that amt...So heartpain...
Neverthless, my mum still wants us to accompany her to drink coffee...
So, ok lor...drink lor even though I know time is running out..
I practically gulp my drink into the throat...
N I rushed to take the bus..
When I was half way, I received my dear Lipstar SMS saying she's done with her fitting...
I was so disappointed...
I had missed her so many times...
esp today & yesterday..
I was at Big shop for abt 5hrs+ since noon...went there for lunch..then to shop..somehow I got feeling that I would bump into somewhere there..therefore I keep looking around..but never know its her..
Then today, I purposely SMS her to meet her..yet still cant meet her..

Anyway, I went NYDC for a meal in the end..
Then went to Harvey in Millenium again..hoping the sales lady, Jasmine Lee is not around..but again..its the same lady..with a bigger chatting grp.they rather sit at the counter chatting or go to the Sharp microwave there to eat the stuffs & chat..
As usual nobody bother to entertain me
I dun want them to earn my commission.
So, I went to Suntec Harvey..
I went there yesterday but didnt find the model that I want..But I tot maybe ask them to chk..
Who knows...there got this model...N I dun ve to pay for the delivery charge & I got the freebies...
That JAsmine at Harvey said I couldnt get the freebies & no free delivery....No further discount for HN card. Delivery charge is $30. If U want FOC, need to spend $1500 & above.
Today, I went there again...there;s a note there saying no disc for HN card.
Therefore, I went Suntec branch, the sales person is much more friendly..the delivery is $20...but as my microwave exceed $200..therefore its free delivery...N I can get the freebies..nothing fantastic..its jux 2 shaw movie tkt & 200gm cookies for spendings over $399
Even both r Harvey, at least I get something & save the hassle of delivering the microwave..
N how can the delivery charges vary? 1 charge $20, the othe charge $30...I rather take a cab home...
Oh yes, my microwave is $499...I went to alot of pl..mostly sold at $899 or $799...Therefore I die die also want this microwave...
It can steam,bake & grill...
If my baking skill still passable, I baked brownie for U all when U come to my hse next time...
Lipstar, how much U bought yr lights..
Oh yes, can U send me yr FH's display cabinet to me...& how much U paid for it...
think we may want to make one...my FH wants to display his transformers & toys..even though quite a few is being "couped" by his cousin.


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Wei...gals....so nice...you guys will soon be goin to ur first fitting...and i still haven't gotten my date yet *sob**sob*.....

Dorami, better rest well and take care of urself from now to prepare urself for ur AD ahead...good looks don't come by in jus a wink....eat well n take care of ur well-being.....you'll look great on ur big day....err....tht applies to all the BTB....hey i'm good at giving health advice (me health freak)...any BTB need advice on looking good can ask me.....we can share ideas!!

Hey chomecc....thought you're goin to email me n summer last nite?? *sob**sob* you forgot abt us??

Hey gals....i also hv friendster....i also wanna be added....mine is [email protected] hv fun together lei.....share share some bridal design ideas...hey chomecc can add you in friendster too??

Summer...where are you??? missing you already ;)


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hello everyone!
just went for my trial MU today...saw my WG for the first time n i love it! =D
*happy happy*

hm...how must is a french mani + normal pedt at PINC? dbs has a promotion ..express mani + pedi at only 25! but its for weekdays 11am to 5pm..sigh..but i can't go for that coz i have school meeting 4 the 3 days before my PS! m if i do it 4 ays b4, my mani sure chip off 1...but they got this package at 30 for after 5pm n saturdays..so not so bad la..
but its just express, no spa 1...=(

i just went to a friend's church wedding..the bridegroom was all red eyed n red nosed when he finished his speech..but my friend (the bride) v cool...only a bit teary eyes, but they din turn red..
sure will tear 1 la...i know i will, but i suppose that's the only time when we get to express our thanks...asians are too easily tongue tied when expressing such feelings..


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This is the Ang Bao Box that I bought

Actually wanted to buy the Ang Bao box fr Bliss Collection...but really dun want to spend that amt of money..think its $38 or $68....


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hey,anybody watching "The Apprentice" now?
I was bz typing then I realized I missed half of it.

Is yr office near Tanjong Pagar? or Raffles Pl?


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Hi cecilia,

wow.. u r reali taking ur time...

We signed for AD venue & BS last mth.. I think AD venue is the priority cos there r many BS in S'pore unless u have any particular in mind. But AD venue is going off very fast. Oct 06 is very popular! Think u must step up speed on AD first.. Any in mind at least?


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Hi Jen T, i will work late sometimes lah. i'm in teaching line so quite ok. jux like it at nite.

i have already discuss my gowns with my bs liaoz. i will use chiffon and satin for my wedding gown. it will b off shoulder type but like having beads and so on will be later. my evening gown will be blue and will show off my back. a bit like cheongsam style.

dorami, take care ok. drink lots and lots of water. that's wat i always advice my pupils. and skin will be mei mei one. ^_^


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hee ... guess most of us will be having our appointment at around the same time since my PS will be in Jun, too.

I guess it's true that one tends to lose weight when stressed especially nearer to the date. My bustier dress which was tight in the first place suddenly became so loose on the day of my ROM! :p


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Wa storm...you're in teaching leh....sure got alot of patience....pei fu pei fu...

Anyway, can i ask if i've got a tea dress i found from the web can i get someone to tailor make for me as my teadress??


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Hi proffy, cos im low on budget…actually I was thinking of nutink at nite one…dat means after my customery and buffet and both my in law and my mum’s place den me and hubby can rest…den at nite fly off for honeymoon…but was just thinking if we can invite frens and have a hangout…how abt chalet…anyone done that b4?

and hoh...how u all change de colour of de text? keke


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frais bleu, no lah. keep on shouting at my pupils. got lots of white hair liaoz. today hubby pull out lots of it man... but i squeeze his pimples... haahaa... quite gross rite. ^_^ i think can leh... if you are willing to pay, the person surely will do it for you.

elcy, i think we will surely lose lots since we are doing so many things... physically and brain juices draining out... i really hope my busts will not go smaller or else cannot hold my wedding gown. heehee...


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Wahhh.....so many posts....

Lipstar & Hazel, you two like star crossed lovers. Like can never meet one...

Your Ang Pow Box very cute leh, Hazel....Me probably going with the boxes with lids or make one with fabric. Let me panic about that like in February or something...

Before I forget, my office is very near to Tanjong Pagar. Lipstar is between Raffles and Tanjong Pagar though I think nearer to RAffles.

Lipstar, ok. I will sms you then on 21st to reconfirm our lunch date. I hope the place is not crowded.

Jean, what have you been up to girl? I hardly "see" you here anymore....


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hi storm & frais
both of u online at the moment? hehehe ... yeah lor, lose weight bust also becomes smaller :p agrees that stress no good for beauty ... but how not to stress? :p


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Hazel: Our office is near Raffles Place. Marnie's is also near Tanjong Pagar, but mine is nearer to R. Place.

Hb displayed a lot of toys oredi. Tomorrow we're going down again to meet Jason. Supposed to meet him yesterday but he said the blind is still not yet ready. So postponed to tmr evening. Tmr I take pictures of the kitchen lights and the toy cabinet. I will email you the price of the toy cabinet now.

Kitchen light $160.

Nope, I didn't watch the Apprentice.

Cute ang bao box!


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alamak....my long msg lost again...
I hate it...

ok marnie,
U r rt, I always missed Lipstar even though we are at the same pl..even I purposely go N meet her also cant meet.

Oh yes, is yr work pl near Stand Chart or UOB building...I would be going there if I submit doc...if its like near 5:30pm...then I SMS U all ,see if U all want to meet for dinner or coffee...Saw Spinelle & Starbucks there..

I also want to look for a lid or make an AB box with fabric...but really lazy..N no pt doing something that I wont "admire" as my art & craft fail one...


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U mean 1 light cost $160?
I heart pain liao...
my Kitchen light cost ard $70/light...I already start thinking how come I spent so much on a Kitchen light..somemore r 2 kitchen lights.

my most expensive light cost ard $360 or $380..that's my dining light.


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hehe..I am still here everyday reading all the posts u gals posted.

Been trying to improve on the wrist corsages I made and will be calling my BS tomorrow to check whether my wedding gown is ready.

Everything else is pending, so there's really nothing much left to do till Dec comes.


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hi frais,
I am back

hi storm,
Thanks. So Perry is good ? Maybe i can look for him too. I joined amore as well. but stopped going for a while already ... very lazy. where do u normally go? Parkmall one is good.

hi chomecc,
as for the bs search, we can arrange to go prob end of nov ? is tat fine with u ? have u decided if u want to rent a kua ? i can go wif u to chinatown. wah, u know ur bf for so many years liao. sure got alot of love stories to share on ur wedding day.

tell ur hb, marie france comes wif the wedding package, and get him to foot the bill..

my last resort if cant slim down, got to go marie france liao ...


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Hazel, my office is near Tanjong Pagar lah....It's at Capital Tower. Lipstar's near Lau Pa Sat. What day you coming over to where we are? Monday's a no go for me...think I OT till midnight tomorrow..*sigh*

Jean, oh yeah...your PS is in Dec, right? Soo exciting.....already middle november...so fast....I'm making my online application for ROMM this 17th. We can register between 7 to 150 days of our intended AD. So, this Thursday is the first day of within the 150 days of my marriage. Soo exciting!


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Hi Gintonic,
Only thinking of going there for PS and AD..hehe. For other occasions, DIY would suffice for me.

Amy, I had a bad experience with tour guides in China too. All of them brought us to medical halls at every city we visited. Once, all of us refused to get down the bus when it stopped AGAIN at a medical hall. So the guide told the driver to PARK the bus there until we went in for 'tea'. No choice, but to go in loh...


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aiyo Marnie,
if its a hot date, U better login immediately at 00:01

Ade taken PS
Jean- 1st fitting- Waiting for PS
Lipstar- Jux been to 1st fitting- Waiting for PS
HAzel- Nxt wk 1st fitting


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Dunno how many other agnes there are but yes i just introduced myself there on the thread for 2006 BTB over there.

u from there too?


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hihi sweets n frais.. added both of u in friendster.. realised tis thread many of us has names startin with J.. keke

me lookin at bustier gowns .. i wan a long train hehe

thks gals.. me wil take care of my health hehe..


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Hi Dorami, better rest well gal...don't stay up so late.

Hehe, i don't mind going to look at Kua together too.

BTW, I got a pair of new 1.5inch open toe shoes size 36 not worn at all to let go at $100. I need 3inch, so don't want this already. Anyone interested?

Finally started on Friendster, since so many of you are on it. I've also added some of you as friends. Hehe, now u all know my secrets...hahaha

Better go sleep now. Got morning meetings some more.


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Wow more and more ppl liao..

Cecelia, u haven't found ur AD venue??? heard that Oct is almost fully booked liao.. so u better be quick! heehee.. Those in Nov and Dec even worse, cos a lot of companies hold their yr end parties in that 2 mths, so a lot of slots are taken. Anyway happy searching!!

Hrmm i also dunno how much to give during gate crashing. I have received $70+ before though... its a lot of $$$!!! haizzzz...


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Hey ladies,

Me going for my outdoor shoot tml. But I feel so tired leh. And hope that it will not rain tml mann! Else got to postpone again.


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Hello Cecelia,
Agree with Bear that it is good if you can quickly get ur banquet venue settled asap!! While I was looking ard for my venue in Aug..many places are already quite booked! Especially those ballrooms that can accommodate 25-30 tables..these are the most popular!! Think it is better for those ballrooms that are much bigger (30 & above)..
A suggustion..If you have no time yet to go down to the hotel..you can actually call them to ask if they have available ballrooms on ur AD..and the hotel can then make a tentative booking for you immediately!! That was what I did then..


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hi hi ladies..
sorry, i was kinda busy lately..was at a conference last week for 3 days..very busy..today got a lot of work to clear..as for the gathering..

18th (8pax)
1. wendy
2. Diana
3. Cecilia
4. yahoo
5. iceglacier
6. CAT
7. Snowangel aka danlian
8. Jennifer Ng


25th (7 pax)
1. wendy
2. Diana
3. Cecilia
4. yahoo
5. iceglacier (only after 8)
6. gemini05
7. Snowangel aka danlian

seems like we really need to make a decision..18th or 25th? hmm...also for the venues..haha..u all didnt indicate ur interest leh..let's vote again..cheers~

suggested venues (pls feel free to add in if there's any other places):
1. cafe cartel - city hall
2. fish & co - bugis
3. ajisen - bugis
4. pabulum - plaza singapura


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Hi Hi Bear, Cecelia!
I also very headache over how much to give during the gate crashing.. me want to have more pple during the gate crashing..so more fun but..when think of costs.. shudder..heeheee!

How many Jie Meis and Xiong Dis are you all thinking of having??


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Hi magical,
have u prepared ur script or not? cos my FH wud be takin the eng version as his chinese is bad. so i hv to take the chinese one... boh pian. now i m not sure how to phrase the chinese properly. jus went to his fren weddin on sat, she was really good...


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<font color="0077aa">hi juan

hee, your wedding looks chop chop but may not be that chop leh.. it will depend on what time your customary ends.. i know some ppl's customary end ard lunch, but i heard cases that some dragged on to 2-3pm..

but assuming your customary ends after 1-2pm, you can try to do a hi tea party for your frens ard 3-5pm?

as for using chalet, i not sure if you can get a unit for that period and also you need min 3 days rental isnt it? then also, if you are dressed and made up, you may prefer to be having the party indoor.. in case of rain or weather too hot in the noon..

eh, my fren had a thank-you party for us after her wedding in a condo's function room.. maybe you can try that? rental cost is also lower than chalet..

you can check out "help" for the formatting of fonts.. </font>


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<font color="0077aa">hi purpleblur

everything's ok for you? long time no see..

hi angeldust

you still on leave? so lonely without you leh.. </font>


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<font color="aa00aa">hey tweety,</font>
<font color="aa00aa">gd luck for ur PS tomolo.

sleep early tonite n dun drink too much water b4 sleep.</font>


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hi all

gd mrg!!!
purple, proffy - me on leave till wed. just finished the oral exam yesterday.. think i blabbered rubbish ok.. ha ha ha..

whitepearl - i also like merchant court.. ke ke ke but the decor not very nice..i always go to ellenborough cafe for high tea.. ke ke ke ke..

juan juan - u can also check out the newly revamped Changi Village Hotel. Its kind of out of the way but nice and quiet. Another hotel that I can think of is Century Roxy Park Hotel Opp Parkway. They serve Thai Fusion I think.


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<font color="aa00aa">proffy, me busy looking for job lobang hahahaha

wah angie shiok man! on leave till wed... how i wish.. need really good rest now.. so sick of work and life

eh, anyone got yahoo messanger? i can only access that in the office now


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<font color="0077aa">angeldust, good for you.. hope all goes well.. ãŒã‚“ã°ã‚Šã¾ã—ょ.. so your written paper is on wed? my bf exam on wed too..

purpleblur, just to make you envy.. i also on leave on wed.. hahahah..

yahoo messenger? too chim for me liao lar.. so many chatroom.. will die one leh.. we can talk here lar.. else via email?</font>


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Hi Phy!

Thanks for your compliment! but hor, i really dun think is beautiful leh... overall, i think i only like my Hanbok best as special! haha... as for complexion, is the makeup bluff u one lah! btw, i went for facial 1 week before ROM so complexion will be better on that day...

no wonder didnt see u online, so u are busy on your ID thingy! So envy u all leh.... i cant buy any house yet as i want my FH to get a PR first so buy house more worth it lor as have those first time grant....

Hi GingerCat,

FYI, today going to YC to pass something to Fengjie and go see see look look any nice gowns or not! haha......

Hi Chijmes &amp; Chobits,

You have mail! Enjoy!



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Hi Sinkor,
Thanks for sharing with me your pics. you look nice in the Hanbok. your makeup looks natural, the makeup is provided by YC??? I like your ring pillow, its very cute.