(2005) Brides of year 2005


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hi tratties,
welcome to this thread. do feel free to ask anything, we'll try to share our experiences with u


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hi ladies, I was trying out the photo montage program, the best so far, is Pinnacle Studio. You can download from cnet or download.com. i got a trial version of CD from SIm Lim last week.

Very simple to use.

And FINALLY i got all the songs i want already!! hehehehe

This is still not in order of preference.

Tonight i celebrate my love for you
Ming Tian Wo Yao Jia Gei Ni Le-Emil Chau
Sometimes when we touch-Emil Chau
How deep is your love-Emil Chau
Jia-Kit Chan
Light of my life- Lee Hon
I have a dream -Mamamia
I do I do I do-Mamamamia
Zhi Shao Hai You Ni-Piano version
Xin Dong - piano version
SHE - Yi Qi Kai Shi De Lu Cheng
Su Yong Kang & Kit Chan - Ai De Zheng Hao
Sun Yan Zi - Yi Qi Zou Guo
Sun Yan Zi Yu Jian
Turn Left Turn Right - The Kiss (Nice but short)

some titles from Wu Ying Liang Pin too hehee but not sure of song names as got from my colleague...


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hi hi gin..
oic..thks for sharing with us..

hi hi jelly...
i will post it out when i hear anything from my friends..dun worry, cheers~

hi hi mehmeh...
ya, my coordinator didnt ask me to bring camera along, ok, i will bring the camera when i go down for the PS, thks for the reminder..as for the PS, i m not sure yet, hvnt really thot of any venues yet...actually i also dun 1 it to be like those common venues that most couple will go for the PS...i cant remember but one of the bride-to-be actually suggested i go to tanglin rd those english buildings & i thot it's seems to be unique but i m actually not very familiar with any other unique venue/sites locally..see hoe things goes then...the best part is i dun even have any color theme that i wanted for the wedding, duno how to plan too..


Hi Shalene

oh is it? Most probably will take the pills since so likely to kena. No lar, I called my Family doctor and asked. Are you taking the pills as well?

DId you get the pink cymbidium or white one? What will you have for your AD bouquet?

Hi ying, yar lor. Sian. Don't know how to replace also cos' some frens not really that close so abit "meaningless" and paisei to ask.


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Agreed, if they last min pull out even worst!! Difficult to get replacement then....

U mentioned that pills to take for 3 wks immediately after menses, then what abt after 3 wks? Once we stop will the menses come like other pills?

I had a purple and white Cymbidium orchid for hair with my EG for PS previously, as for AD bouquet, not yet discuss as only meeting the florist 1 wk prior to AD. Thinking of Peonies, Eustomas etc...but also want flurry flurry flowers leh.....Sigh, can't hv best of both world.


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Hi Tratties....

Welcome... welcome...
The brides here are all very helpful do please feel free to ask about anything and everything


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But if my mum only gv the photographer and MUA $10 or $12 each, will it be too little if we dun gv?

Cookie's gal,
Ur final fit so late ah, will it be intime to alter coz sure lose weight. My final fit will be 2 wks prior to gown collection, which is 2.5 wks away from my wedding.


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caityln, yeap yeap, for those which you want and listed here, can PM me, then i send it to you. er hope i wont be caught with violating laws heheeh


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Hi Angela, Vivi, Chris and Pjen,

Since I have ur hp no, I have smsed u guys a sms which you can enjoy additional 10% at OZOC! Happy shopping over the weekend!


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Hi Furry,

hehe.. u told pat that? sometimes i do that too and Pat will laugh at me.. hehe, we must have look so stupid to him.. hahaha...can tell Pat my hubby's name and he should know who i am.. coz my husband shares the same name as Jordan.. anyway, will pm u my name... u oso let me know your name, ok?

hey, my slit also in front leh... seems like we got similar design? we should really share pics of our gowns.. kekeke...

Hi Angela,

I agree with Furry leh.. guess a round table will be easier to talk..

u certainly dun look anywhere close to the big 3 leh....


really appreciate u for sharing ur multiply site with us....me no slim like u lor....on the big-boned side, those that put on weight easily can shows almost immediately....not chio lah...they exaggerate, keke, when i show u pix then u noe what i mean lor...

btw, tell u something, hope u dun mind leh....I like ur blog alot, then there i saw a sign in option, and ur blog inspired me alot to do 1 on my own, so i sign up for an a/c with multiply....spent the whole nite and whole of this morning and created something like what u have leh...it's really user-friendly lor, then I dunno how else to create a blog lke urs...hope u can yuan liang this copycat!:p


I too excited, keep thking of creating my own website last nite....so by trial and error, replicated mehmeh's....:p thx aniwae, may chk that out and do a family blog with that instead.


dun make me so pai seh leh....i'll feel very bad if u all have to fit me in....the thing is May my scheduled quite full, so not much options....I likely to be free oni 27th, if u guys looking for a friday after work....8-15th not in sin, 17th flying to Paris for PS back 22nd,then back to work 23rd...mayb 27th confrm free...got quite a few standbys in btw, so kinda difficult lor....dun want bcoz of me mah....u all can go ahead i try to make arrangements and change away the flts to make it if I can lor....fairer to go by majority, if not I very nei4 jiu4...


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Hi Furry,

U did not activate your private message... err... do u still have the email i sent to u previously? If so, my name should be reflected in the email...


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Hilo Yen & Furry,

We all have similar designs. He suggested same here. Is it so tat pple will recognise us as TWP brides on our AD, haha. I think he wants us to be sexy!


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hi ning,

really? your designs also similar? haha.. maybe this is the latest design by TWP... hehehe... I told Pat I want something more sexy as the back design and he said that usually girls who look very 'guai' (i.e. decent) will request sexy designs.. maybe we look very 'guai', so he design more sexy ones for us..?? hahaha...


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Hi Jazze,

I have paid in full when I collected my gowns for the photo shoot..in fact the EG and teadress are already sitting in my cupboard now
.. FS hotel is quite inflexible in waiving the corkage charges so after calculating, it seems more worthwhile to get it from the hotel directly..anyway..we are too lazy to source around..

You r down with flu during your PS? must be a tough day for u.. dun worry..u can always tell the studio to touch up on the photos..


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dun go eb lah... how much is ur budget? there is a few from tp quite gd and price starts from $2988 onwards... if u r staying at west, try popular studio, tp u try emanuel, if u have the $$ go for ala carte like tc... to me ps very impt.. eb is nt up to my standard too...jus tat i'm stuck in a way no got to lower my standard

i shd be fine.. count me in can...let me knw wat to do???


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I got new info on HK the one my gf say for wholesale selling designer dresses at low
prices but without tags are in Pedder Building, Central (It is just above Shanghai Tang and next a the Central MTR station). The one she like to go to is on the 4/F shop, but there are a few other on the same floor and on the other floor. It is a 7 storey building and there aren't too many shops on one floor so can just go into each shop and see.


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Hi Cute,

We have the same AD!!

Hi Jenny,

26 Nov is sure a very popular date. Had a hard time booking photographers and venues!


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guys all of you must be really excited...want to "chu1 jia4" !!!

my AD is next fri and I am so EXCITED!!!

I just got my guestbook from card n such and gg for my teeth polish, facial and body scrub next week...

also verli panda lor...


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the comments on your website are verli funni.... hope you have had a good time taking those pic... who is ur photographer?


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I saw ur multiply site last nite. Only had 2 of ur ROM pix, and already they show me how chio u are.. Hahah, no need to pai seh one.

No worries about using it.. Afterall I am not the 'inventor'.. Heheeh, no time to build a website from scratch, so must work smart lor

I go check urs out again! Surely u must have worked hard on it last nite & this morning. Heyhey, u shd be resting!!


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berry, very tough to ans ur question lei, but mi colleague who is a bit bak bak type and she's very short so wearing a bustier gown. but i thk u got to try and see how the gowns look. i thk should show off instead of covering up as i thk it looks better.

wah...winnie, u really move so fast! choose most of ur songs liao! so are they only the ones to choose for the montage or to play during the dinner too?


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Hmm, if you like contemporary looks, then I think there's a nice bridge behind Indoor Stadium. Quite nice, and the Kallang River area does look nice in the evening too..

If you dun want run-of-the-mill pix, shd avoid Fullerton & Sentosa. Sentosa is still permissible lah, just not tt 'church', 'hai zi shu' bench & the swing. U wld noe what I mean if you go browse ard most BSs albums. There r more interesting places in Sentosa, I think there's this place shown in the most recent Style magazine. Go browse tt for some ideas?

I initially wanted to use SAM as one of the outdoor venues, but changed to ACM. SAM is beautiful! Can consider & they are very willing to let you take pix there.


SAM's corridor

Here's a URL to one of my fav PG's website. He's too pricey, but he has gd pix.Check out Jodie Koh's album. Nice spot at East Coast

Where's ur banquet venue? There's a bride fr Regent hotel, and she tooked pix there. Service fr her coordinator was gd. Another YC bride's banquet venue at Four Seasons, she also took her outdoor there. Most importantly, there's air con!!

If u want beach shots, try Changi Boardwalk.. Beautiful & has a very romantic look, as compared to Sentosa's beach.. U can even make use of the colonial buildings near the beach to take pix. Saw my fren's Beetles @ Work album taken there, quite recommended.

There's an interesting place in ChinaSquare. It's actually a Starbucks (or Spinelli's) cafe, nice deco & ambience. Around tt area, some couples take at the temple etc..

Got ideas oredi? I think I'm still having ideas sprewing out!! Shall not flood this place on PS locations anymore

thx for all ur sharing....somehow feel like I stealing ur idea lor.... but thx 4 being so understanding....

I'm feeling much better now, esp stay at home, dun have to subject myself to the hot sun....thk the sun was what got me sick.
...esp when I go out, in and out of a/c room while shopping, so sick....

had quite a good rest last night, more energetic 2day. at least the framework of the website done, wud slowly work on filling up the details, trying to recall how did we started planning this wedding.....

where got chio? thk u more chio! u look gd in everything u wear leh...4 me...oni certain styles suit me, I can oni say that I do noe how to hide my flaws, that's y u all oni see the nice side....

do feel free to chk it out....and give me ur feedbacks and comments.I kinda updated it and included my 1st wg fitting pix in it....there u wud see the less make-up and shack face me, so u noe that in reality, I'm just a plain jane w/o all those make-up!:p

gals of SB0905 group,

u got mail!!! pix not very nicely taken, some blurry, coz hubby not very sure how to use the digital camera....


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Hey WW

Dropped by ur multiply site.. Wah, ur FH took alot of ur gown fitting. But take more also gd idea, coz these are fond memories mah. Hahah, u gotta get him to work on his photography skill.. If not u look so pretty ah, but then cannot capture leh. U're pretty even with less make-up, very sweet looking. What's ur height ah? to die for man.

The Tan Yoong gown really shows how gd TY is, now waiting to see your Kai EG. U will def look like an angel, especially with the 'wings' at the back, make-up & a nice tiara that is put on slightly skewed. Can just imagine the whole look! How much did you spend on the WG?

Hmm I am chio? hahah, coz got make-up also. My skin no gd one, so close-up pix must be touched up with alot of photoshop!!


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sorry gals....sala sala...i look at the wrong dates lah....hehehe....meant to put it on any fri....so sorry for the confusion....

ok here it goes again:..............

Sept 2005 Brides Gathering
Date : 13, 20 or 27 May '05 (Friday)
Venue : Plaza Singapore?????
Time : 7pm

Confirm Attendants :
1) Janice
2) sierra
3) Zoeanne

its ok one....if u can come then just join us...anyway i think we will still have gathering.

how come i no receive any mail leh...
pix pix pix!!!

glad u found the shop.
...u very you xing hor....go down n find the shop for so many times....paiseh...never tell u exactly where the shop is.....

sorry gals....i m lost....what website??...mehmeh's one???i also wan see

hey hey....how to do the website??.....share share lah.....i very slow in all this one leh......if u ask me to create an atomic bomb then i very fast....ask me to create website...aiyo...sang nao jing wor!

aiyah......both meh meh n Tan sama sama... chio ger...the rest of the gers here also pretty pretty.

ok gals.....got to take care.....n esp u Tan....drink plenty of water....seems like u not been in gd health lately....take more vit C


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SK2...thanks.. actually my budget is below 3.3k... dunno where to start... and there's so many BS ard.. will go Tp c c..but c more will confuse or not?
pierced..thanks..will try on and see how..i think i v headache oredi..these few nights keep having nightmares...


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receive ur mail......


ur website very nice with all the little little stories...gona read them all when there's time......hope i can do something similiar!


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hey WW,
cos i'm short, somemore kiddy face mah.

mail? i didn't get leh. maybe cos my mailbox is full. can send again? [email protected]

hey janice,
no lah, actually i got hooked onto making my own necklace and earrings. today brought my colleague there. she bought some pearls too. and i offered to help her make...


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if ur budget is 3.3k make sure when anyone quote u the price, it muz b nett.. eb's package is excluding gst, so after gst is 3347 for 3188 package.. they have lower package like 2.9K but neg watever u can b4 u sign.. u can try to walk off they will throw in to retain u... hahahah.. make sure u very comfortable with eb or like their gowns.. dun see too much lah.. will confuse urself.. try popular studio, package is reasonable n my gf was very hapi.. u shd go to their thread to take a look.. u mus be comfortable with everythg bcos all are impt.. gown, groom suit, ps etc...b very careful with all hidden cost especially those u go at tp...


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noscon: WOW still T-polishing sia.....hahhahaha!
Must bleach anot? :p :p

Hey Jolene, GDL everything go smoothly but I 4got to take PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So all those yet to GDL, pls remember to TAKE PHOTO OR VIDEO!!!


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hi jazze n vivian,
thanx for ur recommendation...tink will get the corsages fm carol....

hey gers,
will be gng for my selection of EG next wk......izzit too late?
so haf u gers send out invitation card.....itz almost abt 4wks away fmm my AD liao....kind of panic


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HI tan
Saw it.. really very nice website..
I also ask mehmeh about it this morning.
Your Tan Yoong gown is definitely NICE.. and u are so pretty.. the gown train looks very nice and the whole gown bring the whole you out... so grand..Be careful hor, u go Paris for PS, dun dirty it.. I like the back cutting....u are simply " MI SI REN LE"... lucky i m not a guy, if not ur hubby no chance ah :p...kekekekek

Meh Meh and Tan
PLEASE FORGIVE ME TOO. I ALSO WANNA BE THE COPYCAT .. i also intend to use this blog leh. Like what mehmeh said, its too troublesome to start the website from scratch. I dun like to use frontpage n dreamweaver la... Thanks meh meh for sharing with us.. Hope you dun mind me and Tan using this as our wedding website too..

HI gals
I dun mind on the 27th May. Hope Tan can join us la...

I feel so paiseh. I do not have a perfect gown i want, dun have gown that "WOW" myself, my EG not made yet... my pics also not so perfect...
nvm la...Overall average...
, U gals, make me so envy