(2005) Brides of year 2005


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i can't remember leh.. coz i only heard it once.... but i guess i gotta get the CDs from you again
u got how many version??????????? think u can open CD shop liao


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SK2, i agree with Chanol that you have nice shoulders...I think bustier looks good on you and yeah, the mermaid cut looks good on you too (the side view one)....


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thanks. i tried tat but dun like..hehehe

chanol, daphne,
hahahaha.. i only wan to see gown.. told my fh who is a lousy pg to make sure gown can be seen.. and tis is his masterpiece lor... i was teasing him, din knw his skill so lousy.. hahahaha.. i reali dun knw my skill colour.. bcos i tot i'm tanned but my cllg say i fair.. but the pics are dark than actual for sure..


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Yes i dun have to postphone my date. yippee....

Hey Serene Phoon Chien Yin (serene_lau),

iz possible for u to feed me w more info before i update the table on this thread. thanks.

I m kinda tied w work after I came back fr my trip.

I m not to sure if my suit is slighty ex or not cos we got a beri gd deal for price of S$450/-.....
meh meh,

if not too troublesome, can i get the address and contact from u? though many suggested go to far east plaza to get my CS altered, but not sure whch 1 good......afraid do wrongly end up point of no return....saw from the post that ur seamstress's workmanship like not bad...thk can try.....kekeke....no wirry if no gd me wun blame u 1.....


din noe ms J that blur....like that i thk safer to start early, discount a bit and give time and room to reticfy any possible errors...


u take ur time, decide liao then tell me...no worries.....wkend usually if I can help it I try to stay at home 1....so just gimme a buzz if u want to come and see the shoes....


unfortunately, the flower is singlely sold....doesn't come in a pkt. I paid hk$15 for each flower, that's abt $3.50 per flower lor....seems kinda not dat cheap lah....but maybe in sin there are places that may sell similar stuff for less, or in bulk....even at the end of the purchase, I tried bargaining, she oso nvr give me disc leh.....they say this kinda things they dun earn much,and it's consider very cheap liao....so i just take the price as such....the flowers actually they sell meant for hair-do 1...it's for the brides to stick in their hair to match their hand-bouquet...


can.....me in SGP thur,fri and sat....we can arrange a time to meet lor.....let u noe my schedule, then u see which day comvenient for u....me thur morning touch-down,afternoon 4pm appt with hairdresser @yishun northpoint.(may have dinner appt bt no confirm yet) fri noon gg to marriots to see my SDJ designer,then 3pm meeting EG designer for measurement. after that likely to head home coz MUA coming to my house to do trial make-up and hair-do......sat i shld be at home whole day....me stay near buangkok...if u like, we can meet yum cha oso ard the area.....my shoes size 37, thk that's abt 6 1/2 or 7.

as for corsage,me still at experimenting stage....got the design liao, but haven't really figured out how to attach the ribbon for the wrist corsage and how to attach the safety pin for the butonnieres.


thx for the extra info.....next few days in SGP i off gg to try squeeze some time to chk those places out! u gals have been most helpful....


that's very nice of ur hotel....thk it's quite a good deal...afterall, invite from hotel no originality, not personal, and they dun cost much.....getting the cake is a very good deal....then at least u can get them to do it in a way that match ur colour scheme or theme for the nite....
happy for u....hope by the time i neg with my hotel for stuff,it would be smooth-sailing like urs too.....

as for chinese words, thk can kaypoh, go bras basah and chk out....ask for fun but copy out the format.....me thking of doing away with the chinese version of the invite, coz basically these days most pple do read and can understand english...whatsmore, end of the day, they wud likely refer to the english part for date, time and venue...keke.....I now trying to neg with my folks to delete the chinese part, since most of my gfs oso din have chinese words for their invites....i very bad lor....personally find it very ching chong,so die die if can get my way again wud definitely do away with it....


me no dog, but thk wud be fun....


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Hello Ladies

I'm currently sourcing around for photographer and MUA for my wedding on 1 January 2006. Any recommendations?


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Hi granva08 (granva08),

I loved to stay a bit longer but my FH need to be outstn again. No choice ..

FYI, I ave bought my wedding favours @ Bangkok. hee...


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i went to 3 places at changi....the first one is an abandon house (got swing one leh....n backyard)...the second one is a colourful low level chalet.....got red/yellow/green etc....but these 2 places i dunno the exact location....the last one is Changi Broadway for sunset shoots....initally we wanna go lower pierce reservoir n changi broadway but halfway the journey, the photographer got "ling gan" n then brought us to the 1st 2 places i mention.

hmm.....actually personnally think the houses at Petain Rd quite nice n unique. peranakan style. its the one which Tan mention to me earlier on in the forum.....the place quite nice...if free...u all can go see see....

i also interested in the furry furry material. can buy for me?? 1 packet got 2 furry material right...how big izzit??...if its like the one that u use to surround ur flowers then can buy 2 packet light pink n 1 packet white one for me??....if too troublesome then never mind.
.....if not u can show us first b4 buying.....how??


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Hi princess wong,

wat did u buy from bangkok and how much is it? where did u buy it from?

I also intend to get my own favours from thailand but not sure wat to buy, where to buy and how much it would cost..... can give mi some info on where i can shop for favours??


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aiya....can i crop the size of my pics if its too big?....if its not the sie then its the dimenion tat is too big to be posted here....any one any idea how to??...


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Hi all !!!

So many thread i got to read through..u gals r fast!!!! Replying real fast!

Jolene : That time i was saying that the JP will announce us (me & hubby) as Mr & Mrs XXX when our solemisation ends. If i did not chose a song for that..issit weird? I find too many songs wait the technician blur blur...play wrong songs that night.

mei: So ur photo ready for us to see????


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I have written all my invitation cards for all my friends. Now still waiting for my parents to write their relatives and friends one.
This weekend going to write for my hubby. Dont think he got time to do so, always fly and bz with work.


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SK2, i think u look nice in the low-back halter WG.. the high neck one.. but the padding can b seen from side leh..
i cannot take mermaid style too.. hip too big liao.. :p
the last EG u took oso look nice on u.. i think it look elegant..

haha.. ytd when i tried gowns.. told the designer very difficult to choose from so many gowns cos all look pretty.. think he feel pleased.. actually is me greedy lah.. everything oso nice nice.. so confuse.. :p

heehee, ashie, u went MIA ar.. thanks for clarifying wat's toga.. ur description very good..

so hows ur EG? settled? caitlyn is organising a gathering, wanna join us?

ok, help u buy oso.....1 furry is what i used for my 1 wrist corsage...like the 1 u saw on my posting.....so wud buy for u 2 pkt light pink and 1 pkt white, (total of 4 light pink furry and 2 white furry)that would be hk$60, abt $13.50 for 6 furry. ok? wud update whether i get to go hk on the 8th in 2wks time can? coz roster not out yet!

ya,Petain Rd that stretch of peranakan houses very nice....if u got CS thk the end effect of the photos wud be very nice... me thking of doing a simple trial run of PS in SGP b4 i go Paris, but dunno got time or not. haiz....this mth practically no see hubby......last 2wks no see him, see him for 1 1/2 days then nxt 2 wks no see him again....roster not matching, he go i come back, i come back, he go.....now starting the major prep 4 the wedding ie guest list,SDJ, PS, gown fittings etc....ALL BY MYSELF....
me shall start shopping list here k? just add on what u need me to get in HK.....so that I can consolidate a list....in case I miss some1 and something out.

Janice - 2pkt light pink furry, 1pkt white furry.
Kit - u want the shoes? after u see and try then
Zoeanne - u shop ard then let me noe?
Jelly - u count how many u need 1st ya?

Anyway, i oni tentatively going to HK....if so happen co. so cruel take me out of the flt, then wun be able to help u all buy liao. update my roster by mid-apr k?


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hi jovia,
Has gotten the quote from Johnny, he is quite fast, got it done within a day. Need to go thru the quote b4 meet him up. BTW, do u hv any pic of ur hse to share wif me?

Tml going down to HDB for completion...

hi helen,
Take care, dun stress urself out. Things will be better if u look on the bright side.


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hi all,
juz got my weddin cards. will start writin them this wkend liao. =)

jolene: thx! but if it too much trouble, nvm abt the colors. me so pai sie to ask to u to help liao. u alo got ur own prep to do. =p really appreciate ur help!

mei, my neck long long liao. waitin to c ur nice nice pic! =p remember to include me leh!!!


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SK2, u think u look good the bustier mermaid gown.. especially the side view pic. the high neck WG is nice too. I like that the bustier EG with long train, think its simple & classy. Is that green in color hah?

Hi Pierced.... me just came back from dinner @ Habour Front.! Theres another shop called VNC on the 2nd level, also has quite a wide range of nice heels, price ok also. U can go check it out. I have been to both shops, but too bad they have any 4" shoes .. :]


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Hi Tan
Yeah,, ok. I shop and let u know..

Hi Janice
The size of pic is too big? U can reduce the resolution by using MS photo editor.. there is a tool which call RESIZE..... if not, other photo editing software also can

Wah.. ur PS must be very nice, with colourful pics.. envy.... Petain Rd.. hmmmm... shd go n see..


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Hi Renee,

Huh.. u got him to quote even before you met him up? So has he taken a look at your house? If not.. how does he do the quote then? ;p

We are only starting reno in May.. so no pictures to share yet.. but I have seen the preliminary 3D drawings he has done up for us, and they are quite nice indeed... ;p

BTW, the 1st quote we got from Johnny are big lumpsum figures.. so we asked him to itemise and price each activity, which he did.. so you can probably ask him to do that too...


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Hey tan

1 pack 2 huh?Can help me buy 5 packets?hehe...just in case..need more..hehe..thanks dear...!!!
(cu2nite grab tan's face n...mmmuacks)..hehehe..
I also tot tat jiemei wrist corsage should use fake flowers..but for men's buttonaries...should use fresh flowers hor...me also dunno..
As for those mules..saw alot loh..ok..if u just wan cheap and chic type..haha..can go "OG @ Orchard/bugis" theres some..also a corner sort of "peranakan" or "ba ba" corner...also can try Seiyu @ bugis...saw some there too..aiya..i saw alot last few wks while hunting for shoes coz i also looking for such shoes for my KUA..but nw cant remember where...let u noe when i remember or wan i see them again...

yar..ur shoes is a good catch man...too bad tat time no size for me for tat pair..sobsob..
btw..can help me with the corsage thing?I need professional..haha..me really know nuts abt tat..
mehmeh..i saw some corsageor think more like buttonaries..hahah i like..u see if can be done...

Wendy..no see ur mails leh...u also with RTP huh...din see u mention..hehe..when ur AD huh??hehe..me missed the last few posting..ehehe..


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Janice - U can use any photo editor program to crop the pic to make it smaller. What programs do you have?

I think Changi got quite nice places right? My friend went to Changi too & she also took at a dirty abandon house, it is quite nice.

I haven't thot about where I want to take my photos.

Shall we compile a list of options here? I will start with the places I know ppl go:

1.) Sentosa - Siloso Beach
2.) Changi Beach
3.) Senton Way
4.) Fullerton
5.) Esplanade
6.) Fullerton I

WW - Ya, our dear Ms J is super blur. Someone at the RH thread also commented that she seems a bit blur blur. Haha.. so, I'm not the only one who thinks tt way. That's y I'm thinking of starting earlier than planned too. Think end May is gd.

5pkts what colour?
add on to this list ya!

Janice - 2pkt light pink furry, 1pkt white furry.
Kit - u want the shoes? after u see and try then
Zoeanne - u shop ard then let me noe?
Jelly - u count how many u need 1st ya?
cu2nite - 5pkt furry...(pls state colour)

btw,thx for the info on the shoes....looks like its gonna be 1 stop ard chinatown to find shoes (since OG there may have what I'm looking for) and oso additional material for the wirst corsage and butonnieres.
thk even for guys better to use fake coz if they gonna wear it whole day, freash flowers may look very withered....


really ah? chelat lor....anyway, my hubby the no nonsense type....if she really gonna blur, thk my hubby wud blow his top...then me have to end up diffusing the situation....looks like once I get back from my PS better hurry chop chop contact them.....honestly lor....if she can't handle, I rather let mr S handle....he like quite perfectionist sort....dun thk he wud allow any screw-up along the way....somehow I noe i wud feel safer with him.....

me hardly have that much time so these days haven't really drop into RH thread to chk things out.....looks like since I got 1 more day to rot here in Punjab, I may just do that either 2nite or 2mrw......


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gd morning jovia,

i only emailed him my floor plan plus requirement and he quote accordingly without desiging yet.
Ya, he quoted by whole figure per catergory instead of breaking down... maybe need to ask him to do that.
The price he quoted is abt same as other ID but he said it can be discussed again.


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hi WW,
wow... looks like u managed to find quite alot of gd buys from HK huh and so nice of u to help all buy stuff from HK...

ur shoes jin nice leh..

hi JTan
WOW! so nice of ur hotel to give u a real wedd cake in xchange for ur invites... tink u earn liaos.. hahaha

hey janice,
wich program r u using? if its microsoft photo editor, u can jus click on "Image" and select "Resize" and tat does the job.

me bot a pair of plain simple 3.5 inch heels from Vincci in JB... cheap cheap nia.. intend to use it for my AD.. show it to u gals..


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i like tat wg too.. but dun like the round halter.. may change the neck area, i think padding i din wear it well...if not may ask them to lower the area..eg u mean the champagne?

i think tat one is lime green...

you got mail


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Received the mould template from jasvy but there are mistakes. DO u call them to inform them to rectify or email them? Which is faster and more effective?