(2004) Brides of year 2004


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hi all, i wanted to go for a short trip.. like langkawi or bali.. may i know how should i go about.. i check website.. all room price.. nothing like tour.. i m lost


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hi all,

today busy day ah... afternoon 3 meetings back to back....

oh, gin back liao... i sms her last week, to inform her about the gathering and she okie to meet, but in the end cancelled liao.....


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secret garden, baobao, lovely pics, will share mine once i get them! promise!

babu, was ur AD on 18dec at beaufort?

little_apple, may i have a look at ur pics too?? langkawi and bali F&E can leh, dun really need tour guides.... it'll take awhile to get used to married life... got more responsibilities lor clean clean sweep sweep...now after a year of staying together we still argue bout dishes and laundry but we do split the load and til now i still rarely raely iron his clothes...he's too fussy and he irons better then me :p


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Little apple,

I think u have alot of fun on ur wedding day right???Ur hubby really looks more handsome in person,more youthful....

Yah,shern,me too.even though we have been staying togehter for more than a year,we still argue....He alwaz say i dun wash the bathroom,but i am really so tired after working...After the nagging,he is still the one to wash them....HEE!!!!HEE!!!!

secret garden,

WOW,u have upload so much photos,i haven finish viewing yet....Ur hubby so poor thing,kannan pinch by so many clothes pegs...U have alot of jewellery too.....All those gicen by ur parents,and the rolex watch too....


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Dear all,
I stucked in deep deep shit again.....

Found a job but unhappy, really unhappy.

Nobody to tok to, no one to lunch wif. Basically so boring.

hehe.... Can wake up but really no mood to learn and grow in that plc. Help. I nid a long long rope to pull me up le.

I got shortlised for a 2nd interview next Monday. Shld I go?



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hi secretgarden, thanks for sharing ur pix. u look really radiant! hey, u look like the model QiQi leh, did anyone tell u?

my pix not ready yet. wait till neck long long...

little apple, relax. ask your hubby to share the household chores wif u. it can be quite fun when doin household chores wif ur hubby!
hey, may i share ur pix too? thanks!

[email protected]


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purple: not all jobs are good jobs, but its oneself to make it better. u are such a cheerful person, and one person who can make the working environment friendly n fun to work in.

if u think the next interview gng to allow u to stand a chance, why not give it a shot?


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Hi Purple,

i think work environment plays an important part in your career path as well, personally, i think no harm trying the 2nd interview. :D


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hi ladies,
good morning to all... i have been veri busy lately... can any1 tell me where and how to upload those pic so that i can share with u pple


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ya Dabee,

I know which one u referring to.. but the boss got 1 kinda weird attitude one leh... hehehe...

Morning ladies!!


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Hi Odae,

you got mail...

seabreeze, we also have same thinking like yours. our attitude is more like if have have, if don hve...then try again...I not young any more like u gals...so erhhmm...

purple, I agree with moonlight & ling...
shldn't miss an opportunity .jus try & see how. who knows it may turn out to be much better than your current one. at least u better than me. I 1 interview also don hve...


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wa seh - u all arh, after wedd also so tita leh..........

I got no time to cme in + no chance to surf net @ hme cos arh buey relocate.

Bt wait lar - nx week shld b up le.


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went by tour although i don like coz we really don understand the words & language ..

same here, sick of the food .. last 2 days only eat rice & a few pcs of veg. okie, sent to you liao


oh .. haha .. guess sometimes he hear u complaining too much, he soft-hearted lah but at times without 1 person income, he hard-hearted again
oic, did you went by tour?

wherever u go, the initial period is never easy to adopt as the colleagues usually have their own groups as they are used to each other, so must try to blend in ..
since you got another interview, give it a shot, maybe you will like the work scope better over there

wah, u also trying liao huh .. me scared. anyway got a new member in my family, got a puppy .. hehe, now so busy training him to pee/poo at the right place. all my colleagues said have a baby better


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Hi Shern, thanks, my hubby & brother gang had a hard time that day.. they end up all lineup outside the toilet after the sabo. Initially the bro gang were quite angry & wanted to sabo my sistergang back.. lucky my sister gang really cool.. not scare of them.ha..ha.. think my bro gang can tremble the next time, they c them


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Little Apple

I saw le. Bt then hor - I was seeing 1/2 way then suddenly got cut off.

Nw gng in & chk my emails again, c if I can c it 1 more time.


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Hi Babu, soupie, wed_05, winterhakone, wise,
Sorry for the delay...was busy
I have just sent you the links... let me know if you receive them ya?



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purple ...

since u not v happy abt ur current job ... should just go for the other job interveiw ... u neber know how it might turn out ... dun waste a chance ....

twinkle ... me not young oso hahahaha ... just let nature takes its own course ... the more stress the worse it gets ....

adidas ... wow puppy ar ... need alot of time n effort oso ... show photo ler ....


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hi cool devil,
me not very fair, i still find myself a bit too dark liao...haha! when your pics are ready must show me okie? then can c if we both got contrast :p

yes, we have the solemnisation on the stage after the 1st march in and right before the dinner commences.. tot this would help to ensure punctuality?:p we tot this would be a good idea to have everything within the same day too.. Think this is quite popular nowadays...