(2005) Brides of year 2005


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hi melodie,
keke I think you've mentioned b4 about your panel blinds... I thought you've bought other curtains... Sorry yeah to ask again.. Paiseh...


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wow, so many post eh?? cool.. more dec brides coming in..

shelyn, i wanted overseas shooting intially, however, think too ex cos i will have to spend like 5K and on top of that i have to pay for photographer and MUA air tic and accomodation to Sydney.. i too broke liao.. hahaha..

Ming, tot u are taking holiday in? they have a few theme decorations for u to select right? ya u r right, if u taking PS in june, guess it will be safe to have ur gowns done by end of april..hmm btw, u stay in sembawang?? i m staying in yishun...

hi watashi.. welcome..

virgo, i had got my invitation card for the wedding show.. who is going?? can update again? i m blur liao... mayb we can meet up at one small corner to get to know each other first...


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Watashi Welcome *waves*

blur, my banquet @ HIPV - there r 4 themes n i am likely to choose the classic theme (dunno whether the deco enough anot)....

my new plc @ Sembwang yours @ Yishun??


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Hi Highness,
Yah i've found the song. so much thanx for ur info.

Hi all,
anyone decided where to take photo? some very common ones are like sentosa, zoo, parks etc etc. thinking of going to yacht club... then can take the sunset.... shd be quite nice...haha... =P


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Hi gals!

I'm back from my designer appt! I oreadi cfm the design for my WG & EG!!...I need to topup $900 for both gown....yesterday when my designer propose to me...I just like it!!!
My 1st fitting will be on 4h Dec....!
Very excited...this coming sunday I will go dwn to cfm my fabric and laces!!


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Hi gals!

I'm back from my designer appt! I oreadi cfm the design for my WG & EG!!...I need to topup $900 for both gown....yesterday when my designer propose to me...I just like it!!!
My 1st fitting will be on 4h Dec....!
Very excited...this coming sunday I will go dwn to cfm my fabric and laces!!


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Hi Sasha,

You should go down to the weekly reno fairs at S'pore Expo to check out more IDs. Also, it tends to be cheaper if you do sign up at the fair because they throw in freebies, eg air con, hob & hood etc.

As for furniture, other places to go to include
1) The Furniture Mall @ Harbourfront & The Plaza (Beach Rd) - if you like leather sofas, can check out Lorenzo @ Harbourfront
2) Harvey Norman @ Millenia Walk (There's a sale this weekend can go and look-look see-see)
4) Courts (any branch, think the one at Bukit Timah is the largest)
5) I have also seen a few furniture shops in Marina Sq
6) Star Furniture Main Branch along Kallang (opposite Kallang MRT)
7) Barang Barang (The largest branch is at Singapore Post Centre @ Paya Lebar MRT)
8) Paragon - there's XZQT & Melandas there
9) Scotts Shopping Centre - Picket & Rail

Hi ying11,
Thanks for the suggestions. Actually, her parents have brought her to Wild Wild Wet and she's still below the height limit for certain rides.


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hi ladies,

anyone has any idea or lobang how much does it cost to hire a string quartet or painist for the wedding banquet?
coz four seasons has a grand piano in the ballroom, wants to make use of it.


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hi girls,
envy envy.. heehee anyway my carpentry will install today.. when i can will snap snap pix to show u all.


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hi tougei~! my MUA is from my BS lo.. will use the trial makeup for my ROM ba.. think u can use trial makeup for some functions? like D&D or special night out with ur FH? if not i think pay $100 then wash away very wasted le... anyway.. i think if u want the MUA after the trial, they normally "rebate" it in the cost lo.. *which is.. their package normally include trial, unless u dun like after trial then u got to pay for it*
hope it helps..


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Hi Jazzy and Kero

Long time no see.Hows the wedding progress?

Yup, damn tired after that Badminton for 2 hrs..Sweat alot.. hope it did burn the fats.. Muscle ache for 2 days liao.. now limping away...Hee Hee..

Actually, i also dun like go around for taking pics.. but i am sure my PILs sure wan .. but thinking back it is also a gd way to know who attend la.. mine about 25 tables also not alot.. so still ok... if 40 tables? i sure surrender..HaHa..

Hi Tan,
Ur friend sure heartpain.. One of my gf too.. her album torn off from the bind.. Mainly hers is too heavy and thick.. many ppl just flip so hard and torn it from the bind.. In the end, a few pages were also hanging from the album when we kept for her into the box. I saw it and also heartpain for her ah.. Her whole package alone already $10K..


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hello gers!

sashamama: got ur pm, thks! me have sent over the list of contact for electrical shops by email. pls chk whether u rec'd it. revert if din.


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yo kero... why cold feet... dun worry so much ya... hmm... know u gog to be bery busy with ur ROM prepartion... but do take care ya... hmm... we hving gathering on 22/10 nxt fri... joining us or not... no time chat online but still can chat live mah...

yo tan... hmm... so sad for ur friend... but i thought usually wont like tat one leh... i will take extra careful with that man... bery xin tong one leh... spent so much then bcome like tat... aiyo

as regards to tat.. hmm.. u better nego with RH whether u can bring in ur own barrel of beer or not usually they will onie charge cockage charges...


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hi yybb,

My wedding banquet venue is Amara Hotel.

Do I have to rent the projector that can connect to speaker or all projector model are the same?


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Hi Gals

Ya lor... came in a few times... no msg... guess the gals in this thread really need 'liang chen ji ri' to come in & start chatting... like the last time, suddenly all like very free... all come in at the same time... hmmm...

Hi Sharlene... ya lor... really looking forward to see yr gown... fall in love
wif the divine's gown that u told us...

Hi Ying...
if you can send us a pic of yr EG too...

Hi Tou2... Mine's wif my BS too... the MUA from M'sia not coming to do make-up for u? Think normally MUA charge abt $100 leh... my fren looking for one also... and most of the quotes she gets all abt there... those that charge lower... she also dun really dare to consider coz dunno good or not mah...

but like wat u say lor... quite a waste if it's for trial make-up... but for AD
shld be okie, rite? My trial was wif my BS, which I used for my ROM... hehehee... save $$ mah...


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If I remember cottoncandy, highness, u & me. Dun noe about the rest.

Shelyn, any idea does yacht club charge for takg pics there cause I noe certain places they do charge for using their premise. Me also keen in sunset view I love seaside view.


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Hi Serene

Doubt my Hubby can tahan red & pink... hehheee.. but yellow, is still acceptable for him...

Hi Sasha

I bought my furniture from Novena House @ Bt Timah... also not too sure whether to recommend them to you... so far, I get good service from them... be it really the sales or during the delivery of furniture... those that got defects like the frosted glass that got abit of stain & the lights of the display cabinet... they change for us the next day... but I heard that some other pple run into alot of problems wif them... so see if u wanna try lor..

One good thing is that u still can negotiate wif them wif regards to the price... we save abt $500 since we bought so many items from them...

As for bed, I bought slumberland.. so far so good...


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Hi Zoeanne

Have not been actively preparing for my wedding. Have not source for a BS as yet.... cos no time to do research yet...dun know wat I want....


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Hi all pretty brides

My update is as follows :

bluey : Golden Horse/Dragon Gate/28 May 05/Lovenest: Buangkok Crescent
sweatcorn : Camellia HC/Rasa Sentosa/28 May 05/Lovenest: Esparis-Pasir Ris
Von : Feline/Le Meridien/28 May 05
Judy: Bridal Wardrobe/Hoilday Inn Park View/28 May 05/Lovenest: Jurong West
Bearyhugs: Golden Horse Awards/Merchant Court/20 May 05/Lovenest: McNair Road
isabelle: Kai Bridal/Marriott/2 May 05/in-laws
Nicole: Sophia Wedding/Conrad/14 May 05
Winnie: Seletar Broadway/Oriental/14 May 05/Lovenest: Hougang
Fat: Golden Horse Awards/Marina Mandarin/22 May 05 / Ang Mo Kio
Mei: Camelia HC/Conrad/ 15 May 05 / Lovenest:Sengkang
Ash: Santiago/Still Deciding/ 05 05/ Lovenest: IN LAWS!!! ARGHHH!!
Evelyn: Still sourcing/Raffles Town Club/22 May 05/Lovenest: ???
princessweds13: Tan Yoong/Regent/15 May 05/Lovenest: ???
Honeyjul: everbliss/Chijmes & Paramount/ 1st May 05/ Lovenest: Sengkang
whizkid:tan yoong/kai/silhouette/Regent/14 May 05/Lovenest: WIP
pinkrose: ???/ Grand Shanghai/ 7 May 05/ Lovenest: Serangoon
i_bless_u: WhiteLink/Furama Riverfront/16 May 05/ in-laws


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sigh .... not enough sleep again ..my poor darling doggie sick ...so sad to see him in the states ....!!

Jelly ,

you got mail ...! Let me know ...thank alot !
thx jelly,

would definitely chk with RH rgdg corkage. Coz this Fri meeting up not just the wedding coordinator, but oso a fren who works in RH but another dept, really trying very hard to la1 guan1 xi4 to get extra perks. coz tried asking for extra room for helper, but fren told me quite difficult, coz their norm room chrg very ex, even if they gimme corp rates oso 1k+ per room. so since that not possible,would ask for something else.main concern there still alcohol chrges, coz it can be quite a bulk of the cost. Even when we told them we creating our own special non-alcoholic concoction for just the cocktail reception, they say may have to chrg.blah......must really use charm....

any1 noe where I can produce a magazine styled digital album with ready photos? Coz fren doing our overseas PS, but he no able to produce album. and I do like at least a coffee table album as keepsake.


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Ming, i m staying in yishun wif my parents.. my love nest haven search yet..

shelyn,hmm.. which yacht club will u go? my FH likes to bring me to singapore replublic yacht club.. we are also thinking of thinking our PS there.. on the other hand, mayb will also consider going to malaysia to take also..

watashi, think i had enquire before.. quite ex i think, abt 800 for pianist alone. tt time i wanted a whole group, abt 2k plus..for abt 2 hrs.


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maybe u can try to discuss this wif your coordinator at the hotel... think they can even provide u wif the projector free...

think melodie answer your question on the location of La vie... happy trying the gowns there.. sure u'll find one u'll like there...


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Hi Tan,
For the digital album u can chk wif Immersive Design i think they do! Can PM me or gimme ur email addy if u're interested i'll pass u the contact!


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Hi Elaine77,

Wow, your PS is pretty early eh? But its gd, cos understand that WL will be really packed from Nov period, so its wise to take early to hv some time to play wif on photo editing n developing. My final fitting was postphone to this Sun instead, cos my gown is not ready

Hee...so, are u excited on the coming PS??! Bet you muz be! What kinda preparations hv u made? Will you be taking some causal shoots as well? I'm tryin to look out for some causal outfits now... and some matching accessories to go wif.


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Last time my sis went to the yahct club to take, she din mention them charging. But i think only members are allowed. not sure whether they allow non-members to go in. Maybe can call and ask them. Can't really remember which club... the one at west cosat.


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cookie, also we dont have to order now. They need only a week or two in advance for confirmation. Payment is COD, no deposit. So perhaps if I'm to organise a wine tasting, it will be sometime in nov, so we will have time to think about it.


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hi ros,
I guess colors are individual..heehee basically, hubby has no preference, so he will go along with whatever the designer says.

hi sasahamama,
i will email u the contacts for my I.D. but I did mine 1 over year ago so I dunno if they are still in biz...Lolz


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Nope. i still will live with in-laws.. the renovation is done on my fpil hse.. my future room... small corner... bah bah bah


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hi sky... our hot topice is tan friend BS album... wow faint when u hear that... worst one is zoe friend...

yo zoe... think if i ur friend sure supper piss off and sad man... wow $10k leh... siam bery pain man like tat...

yo tan.. ya must use ur thick skin to ask for as many perks as possible... try not to be so keen tat u 1 2 sign up... at least show tat u will consider other places beside their... if not... they sure alot of things dun1 2 give one leh... try hard on the nego part and make sure write down in black and white....

yo winnie gal... how u... seldom see u ard here one leh... are u coming to the gathering on 22/10


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Gd afternn ladies!

hi ger, my other forum fren told me to go see the treasure production thread on the heated argument, she with them too, wedding is in Dec04 and she very panic liao...what u gg to do?


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i am also very worried but then i am going to change my videographer again :p

considering moomedia and wedding paparazzi.. meeting them this weekend to view their work.


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Hi Bubbles,

Ted collection is now at Chinatown right ? Last times, they are at Bugis Junction ? I ever went into the shop with my frenz...they MTM alot of nice gown....it a gd choice...i thk they even do suit for guy....

ladies : Is it necessary to call up BS before we go down ? They won't serve us if we just walk-in ?


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Dear Sharlene & Blue Genie:

Thanks! Got ur PM!

Dear Cookie's Gal:

Thanks for the suggestions! Never knew there're weekly reno fairs! Hmmm... For furniture, will check out 1, 4, 6 cos the rest i been to liao! hehe..

Dear Rosalind:

Novena House is NOT Novena right? Will check them out! hehe..

Dear Gals:

Mi settled The Edge for PS lo.. Now start to get busy with house!

Any advice on what should custom make and what should buy? Like sofa / dining table set / bed / study table, etc...



Hi janey, I tot of it too but cant figure out where to wear the makeup to leh. My office doing away with D&D liao. We had some carnival thing at Downtown, and next year will be at some pub i think. Not the right occasion to wear thick MU. In fact, I don't think there's any occasion to wear such thick MU anyway. I will feel too self-conscious to step out of house hehe.

Hi Rosalind, you meant $1000 or $100 hur? The AD MU is $600-800 and the trial is $100.

Anyone's BS MUA is Kenneth Lee or Daniel Than or David Lee?


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hi Jas,
When you play your montage, you need a laptop connect to projector and the same laptop connect to speakers. You should try out the connection from your laptop to projector and to speakers. Sometimes you need different wires for connections. Usually it should be any problems in the connections. My hotel doesn't provide any projector for free. If I want they will ask for outsource company, which is a bit expensive. Lucky I found a lobang for cheaper rental of projector. You can ask whether your hotel provide projector for free or not.

your hotel provides projector FOC? Good eh...
yup, thanks for the suggestions... Will go and try during end of the year. Try to loose more weight now but doesn't seems to work. Sigh...