(2006) Brides of year 2006


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u booked ur venue already? the last time we talked u hvnt booked rite? need any help feel free to let me noe hor. dun shy


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Hi Spring,
I m sourcing for it too. I jus read from other forum about ANG BAO Box. some ppl is selling it.If i recieve any poc, i forward to u.
I also went to spotlight, the size is too big la. and ex too.


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Jean: Ohh... thanks for the advice!

Hazel: I don't need to test the wine lah. Anyway, I'm allergic to alcohol. I will develop rashes. Thus, you just let me know the price. Cheap, then I also buy. Keke.


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Nowadays its difficult to get hotels to do a full waiver cos a lot of people will bring in wine now. For my case, they only waive 24 bottles. But I have got 30 tables, so no choice but to order the 1.5 L ones lor.

My 1.5l cost ard 34 per bottle.


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Hazel: Which one are you buying? 750ml or 1.5L? Wah! I didn't even know got corkage fee one ah!

Jialat. Must check with my hotel.

Thanks girls for the useful and money-saving tips!


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hihi... jus checking ..anyone getting silicon bras? any recommendations & advice? as in tried & tested for really flat chests & wont fall off even when u jump here & there? tks tks


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angpow box? actually im tinking of getting some boxes with metal hinges at ikea, then either use nice wrappers, or ribbons, or flowers to decor the box, or paste the "shuang xi" on it..
jus sharing my 2cents worth...


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cheap? U go & buy the wine used for cooking lor...
think $7...
its still red wine...
not all can taste the diff of red wine...
except few of our frenz...

24bot only? better than nothing...
at least U r smart to buy bigger bottles...
dun let the hotel earn...
yr hotel jux dun waive all yr wine corkage
Mine need to pay for food tasting..with 50% off...
vomit more blood...


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Ya lor, wah! must pay 50% for food tasting har! But remember to ask the price for the drinks too. Cos for my hotel, only chinese tea is free, if u order soft drinks it cost 10 bucks per glass. Some brides dunno, in the end order and choke up a hefty sum just for drinks only!


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Think "Si Dian Jing" is supposed to put on as what Newbii79 had said. This mean to show off the the "wealth" your in laws have. I would feel that gold is more valuable than diamonds. The status is also much higher.

AXL, can I take a look at your photo? My email is [email protected]. Thanks


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$10/glass of soft drink?
But alot of ppl drink soft drink such as pepsi, -up...
like that how?
esp the children....
very seldom I see ppl drink chinese tea during wedding
can bring yr own bottles of soft drink?


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Hihi Gingercat,

ya...now at FH homeland holiday! my ROM went out quite smoothly.... havent get all the photos yet....will compile and show u when it is ready.... btw hor, what have u email to other brides huh? is it the G cream? scare i "lose" out something good! haha....




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Hi Charsiew
long time no see you here....mind if I ask you getting the silicon bra for which occasion? PS/ROM/AD? I'm also very flat chested...but my PS made my ROM dress,WG and EG more padded so I didn't have to wear any bra hehhe


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no no..I mean the drinks for food tasting...not the banquet itself...heheh :p

My Bs does provide me with a car so dun need to look for one..


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Hazel: My BS doesn't provide. My HF likes my auntie car. It's those "lao ye she", red and look like a ladybird. He says that he doesn't want driver and want to pick me up himself. My auntie has agreed to lend us her car.


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U so bad..mislead me...thinking like that the hotel earns alot!

I also like that kind of vintage car...
saw the PS photos fr Ritz Coulture...
its black, very nice when its taken.

Actually, Ritz Coulture pkg quite gd. Additional pg only cost $50


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hi gals, havent pop in for a while.

Pennie, I'm still looking for a wedding planner, met up a few. I wan to get 1 coz think better get pro to coordinate and dun trouble friends mah. want them to enjoy my wedding.

gerbera, i like jaguar, most prob getting that.

I just cfmd my AD PG/VG, anyone on lower budget can email me for the contacts. [email protected]
Hi Augustina,
My coordinator is Angela. Yes. i have the confirmation letter from Marriott. I confirmed with them in Feb this yr. They didn't waive wine corkage for me. Did they waive for you? Mine is a wkday wedding, harder to negotiate.
Hi augustina,
I have yet to choose my theme yet. But i'm pretty keen to go with red raphsody.I love the sensual and flirtatious mood that red raphsody has. V unique. I attended the styleweddings show at marriott. Hmm... the person who won the top prize must be smiling away! Dunno who won that..hee. So, which theme are u choosing? I didn't get to see the set up during the show.Wat a pity. Did u get to see the set up of the 4 themes? If so, any pics to share?


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Hi Gals!!!

Been so busy with work hardly anytime to surf the net. Looks like i missed out alot on the thread ... i cant catch up?

Any updates for me to fill in the chart?

BTW i went for my first appt last Monday. Tawt of a few designs that the designer noted and sketched out. WIll finalise the design by next Sat so that he will have time to do up the gowns for photoshoot in FEb
Looks like everyone is into losing weight and inches ... me also haha have been going to the gym for the last one month no effects yet hope to see results soon hiaks hiaks

Oh yah ... anyone tried SKII before? any other recommendations for night / day application?


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Idyll: I had made the appt with Hollywood Secret this coming tuesday...But both girls that u mentioned were good in french pedicure is working on a different shift... In the end, she recommended Cindy to do pedicure instead... U tried Cindy before? Is she good?

Just went for hair colouring two days ago... Price quite cheap... $140 consists of dye and highlights, treatment and haircut.. So now left only facial and manicure to go.. So excited, dunno how the PS will go...


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Hello ladies,

I am also an October 2006 bride to be! :) So excited to see so many of you here! I am in the process of selecting my hotel liao, made a tentative booking but going to confirm in a week's time or so. BUT I have a problem deciding on the bridal botique. Anyone got any recommendations? I was looking at :
1) Sophia Wedding Collections
2) Yvonne Creative
3) Divine Couture
4) White Weddings
5) J & M Photo

Any comments on the above or any recommendations from you gals? I hope that the package does not exceed S$4000!

Happy preparing for your wedding!



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wowwwwww think the may list bride is getting longer leh may 7 good day wor so many bride heehee ......

left 6 mths to go liao ..... when u all havent ps leh ?


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Hi, yahoo..I've only been to White Weddings..Rachael is very friendly..
U might want to consider Whitelink..I've signed with them..service is good..and they have many nice gowns also..u may email me for more [email protected]


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hi spring,
my FH is hokkien. I'm a Cantonese bride. since im preparing most of the stuff, i'm following the Cantonese custom.. hahah so far, no one say otherwise...Its hard to strike a balance u know..keep my fingers crossed.


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Hi yahoo, there is a bridal show at ngee ann city. I think today is the last day. You might wan to go and have a look.

I think french bridal is not bad. My friend had her PS there. I'm considering whether to sign up with them. If u are interested, maybe can go down to take a look. There might be more good deals when you sign up at the show. Remember to bargain for more free items.


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Hi! Welcome, there are a lot of bridal studios ard. And each of us here has a different one. Cos every BS will have their strong and weak points. So i guess its hard to recommend . Also, it will depend on ur budget.


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Hi all,
I've been reading thru this thread for awhile, but didnt really input much here.

I'm a oct 06 btb too!

We're finalizing banquet venue, havent found AD VG n PG. Still sourcin for BS, frens recommend looking at JB packages, but m afraid of style, etc... anyone with comments?

hi tingz,
sorry to hear abt your plight.
Cant say i've been in ur shoes, but close to it... my FH n i have been tog almost 9yrs.... n hes quite a ladies man, in sch, he had more female then male frens... well, he was in touch with a few aft that... n there's a particular one who juz keeps on callin him.... asking him to go do things for her (when she's already got a bf)... go shoppin with her..... asking him for $ when she was overseas visiting her bf!!!!!... n my FH being the way he is... juz obliges like crazi... somethimes i think he didnt realise that its hurting me.... she had like loads of bfs also....alwis changing..... well, we got round to settling this issue, but him not keeping touch with her unnecessarily..... (finally shes married now.... so now more "tame")
WE havent heard from her since she got married.

For the rest of the gals,
sory to post something so long...

hi tanwendy,
thanks for the AD listing, will be checking them out soon.... hope date for me, still ok.....

Hi all,
went to bridal show wat NAC on 1st day, it was rather empty, hardly anyone there... saw the fashion show, kinda impressed with what i saw frm some BS. I was kinda put off by one BS, who kept on hounding me.... following me round n round... finally told him off.
I think if we're interested, we wld of coz sit n listen to his sales pitch, but he juz didnt get the hint?!...
Met with a AD photographer there, think its "everafter" cant recall his name, my FH kinda liked what he saw, so maybe considering him too... but alittle on the mid-high end range.

Ok, think will stop for now... looking forward to hear frm anyone!....


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Ladies: Hb and I bought a pool table today @ $1200! We paid a $100 deposit. It will be delivered this Sat. Here is the website.

ati: Your wedding is next Apr, you haven't booked a BS?
Agree with Jean. And so far, I find that almost all BS will have positive and negative feedback. Yesterday I was looking at friend's sister's wedding pictures, her dresses are very nice and her BS is Thomson ...

Hazel: If I use cooking oil, do you think the guests can tell the difference?


My BS provides the car. If eventually we don't need, can deduct $200.

Ade: You satisfied with the colour? Brown? Red? Or reddish brown?


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Hi yaya and minimouse,

Thanks for your comments. I was at the show on the 1st day and was not too impressed by the bridal shops there as well! :p

Thanks! Yaya , can email me your package to me at [email protected]. I think quite a lot of people use french bridal, maybe value for money? But i've got a friend who didn't like the photos though her gown was not bad.

Where are you gals holding your banquet? Better book early. I had a hard time trying to get my date of 29 October 2005 though it was not as hot as Oct 7 and 8.



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Hi Ginger!

Sorry I haven't logged in intime to wish you man! But I really wish you all the best to getting a call from them!

Hey sinkor,
You overseas huh? No wonder no news from you! I was wondering where were you hiding to. Part of my lost of inches was mainly from the G-cream. Cos I have started putting on my thighs and though I dun see any major cm loses (cos maybe I everytime change place when I measure ... hehe..), when I wear my tight jeans, the seams no longer feel like bursting. In fact, when I stand, I can grab one inch of the jeans and still feel comfortable! So G-cream works! Dun give up! Jia you Jia you!


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Hi Bliss,
Thanks thanks... wow, your GDL seems like alot of things leh... heheh... just discuss with my FH and we are hoping to minimize everything.. hahah... hopefully lah..

My FH is also a hokkien but we have yet to decide which side to follow.

Hi Spring,
Me started my pillow halfway liao.. hehe... hope it will turn out fine.
Wow, you are not giving any tables to your parents? Then meaning they will ask more for pin-jin lor


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Hi chipdate, popie
are you gals having OTR gowns or MTM? I will be having MTM for both gowns...don't know where to get ideas from? Any suggestions?


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Hi Ladies

AXL > I replied your mail already

Sinkor > Haha, yah email them that *G*cream stuff... Dun worry, any good stuff will sure notify you... Wah, now you are in Korea, so how is your in-laws? Are they happy to see you? After you married, will you go back to Korea or still in Singapore? For my interview... okay lor, they said they will revert back to me next week... anyway, I dun bother too. Now just wanna R & R... get my PS done. Must remember to send us your pics when it is compiled.

Ooshie > Wah, have not heard from you for a long time... So how is Patrick service? Is he good? How many design will he be giving you?? Hahaha, probably you wanna add in another column to your chart?? Honeymoon Column... Kekekek... I will be going Europe for honeymoon.

Phy*o* > Thks thks... Happy for you that you have lost inches...
The G cream will work provided that you faithfully applied it constantly. Today went jogging with my hubby and mother in law... 2nd time for this week... Saturday, I will be going pilates class with my MIL and probably some sauna stuff... My hubby gotta stay home and be houseman. But he told me after my pilates lesson, evening time have to go jogging again... HIaz.... muscle aching like mad.... Sob sob... Can hardly climb up and down of the stairs.


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Hi racherlle
I am thinking of getting a BMW also....but heard from frens that car rental is quite expensive...$400 to $500 a day...so still deliberating on the idea.