(2006) Brides of year 2006


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Got a few recommended one here....have not decide which song to go with which march in....

1)For the first time
2)My Valentine
3)You are the Love of my life
4)I wanna to grow old with you


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U have very pretty and big doe eyes! Very sweet pictures. Loved ur bouquet too. I tot the combination of peach and other flowers was very pretty and went very well with ur look =)


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Hi Gin,

Which BS did u take.

Hello Huiling,
Congrats. where r u holding ur banquet.

Hello Jocester,
Can update mine into the list.my AD is on 11-03-06. my BS is TWP. Photographer is Image Garden.


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Marnie: Clever girl. My BS is providing me with the bouquet. However, only roses and lilies to choose from. Since my church deco is using cala lilies. I am also thinking of using cala lilies for my bouquet. But will need to top-up. My BS asked me to check the price with them again at a nearer date. Another concern will be cala lilies may not last as long as roses. Have not confirm what I want yet. May just take champegn roses with red berries with a small tail-drop.

lipstar: My HB also get bullied very easiily. For me, slightly better. But I tend to believe what people say, so quite easy to con me too.


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Hi Augustina,

Finally someone else's AD on 11 Mar too!

So tell us more about yourself. Hotel? BS?



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hi Jennifer,
I havent started on my exercise regiment too! Need a lot of self-control..hee. My BS is also at Tras Street... a few shops away from Ted Wu.

hi Zierella,
My wedding also same days as you! Are you having a church wedding?

I saw the British club wedsite too..like the place too! But the place can only accomodate 192 ppl...and they offer only buffet style dinner. If you have small no. of guests, it's a lovely place i think!

I havent start looking for AD photographers yet..there are a lot of other things that i havent settle! hee... Have you visited any BS yet?


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U got to check whether the corsages includes wrist corsages for ur jie meis..cos my bs only provides the normal corsages but not wrist corsages.


Do u mind asking ur fren to show a sample? Actually me also very lazy one, but find that if I buy from florists, it's not worth it. so decide to DIY. heheh


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hi summer and cheers

i have only one pending fren request.. duno who was it i add... can anyone of you confirm with me??

summer... u know me mah?? from where ah?? wahhh singapore soo small ah... hehee..

dorami.. yes.. u look very stunning in the photos.. think u must take a good rest and i am sure you will get more excited as the days pass by..
did you just had your Make up done?? NICEE


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Hi Augustina, saw some novo shoes at suntec today.. the design quite nice.. think the shoes cost abt >$60...

Hi spring, wow, still have to use glue. I though stiches will be strong enuff already. Where did you get the cloth and cotton? Me thinking of getting it this weekend?

Hi all,
Did your family meet up with his family to discuss for drowy and guo da li stuff? Where is the appropriate place to go? And what to discuss ah? Our families meeting up very soon and both my FH and myself do not know what to expect out of it...


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u from Biz Studies right?sad arh, u cant rem me liao.
back to the bridal search. perhaps i will consider signing up the basic package, then wait for CL promo. BTW, how will u know if there is a promo going on ?

dorami, i sent u my email add, did u receive it ?


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Hi augustina,
DMK and Heatwave also got some nice silver and/or white colour open-toe shoes. Price <$50.

Hi marchbride,
Our family met up to discuss drowry stuff before we set our wedding date. Place at a chinese restuarant. I suggest u find a place not too noisy. We discuss what the bride and groom family require for the GDL and wedding eg.no of bottles of hard liquor, number of cakes and mandarin oranges, roast suckling pig, number of tables to be given to bride's parent, drowry, angpow for the brother to open the bridal car etc. Heard from my future BIL who just got married that his aunt also tag along to act as a matchmaker, aka negotiator, to discuss between the families.


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hi ash!
thats so cool we have the same days hehe...no im not having a church wedding..its gonna be a muslim wedding with dinner and solemnization on sat and lunch (where i HAVE to invite abt 800-1000 guests!!) on sun.

and yeah i think i wanna just have a small cosy dinner with very very close frens whereas on sun it will be more for distant relatives and those ppl i have never seen in my life!! lol

I havent visited any BS yet, so will be looking around...

It seems that Sept is kinda a hot date, some of the photographers that i like such as sam wong already taken up...didnt know ppl book stuff more than a year ahead!! heheh


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Jac.. gif me ur email n i resend again.. n add u to friendster too

summer.. i add u liao leh.. tot waitin for ur approval.. hav?


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Idyll &amp; Ade: Paiseh... my bag wasn't from Inspira. It is from Aspara.

Anyway, speaking of bags, looking at today's classified under section 154, there is a warehouse sale of "Branded ladies handbags &amp; wallets" til Sun, from 10-6.30pm, at 21, Toh Guan East, #07-07 Toh Guan Centre Tel: 6316 1155.
Take bus 183 fr Jurong East bus interchange.
I haven't been there so I don't know how good or worthy the sale is. And they also didn't state the brands, so I doubt they are of premium brands like Gucci and stuff.

Jean: I think my BS only provide normal corsages.
Now I am contemplating
if it is necessary for my jiemeis to wear wrist corsages because there may not be gate-crashing.

Anyway, yesterday I said I was worried how I am going to make my way home because since Sunday, there were big yellow notices at the void decks of my block and the block beside mine outside the lifts to "beware and not get into the same lifts with suspicious characters and to call the neighbourhood police". Other blocks don't have this notice.
Something bad must have happened.


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I have been going to VNC these two weeks but didn't find wedding shoes.

Another place can get affordable shoes is from Walking Culture. The price range is approximately $20+ to 60+ I think. I know there is a branch at Millenia Walk. The other time I saw many shoes with diamante and stuff that look very elegant.

Are your wedding shoes covered toe or open toe ones?


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Hi Jace,
7th Oct is really hot..You should have started your venue search earlier..You can go to the thread 'Wedding Banquets' to look for info. They have tons of restaurants and hotels for you to choose. From there, then u start calling up one by one to see which are still available for your date.

As PG and VG, guess u shld start searching concurrently with your BS. My PG is Tucky Photography. Email me if you are interested..
But his charges are slightly at the high end..
[email protected]

Gdluck in your preparation..


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Idyll: Thanx for the contact... Will go book asap...Hey, their prices quite affordable leh, compare to the usual one...My work place opp have, HDB area but the price for french pedi and manicure is around $80... So ex...

Lipstar: Yup, u must go down city plaza and c...If found one u like, must remember to bargain...At the same time, u can also go to Geylang Serai.. Went there yesterday, got a lot of good food...;) Both my shoes are open toe... Maybe u can also try X:eek:dus... Recently, they got new stocks..The outlet at Plaza Sing got larger range...Walking Culture one not bad... But I find their colour range a bit few...
U better be careful...Try not to go home too late... If not, call one of your family member to wait for u under your block..Don't take the risk..Must be something bad happen, if not y they put up those papers...
I also saw the ad in the papers, but Jurong is a bit far for me... So gave up the idea even if it's cheap...

M&amp;M: I also heard that bride's side must give back something in return... But my mom was like:" Huh? I marry off daughter still must give thing meh?" Very hard to convince her that it's actually the chinese custom.


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harlow feb brides.....
kekeke this thread kinda quiet these few daz...

yup i had my PS liao... but haven collected...

n i had decided on my AD PG &amp; VG....
PG wil be Nick G*h and VG wil Mr Low

enjoy ur weekends ladies


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hi gers

i tried the dove collage n firming shampoo n its very good.... skin becomes very soft after using it..... you may like to try it too...


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HI Idyll

do you have a pic of your handmake wrist corasage?? Cos really cant imagine how it looked like or it is properly done to your description....



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Today went to City Plaza. Saw a pair quite suitable, but I don't really like it that much. So one of the week day nights, I will go down to Walking Culture to take a look.

Ade: Initially I also planned to go down to the warehouse sale, but in the end laziness won.

Adeline: Dove firming body wash? Hmm.. sounds good. Maybe I'll try it.


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hi ladies,
I m back.!
That ISP, always must complain b4 I can get access to internet again.

U all so fast talk abt corsage &amp; shoes...


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Hi Chijmes,
I think have leh. My thighs like smaller now. As Ginger says, waistline must have patience. So I should say have effect la, since I've only tried one week.

By the way, when is your WL appt? The other thread is too crowded, that's why I come here and ask.

Hey Ginger,
How's the hiking trip today? You're right, maybe I applied too little, or maybe my skin too thick. Cos I dun feel it burning throughout the whole day. Although when I go and bathe, I feel that there's some cream on my body. By the way, my sample tube is about to finish. Where do you suggest I buy a tube? You got lobang? Can email me? My email add is [email protected]

Hi sinkor,
I have a suggestion on how you can cut down on food. There's a saying that says if you dun see food then you won't want to eat it. So what I do is I avoid looking at food at all times and I also tell everyone I'm on a diet and they won't offer me food at all. Managed to lose 1kilo. Now using the cream to shape me up.


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Hello Hazel!
You also alone at home on Saturday night? My parents are in lah, but I'm alone in my room... No friends on the messengers either.


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not alone...both parents are in...
jux that I m in my own room surfing net...
jux type a long email to complain my ISP that always causing me problem.
But I know its no use...


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Adeline, I'm making my wrist corsages the Martha Stewart way. It's called the 2-minute corsage. The instructions are here.

Lipstar, mine are open toed cos' I'm probably going to have some simple henna designs around my feet too. My vanity has won me over!

Ade, no problem. I'd only recommend the people there cos' I've used them personally. I wouldn't trust manicure with anyone else but Jena.

Hazel, aye....I remember when I was using dial-up, I was cursing half the time whilst trying to log in! So I totally know where you're coming from girl!


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hi Zierella,
yeah, Sept is hot for next year coz there are double 8th mth in the chinese calender year. Heh..meaning double "hungry ghosts festival months". Yup, though i dont really believe in such stuff...but generally chinese ppl dont like it..so i've to think of other relatives who may frown upon that. hee... anyway, any reasons for choosing 23rd?

It's fun to go BS shopping! But too bad i din go to a lot of BS to try their gowns. In fact I only went to one...coz my bf &amp; i settled on one pretty fast. But I went into a few others to see their albums &amp; packages. I actually had a list of a few BS that i wanted to see! Have fun looking ard!


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hi ash

I chose 23 sept cos that was when i met my FH heheh we actually met on the plane when i was in the US and he was sitting beside me...then we exchanged contact details and from then on...

He said it would be romantic to choose 23 sept for our solemnization heheh..

which BS did u take? it must be pretty impressive since u booked it immediately hehe..


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purple &amp; chomecc,
ya actually i very very xintong for my money... but ho... sigh... still my fault lah... never do market survey before i sign... cos CL's AD is slot in photo album, at first i thought ok....cos i never saw AD montage before (too suagu... haha) but when we go to IG...then we realised that CL is really expensive... cos have to top up 1500 for the montage... and i know my boyfriend will sure go for it after wedding... so i count count count.... really can't take CL

ya... i want to go CL and check, but have to wait till my boyfriend free... i don know how to say.... i only good at counting $$ at home... haha

oh u all planning for gatecrash, last time my friend asked me to help her, end up i stand there watching others playing with the groom.... i feel very pity for the groom, have to eat all scary things.... cos last time my brother-in-law and my uncle all very easy... give one angpoh can liao..


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Hi marchbride
after FH gave me an engagement ring...we booked a chalet and asked a few friends and both our mothers to attend....they didn't discuss all details...more like get-to-know-you session...and later FH's aunti asked me agin in another dinner at mouth's restaurant about pin jin,numbers of tables and pig's leg (cos my family is hokkien) hehe....but cos the whole wedding is paid on our own....we told both sides that we're making it simple


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hi welcome....how is yr preparation so far? can check with u yr hotel charge u weekday or weekend charge? cos the next day is holiday.


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Hello girls. I just came back from IKEA. We bought some knick-knacks like photo frame, coasters, boxes and small squarish mirrors for decoration purpose.


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Hi ladies
I agree that this thread is quiet...perhaps the reason is that many of us have not really started with our wedding preparation.

Just to update all of you, I will be going for my 1st appointment with my BS this coming Dec. I will be having PS in Mar next year. What about the rest of you? At which stage are you at with your wedding preparation?

Time really flies...it is coming to the end of Oct. In less than 10mths times, it will be our
big day!