(2005) Brides of year 2005


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Thank u thank u for ur warm welcome...wah caitlyn, got pkt food still complain ah at least its made of fresh ingredients compared to the cup noodles? haha..I like ur "severe inertia" descriptions.... =P Btw, is sch re-opening next wk?


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deardear..my indoor and outdoor photoshooting are on two different days. The photographer took more than 200 and he only take out all the nice ones which are around 200. Tat day i selected the photos until i blur liao. Almost every photos look very nice. luckily the bridal shop got give me back all the samples. At least i can keep those tat i never select. My photos will only be ready in Sept.

Nicole: u can meet the videographer and photographer and see their portfolio. Let me know if u want their contacts.Must b fast lor, bcos a lot of them are already booked.

Hi gals...i never tot of having a button shirt or nice pyjames for my actual day. U all give me some ideas...Thank you


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wah chanol u still shaking leg arh...shld be a good thing. so u will be fully recharged & ready to go on 01/07.!
your mtm gown done already?

caitlyn.. u really cute leh.. very good with those 'sound' effects. actually i like to eat cup noodles leh.. expecially those tom yum ones.. yummy.. hungry liao. now waiting for lunch time.


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Uh, my actual day is 5 Nov 05. Is it popular. I also dunno.

wah. you girls make me panicky now cos I never book actual day photographer or videographer. Jiat lat. You are spoiling my relak mode for wedding leh. heehee. aiyah, anyway, I also asked my fren who doing it freelance to do. so got backup. Only thing is i not sure how good he is.

little_ger, you are XS?! Me always have to buy L or XL clothes in Singapore cos I not the usual skinny Singapore girl size. I go Aussie then I feel normal. sigh... Lucky my husband say he likes me like he likes his Kit Kat, Chunky. haha.


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caitlyn - can email me the pics too? Are there any shops out there that sell ang bao box and guest book? I may not have the time to do my own coz got a few projects coming up in the 2nd half of the year...


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watashi - hee.. i also like to eat.. but not filling enuff one lehz.. hehe

amy - i've seen ang bao box at bras basah.. this shop at the first floor near the atm machine.. very nicely done ones.. =) also at this shop at north bridge centre.. just opp bras basah centre.. third floor. =)


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i bought around 48 bottles from the one at stamford house, they do consignment, the prices range frm $15 to over $20 i think. you can go down and taste all the wines and decide which one u like

yah...i send the things in on 23rd april...exactly 2 months already still haven't seen any refund in yet on my credit card.


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<font color="aa00aa">Hi gals ... Helen wants me to post the below msg ... she is unable to post ... </font>

Hi gals,
Does anyone knows of any good french pedi &amp; mani near Outram Park. Cos I have appt at NDC for my teeth on Fri at 8.00am should be till about 10am. Then I meeting someone at 2pm, don't know what to do for the period of time.

Hi Renee,
Yap, very excited &amp; looking forward. Will try take some pics to email you gals..


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Hi Jennifer,
The Perfect Wedding is Shangri-La hotel's new wedding store. It has wedding favours, table settings etc and showcases them in a store at the hotel itself. Don't know if they sell their favours to couples who do not hold their dinner at Shang. U can try calling them to ask. Hope this helps ;)


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Hi Anne

My GDL's going to be very simple. Only my FH coming to send the stuff over, no relatives fr his &amp; my side..

Cards def send out earlier, if not too many things to handle at the same time. My GDL only 2 weeks before AD, so it wld be too late to send/distribute then

Hi MissWho

Q2: Cakes only 1 box per family of relative. Again this varies fr family custom to family custom &amp; dialect group.

Q4: Pig is def carried by brothers.. Too heavy &amp; messy for the jie meis

Q5: My mum choppped up the roast pig herself during my sister's wedding.


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hi Anne,
if your date is given by a geomancer, then your GDL date will also be provided.
if you selected your own date, and not "pan tung" at all, then GDL is roughly between 1 week to 2 weeks before AD.


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Harlo PPP, just a recap for you. Below is the list of our dates and venue.
Maybe you can add on your BS......

DATE: 12/11/05


DATE: 18/09/2005

DATE: 24/11/05
BS: -

BS: Divine Couture
Venue: Intercontinental

Date:19th AD &amp; 20th Dinner
BS: Whitelink
Venue:Traders Hotel

Date:26/11/05 AD 27/11/05 dinner
BS: Silverlining
Venue: The Shangri-La

Venue: Rest88

Um PPP, i haven decided on what wedding favour to give out yet.....coz i dun really like the wedding favours that's available for my hotel. Want something more meaningful that my guests can keep.


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hi gals

when r u all planning to give invitations? was thinking one month before AD but not sure whether too early or too late. any comments?


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wah chanol finally you appear hehhee.... next week is my PS with Watashi (I think, hope i did not blur again) hehehe.

watashi, thanks for the checklist in advance!! I dont have long nails leh, i keep short nails all the time.

Just finish lunchie...


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Normally according to Chinese customs, the invites for close relatives are given out during the GDL. And, GDL is one week before the wedding (Chinese give the reason that they are afraid their relatives forget, misplace the card etc etc).
But, according to western culture they normally give out the invites 1 to 2 months before the actual day.
Since we are mainly chinese with some western influences, its up to u to decide. For me, I am doing everything early cos I wont be around when the date arrives for GDL.
I hope this answers your question, starmoon.


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gd noon everyone!

chocolate n deardear,
when u walk ard chinatown..got many shop selling..but i pak jiao..never go notice until i saw it infront of me..like it so buy it..at 1st the lady sell mi at 25buck..i ask for discount..she say 23..i ONZ..but later when walk to the market there..saw them selling at 18buck ONLY..n i suppose u can bargain as well! --"

little ger..
woo ur vs pyjamas is for the morning or nite (after dinner =p) de?
fwah..this thread de bride to be all small small size de sia..not like mi a BIG BIG size one..

it better to prepare everything 1st..den relax


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no lah.. this thread is for all not just for small small size de...

one of them is for the nite before AD.... the other one is for AD morning.. to be worn when doing the makeup .. it is the kind that has buttons at the front..


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you mean change the geomancer? anyway, i think i might skip him for the GDL also, he always so busy to entertain me. I rather see my own "Tong Shu"..


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my geomancer is within my parents' new house feng shui package.. maybe like that he a bit not concerned. must call him then got reply.


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hi hi mikmik..
yap, usually the matt gold stamping is more expensive as the feel is diff &amp; i think the foil cost more..that's why..but the after effect is very nice...

hi hi misswho..
i think it depends on the ji-guan of the bride &amp; groom..pls correct me if i m wrong..i guess not everyone will practise the samething.."mei po" can be ur FH's aunt too..for some pple, negotiation usually take place when both side of the parents meet &amp; then the "mei-po" acts as middleman..also during the day of the GDL &amp; the day when groom come to yin-jie the bride..as for the xi bing, it depends on what else the bride's family ask for, usually if bride's family ask for no of tables from groom, the xi bing will be slightly lesser..like what mikmik suggested, 2 boxes to close relatives &amp; 1 box to close friends of parents..but they are also some families that practised 1 box only to close relatives..others no need..regards to Q3, it really depends on each ji-guan as diff ji-guan has diff practise..for what i understand about roast pig, when given to the bride's family, the roast pig 's head &amp; tail/bum must be chopped very carefully &amp; after which arranged nicely in the "same" layout with the oranges filled up like the body of the roast pig, i m not sure abt engaging a butcher for chopping the roast pig, i guess it will be best if u can check with the person u r buying the roast pig from..r u a pure cantonese?


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hello everyone.. good aftnoon,

me too juz woke up.. hehehehe caitlyn you call my SIL ya can la say my BIG BIG name sure can get discount one.. she is my wedding MUA, my bride maid and also my image consultants.. hehehehe!! u dun have to worry cos she is trained in the US.. lived i think 5 yrs there LA worked with the hollywood ppl.. cool rite? wish we were in good term then oh well, only got closer when i married her bro..


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hi escapegal, ok, thanks for letting me know the cost. Prepared to bargain!
I think they were selling the same thing at MBK bangkok starting price about S$20...so not too much cheaper.


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all those who wan to do manicure and pedicure, ok you wan good ones this is the no to call 67347527 itz call bellissima Nails.. looks for layla or mass to do your nails..

this one cannot mention my big big name cos they dunno me.. juz been there afew times to do my nails which i think they are really good.. very details.. my best friend goes there that is how i noe abt it.. she is not a very easy costumer to serve but the girls there are very nice and patience..


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Hi wendy,

I'm a cantonese n my HB is also a cantonese. The roast pig issue ...ya my mum wants the butcher to chop n arranged the pig nicely with all the things stufffed into the pig...but ILs find it ridculous lor...**sigh**


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hi touraco, send in the things? I filled up the forms in the airport and submit it directly, actually can claim cash but I didn't want to Q up and also didn't want refund in pound so ask them to credit back to credit cards a/c.

hihi chattx, welcome back
we all graduated..hahahahahaha

hi jelly, yes I went for the wine tasting, can call them fix appt for it, even on wkends. the $17 type got 'body', taste stronger. think icy also order this type and ger must have chosen it as well


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Hi Wendy &amp; misswho

Oh my, for a roast pig tt's rather particular ah...Gd grief!

Thank goodness my mother &amp; ILs are chin chai on this..

Hi Starmoon,

I'm intending to send out starting 1.5mths away fr AD, latest deadline is 1mth away fr AD. My guest list is huge, so gotta portion accordingly, &amp; delegating ppl to help chase for RSVPs

My relatives &amp; FH's relatives are easy to handle. No distant relatives, except a few on his side, which MIL wld gao dim..

Earlier is better, gotta keep in mind tt ur banquet's expecting u to confirm no. of tables between 1-2 weeks fr big day.


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caitlyn, why don't you bring all the leftovers u have when we next meet? hee... i haven't really tot about the corsage yet....but after seeing the pics, i start to think how to do liao....

my ROM is in mid Nov. Most likely to be at the Registrar itself i think. Have not gone down to little Bali yet cos cancelled the last week. Will try to go tomorrow. Of the the invitation is open to you all but i scared you all will be busy with your own wedding preparations leh.... but we can always have a hen's night out together!


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Thanks cute miffy

mine BS is at JB-Ivory romance.

That means u will provide two WF for your guests...if I were your guest, I would be very happy receiving two!.


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little ger..
is there a need to wear so many set b4 AD?
y dun save 1 for the AD nite? keke

i think bkk de weekend market sell much cheaper bah..i'm sux at bargaining..this kinda job i left it for my hubby to do..but den dat day i din bring him along when i go shopping.

anyway..i see the bathrobe some in many colors~ u can slowly choose! keke


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hi hi anne..
whc geomancer did u consulted? seems like he's very busy, care to share with me? or u 1 2 use another geomancer? i can recommend to u the master i went to consult him..


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hi hi mehmeh &amp; misswho..
actually it's really not very nice on the roast pig issue..really..must really handle with care..bcoz if u didnt chopped properly, it's not very gd also, plus must return to the groom side so must be "arranged/decorated" nicely lor..that's why it's really very particular...


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Yup, I agree to send out invites earlier is better; but really depends on ur parents and FILs.
Yup, Anne, if u want, I can also provide u the uncle I went to.


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hi smiley and mehmeh

thanx for your advice. Prob let FH read your notes and ask him to decide. both of us sometimes very chiat lat wan cos both very chin cai so in the end i push to him and he push it back to me to decide. haiz....if no choice, ask parents to decide liao. *sang nao jin*


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decimal, I quickly went to see my mail, replied u liao. paisay har, I very true in my comments one har....Velazo is a ali ba ba, can tell a lot when see pix..heheheh..better than no comments rite..hehehehe...I very eng lah but got no interest in webpage design=P..kekekekeke..


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Hi Wendy

Really so ma fan ah? I think if my mum didn't ask me to do anything, she shd know how to.. Even if she doesn't, I've got enough aunts with their mountains-full of instructions to "drown" her in

Hi Starmoon

Prob think right now, you can focus on consolidating the addresses of those u need to mail the cards out. At least get it out of the way, so when u finally get the cards, it wld be an easier task.

If u've got enthusiastic gd galfrens or cousins or colleagues and have volunteered to help in any way + have gd handwriting, get them to help u on this. Makes ur life easier..


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hi blursotong...we havent really finalised yet, but prob taking the private suite at ROM there..
how abt u? u have any timing to adhere to??

quite a pity they dun allow solemnisations on Sats


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hi hi sweet..
i understand that the cakes starts from $6.20 each..actually we just got to realise that bcoz the cakes can only store for 4 days upon collection of the cakes &amp; diff brides have diff dates for the GDL &amp; we dun think bengawan solo allow us to seperate the delivery dates bcoz all their delivery is to one location only..when will u be having ur GDL? mine is on mid-autumn festival itself..wat do u think?


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velazo... you sound like you have said smthg bad like that.... haha... haiya, I cannot see your email ley, must wait awhile again...


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hi hi mehmeh..
ya lor, i just find that the customs itself will be soo messy &amp; confusing enough for us..so i guess it's better for ur aunts or PIL's side to settle it, i think most impt thing is to be chin chai bcoz all these co-ordination isnt easy + i m trying to minimise the possible fiction betw my inlaws &amp; my parents b4 they meet up to discuss in details abt such issues..it's really very scary leh...stressss...