(2005) Brides of year 2005


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caitlyn, tell him no worries, he met me before liao..... so at least got familiar face
i'm okay next fri cos will be on leave anyway.....


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my hubby also like tat one..he can keep quiet the whole nite if meet ppl he doesn't know... y r guys like tat??..haiz..

actually i immune to the pain liao.. have been doing it at least 5yrs. but sometime i still tears when doing the eye area.. u also go threading often ?


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berry - will pray for you and daphne... my dog always sticks to me like super glue, follow me to the toilet also..

daphne - don't be so upset... next time gotta remember to lock your locker ok....

caitlyn - what's your budget like for the catering? I'll be using this caterer - Flavours & Aroma for my church wedding reception. My company has been using them for quite sometime.. received a lot of good comments from my doctors & colleagues... You can try calling them at 62227877 and speak to Herson... They should be able to propose a lunch menu at around S$10 - S$15 per pax...


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amy, ya lor.... an expensive lesson learnt.....
thanks for the praying of good weather for us.... now must pray for pierced first.....


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amy thanx! will call them up to check..thx! i hoping to keep it to 10 per head.. really super tight budget now.. very stressed.. =)


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Hi blursotong,
ai-ya, at least yr card is already settled mah. will be gg to see the print layout is ok or not before they mass print the invitation card. my card is pink in color.
what's abt yrs?

are u doing any slideshow? oh, my AD date is just only 2mth - 1 days away.oh gosh, times flies really fast.


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Poor germ...lady boss like that one eh! Maybe you should initiate a face-to-face talk with her...if not in office, maybe lunchtime or dinner..

Jelly! Wow this sunday!!! good luck hor! And remember to relax and enjoy!! Yup me been pretty busy past three months..

Cutie - ya thread's 1st BB eh! That's cool leh..keep us updated on your BB's developments ya

TTC needs to go checkup?

Dec! vela! when's yr turn? *grin*


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how do you feel about this, is dowry important to you? At first I thought I;m alright to do without but when she told me about those chin chai things.....I felt real bad...my mil is worse she said ' just anyhow buy the thin thin chain and necklace for show' and you know what she gave really good dowry to my sis in law..I mean its not so much that I want the dowry but it is how much she values me in a sense...

so what is your stand? My dad is going to neg with the dowry with her.....


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Hi jam75, mi PS not tmr, on thurs. thk prob gg punggol. juz one place. hee...

threading?! pain not huh? tot of trying lei but dunno where. now i know but gotta pluck up the courage to go do it.
watashi, is it more painful den plucking huh?

caitlyn, will email u the details for catering tmr, hb left the details in the office.


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Hi Mrs Wee

For morning events, that's called xpress highlights. Usually done by videographer. I will have that, as well as montage (showing childhood photos till now). I think quite nice wat.. always enjoyable part of dinner.. cos it's very personal.. ;p

nowadays.. some people also show proposal story, or story of how they met, using animation

Hi Esther

I have negotiated with MM for free use of projector and screen too. I remembered that time Merchant Court is charging for the usage too... try to bargain lar..


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Hi mehmeh,

ok lah...just problems at the pt, after that oso back to normal :p. GDL was ok...really tiring! went to a number of places to distribute the cakes and invites...our exchanges of gifts were quite simplified...

today just selected my photos...hopefully can get it by weekend! will be uploading the pics soon, so check out multiply ya?

me did the create vcd thinggy, managed to record on a cd-rom, but then can oni play on laptop leh...normal vcd/dvd player cannot play.....i din purchase license lah....haiz....thot can DIY....in case kena play out by my videographer...

COUNTDOWN....4 more days to go....

sorting seat plan like xiao...my old man's guest giving me the biggest headache...many so and so can't sit with many so and so...leaving me with quite a few table of 6-8 pax...and all can't mix....then my bro did the rsvp calls 4 me...but did in such a messy way, until like got no rsvps...dunno what he doing....aiyo...then hubby injured his back during his work, past few days while overseas can't even sit up from a lying down position...me worry...but not there with him to see physically for myself how bad....waiting for his return in an hr's time....

2day's gonna be a packed day....me got back last nite till now no chance to slp....managed to make 6pairs of earrings for all my jie-meis as thank you gifts while I was in Melbourne, then last nite got back, my mum showed me her dress, and wanted me 2 make her a necklace...so whole nite awake till now....gg to pick hubby up in 1hr's time, 2day gg 4 facial and eye-lash extension. then at nite gotta go pick my overseas guests from arpt again....no time even to shower hubby with any TLCs, coz he has to go buy GDL stuff....our GDL 2mrw.....argh....can't breathe liao!!! gonna snap soon!!!!!

wish i have more days to prep and work on.....haiz....


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morning all.. =)

pierced - okies.. thanx alot!! as for threading.. i find it quite painful.. but it lasts for quite long..


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hey WW,

WAH LAU! i also like you lor! thot my dad so nice already arrange everybody nicely into tables of ten. so i type into excel spreadsheet monday nite right, then he emailed me a NEW seating arrangement YESTERDAY!!! ARGH!!! i said to him "why not tell me what the changes are" and then he said quite major change. ALAMAK! it's especially tough when it's your own dad right? i mean, it's easy for us to grumble about in-laws, but when it's your own mum or dad. can't say anything right?


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Good morning ladies!!

wah caityln you again so early!!

Daphne, Po4 Cai2 Xiao1 zai1, dont be sad.

Berry, amy, wah you have very cute dogs leh, even follow you to toilet so cute hehhee.

Ladies, i finally sort out the pin jin and table thing this morning, hehe when my mum was brushing her teeth, i brought up the topic....

for GDL, she is going to ask for a nice sum of pin jin, may be a large sum, she says she going to check with grandma, but she says it is for show only, she will return us the main bulk. (but my hubby says should at least let her keep 2888).

then for dinner, we are not going to say "who gives who how many tables", we are going modern way of just sharing everything. then parents will return us all the angpow to pay for the dinner.... my dad a bit surprised hehehe, but my mum says you wont want your daughter to struggle with the 10k of loan (10 tables) right? so he is ok liao hhehehe.


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Hi stars,

Went down to view the layout, only minor changes. Overall was quite happy with the result. End pdt Will be ready in Oct when I am down for final fit.


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my card is in purple color.. simple traditional card.

I am doing slideshows for the banquet. Have done one already. Now in the midst of a second one for the second walkin.

Time passes by in a flash. very soon, it is nov and all of us will be getting MARRIED. heehhe...:)


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hi JTan & WW,
in my case it's my mum! every few days she will call me up to re-arrange new seatings!! relatives also change seatings, friends also change seatings! *FAINTS*


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Hi Renee, Wendy, Artemis and Jovia,

Thanks for your help. Just found out from my cousin that she has a projector, so can lend me
I was just very surprised that the hotel actually does not provide the projector. Tot it's usually in the package.

Hi Wendy,

I cleaned up my house last week, but seems like it's never ending. Felt like i did a 21km marathom after all the housework.. got muscle ache.. hee hee..

hi Mrs Wee,

I will be flashing our childhood photos and a video of my family and friends' well wishes and what they want to say to us for out wedding. Will be showing them while the guests are waiting for the banquet to start


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wow, your parents are good lor ;p.at least they do away with those traditional customs of must give how many tables etc lor...

But wat abt your pingli?


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germ... mmm... really very difficult to work wif boss like that... probably she also dunno what to do that's why she push to you... kekeke... do you have colleagues who are doing similar stuff as you? can ask them?

fates... what abt your turn then? kekeke...


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hi caitlyn,
yrs at midpoint orchard which floor?? $12 for whole face or onli eyebrow?? my beautician charge mi $10 4 whole face but she din know how to do eyebrow leh..

which fl at Peninuslar huh for threading??

pierced & berry,
i done it last sun but tink is okie not dat painful...not sure izzit not dat traditionally cos aft threading my beautician still shave 4 mi which i find it quite weird but nv do b4 so dunno leh...


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Morning gals....

wah, winnie, so good that u finally settle that.... i think for the tables, i would be following your way of sharing.... just take watever APs i can to cover and mum will just top up from the APs she collected.


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hi gals,

juz wonder can we wear white shoes for PS for WG, EG & Kua?? my BS asked mi to buy sliver shoes wif crystal to match leh cos she said white shoes only suitable for WG....actually thought my gown is v long & cover my shoes so make do diff leh...any comments??


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is actually using thread to remove yr hair on yr face..heard alot of ppl said aft threading will look v good when put on make up...dunno how true...got to check wif watashi as she done once a month...


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hi gals..

winnie... another issue settled. well done.

jam, i only have 1 shoe for all the gowns. actually regretted splurging on the shoe coz it will be hidden under the gown, can't see at all.

the threading salon is on 3rd flr, Reflexion beauty. must make appt before going down, its always very crowded. u mean they shave your eyebrow??..

daphne..threading is to remove all facial hair & also trim & shape your eyebrow. after threading..face will feel very fresh & not so oily. make-up can last longer. I go abt every 6wks coz i'm a 'hairy' gal!
U wanna try?


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hey jam75,
i think buy silver shoes better cos can wear next time, more glam for evening and can match almost any EG also... unless you intend to dye your white shoes after your wedding???

hey all,
wah... threading??? if do once then stop will facial hair grow back thicker? i got pimples, whiteheads and blackheads leh, can still do threading?


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me too think is waste of $$$ to spend on shoes cos can't c rite..as 4 the threading she shave my eyebrow cos she din know how to do eyebrow n oso my entire face as she mentioned to make it more clean..according to my mom if they done a good job threading will be prefect and don need shaving lor...


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winnie - lucky gal.. my parents always say they open but then hor.. hee.. they say some customs must follow.. so there goes.. hee

jam75 - midpoint orchard i think 2nd or 3rd floor.. i always go by instinct.. paiseh.. i check out and let u noe again

daphne + watashi - my fh says u gals can "tag along" next fri.. hee.. he says how can he say no.. will zhuo huai ren mah.. haha


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Newbbi, sorry waht is ping li, you mean the gifts?? still not confirm that other than wine, pin jin, cake, oranges, waht other things my hubby will bring. i saw your GDL list in the other thread, i will ask my mum if she wants those... hehe sorry coup your idea. is those abalone mushroom required for your dialect??

me mum will return the pin jin, half oranges, extra cakes, then all basin, tum pui, towel, and then give us new bedsheet quilt cover etc.

jam, i only have 1 pair of shoes hehe cheap cheap white sandals from Charles and keith for my WG, I will wear the same thing for my EG cos it cannot be seen anyway cos my EG is the kind of gown type so sure cover one hehehe.

as for kua, i saw the pair of embroidered flat sole shoes in XOdus, i think 40+ i am still waiting for it to go on sale before i buy heheh, dont want to spend too much, cos i suspect i will only wear it once....


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bzy bzy bzy.. so many postings.. =)

watashi, me oso go threading! for my brows tho.. i used to go reflexion in peninsular yrs back but find it very painful.. now i go to one in selegie house (near little india). $5 and much neater than plucking. strongly rec u gals to do threading.. but muz got high tolerance for pain lah!!

for tables topic.. my ma said she keeping the table monies.. so i dun wana argue wif her over it since i tink she brot me up, so hv all the rite to keep.. but she said will fork out money to help us in case we wana buy house in future (reno etc).. so cut both ways ya..


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Hi Afacai,

your AD on 5th nov huh?? me on 6th!! 1 day apart...

you really very hardworking leh...do some many things liao..dun make me kan cheong leh...


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jam.. reflexion , tel63388395.

janf.. i do full face coz i have quite abit of facial at the side my face. u mean the selegie more skillful?.. not so pain ah? any idea how much they charge for full face ?

hamster_gal, some ppl will have rashes after threading..u can go and let them see if u r suitable to do or not.


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caitlyn, try neogarden for catering!
i highly recommend ar, keke.. tried it during my frd's house warming, very nice, esp the pineapple fried rice and black pepper pork.. then my gf oso had it for her bro's wedding, every guests commend very nice.. $$ oso not exp ar..

ytd, aaron called me leh.. but he said the dates for food tasting not out yet.. he will call me end of this month to arrange food tasting wo.. think me going for mid-Oct ba..

Daphne, i want mooncake!! hahaha... always think homemake one taste better.. keke..

Berry, i haven't settle reno lah.. still searching.. one good news, can collect keys next week liao! er.. if nothing goes wrong lah.. *touch wood*.. keke..


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HI ladies!
November is fast approaching!!! How're all your preps coming along?? I've bought my ang bao box, but have yet to bring it to get it decorated. Will do that closer to my wedding. Have you ladies settled on all matters floral? Like your bouquet, bridesmaids' bouquets, corsages, etc?? I have not done that yet! YIKES!!!


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Hi Esther,

Agree with u that it seems never ending to clean up the house. I find that walking from living room to the bedroom n kitchen seems so far. Walking here n there already so tiring, furthermore must sweep,mop n clean up the mirrors n windows n cook. BUT good exercise cause can slim down for the wedding. haha

So happy this weekend my furniture are coming in. Ye!


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harlo gals.. i am bk. just finished readin all the posts since yesterday morning in the midst of clearin my emails n work. ;p

ytd went to buy toilet accessories n c lighting until my eyes blurry liao! so many diff kinds! we spent $800+ jus on toilet stuff ~omg~

caitlyn/ berry- i'm takin over my PIL's hse (5 rm hdb flat). jus nid minor renov. re-do both toilets n the MBR. the tenants moved in abt 1 mth ago lo.. anyway, the toilet wil be ready by today so they can move bk liaos.

this tables thingy also giving me a headache! at 1st, my mum wan 10 tables (the APs wil go to her), nw she says she wan 3 more n she wil pay for this 3 extra. but she hasnt even cm out w the list yet. she stil tinks its early. i buey tahan leh! told her its beta to get it done earlier. n nw after we added up everybody we gonna invite, realised we nid another 7 more tables! wah piang.. nw lookin at the list n c who can eliminate.. grrr

winnie- i also bot a pair of cheap cheap heels frm C&K. anyway hidden under our gown cant c also. hahas


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Oh yes, can I check what is everyone's colour theme for the wedding? Wanna some ideas. I havent decide on mine yet. Supposedly meeting up florist 4th week of Sep.

Getting real nervous abt the wedding...is everyone excited over it?


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again u hv to c whehter yr hotel can accomdate the increase no. of table...we oso headache our list keep on increase n already max liow...so now got to cut down our list instead of parents one...worse things if relatives many tink ang bao can't cover up the dinner..usually relatives will come wif 2 to 3 person but only 1 ang bao...


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Hi gals,

I told her b4 but she did not tink its her fault. She still think that it is common sense questions. I told her it maybe common sense to u but not for me.

No, no1 else to ask but only her. Can l ask u gals...if now there is another job offer...were u gals accept it? I'm asking is becuz l'm afraid that l will meet another such boss again.


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so tempted to try threading...maybe after my PS... dun wanna try anythin now in case...
so good most gals settle the pingjin tables...\
highness congrats...take keys liao...is ur mum better??