(2005) Brides of year 2005


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Hi Cheyenne,

ya...about time to get get prepared loh...


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Hi honey, I loved the way you describle our project B, "remote controls" Muahahahaha. I think we will have to be their remote control first before we could remote control them.

Thanks Coyote, I have forgotten all about the photos actually.


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hey gin,
thanks. i didn't wanna spend a lot of money on shoes. somemore i wanted open toe ones cos will have pedicure right? yah, unconventional...


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Hi Gin,

Guess I wont be able to share my photos till next sat. Coz my fitting has been postphone to next sat.

Hi Jtan,
Thanks for sharing so much interesting info. How much is the french lace that yr mum chooses for her MTM?

As for the facial, it sounds great. Too late, I already signed up with Vanilla as nearer to my place. Does yr facial include 'ampoule' & eye treatment?

Hi Janice,
I hv a friend who is very good with making crystal/beads/pearl accessories. Tell her the type of the look u want and she will think of the design for you. If you interested, I can pass you her contact and you can work with her. I am going to ask her to do some accressories to go with my EG once I finalise the color.


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hi gals
I am back from Bintan... rather fun but stupid me, sprain me fingers on right hands.. got problem typing now..very slow..last few weeks were my toes.. now my fingers

Hi gin
Yeah got some pics la.. show u when in office la

Hi Gan
will share the pics.. but not so soon

Hi Jelly
Yeah.. hope they do it nice.. not sure.. i going to look for more design n ask them to do.. Save some cost lor.. Decide to let them mtm as it is also include in my package..then found a design which look like CS, high collar etc... then no need to do outside lor..Save some $$
But hor, i still need to figure out my EG...
EG seem hard to find design leh

Hi Jtan
wow .. tons of info

My PS EG will be purple in colour.. now might be sourcing for some cheap purple shoes or sandals.. either a pair which match purple.. er... what colour shoes can match purple eh??

My gown chosen for Malacca PS abit different.. Its ivory in colour, off shoulder... can can.. type.. abit english look... cos Malacca building abit dutchy.. so perhaps, it suits into the pics..


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Thanks for the piccies coyote. I like my post wedding hair there. But now it has gone all droopy and straight and I can see the beginnings of a receding hairline *SOB*

why have I aged in such a short time?!? *double sobs*

hey coyote, you will have loads of chances to make loads of babies end of this month when you are both on your Korean hornymoon. LOL.

Good luck!


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okie.. will take note.. so must call carrefour in advance to confirm ah?

i bought from mattress from slumberland.
when will u start sending out the invitation cards?


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purple can go with dark pink i think. ... or if it's dark purple can choose light purple. vice versa.

have to ask mum again how much is everything. no, my facial doesn't incl ampoule and eye treatment.
just what i want!


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yo meh gal... aiyo... i really got no much idea wat flowers i 1 leh... maybe i go shopping with u can bo... if not how... maybe 1 day after work or wat.. opps... concourse open only at opic hrs hor... or maybe 1 day i take 1/2 leave and go with u lor... but hor u also need to work rite... hmm or wkend also can... so how hur... paiseh i so troublesome hor...


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hmmm....how much ur fren charge for te accessories??....prob i will check with my BS first....if they gona lend me a nice one then i will take theirs...if not then i see what i can do....


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Hi gal,

Do any of you here know where to buy those clothes protector cover (with zipper). I am searching here and low for one which is long enough to cover my evening gown... searched most major shopping centres but closest i can find is those black color one to cover the men's suit...


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mei: I will be giving invitatation cards to my ex-boss, ask him to help me distribute to some ex-bosses over there tmorrow.

tue, i will be meeting some ex-colleagues for gathering and also give them invitation cards.

The rest of the friends i will also be giving in 2nd or 3rd week april. Relatives i will give 2nd week too. Cannot wait till guo da li...quite late liao.


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Hi ladies...

I just found out that there is another song to prepare..hahhaha...
For those who will be solemised at the dinner, after the solemisation, JP david loh will say ' Let me now present to you Mr & Mrs Tan (eg.) ...then there must be some special song/music right???Some lively song perhaps.


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Hi Sierra
Thank you for the offer for the sample of schedule for the AD. I got mine liao.. but yet to go thru.

Btw, can someone advice me on the procedure of 'an chuan'
Cos I will be moving over to my FH's plc. If we are getting a new bed, can he sleep on it? Or need to do the 'an chuan' first? After the 'an chuan' can he sleep on it or need to wait till AD?
Btw, we got our mattress @ JB,King Koil-Perfect Balance pocket spring cost RM1600. Do anyone noe the price in S'pore, cost i didn't manage to find any similar range of King Koil in Taka.

Luv Jeannie Girl


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Hi meh meh

If i like to ask u to help me on the ah yee's cosages, how many months in advance do i need to let u know? I think i will have 8 ah yee... hmmm will that be alot of work for u. If not, you can show me one... I try to learn & do the rest.
Pls email to [email protected] for detail.
Thank you!

Luv Jeannie Girl


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Hi Aleixis,

Thanks for your advice... and yup, have settled my banquet venue as well. Guess it's probably too early to settle the guest list but have came out with a "rough" guest list liao ... dun intend to buy much furniture this time round since I won't be staying there for long... keeping my fingers crossed that my flat will be ready by 2008 (tender for the construction has just been awarded ... :-( ) ...


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Good morning ladies!! It's monday again...

SK2, good luck for your exams today, how is your visit to Inspire?

I have done my first fitting last Friday, very happy, the cut everything is up, the gown is up without any embroidery at the moment, just a plain one with all the necessary cloth. just worried that i may put on weight as it fits just nice at the moment, no allowance to grow fatter, hmm so i must make sure i control my diet well.

Next fitting will be in May with all the embroidery up. so excited.

but meanwhile need to brainstorm on my evening gown. Cut a few pics will like to go down another day before next fitting to pass to my designer. phew lots of things to settle.


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hi all,

does anyone know when the april outing is taking place? it's no longer this friday rite?

how was the march gathering btw, for those who went?


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Hi gals..
Have sent you my PS album.

Dear a_n_a,
My condolences goes to you. At least, she went thru yr GDL and you have got her blessings.

Hi D_woof,
Thanks for showing me your PS photos. You look very slim and pretty. Figure is fabulous too! Were you the one initially saying about your gown?? Which is your WG & EG? In fact, think most of the colour will suit you. I am also making a cheongsam for myself to wear during the cocktail reception. . Have not thought of the design yet.
It seems like you went to a lot of PS locations. Good lor. Both you and your hubby look good on camera.
As for the corsages lessons, will have to see when Icy gal is free as hers is much nicer than mine
Its very easy. You will just have to follow the instructions that I give to Pisduck, buy the flowers from Spotlight and you will know how to do it.

Hi Sasha,
Sent to you already.
2 more months and our wedding will be here. Yours is in Nov, right? How's prep? Sure, will send my pics to you if there are more.

Hi Cookie Gal,
Thanks. My album is very common. For me, I like traditional layout more than mag style. So, a very normal album I have.
Where's yrs?
Finish scanning?

I finally tried Neo Garden food during my friend's ROM last sat. Their bee hoon, curry chicken and pork ribs are superb. But seems to me that their food proportions are very little. Do you know that they are offering a 20% discount if you can get someone whose birthday falls a week earlier or later on your intended date of catering? You will need to simply produce that person's IC and you will be entitled to the discounts.

Hi Dey,
You can find it in Ikea. You will need to fold your EG into half to put it in. Doesn't yr BS provides them? Or you bought your EG? When is your AD?

I finally bought my wedding shoes from URS already. Its 3.5 inch silver pair. Ha, I look super tall, almost the same ht as my husband. Super happy.


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hi jeannie girl,
from wat i noe.. if ur gettin a new bed, u shld an chuan first then can sleep on it.. and normalli i tink pple an chuan very very near AD..
ermmm ur gettin the shop in JB to deliver the mattress to SGP??

hey zoe,
if u wan a glam look then i suggest silver or gold shoes to match ur purple EG.. prob silver will be best.

hey sierra,
can share wif me ur schedule for AD pls? my email addy is [email protected]

btw if u gals happen to wan to hv more alternatives for facial, can try this plc called Hwang's Beauty & Spa.. its located @ Serangoon (near the Sgn MRT Station).. all the ladies there r very nice.. and the facial is gd too, esp the Japanese Green Tea facial.. heee.. superb!! oh yes, they do massage and spa services too.. very reasonably priced oso.. all these r my own opinion and based on my and my gerfrens' experiences.


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good morning!

How was everyone's weekend?

Barley, what kind of design did u go for? Bustier, spaghetti straps, toga, etc...:)So when are is your gown ready?


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Morning ladies

My WG is spaghetti straps with low neckline, and my back is criss-cross.EG will be bustier. For the EG, Sammi has designed it in a way where it you can wear it a bustier or halter style. Hmm........ I go for sexy look
. Tink it will be ready ard mid June.
Feeling kinda excited now.
I would need to get 4" shoes.

Any recommendation??


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Hi pigger, have sent to u already

Jeannie Girl: If yr parents are really traditional, the belief is that u can only sleep on the new bed after the customary, even if u an chuan early...so depends on the tradition.


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Hi Winnie...
Thanks.. I cant wait to finish up this paper.. LAST ONE!!!! Hahahaah...

I did not meet up with Inspire unfortunately, my FH was stucked at JB till 8pm. Dun think we have anytime time slot to put in by this mth end. so may drop them. thanks for the contact anyway. I will be mtg one more and tat shd be last(pre-fix appt long time ago), Wed-TV.

I'm gg to my BS to have first try on gowns next Mon.


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hi hi vivi..
u r welcome lah, coz i know it's not easy & not a gd feeling for u to change another date/venue esp when u hv initially planned for it earlier...didnt helped much either..heehee, nice to know that things r settled at ur end..so happy for u...yeah~ yeah~


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hi ying,
got ur PS fotos liao...very nice....i cant rem wat i said leh......my WG is the one i wore for indoor PS.....EG haven decide yet coz will go for another fitting end april...i nid not choose those i wore for PS........Oh thanx for ur compliment...well i m not slim lah..i m skinny but den when taking fotos, it looks slightly fatter lor....so bcome slim......when u c the real me den u will noe....all pple say "Eat more" to me.....

thot of making CS at first but den heard fm pple say tat skinny pple dun look gd so drop the idea.....
I din go to a lot of places....i went to 3....it seems like u haf more....saw fullerton, pan pac, sentosa, highway, etc....although they r very near each other......nt tiring meh?

Mmmm..corsages har...wait for teacher icy to c whether she is free to give free lessons?


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Hi SK2, oic, I been to Wed-TV too, Ken Chan is quite a nice chap. and if you take Jaycee or MabelLee as your pg, then can have discount. however, i find it a bit too ex as compared to the rest. so constrained by budget.


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Hi Jolene,
So else is meeting us this Friday?

Went to bas basah yday to see if there is any crafts or papers i can buy for decor, unfortunately most of the shops are closed...


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Also,just wanna share the contacts for GDL if anyone of u needs it:

the popular ones:

And some neighbourhood ones eg. Gin Thye, etc..dun hv contact with me now. Let me know if anyone wants these as well.

My GDL is on 6/7 May (can't rem) so sourcing for the cheap & good ones. Bought some cakes to try from Gin thye at Bukit Batok, very nice pandan & cheese cakes...


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Jasvy Marketing Agency
Address : 54 Kallang Bahru #02-02 Singapore 339336
Telephone : 6299 2263
Fax : 6299 0216

For GDL one, It is level one at chinatown complex.. dun have unit number cos it is those old market place.

i saw those paper ones at IMM.. $2 each niah. :p

I have a sample speech from my hotel, email please.

when can u all make it?? how abt next week? (except friday)

on my rom, it was much more than enough, did u check with ur friend how much food they order?

I cant see that I got the seductive eyes lah.. small eyes perhaps.. now I very eagar to see my bigger version.. wanted to collect my samples pix last sat.. unfortunately, they are not ready yet.


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thanks lynn..

hmmm.. for me...

to haf project B nw coz me n hubby wans a rooster bb and we feel dat if GOD decides we r ready to b parents HE will let us b.. so we had left it in HIS care n HE had showered me with the fruit.. heh..

I tink worrying abt tis stressful world is unavoidable, as the later we wait the more stressful the world we become, unless we can go bak to those farmer days whereby everything is so carefree.. heehee..

For financial prob.. yes dat's wat we r facing.. but both of us believe we can overcome it.. its juz depends on hw much we r gg to sacrifice our wants to our bb's nids.. kekek.. as both of our combined salary is nt much, n add on to the debts of hse n reno.. heh.. there's not much to save, but when there's a will there's a way mah.. kekeke..

Yes, me n hubby really wan to have project B, not out of anyone's influence, coz we do nt wan any generation gap between our child n us in d future..

yeah! but nw feeling so uncomfortable everyday.. can't enjoy food like i used to.. haiz..


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Hi ying11

Thanks 4 sharing yr PS...
i like yr bed shots, so cute n funny...hehehe....let ppl's mind run wild...hahaha
i aso like yr sunset shots, the color of the sky beri unique...n yr nite shots at nicoll highway n at the esplanade, the lightings r nice...u look great in all the photos...
i bet u really enjoy yr PS....


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winnie - so exciting.. my first fitting will be in mid april.. looking fwd to it.. =) u are a really efficient worker man..


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hi hi ladies...
wow, this thread is really moving very fast...heehee...helloo everyone, gd morn to all...

hi hi sierra..
nice to hear from u..thks for the advice..really appreciate that...i just went for my AD gown fitting on gd fri..also confirmed/booked the dates/timing for PS gown selections, final fitting & PS..heehee..getting more tensed now as it seems that i m really far far behind alot of thingy...ops...

hi hi gin..
u r welcome..how's ur wedding preps going?when r u taking ur PS?

hi hi gan...
i have signed up with yvvone creative..supposely i wanted all-in-one but due to some arrangements only now, the dates i m looking at for all-in-one isnt avail for me as i need it to be on a weekend..so i will hv my wedding dinner 1st b4 the customary...heehee..thks for the advice, really appreciate that, i just went down to my BS on gd fri to fix an appt for PS gown selection, final fitting & PS in June...hope i m in time...

hi hi JTan..
this pair of shoe is very sweet & pretty...

dear sept bride-to-be...seems like i m starting to panic, seems like i m in a rush for almost all the preps...ops..what shd i do...alamak..


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caityln, hehehe nope not efficient, but KS. cos prefer to start everything early just in case things flop at the last minute.


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Hi Dwoof..
You look nice, so dont worry.

My friend cater for 35paxs. We were early, so were the first to see their set-up and the portion of the food. Food was good but I was telling myself that the food they had are defnately not for 35paxs. To think that if each person goes for second helpings, its definately not enough. To me, the food is more fit for at most 25paxs. Only their bee hoon & curry chickenis are a lot. The Rests are really miserable, esp their vegetables, samosas, breaded fish (they count exactly 35 pcs). My friend last minute gotto ask her husband to go Beganwan solo have to get kways and cakes. You may want to take note when you cater the next time. My friend chose the cheapest menu.

Hi Vivian,
Thanks. My PS is okay as I am not a fussy person. Imagine, halfway through the shoot, our car's tyre was punctured and we were caught stranded in shenton way for over a hour. Bet most of us enjoy our PS. Tiring but very fun. Think you will enjoy every minute of it! My photographer was very fun too...making us laugh.