(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Hi Summer, email is [email protected] you'll be very busy with ur house reno....

Hey Pet, here's mine

Nick: frais_bleu
AD: Nov 06 (if we still can find our venue)
Venue: (if there's still a place for us)
Email: [email protected]
Love Nest: Serangoon Terrace

Any gals out there do feel free to share your tips... ;)


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<font color="aa00aa">hmmm agree with tazy tat planners might have better contacts.. but dun think that'll mean more perks or cheaper leh.. cause they'll charge you for every little thing... scary... sakali bu zhi bu jue spend a bomb hahahaha

if we start early, then have to b more hardworking, read more forums, sure can find good lobang one... like me also ma, came in with 0 info... but now can name quite a few contacts liao hahaha my hubby complain i zou huo ru mo liao kakakaka</font>


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hello shizuka,
it okie. has try their service in tuas branch. food not too bad.will u be taking the ballroom too. the stage at the glass area is very beautiful.


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<font color="ff0000">thanks all for the advice on the BS shopping... hmm.. never thought about shopping BS alone or with fren... hmm.. quite a gd suggestion... keke... then i can action action liao...</font>

<font color="ff0000">i have a fren's fren who's a wedding planner... i only showed his name card to 2 frens.. after that i dun dare to recommend him.. cos the first fren said he kept postponing the dinner start time... ended up she got lotsa scolding for starting dinner so late</font>

<font color="ff0000">the second fren was HB's fren... she din mentioned much.. so i guess not gd review.. if good.. ppl will surely rave about his service...so now i am very skeptical about wedding planner</font>


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<font color="aa00aa">hmm not sure if i should say...but hor, i ever chat with a JP.. and he mentioned tat some wedding planners yue bang yue mang.. cause some might b young and dun even have wedding experiences... not sure how true it is la..

should have some good ones ard, but better check out their services b4 engaging


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hi girls!
if looking for shoes try tangs, they've got good choices and not too expensive either.. my BS said to look out for nice evening shoes round this time of the year cuz now is when the bling suff is out!
just met up with my BS ppl to design my EG, they'll show me design and fabrics in dec...is that too late? i'm not taking my EG for March photoshoot so is that ok? whadya'll think?

thanks for all the ROM congrats! ;)


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Thanks for all the advices

The reason why i wanted to engage a planner is because I 'kan chiong' veri easily...
The more impt part is I needed someone for my actual day.
Didnt wanted to 'man fan' our friends to be coordinater as me and HB wanted them to enjoy on that day....hehehe

Got any planner who only plan for the actual day??


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<font color="0077aa">wow, so colorful..

eh, whitepearl, most planner do AD coordination.. for their prices and scope of work, you can check out their websites.. the SBO has a few of them listed.. http://www.singaporebrides.com/wedding_consultants.htm
or you can check the other wedding sites for wedding planners

apple, not all BS can bargain for perks.. so make sure you go on case-by-case basis.. then for BS, i recommend you to go to designer shops first where they will guide you thro the different fabrics, materials and cut for WG and allow you to try the gowns.. get yourself familarised with those first before you go to the one-stop shop.. my 2cents worth.. </font>


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Hi Augustina,
I am taking their restaurant,diamond ballrm &amp; VIP rm cos i have about 40-50 tables. :)

Just bought my heels at heat wave.


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Okok, maybe I should do all the planning myself and anything unsure, I can post here to seek advices....heehehe

Btw, any good hotels with reasonable pricing between $750-$850 to recommend? Mi now sourcing for hotels and currently only interested in hotels with no pillers and food must okok. Ambience hopefully more romantic


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<font color="0077aa">whitepearl

eh, i think you need to estimate your min no. of tables first.. then you can shortlist the hotels.. how many tables you looking at? i think i still have some hotel package details in my email account.. but must check..</font>


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helloe all BTBs,

below are my details:
AD: 8th Oct 06
Restaurant: Peony Jade
Solemnisation: 10th Feb 06
BS: Precious Moments
Ad photos: James Wong
AD Video: Forest Productions
Email: [email protected]
Lovenest: A.M.K. St 31


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newbbi, my GDL never ask for date cos my mum say choose good date from calendar can already.
me going for food tasting end of this month on my FH's birthday! haha....


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<font color="aa00aa">whitepearl, you can have quite alot of places to choose liao loh
but most impt is to have a confirmed date

then can pop in to see some ballrooms

so far hor, the most romantic one i feel is Marriot leh hehehe simply love it.. think Conrad also not bad


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Hi Sinkor!!

Welcome back... we do miss you very much... My god, how did you put on some much? Anyway, must jia you okay???


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<font color="0077aa">eh, i presume your budget of S$850 is after the +++.. you can check out panpac, meritius mandarin and hilton.. these are the hotels which i checked out previously and are within your budget

ladies, help to give your input for whitepearl leh</font>


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think u want gd deals must wait for bridal shows lo..
some i can think off hand are Meritus Mandarin, Orchard Hotel,Amara, Hyatt, Pan pac. but note tt some reco are small ballrooms..

purple - i go marriot so many times.. i dun feel lomantic leh.. ha ha ha ha ha.. cos maybe i am bothered by the low ceiling high ceiling part.


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<font color="ff0000">thanks bsproffy... will note ur suggestion</font>

<font color="ff0000">whitepear... if get a gd planner, then everything will be nice nice n smooth smooth.. otherwise.. no harm trying to handle wedding preparation with ur hb.. if u start early.. everything should be settled by then</font>

<font color="ff0000">actually i noticed that close frens are usually very willing to help out in the wedding.. they see it as a honour.. like someone special n close to u...</font>

<font color="ff0000">but i think PG n VG n MUA better get someone professional... to avoid conflicts..</font>


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<font color="0077aa">agree with angeldust, really good deals come when hotel got bridal show.. but if you can only take certain dates, then you will need to confirm asap liao..

purpleblur, marriott food not bad.. but i dun think its lomantic.. *kekeke.. oh, their suite not nice</font>


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<font color="aa00aa">kaoz angie shot my venue again hahahahha but the low/high ceiling for marriot not very obvious la.. at least to me i feel LLLllomantic loh hahahahha

Hyatt abit cosy and classic loh... but ceiling quite low...

PanPac, unless you take the Pacific BR loh, dun like the 2nd floor, Ocean BR.. paiseh paiseh

apple u might wanna check with your VG or PG if they have worked together b4... some will take each other's butts if they dun have mo qi hehehhe then you'll have some butts in your pic hehehe</font>


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<font color="0077aa">purpleblur, angeldust and i trying to imply that sheraton is better lar.. hahahhaha.. forget abt marriott.. really..

see huh, sheraton food better, suite better, ballroom nicer and classier, location easier to find parking, better coordinator.. prob only flaw is the shape of ballroom lar.. but in my opinion, better than marriott leh..</font>


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thanks ladies

Actually, I have booked some appt with the hotels to arrange to see the ballroom. eg. panpac, hilton, hyatt, merchant court,HIPV.

any bridal shows coming up? heard there is 1 for Grand Plaza Park Royal on 18 dec... i will be going there to take a look kekeke

anybody else going?


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<font color="0077aa">eh, whitepearl

i din recommend sheraton to you lar.. the message was for purpleblur.. think you misread.. *kekek

have you gotten a date yet? else the hotel wun go into serious negotiation with you leh.. </font>


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thanks gals...will check out leaping lizards, Tangs..i have checked out OG already but din see anything i like..good thing it's going to be Christmas, more shimmery stuff should be coming up..

lyn, i just decided the design and fabrics for my EG 2 weeks ago and doing PS in feb..so i think ur timing is pretty fine..


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Hi Spring,
Thanks in advance! Will be waiting for your good news

Hi Jocester,
Ok, will show you the pic once reaady.
Btw, my satin also $8/m leh... Ya, I am actually thinking of making another sheet to cover over pillow... maybe this weekend.. hee...

Oh, me never did the french mani and pedi. Was thinking of doing that for AD. Cos my photographer says that for outdoor shots, it is the scenaries that are impt. So for my studio, I will be doing those wedding mani and pedi... gona cost more money again!!!
But it is once in a life time thing..


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Hi Ericia,

ya loh I like the nice tail but too but the exclusive range that I like dun have tail. Those have I dun look nice in it. Bte, you choose your gown liao ?

Hi Phy,

Ya I think the same as you. They show me exclusive cos mine is MTM. When IU went there, my coordinator also bo hieo and I waited for an hour to try the gown. Then my friend dare dare ask her can we flip the cupboards for OTR gowns haha..
For EG, I din really seen one yet. They only give me one exclusive to try on. I want to see their OTR ones leh..


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ya lor, sometimes just need a good date can liao lor...hehe

wow, so nice lor, celebrate birthday as well =)..hehe

Ask u hor,how do u intend to ask the wine supplier to send your wine to huh? send to hotel direct?or send to your hse a wk before?Will u be getting anyone to look after the wine during the dinner?


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Hazel: This Saturday I'm working til 1. Then meet curtain guy Jason at my place at 2. He is installing the blind. Last Sat, the blinds were out of stock. Also, he will show me sample of a cheaper sheer curtain.
After that, haven't decided yet.


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Hi hi Cecilia446…
Hope u get a gd offer..better start now coz it might be quite packed for 2nd 1/2 of the yr for some gd &amp; affordable VG to be booked..cheers~

Hi hi Diana..
I do agree that cost is very impt..it depends if u r looking at digital or conventional AD PG…based on what I understand, usually digital is unlimited shots &amp; some PG charge for the printing &amp; some in a package of qty (means u select the shots then they print out), the range is ard $700 onwards...

as for conventional, it’s kinda more affordable nowadays as many prefer digital shots, seems to me that the quality is surely better as compared to the digital as need to depend on the camera &amp; lens used by the digital PG, the prices I got for my AD PG is $500 for 8 rolls &amp; additional $35/rolls (this is including the printing &amp; slotting into the photo albums)..

as for the digital shots, u dun hv to worry abt the photos being developed &amp; u will hv to pay for the wastage..also easier to manage &amp; send out to friends..also for the storage..however, some conventional PG also provide the services of converting the shots into CD format..so it’s really up to individuals..i suggest that u take a look at a few AD PG’s works &amp; discuss it out w/ ur hubby to see what will be the best package for u..as for AD VG, I think the lowest I got to know is ard $650 onwards…but I didn’t engage one for my own wedding, just got friends to video-tape it down for us using my co’s video-recorder…cheers~

Hi hi Marilyn..
Welcome to the thread..will u want to provide me ur details so tat I can add u in the chart?cheers~

Hi hi qiuting…
Okok..will update the chart for u..cheers~

Hi hi JackRussell..
Welcome to the thread..will update ur details in the chart later.. hope to hear from u often..cheers~


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<font color="aa00aa">Oct 06
details updated on 9 November 2005</font>

<table border=1><tr><td><font size="-1">Nick</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">ActualDay</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">ROM/Church/
Solemnisation</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">BS</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AD Photo</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AD Video</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Email</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Lovenest</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">wtan</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">30 Sept/
Dinner 2 Oct 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Raffles The Plaza</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">02 Oct 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yvonne Creative</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Vincent</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Did not engage VG</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Tampines w/in law</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Diana</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">The Crown</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">09 May 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">White Link</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]/
[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AMK</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">audreytey</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Carlton</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">01 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Everbliss</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">SengKang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">sky</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Mt Faber @ Safra</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">10 Sept 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Mr &amp; Miss</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Telok Blangah</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">cuddlycute</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">1st</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Marriot</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Kastine</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">5th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Grand Hyatt</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">12 Dec 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Julia Wedding News</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Derrrick Ong</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Fabian Lim</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yishun</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Bear</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">M Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">22 Sep 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">BridalZone</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yew Kwang</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bedok South</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">iceglacier</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Grand Copthorne Waterfront</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">6 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Flamingo</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Beetles@work</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">cait</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">6th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">RTP</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Pearly</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">16 Feb 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sembawang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">CAT</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Hilton</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7 Oct 06 @
Christ the King</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Flamingo</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yew Tee w/in law</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Yvonne</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">29 Nov 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Focus Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Jurong West</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">kkwr</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">M Hotel</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">23 Sep 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Focus Bridal_IMM</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Pinnacle Duxton</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">esterlla</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bukit Merah</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Kelly</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Grand Hyatt</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">The Wedding Present/
Kevin of ChrisLing</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Ron Lee</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bt Panjang</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Ann</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Noble House</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">20 Apr 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Thomson Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Thomson Wedding</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">qiuting</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Furama RiverFront</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">18 Jun 04</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Universal Bridal_PS on 1st Nov 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sam Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">NA</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">maggie</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Bliss Garden</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Yvonne Creative</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Catherine</TD><TD><font size="-1">7th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Tingz</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Rasa Sentosa</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">24 Dec 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Buangkok</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Mars78</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">French Bridal</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">xris</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th/
Dinner 9th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Holiday Inn Parkview</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">JackRussell</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">8th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Peony Jade</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">10 Feb 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Precious Moments</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">James Wong</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Forest Productions</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AMK</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">skyblu</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">9th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">12 Mar 05</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Golden Horse Awards @ Yishun</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Cecilia446</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">13th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15 Feb 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">AMK</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Joanne</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">14th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Furama Riverfront</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">27 Nov 01</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sophia Wedding Collection</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Sophia Wedding Collection</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Snowangel_ELSIE</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Marriott</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">11 Mar 03</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Blush Blush</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Desmond Ho</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Mark Yang from Wilde Box</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Queenstown</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Yan06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15th</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Pan Pacific</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15 Oct 06</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Golden Horse Awards @ Tamp</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Tucky's Photography</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">Mr Low</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">[email protected]</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">TBC</font> </TD></TR><TR><TD><font size="-1">Rainette</font></TD><TD><font size="-1">15th/
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in the chart: JackRussell</font>

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New Member
hi hi ladies..
i was thinking maybe we can organise a gathering for all of us to meet up &amp; discuss abt the wedding preparations..it will be quite fun i believe..wonder if anyone is keen on this..maybe a Fri evening will be nice? we can have dinner &amp; chit-chat..hee...

any suggestion for the date/venue?


Active Member
hi tsukushi!
oh leaping lizards is cheaper ah? but my friend says the quality of their shoes not as good as paradox..
anyway, don't think'll be getting la..will most prob be lookin out for EG shoes..

hi lyn!
think they don't need too long a time to come up with your EG..i went to another BS with my friend n they said possible to make it in 3-4 weeks..

hm..will go tangs to look for my shoes then! =)
yeah christmas is def a great time to shop for glittery stuff!


New Member
Hi Wendy.

Please update my details:
AD Photographer : Desmond Ho
Banquet Venue: Chevron Ballroom

Yvonne (AD 07 Oct 2006)


New Member
wow.. a lot of posts to read

was working from home today and it was such an hectic day ..
been staring at my laptop since 8am till now...minue the toilet break and meal break...and now finally can come into the forum to take a break

gers..i think i m in a mess now as i have not really start taking care of my face.. outbreak now due to work stress.. and my PS is end Dec..opps.
Now we are also busy over the house reno ..and i just change my job role and is now wearing double hats
as no one is taking over from my previous job yet...

heehee that's why my friends all scolding me that why i pack all my activities so close together

Lipstar..i like your curtains.. me and FH thinking of something similar for our MBR too..
heehee,,i will try to upload my floor plan and share with all of you

Jean..if i have seen the punggol flat earlier i will convince my FH to get there :p


New Member
newbbi, of cos ask them to send to hotel or the dinner venue direct in the aftern. Cos if not, very leh chey.... and esp for white wines if you are getting, must know how to store, some must be chilled and some red wine cannot be exposed to sun so best ask them to send direct.
Ya, me getting a friend to look after the wine as in she will be in charge of the consumption of wine.... i will offer wine to guests only after 1st dish. no wine for cocktail lor....


New Member
ok anyone out there can tell me whether i can start to call the JP once i confirmed my date with the hotel i wanted? My ROM is actually on the AD (8th oct)itself.

Do i only have to call him and he will tell me wat to do?

since its on the 8th when shd i be loggin to the ROM homepg to register?


New Member
<font color="ff0000">hello whitepearl... 18th dec.. bridal show @ grand plaza park royal? sounds interesting.. probably will be there.. think bsproffy is rite... u should have ur date or dates ready and estimated no. of guests... for me.. i just mass email out my enquire n gather all the quotations... then pick up the best deal...


New Member
yupyup, got the infor frm the banquet coordinator. its $20 per couple. I going down to pay this coming Sat.

BS on tt dae is Z wedding Design.


New Member
<font color="0077aa">GPPR is a nice place.. very exclusive ballroom and food is not bad too.. but i dun like the BS.. *kekeke</font>


New Member
Hi ladies,

Wow. I was just away for a seminar the past few days and I see soooo many of your postings! Lost liao.

Hi Yin,
Sorry. I am not sure about calling the JP. But I guess no harm to call him and ask him earlier right?

Hi Wendy,
Meeting up seems like a good idea as it will be great to meet up with all of you! :) Friday sounds good to me! How about next week, 18 November? Venue - town area so that it's central for all! However, food place, not too sure where it's not too crowded in town to accomodate us.
How about ideas from the rest?

I called Sam yesterday, he soo busy but sounded quite nice. Will meet up with him next monday to view his works.

As for Videographer, I heard of Fabian Lim but his charges like quite expensive. Another contact is Ken and I'm meeting him this weekend, will share with you if he's good..

And ya, Cecillia, thanks for the grand corpthorne quote. Think will give it a miss as it's a little inconvenient. Husband dun like and amara is booked on the date i want.



New Member
hi girls... bz bz for me... haahaa... school going to end soon but I would be going for an operation first before i can look for house. Haiz... have you all got your wedding gowns design yet?? me kan chiong spider. wan to do everything fast.

hi sweets, saw your msg bout shangri-la (sentosa). i was actually quite impress with them. who attend you? i noe there are a few changes in the staff so mayb they quite inexperience.

petrina, do you mind updating my email? Thanks!! [email protected]
can add me in friendster and msn with this email.