(2004) Brides of year 2004


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haha, me today also back in the office... just need to send out some emails... but going off soon, once hubby reaches here...


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Hi Serene,
2 only I oso want to see.

Amy, I not full time yet. Hubby only pay me 200 bucks, so only as and when I happy, then I do. haha.... I oso almost go crazy liao. Stay at home really bored. Luckily can come here.

Twinkle, ur pix ready?


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Santuarium, Unicorn:
OMG..it should be tough for u gals..to manage wed prep and reno @ the same time! So u gals moving to ur nest after marriage?
Jus got my nest & it will only be ready in 09!! Still long to get to reno prep..envy u gals!


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Hi everybody! I am new here.

I just had my photoshoot done with Montage. Quite an exhilarating experience.

btw, i am trying to draft out the events for my wedding. Correct me if i am wrong

30/10/04 (saturday)
8am makeup + hair styling
9.30 am tea ceremomy at my place
10.30am tea ceremony at hubby's place
12.35pm ROM
2pm --12am ??

31/10/04 (sunday)
12am---5pm ??
7.30 cocktail
8pm dinner

i am lost liao
Have i miss out anything?


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u so good ah! come in to accompany me leh... hehehehe... sayang!

u also gg off liao... bye u both... happy weekend!


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Hayashi.. u sound very scary leh.. U mean Bryan too good that i have too many to choose or he is so lousy that my mood will be spoilt???? I now very worry leh.. me paying $6k for the package u dun scare me leh.. BTW, what e price of your package?.. They took many poloraids but i only given 1.. Thought of asking for all of them coz my family eager to c the photos but too tired to ask in the end. Hayashi.. Hayashi.. i cannot remove the attachment liao.. how?? what will happen to me if i dun remove the poloraids?? Can i c your photos??? Can ????

Shern i go tahnan merah & fullerton for the outdoor!! Fullerton only few night shots.. There're many brides there taking photos on that night..


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zann,the dinner and church invitations....if not too costly, may not use the cards from the hotel, will print our own. then can swop the hotel cards for something else...

jean, think hayashi means you will have loads of nice pics to choose from lah...
you can get chin leng to remove the pic jus email him. fullerton's a nice place for nite shots..


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Welcome, Pancake!

Hehe, your wedding dates & mine are the same. Your planning is more "advanced" than mine because I haven't reached the timing aspect yet

Me also will have a lot of free time on Sat afternoon onwards till Sun evening, just like you. I've not made any concrete plans yet as to what to do... most probably end up zzz at home, keke!


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Shern.. thanks!! but taking outdoor at tahnan merah is a not so wonderful.. insect flew into my gown.. making me feeking out & little thorn seeds (think they are the lalang seeds) stuck onto my gown scratches my legs so painful.. whole body so itchy.. lucky i wear track shoes & din wear stockling.. else worse.


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jean, you wore track shoes, that bad huh....sentaosa should be ok i think....tanah merah, you take those pics with lallangs huh


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u mean printing costly? u mention about costly...can't be number of cards rite? cos i thought number of cards is based on percent of number of guests leh...


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hi gals!

Sorry - last night couldn't cme in cos @ hb's hse.

I gotta jet offf liao, gng to new hse & b maria. Finally.

If Jean or baobao coming in here & c tis msg, wanna go my new hse - by all means call me.

If there's any gals who will b nearby can call me also.



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amy ... okie ... me take a photo and show it to you ... see if you can help me ... thanks in advance ...

serene ... oic ... so qiao ... enjoy ur indoor shoot this sunday ... should be fun ... i ganna all the bites at changi ... maybe the punggol ones was 'full' aft you n hubby went heehee ...

mine was quite a pleasant exp ...


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Hi spongme!

Hehe, let me guess, you have your wedding on sunday because most of the hotels are fully booked on saturday?

Have you printed your invitations cards? I was told that we are not suppose to print the cards during ghost month ie 16/8/04 - 14/9/04..Not auspicious


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hi gals....
Long time no see... have been long since I last post any message!!! Been rather busy recently with work, promotion and yes studies and projects too... Stressed!

Hi to all new brides here... where have all the rest of the brides gone to?? Guess same as me MIA for awhile b4 coming out...

still busy helping out your hubby???

should be enjoying ur PS ydae? Think the weather is quite hot too... Shuld be able to meet you aftet next week since my deadline is on next Tuesday! Actually I'm working on the project now too... sorry haven't got time to reply ur email

Eh, I went to creative hands... hmm... maybe not in the right mood to go in so didn't really think abt what design I wanted. U better do more of your preparation now, if not School starts U will be as "sian" as me.

18th Aug is fine. Somemore it's after my deadline & no lesson.. let me knoe the final date
Btw, U enjoy ur PS?

There are alot of things which we haven't done.. prinitng cards, GDL stuff, Guest list.... by the time I'm free... think 7th month already. Should be dun care abt that already... somemore, I'm still waiting for BS to pass me the CD-rom for my invitation cards & montage! Can only give me after National day....
and the album layout is stil not ready!

OK ok, back to my research.....

See you girls ard....


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Hi excite,

I think the printing company will not print wedding invitation cards during ghost month. Even if you wan, the printing company refuse to print woh because not auspicious...my FIL says one. So now we are rushing to get it done before 16/8/04



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Hayashi, R u a japanese.. i was at sophia e other day & they show me e Japanese Couples' album,, Cool.. not too sure if u r the 1. Did u wear your own pearl necklace?

Shern.. it's my Photographer that asked me to wear track shoes.. hee he says that the gown will cover it!! Yap i did took pics with lallang.. Weather very hot that day.. almost melt.


seabreeze: yes maybe u r rite, all mosq were after me not my hubby, i got used to it, yes i agreed it was quite a good experience. remind me of my kampong days.. with lotsa bushes.. thanks shall have more fun tmr.

april: i took in digi, either i upload & email u or u wait awhile longer on the meetup i bring my cam along.. took 2 in gowns & some in casual, anyhow snapped when i was @ home. Wanna show my parents & sis & my buddies the makeup loh.. they kept reminding me again so must fulfill my promise..


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pancake: u shant be having any tea ceremony at ur home in the morning. u can pay respect to ur ancestor but not tea ceremony. the tea ceremony for ur family will occur after u come back from ur FH's plc.


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hi jean,

i am sorry if i startled u,dun worry,what i mean is Sophia deosn't give all the couple their poloraids shots.just dun want Bryan they all to be complained,juz in case some sophia brides saw ur photos and query Sophia how come they were not given the poloraids shots.

U muz have confident in Bryan.He did a great job in my photos.U will be in a dilenma which photos to choose,unless u willing to pay extra $$ for two albums.

U dun have to ask CL to remove the posting,coz i didn't remove mine too.I didn't wear any necklace dat day leh.U may want Bryan or candy to show u my photos,if the album is ready.Just let them know my wedding is on X'mas in Grand Copthorone,they will know.


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Ladies... Please update n write into your diary. See ya...

irls Meetup for Nov Brides (Pls add your name for reservation of seats)
Date: 19 August,2004 Thursday
Time: 7pm

Central: Raffles Plc MRT - Coffee Club (above MRT beside Ocean Building)

carole - anyday, anytime - CONFIRMED
serenity - wed/friday 630pm
adidas - anyday except fri, 6.45pm
Moonlight - anyday except fri, anytime after 6pm
Fleur- Wed, Thurs
Apr - except fri
seabreeze - any day as long as arrange in adv, after 6pm
Twinkletwinkle - mon, thu after 7pm
sallen - anyday ,after 5.30pm
mist - tue,thur,(after 7pm)
rainbowbunny - anyday ,after 6.30pm
Nicole12 - anyday, after 6pm
joyful29 - mon, thur after 6.30pm
peg - anyday, after 6pm

dear all, i have just collected my albums and everything including my Wedding Cards from TDragon... heavy manz... kekeke.. i saw Anne at French too.. nice seeing u Anne.


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Hi Hayashi,
OIC..thanks..at least now i feeling better.. Hmm..where did u post your poloraid... Bryan did mention that they didn't take the group poloraids for quite some time before they starts again.. din ask him Y? Actually, I'm very happy with Sophia so far.. their service really thumb up.. Okie, I'll let them know I want 2 c yours..so keen to C your photos also.. Who is your gown designer? Mine's Geraldine.


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hi adeline,
aiyo you everyday ask me for my EG pics ah.. i stressed leh... post liao lor keke... view full size so that you can see the details..


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hi peg

u look pretty lei..u totally look diff lei...must buy me coffee hor...ha ha...
i like your WG..N your long long veil...

thank for sharin your photo..


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hi all gals,

if anyone got photos must remember to share wit me hor...

now i feel like cryin out liao la,i think a most everyone here hav go for photo shootin liao
and some going to collect their albums also....

til today i stil heaven go for my 1st fittin of my WG....


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til today only one thng i hav done tat was....

printin of weddin card insert was ready liao..N i hav collect it liao...

ha ha.... at least got something for me to do liao...


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hi gals

care to share wit me,wat song u gals use for 1st march in,2nd march in and 1st dish fanfare...

i hav download about 550 english n chinese songs,but dunno which song to be use lei....

i like the song from MLTR That why u go away N Tommy page shoulder to cry on...

my "xiao xin" say i siao liao....puttin a sad on ours weddin day.....ha ha....

for my think was playin some popular song better than playin those oldiest songs,hear liao also wan to sleep liao...ha ha

anyway i wil stil respect him la,wil download more love love song for him....


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hi sallen,
shoulder to cry on is a good romantic song what... cos it signifies that the 2 of u will be there of each other in all times, be it good or bad.


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hi gals,

i think,i wil try not to go for outdoor shooti liao..

saw some postin above, some of u kanna bite bite by mos N hot hot day some one also kanna sun burn ..i scare scare liao...

if sun big big weather hot hot,...i think can count me out liao, because i cant stand tis kind of weather,it wil make me throw my temper,end up i wil hav a black black face liao....

so if on my PS day, if there is rain...ha ha thumb up...ha ha


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hi jus me

he tel me the lyrics,is takin about a friend was there to lendin u a shoulder to cry on..

he siao siao la....don care him la...


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Coolangel - I did manicure for my PS too ... one day before coz i did french manicure ;)
where u staying or working? I went to the one @ woodlands causeway point @ basement...quite gd


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Who said i din noticed you MIA?? I did!!
U r rite! everytime I kay kay hide the pills in my bag esp when there are frens/relatives ard me.
tat's y i pop the wrong pills daily ... arrgggg.... anyway, i was warned by HB to stop taking pills after AD .... for TTC mah.... hahahaha
got retro songs ??? ok .. i'll check it out. thanks! so how's cleaning going on?


not yet chosen my pics leh .....
hey, how many pics are we suppose to gv to cyndi?? 40???
maybe we can gv to her on next Fri????
gal, you hv songs to pass to me?? can you lent it to me so tat i can copy and return to you on our next meetup?


ok ... i will check it out.


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Hey, Dabee/Maylim/ Ralphine/ Pinkcoco/ Annie/ joining us for meetup?

Date : 20 August (Friday)
Time : "rubber" dunno yet
Venue : Bakers Inn @ Plaza Sin
Confirmed List :
1. Skylar
2. (The original) No-time
3. Adeline
4. Eternity
5. Autumn_ivy
6. Gintonic
7. Kokopooh
8. Lala


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Hi, Pancake!

Nice guess, Pancake! Actually, in-laws prefer holding the wedding dinner on Sun because most of their relatives are only free to attend on Sun nite.

Gosh! I didn't realise it's "not auspicious" to print wedding invitation cards during the 7th month. Only thought cannot give out during 7th month. Guess we got to faster get the cards done before 16/8. Your cards printed ah? Me so
Thanks, Pancake!


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hi girls
finally finish my wrist flowers and wedding acc...interested to view from http://photos.yahoo.com/rainibowbunny

hi carole
ask your all somethings Wedding Cards from TDragon,do you needto pay for your printing of word like Matt gold or gold....?

hi sallen
don't feel too sad....ok anything let us know ,if you want help...do you ned to pay for your wedding card or printing in word...
is ok as long as the photo is nice....so if you got bitebite...still worth it lah...hehehe


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U mean the printing co actually will not print the wedding cards in 7th mth ??
I dun think my cards can be printed before 7th mth ..
So no choice lor ..


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mine its a resale in move-in condition.. no major reno, juz changed main door & repaint walls.. reno needs a lot of time/effort/money so we decided to get a resale.. buying furniture & electrical appliances enuff to keep us occupied.

so wats ur range of projected budget for reno?