(2005) Brides of year 2005


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Hi wendy,
Thanks for clarifying.
Good luck.

Hi zoeanne,
Got pic show me? :p


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Dear Sharlene:
MM made minimal cash compensation lo, most of it at FH we have to fork out ourselves. Oh well, wanna have a dream wedding there so slog it out lo! :p

Dear Yuki & Ying:
I wanted to play Aaron Kwok¡¯s songs throughout the banquet at Marina Mandarin. But now at Fullerton, don¡¯t think it¡¯s very suitable? Any comments?

Dear Yuki:
The corsages look lovely! Think I¡¯d DIY for my jie meis and ladies who attend my ROM one hr before my banquet. Cost price and time needed to make one is what huh?

Dear Ying:
Pix please!!! [email protected] Don¡¯t forget to include me in the sharing of pix, gals!!! :p

Dear Icy:
Can share contacts of Jasvy and GDL stuff? Thanks!

Dear Pisduck:
Take good care k? Must enjoy the whole process of wedding preps! Mang Zhong Zuo Le! Find joy in being busy¡­ Hehe¡­ Sorry can¡¯t help much!

Dear a_n_a:
Condolences, but guess she left with no regrets, seeing the pix and drinking the tea.. Take care!

Dear gals:
Back to my marking...
All the BEST! Keep me in the loop!!!


Hi icy, actually I asked her if her MU for AD will be different (less thick) than for PS but she says it will be abt the same. So I cant ask her to be my AD MUA

Hi ying

I haven received your pics leh. Could you please resend? [email protected] Thanks!!

Hi Sharlene, thanks for helping me ask
Really appreciate it!!


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Hi all

So excited to see so many Sept brides here...
Any 24 Sept brides?
Hows everyone's preparations? I get a little panick now cos have not really do much..
i have done with my 2nd fitting & PS will be next month.. v excited..

Have everyone settle with "ti qin"?

Hope to share more information here..



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hi ladies,
i can't make it on 1st april also... think will only be free after the 15th... gotta try to settle as much things as possible while my FH is in town..

jolene & i_bless_u,
i got my mattress, sofa & dining table!! tomolo going to buy eletrical stuffs!!

i went to carrefour today, they allow consignment also.. allow us to return 25%. They will deliver the wine to the hotel as long as it's at least $200/-. the price is quite reasonable also.. Penfolds at $16.90... think will be getting from them
oh.. i can show u how to do the corsages if u wan... but i know limited patterns leh.. only those i posted earlier..


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hi maiden,

have not really shortlisted my songs yet. have not really planned for my wedding yet. ehheheh...now i am also searching for my AD photographer too...:)

Hi barley, how is ur fitting today?


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Hi Pisduck
Hope you are feeling better. Couldn't reply on Thurs coz I was busy packing my belongings to shift to my new place and guess what? I still couldn't finished packing! Argh!

I know what you mean about "just come out with the money and throw the chores to somebody else". I expected myself to be busy juggling work and wedding preps so for certain stuff, we outsourced - eg wrist corsages.

Hi d woof
Thanks for sharing your pics! I like your album! Where did you go for your outdoor shots? I like the one where it looks like you're at some ruins.
Very sweet bride!

Hi Averyl
My deepest condolences to you. Hope you are holding up fine.

Hi ying
Saw your PS pics already. The bed shots concept is something really different. Your nite shots are also quite unique!


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hi rina,
ha, yr hubby rems me ar ;) but i forgot his name lei...

hi mei,
me shld be gg to star celler and another recommended by fren to try the wines...i guess the returning part is not that critical cos' both me and hubby likes to drink red wine. watever that left over, we will drink ourselves.

if we can meet up, den u show me okie?


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hey jolene,
i guess that's left with u, me & i_bless_u...on april 1st...we can still meet up if u r interested...then org another date for the rest of the gals...


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Hi Gin & Piggersorous,
Thanks for yr remark.

Hi Zoeanne,
Can share yr PS photos once ready? Thanks.
Also, do not think too much abt the retrenchment.. everything will turns out fine.

Hi TanWendy,
Which is yr BS? Actually, isnt yr dinner comes after yr tea customary? Better book a date of yr PS soon. Either in May or June as you will need at least 2 mth for the photos. Usually they will return you the photos at least 10 days before yr AD.

Finally got our new KEY to our love nest! But pondering over the layout and designs. So many details works to think of.
If anyone interested getting wooden furniture can visit 'ScanTeak' warehse. They are having 50- 70% sales and until this sun. We went today and bought some wooden shelving and mirror fm them. Quite a good buy.


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Gd Morning Ladies

Hi blursotong,
The fitting was great."Man I feel like a woman"
Kinda of "sweaty" also

Hi maiden,
you are rite, Sammi is good, I just briefly tell her what I want, she came out with the drawing on the spot

My WG is off-white color, & EG is turquoise. PS will be in July


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hi iggy
i can stil meet u cos wanna show u the box.ya we can always arrange another meeting after 1st Apr with more of them coming.i'll sms u.


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hi mei
if buy fr carre four pls call earlier to check that ur wine delivery is in order. ideally all the bottles fr the same batch. my sister's fren met with slight prob. they delivered wine fr 2 different batches. the guests drank & found the taste not consistent. so just take note!


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hi winniepooh & rina
which day of the week wil u be free to meet? i thot fridays may be appropriate, but do giv us other suggestion of meeting date & time. o if u r really tight wif time,pls go ahead wif ur prep. we can even meet after our AD & HM.


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No lah, already have 2 Project D liao...no time/more love to share wif any other Project H/R..hahaha... Anyway one of my Project D is a highly jealous monster....nothing gets in his way ya...hahaha...my spoilt brat!

sgn, my PS fotos got captured my Project D mah...

Hey Project B planners, wan to ask u gers some questions leh...
- Wat make u wan to have Project B now?
- Any worry abt bringing them to this stressful world?
- Anyone tot of financial prob of Project B?
- Do u really wan Project B? Or only out of everyone is having it so I ought to have it too?


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yo zoe... its okie... good tat u manage to find 1 and save $$... pray for me tat my BS also provide such good one hor...

yo mehmeh... hmm... i like the feather with flowers one... but i dun1 pure white leh... color theme hur... i duno leh... i still hvn even go for my gown selection yet... think i need it for my PS which may be in May or Jun lor... will update u once i knw the date lah... for my 1st fitting will be in 26/04 leh...

so how... wat details u 1 me to update u... or u dun mind me gog shopping the materials with u then easier or wat...

yo josl... oh isit... nbr mind then start buying toto/4D/Big Sweep lor.. maybe got chance... kekkeke


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Hi everyone here,

Me too like Wendy Tan, drop by to say hello only. yesterday, good friday, but me maid for my new house, busy cleaning.

Oso i would like to say a big "thank u" to Wendy, cos she help me to source for hotel, she is really sweet. Me only a stranger to her but yet she so helpful.3 cheers to Wendy!


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To answer your questions, hubby and I decided that we want a baby now because we really want to. Hubby made it abundantly clear to me after he proposed that he wants a family. I was hesitant initially and I asked all the questions you asked. And he convinced me this is the thing we want to do. (plus he's a good salesman)haha.

We want a baby now cos we are still young and healthy (minus the smoking etc etc lar)Hopefully I will get my figure back quickly as well, with my metabolism still high and all. heh! He wants one soon so that he wont be too old to play football with a son/daughter when they grow up.

The world is a funny place to live in but life is how you make it out to be right? Our parents did it with less money and more kids but look at how we all turned out. Not perfect but well enough to survive.

I think there'll be a LOT of worries to bring children to this world but everyone we spoke to who have children have said that although it is hard being parents and having all these responsibilities, the joy come from the children themselves and that's intangible.

Financially (which is my concern), hubby said something that rang true to me. There'll never be a day when you have ENOUGH money. Unless of course, we struck 4D. So we'll just have to prioritise.

But having said that, we must be ready with a mindset. We know that if we are blessed with one someday, our lives are not our individual own again. But as both hubby and I have done what we wanted to do as singles then, we've partied hard, we've travelled to half of the world and been on the "rock n roll" many times around the block, so we've decided maybe this is time for a different life.

All in all, we are still idealistic. But sometimes in this cynical world, it may not be so wrong to be idealistic. Perhaps having a baby is like an extension of our love. *eeww..mushy talk* but somehow it feels that way

So do we really want Project B? Yes, as hubby said to me, "it's us against the world, kiddo!"


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hahahha.. i did a fast calculation, think i'm suppose to weight btw the cost and the risk of the art work of my pics... hehehe.. let me finish my exam on mon then i will start to think abt it. following mon is my first fitting, I will try to take a look at EB PG latest work. then maybe from there i will decide. if i confirm my ps at eb, guess i jus have to trust them and hope for the best lor..hehehehe... (think wun be tat bad lah.. haahahahaha)


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joelene...I'm free on fri but juz happen tat 1st apr is my mum's bday cos can't make it, cos now nearer to AD so more bz with the preps


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meh meh..u can make choker?....wonder if wearing a choker will go well with my wedding gown anot...

hey gers....the accessories like choker, necklace, bracelet etc...do u all buy n mix with ur gowns or take the BS one??....my designer say will provide accessories for my PS...but me wondering abt my AD. not too sure if they will lend me leh...hmmm.....

hi rapid....excited hor!!me also leh...my PS coming fri...so excited....

not yet "ti qin" leh...also dunno when must arrange for one....think GDL will have it one week b4 the actual day....its the date my MIL go ask one.....say good day for GDL....but as for when ti qin we also not too sure....haben plan. u?? btw....my AD is just a day after urs...my AD is 25 sept...hehehe...


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sk2 - hee.. i think EB should be fine lah.. in fact, 2 be very honest, i've yet to see not nice wedding pics.. hee.. keep us updated!


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i also have no idea....pearl type perphaps.....hehe...i no know how to do...just tot maybe u know can help me!..kakaka


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halo cookie's gal,
thanx......the ruins is somewhere at mohd sultan....heard fm my fotographer tat itz a burnt down house.......


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Jolene & Iggy: I'm not free on next fri, going buy some stuff. Oh ya my GDL is 27 Apri & An Chuang 1st May!

May: What mattress u bought??

I got back my invitation inserts and i going to start writing friends/relatives name on it and start calling them. Heeee!


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- Wat make u wan to have Project B now?
Answer: Because if I have them later, there will be a lot of complication. Even if I want them now, I might not get it, so let nature take it course.

- Any worry abt bringing them to this stressful world?
Stressful world brings up kids that learn how to due with stress. Unstressful world bring up spoilt brat.

- Anyone tot of financial prob of Project B?
If you are poor, your kids will learn how to save for you. If you are rich, your kids will learn how to spend for you.

- Do u really wan Project B? Or only out of everyone is having it so I ought to have it too?
Frankly speaking, I dun really like children. But I believe having them around so that they can help me with my housework when they grow up. Muahahahahaha!


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hey girls! did lots of things last 2 days. got tons of info... ;)

in case anyone scouting for fabric for cheongsam or even bridesmaid dress, Arab St has a shop called Alta Moda (#92) it has the nicest fabric. i brought my mum to choose fabric for MTM. it has a good range from like $30 per meter to $3k per meter!

think my mum decided to go with this lady called Sally her shop name is called Swagger at the plaza hotel arcade (not the furniture mall, next to it). think she charges like $400-500 per CS. but we're gonna go for blouse and pants, dunno how much she charges for those. but her quality is VERY GOOD. saw the stuff she had made there.

There's another one at far east plaza called shanghai silk house. it's like half a shop and they make their stuff in China. looks quite decent but expensive as well. $380 for half CS, and $400-500 for full length one.

went to this shop @ far east plaza (i spent half a day there today, facial & hair) it's called JS Paradigm #04-63. i saw this contact in another thread. this lady called jeannie. she uses Sothys products. she's very good i like her. she doesn't force sell things to you, doesn't talk too much. very nice and friendly. and CHEAP! $48 for basic facial, $58 incl shoulder massage. i'm one happy customer, will go back again. she said i dont need to go often so once a month will be good enough.

also saw some really nice shoes at Hue (3rd flr @ scotts) but they're not cheap. like around $270 for diamante heels. but looks very well made and comfortable. about 3-3.5".

am so glad my mum finally decided what to get. she goes this gorgeous lilac colour french lace for a blouse and nippon silk for simple straight cut pants. we decided that a blouse and pants will be more versatile and she's likely to wear it again in future.


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Hi gals,

Long time din come this thread. Seems to have a lot of happening around here. Everyone seems to start preparing for PS ?


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wow, haven't been in here for sometime, heehee so surprised tat celt got good news for us so soon :p

who else is working hard on project B? Besides honeygem?

for me, no no no... i have my project D and H also... 2 project Cs at my mum's place and also may have to adopt my sister's project R this june... hee, my hubby say i like animals more than humans

for me ah, the biggest worry abt having project B is the $$$ lah... although we will never have enough money to spend, but at least must be financially stable lor... me still comtemplating to quit without job, and hubby also wan to look for new job... plus all the reno and tuition fee loans still hanging over our heads.. we both agreed tat must be debt-free (except for the housing loan lah) before we can have bb... hahaha, tat's at least 3 years down the road, so i can aviod this topic with hubby for now (cos he really like bb, but i not so keen)


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Speaking of heels and shoes, i cant help posting mine up here to show you girls. i bot them last yr. will be wearing with both WG & EG on AD.


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heya lynn! long time no hear

I second maraquan's remarks. To be honest, I dont like children much too, they terrify me. But if Ihave my own, I can boss them around to help me with housework. And I have them to be remote controls in the house apart from hubby. hahahaha


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rina: I going down view my album artwork on 20 Apri...heee

rina: U r the 1st bride to get married here...
Btw, u going Korea straight after ur wedding?
How long ??