(2005) Brides of year 2005


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dun need leh.
The MUA will not stay for 2nd gown, just teach jiemeis how to remove some clips to let some hair down and it become different hairstyle.. maybe can even change a bit of accessories.


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Hi Germ,

Most bridal package will include the man suit & tea dress...u really hv to thk thru...it gd to do comparison...who know, u might find another BS tat offer beautiful gown like TW...

Hi Sweet,

So u won't b able to capture ur AD gown in the PS...except ur AD photo shoot by YKwang loh...

So gd...goin for short trip again...wish i could get away frm S'pore...but my hb very busy at work... : (


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that is my friend case lah, her BS not the same as us. But i heard can be done lor. *confuse*

i going to try Rom gown in august 15. :D

dun think will MTM one liao since I having simple one at rom


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my coordinator was Vivi, she also a designer.. like her a lot.. heehee very nice

my rom gown fitting will be in aug.. maybe wg also around there..

actually tanjong pagar not very far leh, most BS over there, where u work and stay?


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LAdies and ashley,

I have emailed all of you the details so just reply me alright. I got the old list of contacts with me so just mass mailed everyone..

Hope to hear from you soon.



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icy, ya, ya, my fren did tt, didn't ask MUA to stay but remove some pins to make another hairdo..another fren put a wig..hee..


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yo icy... hmm good... so u will go for the 1st rd next month hur... come back tell me abt them... maybe also at the same time ask the MUA loh... kekeke....

yo ger... i bring discman loh.. kekeke


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cutie, pai sei, pai sei, mtg 1 after the other, forgotton to turn on..hee..u notice onee pix replace liao? Me cmg rite away..hee..sound like adv. slogan..hee.


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Hi sweet,

Ya, finally settle 1 item alrdy. The next ting l'm goin to settle is BS. Goin for short trip....very nice.

Hi Tare,

U are rite that most BS include man suit and tea dress....hve to look thru mag and see what other BS l like other than TW. But again TW will still be my 1st choice cuz the gown is nice and my MUA is there.


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Hi and bye gals,
I only had time to come in for 5 mins this morning and 5 min now then have to go loh...

Cutie, I actually PM you about yr videographer...you mentioned to gals to contact you if interested in signing up with him rite? me going to view his work this sat. [email protected]

Matt, keep me in the loop about the wine too!

Tomorrow I'm on course...fire fighting and prevention! So might not be able to come in at all...


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Hi gals

I am oso a May bride... my wedding will be on 28 May 05... anyone having same date as me? this thread is going to b fun with all of us May brides getting married together in the same month... hehe....Cheers!


hi janey
welcome! so which day of march are you?

hi tric
i was at shirley's place just now. was asking her what wld happen if both of us are on same day. she says hopefully our timing will not clash. any idea what time you need her? for me, we are not the early birds so i guess it should be about 7+am. haven't quite plan yet.


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hey all bride-to-be! rem to drop by this forum once in a while, the thread seems about to die a natural death!

so are we having a gathering? everyone seems really busy.


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Hi all,
I'm still sourcing out for AD photographers. Haven't got time to meet up with all of them yet. But have shortlisted a few. These few below are quite strongly recommended too.




All worth taking a look.

If you guys need contact for videography, let me know too.

By the way, we got our AD date (20/05/2005) from this geomancer who is quite popular. He will cal based on both your "shen chen ba zi" and even tell you which is the auspicious hour as well as the "xiao jiu zi" "shen xiao". Everything for $100. Need contact, can PM me too.

Have you guys got place for lovenest already?
: >


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germ, here's my feedback on my visit to TY.
saw his swan and pheony designs...very grand and nice.

TY was very nice to check with me on the kind of WG i would be wearing... type of EG that suits me... He needs 8 mths to MTM an EG... I am more or less confirmed taking TY's EG...design likely to be similar to the pic I posted yesterday.. I will approach him in dec after my first appt with divine...after I have confirmed the design for my WG... likely to be the one on divine's website coverpage.

Just found out that my FH's buddy got his wife's BS from TY... saw their pics in his portfolio.
btw, TY ties up with many photographers... including chris ling.


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Hihi icy...and ladies..

Wah, this thread is quite hot. Icy, can add my name in the list? My AD is 19 June 05. Bridal Boutique/PS is Bridal Zone. Hotel Venue: sama sama as you.



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Heard alot of gd feedback abt TY swan design.....it looks very grand on the mag. U mean he actually tell u wat EG suits u yesterday....that is very gd. Maybe thats why it is gd to be able to see the designer himself. How much does it costs and roughly how much is the top up?

How is Chris Ling pics? Kenneth also with him....me didn't know that. I'm glad u finally make ur choice....


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Hi bearyhugs,

Me looking for AD photographer only, no videographer........will check out the web given by u. Thks!

I got my date from temple.....

Oh lovenest already coming to a year old....renovated and stay in during wkends...only stay in offically after our customary.
It's @ SK!


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morn germ,
that's wat i like abt TY...the designer told me wat kind of EG wld suits me even though i have not signed up with him. the EG that i posted yesterday wld be $2k...
i din look at his albums .. but i believe wld be nice cos he only works with good photographers and mua.. he ties up with many photographers..


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Hi Icy

They sell ang pow boxes in Thailand? Hehe..how much ah?
You bought flowers for your corsage..so means u gonna make your own? Me gonna DIY but now think twice coz dunnno how to make a nice one.


Morning gals!


Gathering for Yr2005 Brides-to-be in July 04

Date : 16 July 2004 (Friday)
Venue : The Village Restaurant
Address : Basement One China Square Central
Time : 7pm OR 6.45pm at Raffles Place MRT Control Station

Confirm Attendants :
1. Kysha (organiser)
2. Cutiebear
3. Little Ger
4. Stupy
5. Vonnie
6. Jelly
7. fates
8. blur blur

1. Vela
2. Decimal
3. icy
4. Josie
5. chatterbox
6. germ

Ladies Meeting At MRT :

1. Cutie (Leader)
2. Jelly
3. Von
4. Blur blur


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morn ger & kysha....

When u going to sign with TY? What abt ur divine package, l believe it incl EG also rite?


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Hi germ,
i will sign up with TY after my 1st appt with divine..which will be in Dec 04. FH has already given the approval. I am still keeping my Divine package...will be taking only his MTM EG. Divine package consist of EG. I am using the cost of the EG to top up for the a more elaborate WG.


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ger, wow, yr gown sure nice, nice, can't wait to see..hee..actually TY was second on my list but Vela gao zai, can't stand the cramp place..think he can oni serve 2 couple the most...


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cutie, me went try the tomyam at Roxy ytd..hee..similar to Novena & parkway, soup & chillie very shiok! Best is no need to Q for seats and no GST..hahaha..my hb ask me how come know this place..hee..I hao lian say I got many frens the mah!..hahaha.


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ger, can you give me fullerton contact again? i called vivian on monday, she say will send me an email but i have not receive it..