(2004) Brides of year 2004


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me will definitely try my best to appear... i hope to say will definitely appear, but i scared later got to slap myself... hahaha....

no time,

wish u all the best... the other time before my PS, i also knock into my big toe and actually have a blue black till today... the new nail is growing out liao, but dunno whether the replacement rate can be in time for my wedding or not...


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no-time/ eternity,

must come tomorrow ok. i work ot today so tat i can knock off on time tomorrow!

i sayang both of u .... poor toes.



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you all really know how to post icons..
adeline, your photos quite nice ah.. why leh....
wonder how is dabee doing...hmm... hope everything is well with her...

i really hope to meet u gals tomorrow!!! hope the meeting end early... tomorrow nite going back new house to clear things...

i don't have any of u gals hp number leh... will definitely try to make it and hope to see u gals there.. but u all sure cannot recognise me one lah.. i now like siao cha bor... hair messy and i look very tired... (i wear glasses one hor)


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hi fairymoss, glad u enjoy ur holidays...
wow ur package covers a lot of places. me only went to switzerland & italy. envy.
btw, how many of vacation leaves u r entitled a yr? can afford to go for 24D of holiday.

agree w u totally that the water in venice was dirty, can even see the algae on the walls...
do u mean the drinking fountain in venice? saw a lot of drinking fountains, quite common there but didnt dare to drink. me got weak stomach, cant afford to get sick there. u do what i mean?
there was a couple who was also there for honeymoon and went back to spore after the 3rd day in switzerland. wife was feeling feverish and husband suspected she had dengue fever as the temperature was going up and down. a pity...

ya, the chinese food in europe wasnt that good. but at least better than nothing..

btw, did u get jetlag? mine was quite terrible, couldnt sleep when i came back and only got adjusted back 1 wk later.

holidays are always wonderful.... cant wait to go overseas again.

can share ur pictures?? [email protected]


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hi bebe
received ur mail liao... wow u look so pretty leh
got a very good figure too... dun diet liao.. too thin not good


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Hi Cawaii & Fairymoss

I had jet lag when I came back too... couldn't sleep for a week and on Sun... think my body too tired... so slept for 24 hours... my family tot I fell sick... ;p

Btw, Fairymoss, u haven't send me yr pic leh... u got any of those that u taken during yr HM? If yes, send lah... maybe have a better idea where to go... especially Budapest... My Email : [email protected]

Cawaii, u went to Switzerland and Italy? How much did u spend and which agent did u book with? Collecting info now for my HM next yr...


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hi gals:

i am back!! hv talked to my bs i think for less than 15mins. i just complain non stop... blar blar blar. my frames are not in shop liao. send for re frame and she dun hv the software copies in their PC liao. so i cannot compare that particular 8R pic to the one in the table top. she will stick to the pic and do the frame i want, then we see nice or not. if still unproportional, she will either re print or let me chose another pic. she ok leh, at least she agree to what i wanted, promise to deliver what i want. if not satifised will change for me again. she said my album is 15" by 12" i think should be 15R. my package also comes with a mini album 5R of the same photos. everything should be ready by next weekend. hope that my photo album would be nice. pray hard.

skylar, if work in fancl duno got staff discount of not. that day got one lady bought about $500 worth of those bottles tense up. many boxes leh. really good stuff meh? any one drink those?

adeline i using fancl for my face, washing oil then powder tone moisturer i never take any pills. dun like to eat pills. ur photography from kelvin beetles? wow... nice
ur pics are nice, why u dun show ur coli? are u going to show us tmw? u collected ur album??

eternity is our da jie da!!!!!

i do not know how to use those cute cute colored icon. my icon all skeleton.

eternity n adeline work till 8 plus!!!!! wow so late!!! must be earning big bucks.

k very tired liao. going sleep....at least tonight can sleeep...zzzzz


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Hi Gals,
Please give me ur email address, I'll email u the pix we took juz now.

Btw, pls tell me wat u eat and how much u pay me. Cos, I got EXTRA cash. So scary....


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Hi Hayashi,

Nice! I like esp the pic which you are in halter neck 2 pc. Thanks for sharing!

Are there 30 over pics or 64 pics? After 30 something pics seem like pic repeated..not sure if i saw correctly..


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Hi Michelle,

It was fun. Imagine I thot I cld be on the way home ard 9pm. But we stayed till 10plus. Hope next time u can join us.

Sure, can I have ur email address?

Nite nite....


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thanks hayashi, nice pics, you look sweet sweet leh. i like the CS gown, has a nice train, quite a few outfits
btw i agree with zann, think the pics are repeated leh...


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Hi Clore,,

my pics r nt ready yet.. will mail to u after it ready


yap(agree to meimei),, u r a pretty gal
.. look photogenic

u chose 70pcs over 4 yr album..



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Good morning all...
It was great to have met up with all..though i din get to talk to everyone...but it was good...to now at least have a face to the nicks

Hey Michelle......it was a good meeting
though warm kekekek.... u were trying to come from Tuas..and i was going home to tuas

Purple... wow u reach home so early ah...kekekke sorry din reply ur msg..... tooo tired....waited long for cab kekekek maybe train was better...sigh.... so u managed to haf ur "lala" ?


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morning pretties !!

hehehe... tink i must display abt 15-20 of that pretty gal icons! hahaha.. cos we are all mei meis... hahaha... *pengs*

so happy hor.. today is the meet-up leh...hahaha....

eternity.. sorry ah... i wun post again... hehehe...

dabee! so happy for u..
see we jia you for u.. will work one! hehehehee...... finaly see u feeling sleepy.. must hv slept well last nite....

mandy... no worries lah... u can recognise us one.. hahahaa.... must come ok?

eternity oso... else adeline will bite! hahaha...

ivy.. yah lah.. pathetic sms like tat.. hahahaa....


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good morning gals!!!!

ya ya i forget to say a big thank to u all ya it works when u all all pray for me.

thank you thank you very much. thank you very much for your kind support. hee heee
just like what i always wrote to my customers. hee hee heeee

last night mandy 8plus still wonder how did my battle went ..... thanks ya ya mandy must come n hv fun with us tonight ok.

i wan to eat pasta tonight. yummy yummy....

has da jie da added the new comer blur Green to our yahoo? why blur Green dun wan to show us her pic?

hi hi ivy
i dun hv much impression of u sorry.

last night i went to our yahoo to see pics, so that i can recognise u all. i saw adeline, she so slim still complain fat?????!!!!!!! aiyo.


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Good Morning ladies.

u are good man, can talk non-stop for 15 mins and got what you want .... kekeke .... good that things turn out well for u

Adeline and Eternity,
What messages are u gals talking about that Eternity has to delete ??? me blur !!!


Morning ladies....

April: I want the photo too.... email add [email protected]. How was ur lala??? Good??

fleur: FULLY AGREED.. other then the faces I have seen, new faces... its really good experience, we got to learn from one another preps....


gd morning!!

u looked great! i like your outdoor WG, very nice. Your designer too demanding liao.. u are slim n tall.
must be looking forward to your collection.

yours too. I esp like your cool cool posed in your CS. very stylo.
Have u seen mine? i tot i did send to u before. hmm.. let me know.

are u getting stressed?? i'm a bit.. worried that we hv lots of things not done... haiz.. my RSVP is coming in slowly.. but still early lah. Going down to BS to select my CS/tea dress this coming sun and to meet up my hotel coordinator next wk to finalise the decoration n gifts. Trying as much as possible to do more in Aug, Sept is reserved for my hse n last min stuff.

then must say tks to c0c0.. for being so on and organise the outing. *smuck*


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Thanks for sending the photo! And boy was the cartoon you sent me long... haha... thought just 1, turns out to me 1 whole page!


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Good morning pretty ladies!!

No-time : how are you? any blue black??

Mandy : wa, you drink tenseupEX daily ... wa,, veri $$$$ leh. Hope to see more pics of you today.

Dabee : my album will be collected 1 week before AD. Glad tat you're feeling better 2day.
Me ot no extra pay one hor ... :p

Skylar : so quiet these days ... got bring CD today?? heehee

Gin : must bring more pics today ok

etenity, wat time u left yesterday? din watch s'pore idol olso ..........


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aiya ... slim is neber gd enough ... cos HB said me plump leh! Glad tat you come make it tonight!!


Talk abt it tonight ok ...............