(2005) Brides of year 2005


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Hi gals,

I had such a fun time for my photoshoot today.. but quite tiring at the end of the session.. Thank God that my prayer was answered! the weather was fine and cooling, no rain at all! Hope the pics will turn out well!

Hi Wendy,

I'll be getting my keys only in June. But will probably only start renovation in July... We'll definitely have a chance to meet up

Hi Helen,

My MUA did the curls FOC on my photoshoot, but she said will have to pay if I want it done on the AD.

Hi Vivi,

I am excited to know the outcome of your photos, do share with us ok!


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hi i-bless_u
i am oso getting technical savvy fren to work wif hotel crew. oso i am doing rehearsal as well to minimise prob.


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mine per table is for 12.. think my frens i got one table not filled yet.... may mix with my FH's frens to make it 12. we got 4 really big table which can sit 14!


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the "young boy" I was toking about is already er.....25...hahahaa....my cousin from malaysia.... no choice lah...i have no younger brothers....my nephew too young.... 3 years old only....think he wun know what is happening....so cannot ask him....


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yo zoe... okie will remind u again on the 26/05.. tks tks...

yo sierra... yap yap.. on the 27/05 lor...

yo josl... yap cant decided gog back on mon to choose again... kekeke... hmm... wow got cd back liao hur... extract some and let us see lah... kekeke


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Can I ask what are u gals going to ask your jie meis to do for u? there are so many of them, I find it difficult to allocate tasks.


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sk2 - guess u must be really lost nowadays.. must be super busy.. yup, we trying to arrange another outing. but now still yet to cfm i believe.. waiting for highness to take over the coordinating.. hehe.. have u gone to design ur gowns with TC yet? my gowns not even ready for 1st fitting yet.. =(


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mei: Wow...that is very good!
My hotel got new theme...so i last minute change new theme,only seen the pics that my hotel co-ordinator send me,hopefully is nice! Hahaha!


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yo gers!

so busy recently....no time to check our the forum n my emails!!....

am still waiting for BS to call me to view the PS pics.....

Sierra, the gathering still on...

Sept 2005 Brides Gathering
Date : 27 May '05 (Friday)
Venue : Whats the restaurant's name jelly recommended??
Time : 7pm

Confirm Attendants :
1) Janice
2) sierra
3) Zoeanne
4) Widowwitch
5) Seval

hope i didnt leave anyone out....anyway if u still interested in the gathering...just add urself in this list


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Hi Esther,
It must be fun for your PS!
Oh yes your AD is with O Studio? Did you take the in house photographers or the main guy? Gog to see them later. Where is your new home??


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Hi all, seems like you all almost in the final stage of planning liao.. I am still stuck in my guests list preparation and some other minor minor stuffs.

I just got a bad news from my jiemei, 2 of them can't be my jiemei and can't attend my wedding dinner. I am so sad. I have booked them long long time ago and they promised me will be there. But... now I got to look for someone else.

Any idea where to buy nice ang bao box or nice wrapper? I can't find any nice box or wrapper for my ang bao box. Please help.

Hi Joyce, care to share your pics? [email protected]. Thanks.


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i've also sent mine to u liao.
ur hb and u look very young ..and very fu qi xiang..:p

we'll be going to korea ... how abt ya?


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M a newbies to SB thread here,my AD Sept'2005 Bride TOO!Same as Zoeanne ..Have done my PS liao, Food tasting also done liao.. now getting ready for printing cards...

Ladies, when would u be distributing your invitation cards? If is a month before AD, is a Ghost Festival Month (7th month lunar)I believe no one distribute in that month.. if is ywo weeks before the AD, is it too late..Any advise??? THANKS alot


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Saw in Popular bookstore they sell chinese "Xi" wrapper in red, quite nice. My friends recommended me Wedding gift shop at Delfi and dream weavers for ang pow box, but i not yet check out.


Hi gals. Wah, the thread is really moving fast. Read till eyes crossed

Hi joyce, you took JB package too
I have been to Inspiration to see see look look. Not bad too. How many did you top up altogether? Can I see your pics too
[email protected]

Hi bottle and serene, I sent your the link to my pics liao.

Hi bottle, don't be sad. I also "lost" 2 of my jie meis, another says she may not be able to come (not confirmed) I was initially quite upset cos' also told them long long ago and they were very enthusiatic abt helping out but now that the wedding is so close, they withdrew
But I got over it liao. I managed to find 2 more replacements. I told them frankly that some of my other jie meis withdrew and they say no prob if I need their help. You can really see who are the frens in need now.

I bought my angbao box paper from Art Friend and Saga City at BrasBesar. A shiny red one for the first layer and a gauzy maroon colour one with gold patterns for the second layer so that it don't look so obviously hand-packaged. But I now have problem tying ribbons. My ribbons looks yucks. Anyone has advice on how to tie ribbons properly?

My angbaos for jie meis are as follows:
Gatecrashing - max $388
Parents Angbao - $28 each
PIL Angbao - $28 each

Each jie mei will get abt $88.

Dunno abt xiong di though. Car opening also $28 for my little cousin

MUA & Photographer & videographer $28 each. Driver $68 (just to drive cos' using my Dad's car)


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We'll keep our fingers crossed for you! You still may get lucky and be able to find a hotel or restaurant for a weekend celebration in Nov. If you guys are not particular, weekdays could be a good alternative. You may want to help move things along by checking with coordinators at hotels before your parents and future PIL meet. That way, you will all have some idea of how you may want to plan the celebration. Seriously though, time is running out.


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hi bottle,
depending on wat type of wrapper u wan..i saw one heart shape angbao box at a flower shop n it costs $48....but i tink itz very x....itz actually imported fm BBK.....
if u r interested u let me noe....


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Hi d_woof, wah..so expensive ah..don't wanna spend so much just on the ang bao box leh..

Hi Sharlene, where is the exact location of the wedding gift shop at Delfi and dream weavers?

Hi tougei, you are so pretty! Nice PS photos. Thanks for sharing. I like your sexy wedding gown. :p BTW, where is this place - Art Friend and Saga City at BrasBesar? Got address?

Thanks ya!


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Hi Jac,
Im going to distribute end july for friends and for relatives will be 1 week b4 my AD...which is juz nice the end of lunar 7th month. :p
BTW welcome in too...


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hi Jac..


Hmm, coz I am a 3 Sept bride, so I figure I wld distribute mid-end July. I don't follow the almanac, so I'm not too sure if I am distributing during the Hungry Ghost Month. Sure hope I'm not, coz got some relatives who are pantang..

Alot does depend if you believe, your parents & in-laws mind anot. If not, I think whenever you are comfy with. Afterall, you can still inform thru word of mouth 1st, esp to your friends & immediate relatives & then send out the cards at a later date. The card is more of a piece of info becoz of the time & venue details..

Hope this helps


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Hi cute,
yeah, think of that, it's quite a lot of things to prepare but till now have not done anything. just waiting for my PS only. yup, u are right, mostly seating arrangment for relatives are all located near the VIP tables.

Thanks for the answering the doubts and sharing yr views.

Hi June,
how's come u have not decide where to hold yr bangquet yet huh?tot normally, PS will be taken ard 4-6 mths before the wedding cermonery. if u want to hold banquet during the popular month like Sept, Nov and Dec, most of the dates are already taken. maybe they are still left weekdays. yeah, like what jenny has said, do it soon, time is running out. For Nov brides, we only have 6 more mths to go.Like what cute has said too, not only hotel, country club and club house are also booked.that's why I give up my idea wedding venue as l could not booked the date l wanted.

we also did not go to those fengshui master to look at the date, we just see those tear away calendar and determine which is the good dates for marriage.
hi gals!

gosh...I fil that i've been gone for ages, coz so many posts to catch up....:p

looking pretty much like a panda now, coz not enuff slp o/seas, been out gallavanting....then come back sin 1001 things to do...

2mrw leaving for HK liao....just found out that hubby actually had quite a list of shopping for me to do...can die....:p but can't complain lor....coz he trust my taste
...looks like i wun be able to slp much for the next 8 days liao....PS wud be 2days after i back from HK....chelat....dunno how to hide those hideous eye-bags and dark eye rings...HELP!!!

there was a slight delay in WG collection, coz TY wanted to sew on more crystals, and the detail work all he do himself, so need a little more time. kinda rush 4 me lor, come back sin 15th, collection 16th, then 17th flying off for PS....

Kinda disaapointed with my EG though....got abit regret spending that kind of $ on it, coz it din exactly turn out the way i thot it wud be....then designer kinda not very receptive to too much changes for fear of "spoiling the EG the way it is meant to be"!
it was made kinda too big for me, he say i prob lost weight, but then gown doesn't seem to do very well with my body...i feel that i look kinda pregnant...
very sad...keep consoling myself that the final touches and alterations not done, after the alterations done, my EG shld be ok....but can't help feeling super-worried that it wud turn out still bad lor....i wud try to upload the pix onto the website b4 I leave for HK....then u gals wud noe what i mean....can't even bear the thought of using the EG even for PS...but $ spent liao...got to try to make the most out of it....aiyo....look so pregnant that i oso feel kinda shy to upload it! still contemplating...haiz...what a let down...

as for sending out the invites, me planning to collect the invites from hotel and send for printing by latest early june. Wud like to send out hopefully b4 june.....my AD 11th Sep, so not likely to be able to wait till hungry ghost's festival over then send....another thing to rush lor...

wud be popping in (hopefully) regularly to chk out ths thread, but for those who want to buy things from HK ( small items can??), do sms me the details....
pai seh...big items may not be able to liao, due to hubby's shopping list....
he last minute decided that his black shoes din go very well with his khaki suit, so want me to find shoes for him oso in hk...kinda a tight deadline, coz if I can't find in HK, come back sin may not have time to get liao! very headache....

gotta kip it short for now...u gals have a great weekend!

catch up wif u all soon! super looking forward to the gathering...thk by then wud be able to share ps photos wif u all!


can't access ur pix leh...


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What u mean by parents Ang bao and PIL ang bao? U mean u gv them? As for ur jei mei $88 each is inclusive of the gate crashing ang pow?

The wedding gift shop was told at level 3, as for dreamweaver, its at mellenia shopping mall opp last time DFS there at the first few shops.


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ya...lately things has nt been gd... in fact, i'm calling off the wedding...so will not be gg for any fitting or watever... it has been nice chatting with you n the rest of them here.. i would love to stay in touch nt jus for wedding issues...


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Hi all,
This is a new friend here in the forum.. and my name is Janice too.. : p am also a september bride.. keke...

Would like to seek help for car rental service, any cheap lobang to share for renting bridal car on the AD? seems that all shops are ready with their parang knife when they knew its for wedding.. : (


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Thanks Gin, Thanks Mehmeh...for your advise.. appreciated!

My AD on the 18th Sept'05...is it too late to distribute invitation after 7th Month?? It should be ard two weeks b4 AD..

Mehmeh, u be sending your invites to inform relative one month b4 .. so quite ok lor..

Gin.. so xian mu .. u can send out one week b4 the AD..Not sure if my MIL and mum mind or not ..
May be I will discuss with them to send out after the 15th of the Hungry Ghost Month.. If not, it will be a rush for us ..

As for friends, and colleagues .. should be ok..
Headache ....: (


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hi ww

the ghost festival will start on 5 august (thatz the first day of the lunar 7th month) so i think it shld be ok to send it out b4 july. but then again, it is up to you lor....some ppl like to send out earlier but for me, i think 1-2 months before is just nice, otherwise they may forget...just my own thots.

can i check when will u be going for the food tasting cos im not sure if we shd contact sharul or wait for him to contact us leh....oso do u know if they will help us decor the ballroom or do we tell them what we want? me quite confused abt that cos haven heard from sharul since signed up.
thx starmoon!

i kip forgetting when hungry ghost mth starts, so set an early deadline, coz my mum wud be super upset if i 4get and end up having to send the invites during that taboo mth....so now that u remind me, thk i wud work wif sending out during july, by the 3rd week....then request for rsvp latest by the 1st day after hungry ghost...coz sme relatives may be so pangtang that they may not give their rsvps even during the hg mth!
hiaz, looks like the week b4 AD gonna be super hectic....arranging seat plans and all.....

rgds to food tasting, thk i may try to arrange by end of june. I'll be back from PS by 22nd May, likely to call Sharul 4 an appt to discuss the details. i'm always an initiator, wud not wait for them to call....coz it may be a long wait, end up more things to stress and rush...I rather start early, get over and done wif, with a little hope that i may be able to shake a bit of leg b4 AD...:p

thk as for ballroom designs wud be done by them, likely the florist. u have a choice of woodsville or sir charles i thk....i likely to work wif woodsville, unless sir charles dun have to top up.....me intending to take whatever they give, but share my theme wif them, so that they can work ard my ideas...in fact, i have oredi cut out some magazine pix so show them roughly how I wud like the stage to be decorated. as for the floral arrangement, i wud oso work with the std flowers they give, but tell them how i like the flowers to be arranged. thk the std type of flowers shld be roses, gerberas, and orchids....i wanted to use other exotic flowers, but some may be seasonal, and most require top-up. got to watch the budget,so sticking to wat is avail then.

points to discuss wif Sharul wud be:

1. choice of menu.
2. date of tasting.
3. collection of invites to send for inlets for printing.
4. choosing of wedding favours (wud take watever that dun require top-up oso.)
5. flower arrangements and stage decor.
6. colour scheme( vip table set-up)/theme.
7. use of projectors/ arrange for trial use of equipment.
8. chk possibility of at least 1 rehersal (more for the screening of my montage and express highlights, to match compatibility of software with their equipment)

can't thk of more for now.....

i'm not sure who wud be allocated as my coordinator, but i feel more comfy wif Sharul, though Jenn is a fren's fren and I was recommended to work with her....but then again, i raher still wrk wif Sharul, that's y gonna call him for the appt, brief him my ideas, so that in the event that i'm allocated Jenn, I have a very valid reason to turn her down, stating that Sharul wud be more familiar wif what i want. I dun wanna upset any1...more so esp Jenn is a very good fren of a personal fren who oso works in RH....;p

p/s: heard reviews that Jenn can be quite blur....so i wud not leave it to chances.....Sharul appears more like a perfectionist, so wud ensure dat all goes well for us.


Hi gals.

Hi Sharlene, Oh I mean that the gatecrashing max is $388. I have 6 jie meis so each abt $50 plus. My parents and Hubby's parents will also give the jiemeis angbaos of $28 each. So altogether they will get ... oh not $88 (now use calculator), almost $100 in all. But it depends on their bargaining power at the gate heheh... This includes banquet duties eg. reception, accompanying me etc...

I been to Dreamweaver - very nice but very ex

hi bottle, Art Friend is at #3 of BrasBesah Complex (the building that sells alot of books, stationary etc) while Saga City is at #2.

I will be going to Malaysia for a short holiday tomolo. Will be back on Thurs. Sorry if I can't reply messages these few days


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WW - Who did you sign the contract with? I thought you hv to liase wif the coordinator that you signed up with?

I think both Jenn and Sharul have their pros and cons. I think Sharul is more experienced but he is hard to get and does not do follow up. Jenn is really quite blur from my experience with her. The problem with them is that they dun really fllw up. They seemed so uninterested in selling their venue. I think most people are just drawn to them and with nice locations and ballroom, they didn't bother to sell their ballrooms too agressively and service wise is just slightly above average. No personal touch at all. But if I get to choose again, tink I will choose Sharul.

As for flowers hor.. (other brides, pls pardon us for discussing this here. It's not too convenient at the Raffles Thread, esp things about the coordinator), think both Sir Charles and Woodsville shd b the same in term of the flowers tt they offer. Sir Charles shouldn't be more ex just becoz they are in the hotel. Sir Charles is under the hotel's management, their in house florist, so by right, they should be cheaper than outsourced florist. So far, I find that Sir Charles flw arrangemt is quite classy and nice. Woodswille is good with their garden theme. I went down to the hotel to see pepper bride's (one of the raffles brides) deco and I thought she had top ups for her arrangements but turns out that she didn't. The flowers were really full blooms and they are very generous with the flowers. She had hers fm Woodsville. But the only thing I didn't like was the freshness of the flowers, not sure if it's the weather at that time or what, the petals looks withered.

I took some pics, Stardom, if you are interested to see, I can send them to you.

WW - You want? I will send you when I get Stardom's address if she is interested.


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hi hi gals!

Dunno how much to give to jiemeis, xiong di etc....but came in and saw that ur guidelines, think i will gauge from there...thks!

yuki: saw ur pic in the forum front pg!


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SK2, u ok? take things easy.. if it's over wedding stuffs issues, juz close one eye.. gotta give n take.. impossible to please everyone.. cool down n give some serious thinking if he's the one u wanna spend the rest of ur life with.. wedding is just a ceremony which can be grand/eleborate or simple as it can be.. nothing can be too perfect..

no matter what decision u've come to, we all still luv u to be here.. *hugz*
here a lot sisters sayang u..

hope u can join us in the next outing..


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Hi gals

yesterday i went to select my pics liao
Very very happy as i like my photos alot.. alot are very well taken to my surprise. I was still mulling over the effects.. Though it is all samples and have not done any editing. I love it already.. chosen 104 pics out of 400plus photos.. top up 23 pics extra..spending additional SGD$500.. hee hee.. Manage to bargain out of my BS one more MTM WG for me and also more photoframes and more photos for me.. hee hee..

It is a real headache to choose pics. We use about 7 hrs to eliminate rounds n rounds of photos..Phews.. lucky i was able to get back all samples photos as well as all the photos on CD. If not, it will be real tough not to choose so many nice ones..

Janice n meh, same as you both, I was also being request to have my pics for their customer samples in their BS .. hee hee...gonna ask them what benefits i have :p

gals, need some advice from you.. as i now also got to MTM my WG n EG.. how do u tell the BS ppl what design , beside showing them magazines? What i need to prepare. U know JB BS la.. seem like no designer...all got to tell them what we like. i was so afraid that if MTM liao, the design dun suit me


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Hi Ning,

I had fun with my PS... i signed up with [O] studio, using Andy, the in-house photographer. Jaki is too expensive for me, not within my budget.. So u went to see them yesterday, how was it?
My new home is in Tampines, and i will be staying at the opposite block of Wendy's, my neighbour-to-be!


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Hi Zoeanne

Wow! 7 hours!! My goodness I wld have given up within 2 hours..
So all in all, how much did you spend? Please upload quickly (haha, just joking), eager to share your joy..

As for MTM ah, I scoured the web, especially www.brides.com, www.theknot.com.. Mainly the big names in gown designs, Vera Wang, Amsale, Monique Lhuillier, Melissa Sweet, Alvina Valenta, Kleinfield, Kenneth Pool. Hmm, alot depends on your preference. I like structured gowns, not so much the dreamy organza gowns. I think the best way to make sure MTM gown turns out gd is to MTM one that you're sure your BS is capable of. Don't try sthg so different so much so the designer is not used to & then you get disappointed with the end product.


I've seen the EG you were disappointed with. I think the colour is great & outstanding, but you might want to consider making it mermaid cut or with princess ?
I send you email with several pictures to help you with it.. Ur EG can be saved!

Hi gers

Just some updates on my PS pix. Due to the perfectionist me, I spotted some areas which I want further improved. So, the collection of the soft-copy is delayed till 21 May. Sorry folks, gotta wait till then..

Yest, I went to custom make my wedding bands at my friend's MIL's contact. Wow, compared to Fairy's Inc, the pair of bands are at half the price!! Really a steal, and becoz of it's low cost, I can even have some diamonds on them! Woohoo.. Best of all, they are able to replicate what my FH & I liked at Fairy's Inc. The only drawback is their lack of physical samples, but they do have plenty of magazines of jewellery designs to make reference to.. Yeah, one down & I can get them in 2 weeks time


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i like ur EG colour....nice....hmm...ya it looks abit big from the side.....but the front part nice .....dun worry....should be able to get it in time....acttually the EG fr Mel also nice...if not just ask the BS what they can do with that pcs from Mel??

BTW, i like ur SDJ set...how much does that cost??

Zoe....7 hours????....i only spent 2 hours n my eyes so tired liao leh.....hands up to u....

hmm....that time i show the designer what kind of design n style i like from mag cuttings...n then i try on the type of gowns suitable for my body type (but i think u should know what kind of gowns suit u by now)....then from there...the designer sketches out some designs......from there i just discuss with her on the details or any improvements....like what i will like to have fr the gowns she design etc.....


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Hi Gals

Juz wondering does yr MUA charge u for extra $$ to go to hotel or yr hse for make-up?

btw, r we meeting up before the wedding?

Hi Genie
Heehehhe... u can recognise me?