(2005) Brides of year 2005


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Sure, shall wait for the pics

Allure only have OTR new gowns for sale, they do not MTM. A new concept type of bridal boutique. The shop located at Amoy Street. U can check out their website for the address: http://www.allurech*rix.com (replace * by a)

My CS is OTR. CS price range from $499 to $699, mine is $699.


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hi princess,

thx for updatin the table. appreciate the effort.

hi tintin,

im takin the pkg frm kai. in fact caught btwn kai n silhouette. bt chose kai eventually.

hi granva,

do let ur hubby now hw u feel abt wantin a more prof photographer which is of ur preferred style on the AD. u can always spend a bit more on tis while save on the other. as long as wrking within the budget will b alrite. hope ur hubby giv in lah... :p


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hi sk2,
haha... no lah.. dont think so la.. init i liked it cos i think it'll have a very grand effect. but i cant cos my fiance's not very tall.. must make him look good also mah

hi anna,
i see your aversion for the mermaid cut is due to a certain unfortunate incident? hahaha...
im 165cm/48kg. err.. why you ask? you mean you'll know wat kind of gowns suit me by knowing height/weight??

actually girls, i think a ballgown will look fine on the two of you if you are petite and if your fiances are tall/big enough. heh.. i dunno la, not pro.. just wat i think.

hi highness,
hehe.. learnt a little from my visit to ted wu's.. the lady gave some comments as i tried a few gowns. so come back n share wat i know lor. wat you mean by 1st apptmt? as in to discuss the design alr? wow.. that's fast! hey, must come back n share how it went ok?? wah, fun part has begun for you..


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ya ya have to look after ur husband.. if not ur dress will cover him. as for me, i reali dun go for it bcos i'm too short.. heheheh... for my FH, ok lah.. he bigger than me.. i got no worries for him.. only thing is i keep asking for the slim done.. too fat...hahahah

me too.. gg after CNY.


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Hi Jasermine,
Dont mind me asking but how much is Kai's packages?

Hi Ming,
I see you're using Martin... ;) Good choice... he's a personal friend of mine
He shot a few of our mutual friend's weddgins... How much are his rates nowadays anyways?


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hi hi gals long time never show face liao....

busy with work and preparing CNY, and making.....ren ha ha ha .... just joking!

coyote, u feel loving rite? cos xiao bey sheng xin hoon mah.


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wow! i dun tink i would wan to bring along my albums during our gathering leh..
so heavy leh.. kkekeke.. so nw.. i'm patiently downloading the second half of my AD pics.. heh..


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Hi stars,
Appreciate for all the arrangement so far. Keep me posted on 'our regime'. kekeke.

Anyway, u are lookin for videographers? I have contact. Can email u if u want. Actually i have this contact that will settle ur AD photography and videography. Best part of all, they can produce the video by end of AD for you to play during the dinner. very interesting.


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Hi everyone,

I am a DEC bride too. Didnt know that there are so many of us =) Felt so happie having so much to share. Really appreciate the effort that Princess puts in to update the table...3 x cheers for you!!

Can I be included into the listing?

My friend has been rushing me to start preparing my AD...I really dun know what to do. Have any Dec bride starts with prep...care to share??


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hi to all march BTB!

sorry to "disappear" for so long.. can i ask where are you all going for honeymoon? decided alr?


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Hi Boxingbride,

Thank u for the compliments. May I also share this compliment with Tintin. Bcos she has been compiling the table since beginning. I m just a nanny here 'Jar Gar' the table while she is away for work cum holiday. I will pass it back to her once she is back. Right Tin? *WInk*

(^^)v Cheeros x 6 for Tintin.

Pls update ur particalars here so that I can include u to our list ;)


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Cheerios to Princess and TinTin...keep up the good work..*Clap Clap*

AD: 26 Dec
AD photography : Any recommendation from anyone??
Dinner venue : Conrad
BS : French
Lovenest : Jurong East
What is PS??


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Hi little_ger
hmm it seems nothing to prepare right now. but as time approach(Sept), one might be quite busy then esp the guest list etc.

anyway, for me, we plan to take our PS on June and I will choose my dress this coming march.
how's abt u?


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my PS is in July .. heehee.. my fitting is end march.. =P btw, any contacts for car rental?? when should i start to source for it?


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sgn, yes loving but wat has it got to do wif xiao bey sheng xin hoon? Me n hubby see each other daily wor....kekekeke


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Hi blursotong,
yup, my home is ready since Dec 04. everything needed has already grab from the sales.:p

we did the planning systematically. ROM -> buying house -> planning of wedding per year. reason being that it would not be so stress doing up all the things together.

if l did not remember wrongly, are u in the AMK thread? just got yr flat only?

tot by signing up with BS package will be cheaper.


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Hi all, I am a Nov'05 bride too. Would like to add in to the list.

Wedding Date: Nov 5, 2005
Nick: skylark
BD Age: 27
FH Age: 27
Venue: Goodwood Park Hotel
Bridal Studio: Precious moment Bridal
PS Photographer: Albert
PS Date: 3/4/05 & 4/4/05
AD Photographer AD Videographer: Looking
Honeymoon: New Zealand
Lovenest: Upper Thomson


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Hi gals,

So far, I have decided on my venue, BS. Yes, Precious moment offers quite a range of wedding gowns which are quite nice. I have already chosen my gowns and PS dates are fixed.

Currently, in proceed of booking church and the EE course. Looking for AD photographer now too.

Looks like some of you are showing the slides, it is the trend now? Havent decide on others yet. Btw, anyone got ideas do we need to give cakes one week before the wedding? How abt is it necessary to provide refreshments after the morning church ceremony since there a dinner in the evening?

Sorry to ask so much questions at once, ehheh .... see if anyone have any idea ?


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hi janey,

I'm not going straight after the wedding. Am afraid not enough money. Will only be going after few months later.

Might be going Tasmania or Japan.


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Hi chanol,

Our AD and BS is the same... so who is your co-ordinator and MUA? Mine is Christine and SIA. When will u go for your first fitting?? How much is your package??


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hi yorkie,
my AD and dinner on separate days too
my AD on 26 Jun, dinner on the following night. Judy is my co-ordinator. What about you?

hi cinderella,
hmmm... not very good comments from what i read.. anyway, will take note of the slow food serving. thanks.


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Me, I've booked a tour to Scandinavia. But just called up tour agency and they said the trip might be cancelled cos' not enough people signing up...so quite upset.
Will only know just before the AD if we are going on the trip...


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hi all.. just to add my 2 cents worth.. hahaha.. my gown designed liaoz.. measurements also taken liaoz.. but i hv no idea wat cut it is.. hahah.. just totally trusted the designer.. but i like the sketch he drew me so i guess it'll all turn out fine.. =) wish me luck! haha.. anyway wat's mermaid cut, etc? i very skinny.. 159cm/38kg only


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hey tou and anyone else who's interested , sorry for taking so long to reply, but abt my beautician if u still want her contact, i can PM u her mobile no. to u now... her shop is in adelphi (opp. funan), cityhall area and she's good lar... i just went for my facial yesterday and now my face feels v clean! oh and yes i did collagen treatment as well

tou, hvnt replied u on this, but thanks for u fitting pics of WG - wahhh v chio leh!!! nice nice nice gown - u look ultra sexy! hee... too bad i cant have smtg like that for my WG cos im getting married in church and my church's pretty conservative

janey, and i finally see u!!! thanks for ur pics! u velly babe leh! sure to be a very gorgeous bride on ur AD one!!!


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hi impulse41

mayb u can try "K@h Heng Wedding Photography", his pkg is within yr budget... (@ denotes a)
if u r interested, i can email u his pkg n u can make an appointment w him to view his profile...


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Hi gals!
Just met up with my coordinator last night and confirmed the final details. So all set and done! Now what I am gona try and do for the next 23 days is to TRY and get off work early, rest well and look pretty by the 26th.


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wow caitlyn, u reali very skinny...
Mermaid cut is all straight till the bottom legs area is wide.. u imagine little mermaid tails. I have a website that has diff design of gown, will send u ladies for reference tonite bcos it at my home PC


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Wow.. caitlyn, dat's fast..
so when will u get to see the actual gown? excited?

my FH has slim down a lot, n now i look like put on weight standing beside him..
i wanted a full skirt leh but scared too lehjek during AD..

Hey ashie, we r abt the same height n weight! can share share some gowns ideas, keke.. :p


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Hi Cherrios,
Yeah our AD is on the same day, can't wait for it. Once I finalise my details with the hotel this sat I can breathe a little and start pampering myself.

Everyone else here seems to be busy with the final details as well, do remember not to stress out.


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hi all,
wow, good to hear so many discussions about gowns... me going for my 2nd appt today. the designer sketched me 2 WGs last time, one with the cheongsam collar and the other a tonga with a see-thru midriff....both A-line (cos i got big hips
but somehow i still undecided between these 2.... guess will go down and try more cutting again today and also EG.
any idea what type of cutting will slim down the arms? for broad shoulders cos i swim a lot??


Hi furry,

Me interested to know more abt the videographer...But me have a limited budget coz dun wanna spend too much. We have already gotten a photographer for our AD already hence dun need one..
Do email me yr info ya.. [email protected]


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Hi granva,
ya..sort of had a wedding gown design in mind.Me quite oriental so thinking of having a cheong sum style with a mix of western design like bare back or low cut at the back..hahaha...but then again it will depend on how is my figure by then....must lose so many extra fats...sigh~ me going to do it after CNY also...hahaha...that's why arranging to go down during march to look at the gown. Me also taking PS in Sep. Most likely during the hols...hee...maybe we end up doing the PS together...hahaha...

Hi Rynryn...
Hope u get ur keys soon and can start reno already...hmmm...as for the food court, there are many stalls which are still not open yet. The food wise i tried the handmade noodles and the fishball noodles already. The handmade one's bad... the fishball still okay. But there are still lots of hawker centres if u walk to the central...So still no
so bad...been scouting around there already?


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Hi hamster gal,
i got broad shoulders n big hips too! :p
my FH suggested i wear bustier gown.. well.. may take that kind of design for WG.. i cannot take those plugging neckline cos flat front, haha.. :p
dun like bare back oso cos back not flawless.. haiz.. limited choice for me..


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Hola to all,

This thread is getting very active. Hmm everyone looks very prepared to get married . BS chosen, wedding banquet chosen,etc etc. Need to decide on my BS soon soon.