(2005) Brides of year 2005


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Hi helen,
I saw the ad liao... ur co is bit far for me... the posts they advertise require skills which I do not hv, esp Network. I will give it a try....will update u again. Thks.


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Thanks Sierra, it's really a torture. I'm praying hard tt the pain will subside soon. Tmrw got to go to the dooc to change dressing. I'm so scared.

Actually supposed to go for my first design session tmrw but now I think must postphone already. I even hv problem walking to the toilet, let alone down to Sophia.


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hi i_bless_u
the hotel u r looking at is of what range? i looked at lonely planet's, US$160 for 4-stars hotel. i kinda think if u r leaving for honeymoon 2 days after AD, with probably little time for last min check of details, prob it is better to get package deal. my fren went with CTC to Switzerland & Italy. she enjoyed her 10-days trip. if u have the time, it is exciting to plan your own, if short of time....then take over fren's itinerary. have u checked zuji.com

hi mei
is the above hotel rate normal?

about the guest book, check
1. www.theweddinggiftshop.com.sg
2. www.craft-inc.org
both at delfi orchard


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hi jolene,
i dunno leh... mine was a package tour the other time also... where u going for ur HM?
thanks for the website.. will take a look


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hi chercat - thanks and i have been doing that when i give my invitation cards to them. According to my hotel co-ordinator and his past experiences, chingay will not caused any traffic jam along penang road and somerset road which is still accessible and also the only road used to the carparl entrance and hence most of the time, the banquet did start on time about 8.30pm to 8.45pm cos most of the spectator will take public transport so my guest driving should have no problem.


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Hi seval
Poor thing. take care...dun walk too much and eat seafood ah...

Hi janice n seval
Oh.. Mauritius is around that price.. Seem ok for a honeymoon cos if going Europe sure double of this...I love beach too.. Damn fickle minded... seem like everywhere also wanna go... haiz...

Hi cia
I am also a Sept 18 bride..
wanna intro ur BS, Venue etc??


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Thanksss SK for the infor!!

U think Robin's work is great is it...maybe I will pop by one of these days...I was thinking of holding the solemination during the dinner..But was afraid that if anything hipcup during the process will be very malu...haha....


I went to wedding present today....I was very impressed by the range of beautiful gowns they have....
But the popular photographers eg: Chris Ling ...are only giving 8R photos...and any top up cost quite a lot......the package is already close to $5K......very xiong....sigh....looks like I have to look around more shops...


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For me I dare not walk into the brand ones... budget constraint... FH not loaded...hahaha...so only can envy.

For me, so long as the work is ok, I think for Photographer freelancer can already, and for gown, you can copy from one bouq to another, not too big of the problem.

Oh ladies, when you neg your MTM gown, please make sure they indicate for all materials to be use & no additional cost for anythg. bcos some may tell you MTM but later they will say u have to top up for tis or tat material bcos too x.


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Hi Sweet,
I didnt sign any ROM packages wif any bridal. As White link is very near my hse, i walk in to request a MUA lor. Actualy i wana take ROM packages, but after asking around ( tink one shop in International plaza,1 in Amara and White link), ROM packages wil around $500 pluz. So i decided to DIY,i bought my ROM dress from "Rose of Sharon" and White Link charge me $150 for hairdo and MU.
Have u gals decided the venue of FEb gathering?


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Hi helen,
I went to analyse ur co location online, think is still accessible. At least saw few buses, Bus 154, 61, 66, 65...which I familar with. Haha... I am interested in Marketing post.


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Hi All,

I'm new to this thread, just decided to get married in June, so everything kinda of rush, have been busy shopping for hotel, BS, PS, renovation ID, furnitures +++. Anyone out there in the same boat?

My AD is the same as yours!


Hi Sharlene

Saw your pics liao. So gorgeous, gal. I loved the details on the back your WG - all romantic and sweet with all the silver embroidery and ruffles. I wish I can have those on my WG too but "fish & bear claw cannot have at the same time"
I'm sure with the crystals on, it will look even more "wow".

I cant really see the pic of the trial MU clearly cos' too dark. I tried using PhotoEditor to brighten it but the colours became abit dull. Overall, I find the "zhao xin" very suitable for your WG. Esp with the tiara and long hair, you look very bit the demure, sweet princess bride
Maybe the hairstyle looks abit too simple, but I am not sure if a more complicated hairstyle will take the attention off your tiara. By the way, is the tiara and the necklace yours or the BS's?

You know hur, the more I see your CS, the more I like it
The flowers details really looks very outstanding against the red. Actually, if you dont like your EG as much, maybe you can wear your CS for the 2nd march-in instead. I think it is very bit as glam as an EG and will be quite wasted if just wear for the send-off

That would make your EG a mermaid cutting, right? Hmm... I think since you got slim hips, it should be quite nice too. Oh, the back of my EG will be similar to your EG leh - Toga with netting at back

By the way, thanks for showing me your pics. I can tell my Mum "see, low back very in now" haha

When will the gowns be all done up?


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Zoeanne - Thanks. I just came bk frm the doc for a change of dressing, it's super painful.

For Europe, think need abt 10K to stay in a better hotel, eat better, etc. U going Europe? Which part are u interested in?

Cia - Welcome!


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Hey all

Zoe..Happy belated bday...hehe...apiseh so late dan wish u...hehe...may u mei mei and youthful every year...hehe...
Oh..i met up with mr low on fri...quite happy with wat he offer..hehe...talk to my ah lao liao..he say i decide..haha..so more or less will confirm him..hehe..thanks for ur help...hehe...

Oh..i din manage to talk to mark..sms him he din reply..me also busy lately..forgot to call him..hehe..however..i seen another videographer..quite happy with wat he offering..so more or less will take him...anyway..really thankful for your help too...hehe..

DMK..i only know 1 at my office there...@ Amara Hotel...u can try departmental stores like Seiyu loh..i saw it at bishan lah..u can try bugis...etc..hehe..

Audrey..me also duuno hw many pairs to buy leh..just buy for PS first coz my AD not decide yet..so dunno my EG wat colour..got to buy one nice, white, high, pair of shoes leh...one of my WG for PS ...front is short...can see legs...so shoes muz also be nice..aiyo...headache huh.. ...also got to buy a chi-na red shoe for my kua..aiyo...fan huh...hahaha...

wah...now topic is HM huh....i tot of going Dubai leh...wanted to go Europe at first..but many ppl tell me very tiring..go europe..time always wasted on travelling from place to place...take train..aiyo...i wan sthing relaxing leh...haha..tot of maldives too..but now..no chance liao...sobsob...Dubai i heard quite nice leh...moreover.. me always deals with those "ali ba ba" ports at work...haha..i mean those "Kuwait..Jebel ali..dubai..etc.."those are wat i call "ali ba ba" lah..haha...so quite interested to go there see see...hehe..bt heard quite exp..got to do some research first loh...hehe..

sianz...tml mon again..haiz..boring..


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Hi Zoeanne,

I had a hard time booking for venue for this date. Was trying almost all hotels around last year sept and mostly are already booked. About to freak out then! Hahaha! Finally, Raffles town club called and said the couple has decided to cancel their tentative booking for this date. Phew! So my venue will be at Raffles Town Club and my BS is Santiago.. What about you? Are you having your ROM at the same date too?
hi gals!

sob sob!!! this thread moves so fast, i not here for a few days like got so many things to catch up!:p


Happy birthday belated! hope u had a great 1!

looks like not the topic is HM hor....me habben thk that far coz doubt got budget after the wedding....but definitely gg to hong kong, HM or not, coz rigt after my wedding, gotta attend my best fren's wedding the following week in hkg....got budget for that I happy liao....coz got to pay own airfare and accomodation, then I found out that her wedding in hkg per table of 10 is $2,000!!!!! me gg with hubby, really headache how much ang pao to give, coz then the following week, she wud also be having a wedding in Singapore, which we wud oso be attending, so dunno hw.....easily to attend her wedding, without the shopping and all wud cost more than $1k.....how????

As for HM, i guess as long as the couple tian tian mi mi, go where oso romantic 1 lor...
likely wud do it a yr ltr, when pocket more comfy!


wah......wud I really really meet my smking kaki at the nest gathering???? die die must make it ah....if not I lone ranger again leh....

saw somewhere that some1 ( sorri I lazy to backtrack the threads again, coz got limited time on the pc...hubby waiting to use to do impt stuff) suggest gg to that hawker at allson....I thk it's a good idea!!! cheap and good, and got variety for the rest of the food....
actually, we can lo hei there, then adjourn to seret gardens oso, if makan dun drag too late!

very pai seh...I supposed to coordinator, then I MIA for so long.....

Just went to meet my EG designer, very tempted to take emerald green for my EG, thot wud go with my Jade SDJ....but afraid that green wud make me look sickly, so in the end, designer say we shld stay to my colours if I feel more comfy....so....it's gonna be fushia silk chiffon over classic red silk chiffon.....after cny thk can see designs liao....see if by gathering I can bring both the WG and EG sketches for u all to see!
TIME : 7pm-7.15pm

Confirm attendees:
1) Widowwitch
2) Zoeanne
3) Seval
4) Audrey
5) Janice
6) Gin
7) Jelly
8) kit
9) Cu2nite
10) sierra

Not confirm attendees.
1. josl

see that 17th is a good day since quite a handful can make it so far....looks like date is fix....if no strong objection, we can do at allson that hawker and adjourn to secret gdns. How?
Hi cia,

hmm......RTC is a good choice.....that was in fact my 1st choice.....I started approaching them since Aug last yr.....but sat on it for a really long time coz their min is to many for me to handle...I like the poshness of the place, feel very atas....but in the end, when Terence called for a confirmation on my tentative coz there was another couple eyeing on the 18th oso, I gave it up! keke....u really lucky that in the end that couple oso give up.....but do realised that RTC can be quite sticky abt giving more perks leh....how did ur neg go? in the end, me oso no longer taking 18th, chg date to 11th....

but I'm sure having ur wedding there wud be really grand....and super big plus is their bridal suite......ooh-la-la....that was in fact the main reason why I wanted there initially....haiz...but no choice lor....I dun have so many guests....and to book small can, but may have to share the ballroom, I dun want, to chope whole ballroom, got to pay extra per table....me no afford.....but their wines for the wedding can make it, I tried, and found it not bad! can take!

aiyo....dun go dubai lah....there hor, they can be quite strict 1 leh....even some of the makan joints men and women cannot sit at the same table to eat, so they divide the makan joint into 2 section, 1 side guys, 1 side gals....if go there HM, then got to be separated, no fun....but I always go there to the tailor lor.....can get cheap and very nice fabric....wrkmanship is cheap and fast too....though i did say as long as tian tian mi mi, doesn't matter where u go for HM, but think as for certain parts of middle-east, if they are muslim state, can be super strict, some even no alcohol.....then mostly the streets in Dubai hardly got gals 1 leh.....u wud see a lot of men in their table-cloth headgear (those red checkered 1s, keke!
) and when they see a woman walk past, some can stare like they nvr see woman b4, and even walk into poles and walls!!! I personally dun thk so ideal for HM lor....just my opinion lah...


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Count me in!
1) duffybuff
2) coyote
3) celtricia
4) honeygem

Just a quick update - will be collecting AD piccies tomorrow. Yippee!

Also, am uploading all digital pics sent by family and friends. So many nice ones!!

hehe. Got all excited again. But duffybuff, you are right, kinda miss all that planning. Now I guess, life is back to the boring normal self.

But not so boring for Celtricia lah, she's on a baby project now. hehe.


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Hi Cia,
Heee..me 11th Sept.
Near Near la..hehhee..me? Nothing to prepare leh..cos no house to settle..only a bedroom...tat's all..so now doing nothing in fact..u? :p


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hi seval
Take care ah... Pain for u when i think of it too...dun walk too much..
Europe HM, aiya, also dun know where.. See got money anot.. Its one of the places we wanna go..
Hubby like Cairos, greece n turkey cos we got friends and relatives there too.. Italy n Rome maybe be another choice...BUT again, see got $$ anot..
I am very frikle minded on where to go for HM leh...

Like what tan said, HM as long as together, sweet and enjoyable, anywhere also can.. but one criteria, these places must be the places i never been b4 :p.. ahahah...

HI Tan, nvm, u busy, i can be the organise this time .. ok , we can go hawker there ... no prob..

HI Cia
My ROM is already over. not on the same say as my AD. RTC is a nice place... glad you found yourself a venue.. 18 Sept real popular.. sometimes, which make things even more tough for us in preparation. My hotel is M hotel, my BS is in JB..

Hi Cu2nite.
Glad you also like Mr Low. I confirm with him already.. Oh ya, we suppose to meet the MUA on Tuesday.. Remember ah!!

HI Tan and Cu2nite,
thanks for the belated bday greets... thanks thanks..

I m super super tired.. today is a thorough move out for my PIL house.. NO more stayin in old house liao...


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Hi Jolene,
Have you went for your first appmt with HDB? MIne is tmr and still got 2nd appmt b4 can get keys to the flat..plus reno, duno can make it in time for the wedding or not. is your renovation extensive?


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honeygem...ur update so short...hmm...cannot...muz tell us more hor! Looking forward to seeing ur pics ;)

JanBrides Get-Together:

1) duffybuff
2) coyote
3) celtricia
4) honeygem
5) cutiebear


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Just had my GDL today...exhausted after going around sg to give invites and cake. And now back in my own place, and FH's family is all here playing mahjong and watching soccer. Really irritated coz gotta teach tomorrow morning, and I think they're not leaving anytime soon. Sian.

Just invited my principal to my wedding. Hope the heads and staff will enjoy themselves.


Hi gals. Just went for my second fitting today. Basically there isn't much diff from the first fitting except that there are crystal beadings and that the bustler at the back of the WG is sewn up. I am very happy with the front of the gown but I don't quite like the back (bustler) leh.

It seems ok when I tried it on but I couldn't really see properly how the back looks even when Margaret did the 2-mirror reflection method. But my Mum and FH didn't complain so I take that it should be alright. However, when I look at the photo after that, I find that the bustler looks kind of messy and not classy enuff. But during the fitting I already told Maragret that it's ok so I was wondering if it's too late to highlight my concern to her. Also, I'm not sure if there's anything she can do abt it since the cloth is cut liao



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Hi helen,
Not emailed yet.... tml then do it.
Went to buy bedsheet at Robinson...happen got fashion show on silk dresses by some Hangzhuo models, very pretty... get ideas for my EG... haha.

Ur co is 5-day or 5.5-day?


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hello gers!!
me still coughing away too....haiz....cough till lungs gona come out liao...

seval better be careful.....some more PS in few months time n need to wear heels so must take care fr now on....ur feet......

aiyo...TAN...like tat pocket broke lo...heheh...attend 2 times dinner sia....somemore got to book own tickets n accommodation ah.....ur best frens or relativeS??


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hi anna,
lomg time no see, we are talking abt PS venue not banquet one. :D

d woof,
I quite enjoy it, it is quite memorable. I went changi for lalang, beach and greenary and then fullerton for night shoots.


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can show me ur pix too??

tougei & Sharlene,
u got mail. I managed to include what my hb snap for PS.. at least now I look better LOL.i warn him abt the angles.


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hi ladies..i c everyone's getting really busy with the preps..now only less than 2mths away..i'm really getting excited..

was rally busy past few weeks trying to cope with work, study and the wedding preps..hoping to settle as many of the items as possible before cny..have visited florist but not yet confirmed choice of flowers..visited printers and keeping my fingers crossed that cards can be ready by cny so that we can use hols to start writing some of the cards

don't think i'll be able to check in here as frequently anymore as really busy..so in case i don't get to talk to you gals before your AD..happy preparations and all the very best for the AD..


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hello girls..

icy giving a report on my PS.. heeeheeee

we were a bit late for PS, suppose to reach at 11am and we only reach the place at 11.20am becos of bad traff jam at CTE..

so our photoshoot only start at abt 1pm. everything is quite tight so I only manage to get hb to snap 2 pix niah

my hair style seemed like only 3 hairstyle changes, the rest just change with hair accessories, makeup only lipstick change, i thought is everything changed including makeup.. heehee after checking with pinky then I realise it is suppose to be like that.

every gowns there is 2 background change, i even request them to snap something in relation to my shoes.

Anyway by the time, when it is time for outdoor shot, it is already 4.45pm, and it rain when we are travelling to Changi - laLang area. fortunately, there wasnt any rain at the east side.

ehem.. my advise to those wanna go lalang, better wear cover shoes tor even track shoes here if u know that they wont snap on ur shoes, i tripped on the weeds there and the thorns on the week scratches on my left feet. cos other then lalang, there was a type of weed which is torns all over & another one with stems zig zag across the field.. then the thorns ones pluck also on my veils and WG..and then have to pretend relax and walk with hb.. hb comment that it is like army field.. the guys have no problem walking becos they wear cover shoes.

Then around the same area, we also snap for greenary and then went changi beach for beach shoots..

then we had night shoots at fullerton, usual place cos no other places with a lot of other things for us to shots.. so bo bianz.. we saw a lot of couples taking PS there too.

Our photos will be ready on the 5th feb, unfortunately me and hb not free to go and see, then my BS will be closed for cny.. so i only can wait till 20 Feb I cant help feeling stupid for having to wait so long while the photos already ready.. *sigh* bo bianz, cos I want to choose weekend for photo selection..

oh ya, we did a check with the photographer, we take abt 120 pix, 60 indoors and 60 outdoors.

I heard punggol no more lalang, only changi.

Thanks for ur well-wishes.. heehee me now really work hard man.. for the lalangs, my left feet kanna "hui rong" As for my shoes, to make it worth while, i specially get the photographer to snap my shoes.. ie.. me wearing shoes or hb helping me put on.. for shoes, u can check out far east plaza and lucky plaza. :D

me paid $269 for my shoes. here the pix: http://community.webshots.com/photo/202711285/206890868HAwPDw

me just KS, hardworking in terms of very early do facial.. hahahaha.. and research information.. cos i book everything earlier, prices are cheaper.

for beach, u can check out sentosa.. a lot of beach there. :D

Lalang at Changi.. one ulu place.. where like forest forest and then they drive into the "sandy road" right inside.. ehem near airport.

phew, from my report, u can see it rains.. when we are in the car.. we were so worried then.

hi rachel


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hi ladies!

think we are more or less set on the date and venue for the gathering ya? like tan say, we can adjourn to secret garden if it's not too late

gin: u staying with in-laws oso???

janice: hope you get well soon!

seval: bear with the pain...hope u get well very soon too

Tan: Very siong leh..2 dinners to attend for the same couple? u must be close rite?? and $2K per table????!!!! i wonder wat they serve.....


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Hi gals,

I am 5th Nov'05 bride. I am pretty new to this thread. So how everyone preparation?

I have choosen my BS (Precious Moment Bridal) and my venue decided too.