(2004) Brides of year 2004


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Cheerbear,i still didn't receive leh????

Did u do the photo collage urself??It's very nice....U and ur hubby looks so loving together.....Ur house is also very nice...Does all cantonese bride need to eat the TANG YUAN??
After looking at ur photos,i am so angry now....That day i also want to take some outdoor photos,but all screw up by my char tau's relatives....Have u ever hear bride and bridegroom waiting more than an hour for the relative to come and JING CHA??Wasted more than an hour of my time,end up i didn't take outdoor photos at all...

I like the decoration of ur ballroom.really fullerton standard...


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chamonique, can send me bo??? [email protected]

Hayashi, ohoh...how come? did ur hb inform his relatives what tiime to come bo? my side ... my hb siblings only got one attend the tea ceremony...the rest din even bother to come .... but good lah .. dont have to waste too much time there loh :p


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hahaha hakida i oso waited more than hr 4 my in law's side of relatives...somemore i haf specifically told his mum (n my mum) dat i shant wait...n those who r thirsty shld come early n wait 4 mi rather than i wait 4 them

end up i pek chek i say out loud 'I VERY TIRED LIAO...TEA CEREMONY NOW' hahaha

heng i oreadi said those who miss the tea ceremony in the day..i oso will not haf time 2 serve them b4 the banquet :p


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Hi Adidas,
Ya lor, must wake up early liao. Cun nap too. Must sleep more today. haha....

Hi Ling,
Ya, like it. Still can go back for one free treatment. Gary very frenly. He dun look 40plus leh. Surprised when he said he is. He look early 30s only.

Hi Amy,
Now gg to work, meet for lunch will be difficult le.

See u soon.


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adidas, Yap..went Korea for HM..not bad but bored with the food after a few days.
Do show me your pic ya. I'm trying to upload mine too...the network very slow.


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Hi Hakida,

The collage was done by my photograher. It is the coffee table album in A4 size. I am Hakka leh..not Cantonese...but seems like it's a most to eat Tangyuan for my dialect group. Actually my outdoor shoot almost screwed up. The gatecrashing was over the schedule time. At 1st I wanted to go to West Coast Park for outdoor shoot then in the end no time and they hurried us to go over to my MIL's house for tea Ceremony. When we arrived there, most of the relatives had not even arrived
.Luckily my hubby suggested we go to the jogging park a few block away for photo taking...else I would be very angry cos on my PS the weather was bad and I didnt get to take any greenery. Thus I was very determine to take some greenery pics for my AD.


I have resent.


Can U send me yours too? [email protected]


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hi hi everyone,
me mia long time liao :p hows everyone's wedding?
just came back to work recently...

hi piglets,
You came back from honeymoon liao? how was it?bet you had a good time??Can share with me your honeymoon pics? Same time can also let me have your email addy so that I can send all my pics to you 2 :p I know it's long overdue :p

Hi chamonique,
not sure if we have chatted b4. me also a dec04 bride but did not come in as frequent as I wished I can... mind if you share your pics with me ??

my email addy : [email protected]

hi oraia,
how have you been? how's your wedding? n honeymoon? got pics to see see???

Many many thanks!!!


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secret garden!!!

how have u been???
u mia really really really long leh. :p
solly, me hvn't got pics cos the files are too big to upload. so i didn't upload any soft copies....
u got pics pics ah?? can i see see too?
[email protected]

my wedding was great. it was perfect, ev thing went like clockwork. so far no bad comments/ feedback.
how was urs?


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Hi Odae,

thght I have emailed you my HM photos. not very much ...or can leave down your email add?
I send again.
Thks a lot

MONDAY BLUES.................


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Hi everyone, got back on fri, now working...so sian....but do miss my colleagues tho :p

have not collected my pics yet, need to contact my photographer...


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Ya.. monday blues.. sigh.. yawn.. hahah

for a moment, i thought Twinkle left me out for her HM pic also.. but recalled seeing some pics from aust, then i realise, i have actually seen it.. :D

Purple.. started work already? wonder how are u now? can wake up??


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Serene, that uncle very famous .... very good i think .... my sister solemnisation is by him also. Mine I wanted to get him .. but he not free that day.....


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rainnie ic ic haha but he was very smiley type lor even my mum liked him keke

coz my sis kena tis very fierce aunty :p

wads ur email again?


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Lang is here...


Dabee, ya ya, Eternity just explained it for me lor... that is wat i meant... i mean which hb will pass the whole pay check to the wife one? then take allowances from her??

eg: just like mother giving son allowances like dat lor... hahaha....


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hi baobao,
today your 1st day at work huh? how's married life so far? Thanks! as usual, I cant see till I am back home, office firewall
I got my AD photos (day photos) right that evening for the guests at dinner to view. AD pics for the evening are ready by the next day! all thanks to hilarion! he sure is super fast, efficient and accurate plus perfectionist! He even personally brings the rest of the photos to our house after we came back from honeymoon! what can I say? He is the best!!
I owe you lots of pics from house to studio to AD and honeymoon :p tonight I one time send all to you k then you can see see and comment hehehe

how's korea???


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Secret Garden, my JP is not him .... u got see Charmonique photos? He is in the pic....dark skin tone one....abit curly hair ba... :p
can share with me ur photo as well??? hehehe mine ready liaoz but yet to scan in all the pics.... :p so .... if u all wanna see please wait hor .. coz i super bo eng this few weeks haiz...

Serene, u ask for my email add isit??? i dont noe lah ... in case u need it .. hehe [email protected]


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Hi serene

so coincidence :p haha..that moustach uncle who did our solemnisation is a very funny guy...my guest almost laugh throughout the ceremony.

thxz for sharing, u looked stunning. like ur wedding dress and ur bridal car..so sweet.


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hi oraia,

ya sorrie hor mia so long! Last year was a roller coaster year for me so many things to do yet so little time!!! got miss me?:p

how's married life so far? your wedding;s date very near mine right? help me jot my memory, who is your photographers? my pictures are very big files too and I thought cant upload but I succeeded hehe maybe you can try too? me also wanna c! tonight I will send mine to yours k
which ones you wanna c? ;)

my wedding was great too. good feedback, great MUA and AD photographer, great friends, good food, wedding cake, videography with a fabulous honeymoon... what more can I ask hehe..


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hi rainnie,
oops sorry! :p Me haven't seen her pics yet cos office got firewall cant access web based email... so can only see tonight... after tonight then let you know if hers and mine same not hee...

sure sure can send to you too but cant until tonight...
maybe i pm you my webpage link first?got some pics inside but not all and a bit messy cos long time never go there update liao...;)


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hi secret garden,

ya loh, miss you loh! :p u got miss me not? hehehe.

married life ah? ok lah.. so far so good... mine was on 12th. 3 days aft urs right?
my PS photographer is andrew choi, AD is benny ang. aiyoh... must slowly slowly upload ah? v tiring leh! :p i v impatient one!!

me ah? i wanna see all ur pics leh!!!!! u got msn or not? can chat w u on msn.

heeeee.... where did u go for honeymoon?


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ha ha ha. finally i got what skylar trying to say....... maybe that "guy" yearning for motherly love... hee heee heee *i so bad*


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hi adidas,

hehehe... i think hv to look thr the papers properly, else can conned into the company which is worse than your current one. :p

hi amy,

aiyo, me busy until i get sick again.... got fever start from 2 jan and last weekend got fever again.... aiyo, me get mc until i sian liao. ;p

hi ling,

oh, you trying for baby liao huh??? hehehehe.... me still taking own sweet time. ;p i think this kind of thing cannot be rush one leh...

hi purple,

you found a job already huh? that's fast leh.


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hi oraia,
of cse got lah! just that so busy can't come in at all!
then you multi-task work and upload at the same time?;P U must upload show me okie?

u super greedy, c all pics?!?!?
wait till tonight k ;P

I can yahoo messenger BUT at home only not here! you send me your msn and yahoo ID? then we link up then next time can chat when i see you online?

I went switzerland, paris and london just came back 2 weeks ago i think.. where did you go for yours?


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Hi Secret Garden,

My wedding was on 15 Dec at Fullerton. I will look forward to see your pics tonight :p

Hi Pleasance,

Thanks. I think a lot of brides engaged him for solemnisation. He is very popular cos he is very experience and know how to create atmosphere.